United Airlines Flight 93
Shot Down


Shanksville, Pennsylvania
September 11, 2001

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"Today I want to express our nation's gratitute, to the Air Guard 119th Fighter Wing, whose F16s defended the skies over Washington that morning.
In a time of great peril and uncertainty you were America's first line of defense. We will never forget it...."
Dick "Tater" Cheney, convicted warcriminal, giving the Stand Down order from the White House bunker on 9/11, December 2, 2002

September 11 - US Government accused

US Air Force, commercial and civilian pilots hold 72-hour independent inquiry in Washington DC

The Portugual News
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Major Rick Gibney wins Airman Medal from Governor of North Dakota on 9/11/2002 "for flying a Special Mission to New York" - Medal was presented in a private "Top Secret" ceremony before this public ceremony - QUESTION - WHY IS COLOR GUARD WEARING READCOATS ON PATRIOTS DAY WHEN BRITISH REDCOATS WAGED REVOLUTIONARY BRITISH CIVIL WAR IN 1776 AND BURNED DOWN WHITE HOUSE AND WASHINGTON DC IN 1814?

A Portugal-based investigative journalist has presented THE NEWS with version of the September 11th attacks that has to date failed to attract the attention of the international press. The report, compiled by an independent inquiry into the September 11th, World Trade Centre attack, warns the American public that the government's official version of events does not stand up to scrutiny.

A group of military and civilian US pilots, under the chairmanship of Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre, after deliberating non-stop for 72 hours, has concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners, involved in the September 11th tragedy, had no control over their aircraft.

In a detailed press communiquÈ the inquiry stated: "The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation carried out against the USA, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets."

The report seriously questions whether or not the suspect hijackers, supposedly trained on Cessna light aircraft, could have located a target dead-on 200 miles from take off point. It further throws into doubt their ability to master the intricacies of the instrument flight rules (IFR) in the 45 minutes from take off to the point of impact. Colonel de Grand said that it would be impossible for novices to have taken control of the four aircraft and orchestrated such a terrible act requiring military precision of the highest order.

A member of the inquiry team, a US Air Force officer who flew over 100 sorties during the Vietnam war, told the press conference: "Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being manoeuvred by remote control."

In evidence given to the enquiry, Captain Kent Hill (retd.) of the US Air Force, and friend of Chic Burlingame, the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, stated that the US had on several occasions flown an unmanned aircraft, similar in size to a Boeing 737, across the Pacific from Edwards Air Force base in California to South Australia. According to Hill it had flown on a pre programmed flight path under the control of a pilot in an outside station.

Hill also quoted Bob Ayling, former British Airways boss, in an interview given to the London Economist on September 20th, 2001. Ayling admitted that it was now possible to control an aircraft in flight from either the ground or in the air. This was confirmed by expert witnesses at the inquiry who testified that airliners could be controlled by electro-magnetic pulse or radio frequency instrumentation from command and control platforms based either in the air or at ground level.

All members of the inquiry team agreed that even if guns were held to their heads none of them would fly a plane into a building. Their reaction would be to ditch the plane into a river or a field, thereby safeguarding the lives of those on the ground.

A further question raised by the inquiry was why none of the pilots concerned had alerted ground control. It stated that all pilots are trained to punch a four-digit code into the flight control's transponder to warn ground control crews of a hijacking - but this did not happen.

During the press conference Captain Hill maintained that the four airliners must have been choreographed by an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). This system can engage several aircraft simultaneously by knocking out their on-board flight controls. He said that all the evidence points to the fact that the pilots and their crews had not taken any evasive action to resist the supposed hijackers. They had not attempted any sudden changes in flight path or nose-dive procedures - which led him to believe that they had no control over their aircraft.

THE NEWS, in an attempt to further substantiate the potential veracity of these findings, spoke to an Algarve-based airline pilot, who has more than 20 years of experience in flying passenger planes, to seek his views. Captain Colin McHattie, currently flying with Cathay Pacific, agreed with the independent commission's findings. However, he explained that while it is possible to fly a plane from the ground, the installation of the necessary equipment is a time-consuming process, and needs extensive planning. THE NEWS will publish a full interview with Captain McHattie in next week's edition.

The FBI also came in for criticism for the various pieces of contradictory evidence it has published regarding the suspects. Questions are now being asked as to how incorrect information was given out regarding the ID cards of the suspects, and the seat numbers they supposedly occupied after boarding the flights.

None of the suspects named by the FBI appeared on any of the official passenger lists. A further point was how the FBI had managed to retrieve the passport of one of the suspects amid the molten and twisted remains of thousands of tons of steel and rubble brought about by the Twin Towers collapse.

Dr. Paul Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, and presently Senior Research Fellow at Stamford University, has lent his support to the independent inquiry findings. He also claims that Osama Bin Laden was not responsible for September 11th. The doctor has challenged President Bush to make public the so-called "irrefutable evidence" incriminating Bin Laden.

Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre said that if President Bush is lying it would not be the first time that the American people had been mislead by its government. He cited the recently published official government archives describing President Roosevelt's duplicity in deceiving Americans about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, which triggered the US entry into WWll.

Boeing 757/767 Landing Gear Pod looks like a Missile Pod at LETSROLL911.ORG and first reported by Paul Joseph Watson at PRISONPLANET.COM in his book ORDER OUT OF CHAOS published by Alex Jones at INFOWARS.COM Radio News - Boeing 757/767 does not require any external radio-control pods since the airliner is hardwired from the Boeing factory for robot control - BOEING PHANTOM WORKS SPECIALIZES IN ROBOT CONTROLLED SUICIDE AIRCRAFT - However a VERY LARGE POD is visible in Newsweek, Special Double Issue, "The Day That Changed America", Dec. 31, 2001/Jan 7, 2002 clearly showed a single LARGE "pod" on the fuselage of the second Boeing 757 to hit the WTC proving that US military or CIA or United Nations DRONE aircraft were used on 9-11-2001 and NO Arab hijackers were involved

He also highlighted the role of the country's government in misleading its citizens in respect of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, and the events that brought about the Spanish American war in the late 19th, century. "Whilst considering who committed this act of war on September 11th," he said, "albeit Russia, China, an Islamic country or NATO, we must also consider that the enemy may well be within the gates.

"Not for the first time the American public might be being mislead, by those with ulterior motives, into lending its support to a war, this time against Iraq, that has no bearing whatsoever on the interests of the people of the USA."

So far the mainstream American news media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. Similarly, the White House, whilst having received a copy of the report, has remained silent on its findings.

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Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre (USAF retired, OSS)
Nonfiction author of 9-11-2001 history:
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"General Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government. Franks, who successfully led the U.S. military operation to liberate Iraq, expressed his worries in an extensive interview he gave to the men's lifestyle magazine Cigar Aficionado. In the magazine's December edition, the former commander of the military's Central Command warned that if terrorists succeeded in using a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) against the U.S. or one of our allies, it would likely have catastrophic consequences for our cherished republican form of government. Discussing the hypothetical dangers posed to the U.S. in the wake of Sept. 11, Franks said that 'the worst thing that could happen' is if terrorists acquire and then use a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon that inflicts heavy casualties. If that happens, Franks said, '... the Western world, the free world, loses what it cherishes most, and that is freedom and liberty we've seen for a couple of hundred years in this grand experiment that we call democracy.' Franks then offered 'in a practical sense' what he thinks would happen in the aftermath of such an attack. 'It means the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world ñ it may be in the United States of America ñ that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important.' Franks didn't speculate about how soon such an event might take place. Already, critics of the U.S. Patriot Act, rushed through Congress in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, have argued that the law aims to curtail civil liberties and sets a dangerous precedent. But Franks' scenario goes much further. He is the first high-ranking official to openly speculate that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government."
Newsmax.com, "General Tommy Franks: Martial Law Will Replace Constitution After Next Terror Attack," Nov. 21, 2003 (Reposted by Infowars.com)

Alex Jones' interview of Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre

Pentagon Joint Chiefs ready to overthrow George W. Bush with martial law arrest of Bush Gang for perping 9-11-2001 massacre and treason, since civilian police, prosecutors, judges, grand juries and Congress unwilling to do their jobs

Audio file archived at PRISONPLANET.COM
WBCR Truth Radio 1470AM, Alcoa, Tennessee
February 25, 2004

No Hijackers For 911

Repentant Pentagon arms dealer reveals disgruntled U.S. military on the verge of revolt

By John Kaminski

Back in May 2003, a journalist in Portugal reported on a sensational, marathon meeting of a group of U.S. pilots that issued a report concluding that the story told by the U.S. government about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 was improbable and unlikely.

Except for several notices on the Internet, that story was basically never reported in the U.S., and largely debunked when the reporter flubbed the name of the organizer, creating disbelief in the minds of many readers.

The record was corrected in stunning fashion Feb. 25 on Alex Jones' Infowars radio program when former Pentagon arms salesman Donn de Grand-Pre, author of three books that allege 9/11 was an inside job, set the record straight, because he was the man who organized that conference. That 72-hour non-stop symposium by a group of military and civilian pilots concluded the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the 9/11 tragedy had no control over their aircraft.

de Grand-Pre, a retired Army colonel, is the author of "A Window on America," "Confessions of an Arms Peddler" and his latest, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." His thesis in the third book "is that the wars we have engaged in for whatever reasons since the end of World War II have not only been unconstitutionally waged, but have caused a net loss in political power. Each war was waged to divert our attention away from the true enemy within, and toward a contrived enemy outside our borders."

de Grand-Pre explained that his third book actually has three parts: "OK, I've got three books out under the title, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." Book 1 was "The Serpent's Sting," Book 2 is "The Viper's Venom," Book 3, which just came out is "The Rattler's Revenge."

"And I'd like to quote from Book 2, which came out October of 2002. There is a very important paragraph there. It says,

"The trigger for the 911 activity was the imminent and unstoppable worldwide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become known as World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States."

de Grand-Pre was the top U.S. arms dealer to the Middle East under the Ford and Carter administrations. What he saw caused him to leave government service and begin investigating the forces he saw warping our nation's future.

In the interview with Jones, de Grand-Pre made several stunning assertions, among them:

  • There were no hijackers on the 9/11 killer jets. And he said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Richard Myers) agrees with him.
  • In response to a caller to Alex Jones' radio show, de Grand-Pre noted: "... the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs himself has agreed, there were no hijackers. There were no cell phone calls. Everybody aboard that aircraft, pilots and crew, were unconscious within 8 to 18 minutes after take-off. And you can take it from there. I've got it covered in books 2 and 3, what actually happened."
  • "These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5 and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand. So, in short, and if you read books 2 and 3, you will discover how and why this came about."
  • The 9/11 planes that took off full of passengers are now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. "And I'm telling you that we are knowledgeably speculating," said de Grand-Pre in response to another caller. "Those aircraft carrying crew and passengers went over the Atlantic and that was all she wrote."
  • Talk of a military coup - to reverse what he calls the administrative coup d'etat that happened on 9/11 - are rife within the corridors of the Pentagon.

In his various interviews and publications, deGrand-Pre has called 9/11 "an administrative coup d'etat." He suggests the only way the neocons can be stopped is by a military coup d'etat, and estimates 70 percent of key military personnel are in favor of such a step. But the possibility is complicated, he says, by the large number of key military players who have gone over to the Council on Foreign Relations team. Some of these players, including three- and four-star generals, however, may side with the military while pretending to be on the side of the neocons. de Grand-Pre insists he is in personal contact with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The truly patriotic members of the military have had to sit there and take all these wild schemes by corporate-controlled politicians. de Grand-Pre's prediction? "I think those days are coming to an end. The military ain't going to take it any longer."

In the interview with Jones, de Grand-Pre also asserted:

  • It is common knowledge at the Pentagon that Israel fired nuclear weapons at Iraq during the first Gulf War.
  • A commercial aircraft did not hit the Pentagon. Most likely it was a cruise missile or a Global Hawk.
  • Flight 93, the jetliner that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania after courageous passengers struggled with armed hijackers, was shot down by the North Dakota Air Guard. "I know the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93," de Grand-Pre insisted, adding that the order to shoot down the plane came from the Adjutant General of North Dakota.
  • Most likely it was U.S. forces that tried to kill Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz when he visited Iraq recently.
  • Military tribunals will try current U.S. public officials when the military decides to take over, de Grand-Pre predicts. "And Cheney, I reiterate, is toast." de Grand-Pre named Cheney as the one man who knows the most about 9/11.

In earlier interviews, de Grand-Pre has recounted that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Richard Myers, had 500 copies of the 24-page report made and sent out, including, to the White House.

Assessing Myers' reaction, de Grand Pre said, "I'm quite sure that he believed in it. I think that he still believes in it. You can understand the difficulties. The civilian administration, of course, won't recognize it as such.

"There's a definite cleavage between the military of the Pentagon and the civilian hierarchy - and never the twain shall meet."

Jones triggered a response from de Grand Pre when he mentioned a 2002 article in the Washington Times that said morale at the Pentagon had never been lower.

De Grand-Pre responded: "I can verify that from Col. Dick Schultz, who is a friend of mine in the Joint Chiefs. Morale was not only low but he said some of the troops are ready to mutiny. If it wasn't for the fact that the government, the civilian hierarchy, has control over retirements, they would probably be blood in the streets by now."

When other news outlets began checking on this story angle, Jones noted that Pentagon officials were apoplectic. "... they panicked and flew the officers on jets to luxury vacations and had these focus groups. It even talked about a possible mutiny. People were just totally distraught. What would make them become distraught overnight in the Pentagon?"

LETSROLL911.ORG VIDEO STREAMS AND FLASH PLAYER and first reported by Paul Joseph Watson at PRISONPLANET.COM in his book ORDER OUT OF CHAOS published by Alex Jones at INFOWARS.COM Radio News - Alleged 'Flight 175' Fired Missile upon World Trade Center before Impact! Aluminum Boeing 757/767s punching holes in solid steel walls of WTC is like hot butter slicing a cold knife into dozens of pieces. Firing a high-explosive missile to melt the steel cage of WTC apparently allowed the aluminum airliners to penetrate dozens of steel columns in the outer wall. Or perhaps the replacement Boeing 757/767s had leading edges of wings modified with armor piercing steel or "Depleted" Uranium to slice through the steel columns instead of bouncing off the walls and falling into the streets below - "Depleted" Uranium toxic waste is radioactive for 45 Billion years and is commonly used in civilian aircraft, military ammunition, missles, bombs, golf clubs and powdered concrete mix - 40% of Gulf War #2 veterans tested positive for radiation poisoning from DU after New York Daily News spent $35,000 testing 10 veterans for weaponized uranium isotopes in 2004 - DO YOU SEE ANY WINDOWS IN THIS AIRLINER?

de Grand-Pre's answer was chilling, and revealed the possibility of a military coup d'etat has been simmering in the corridors of the Pentagon for some time.

"It wasn't an overnight thing. You see, as I outline in book 1, and I carry that on in book 2, as well as book 3, we were on the verge of a military coup d'etat. And this was long in the planning and even after the 78 days of bombing Kosovo, it became critical. And we were close to a coup d'etat at that time. In my survey of the reports and the pilots who worked with that, a coup was a possibility.

"In fact, a coup d'etat was pulled on the morning of September 11th. Only it was an administrative or what we call a cold coup d'etat."

Jones' translation of that was "a counter-revolutionary junta."

de Grand-Pre concurred, and added: "And as we delved into that, we found that the culprits, including Rumsfeld, were part of a neocon group that had been planning this thing for literally years prior to September 11th."

In a previous interview that appeared on Michael Rivero's What Really Happened website, de Grand-Pre had already outlined his conclusions about 9-11.

"The 9-11 activity and horrific destruction of US property and lives was intentionally meant to trigger a psychological and patriotic reaction on the part of the US citizens, which is paving the way for "combined UN activity" (using the fig leaf of NATO) for striking key targets in both the Middle East/ South Asia and the Balkans. The goal continues to be ultimate destruction of all national sovereignty and establishment of a global government.

"The trigger for the 9-11 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse, which can only be prevented (temporarily) by a major war, perhaps to become known as WW 111. To bring it off (one more time), martial law will probably be imposed in the United States. de Grand-Pre had also sounded the same themes on Jackie Patru's Radio Sweet Liberty Webcast.

"The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation against the United States, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles, and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.

As a tactical military exercise against two significant targets (world financial center and the citadel of world strategic military planning), the attack, from a psychological impact on the American public, equalled the Japanese "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941.

But the overriding question of that original group of pilots was: If we are at war, who is the enemy?

The group determined that the enemy is within the gates, that he has infiltrated into the highest policy-making positions at the federal level, and has absolute control, not only of the purse strings, but of the troop buildup and deployment of our military forces, including active, reserve and National Guard units.

Read the complete interview of Donn de Grand-Pre with Alex Jones at WARFOLLY.COM as it has not yet been posted on Jones' website, although there is a transcript posted there of his recent interview with former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow, who sounded many of the themes de Grand-Pre discussed. See PRISONPLANET.COM.

de Grand-Pre's books are not yet available on the web, but more information can be obtained from de Grand-Pre Publishing Ltd. at 540-547-2996.

John Kaminski is the author of America's Autopsy Report, a collection of his Internet essays published by Dandelion Books and featured on hundreds of websites around the world. For more information on how to get this book or to financially support his work, go to JOHNKAMINSKI.COM. Or, to read some more of his recent essays for free, go to RUDEMACEDON.CA.


Pirate News Exclusive: "Let's Roll" hero Mark Bingham has Blackwater CIA tattoo!


Mother of 9/11 Hero: My Son Was Gay ... And Tougher Than Carson Daly [because he's a Blackwater assassin for CIA]


The mother of one of the Flight 93 heroes wants Carson Daly to know ... gay people ARE brave and tough ... and her son was living proof.

TMZ broke the story ... Daly joked on his L.A. radio show that gay people wouldn't have been able to take down a crazed pilot who freaked out on a recent JetBlue flight ... instead, they would have been more interested in going to a "floral convention."

Now, Alice Hoagland ... the mother of Mark Bingham ... has a message for the radio host ... saying, "Yes, my gay son was known in our family for bringing me flowers on my birthday and Mother’s Day. He also was known for careening down the rugby pitch, and, on the morning of September 11, 2001, for charging unarmed down the aisle of a doomed Boeing 757 to face knife-wielding Islamist thugs in a hijacked cockpit."

She adds, "No one among his pick-up team of fellow passengers was asking 'Are you straight? Are you gay?' No one doubted that a guy who weighed 220 and stood 6’4” tall -- who could run over a charging opponent on the field, and ran with the bulls in Pamplona earlier that summer -- would be an asset to a desperate group trying to overcome a threat onboard an airliner."

"The world has its share of strong, heroic gay men [like Jeff Gannon aka Johnny Gosch]. Gay men in sports uniforms and military uniforms have been winning America’s games and fighting America’s battles for a long time: quietly, humbly, and in the face of vicious bigotry."

"I hope you and I may have an opportunity to talk sometime. I prefer to believe you didn’t mean to offend. Good luck to you."

"MARK'S FAKE TATTOO 2, New Orleans, LA, August 2001"

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Lets Roll Forum - Flight 93 'Let's Roll' Mark Bingham has [fake] Blackwater CIA tattoo 1 month before 9/11 - This proves the "real" fake Blackwater tat was not photoshopped in later. Thact that the Blackwater tat was photoshopped out of Mark Bingham's Flight 93 bookcover just makes it even more "important".

Lets Roll Forum - Mark Bingham's lying "mother" - "Let's Roll" hero still alive and using his cellphone two weeks after 9/11 according to FBI records, obituary published 2 weeks before 9/11 according to CNN, as required by Operation Northwoods

A. B. Krongard

Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard[1] (more commonly "A.B.", born c. 1936) was the Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was appointed by George Tenet on March 16, 2001.

The Executive Director is the third ranking position within the CIA and the incumbent functions essentially as the Chief Operating Officer of the Agency. For three years prior, Krongard had served as Counselor to the DCI.

A longtime consultant to DCIs, Krongard joined the Agency full time in February 1998, following a 29-year business career. During his private sector career, he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Alex. Brown & Sons, the nation’s oldest investment banking firm, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Bankers Trust.

Krongard resigned from the CIA shortly after the arrival of DCI Porter Goss in September 2004. While at the CIA, he was the connection between Erik Prince of Blackwater Security Consulting and the CIA. Through his influence, Blackwater was able to receive its first black contract.

Krongard's name was brought up in conjunction with investigations into suspected 9/11-related insider trading because of timely Wall Street trades made through the investment bank he used to head, Alex. Brown.

At a November 14, 2007 House oversight committee hearing about Blackwater, investigating allegations of improper interference by Krongard's brother, Howard, in Justice Department investigations of Blackwater and other State Department contractors, Chairman Henry Waxman stated that A. B. Krongard was on "Blackwater's advisory board".[7] Howard Krongard at first denied that his brother had any connection with Blackwater, saying:

I can tell you, very frankly, I am not aware of any financial interest or position he has with respect to Blackwater. When these ugly rumors started recently, I specifically asked him. I do not believe it is true that he is a member of the advisory board that you stated. And that's something I think I need to say.[8] However, when confronted with a July 26 letter from Blackwater founder and CEO Erik Prince to Buzzy Krongard asking him to join Blackwater's advisory board, followed by a September 5 letter welcoming Krongard to the board and a report from Rep. Elijah Cummings stating that Buzz Krongard had been expected to attend a Blackwater board meeting earlier that week,[8] Krongard said he had called his brother during the ensuing break in the hearings and learned of this conflict of interest for the first time, saying "I'm not my brother's keeper, and we don't discuss our business with each other".[9] He then recused himself from the investigation.[8][9][10] Committee chairman Henry Waxman issued a memorandum [11] summarizing the discrepancies between the two brothers' recollections of what Buzzy told Howard.

CIA Employed Blackwater for Assassinations

Hats off to Mark Mazzetti of the New York Times for rooting out what it was that sent CIA Director Leon Panetta scurrying over to Congress in late June.

According to Mazzetti, Panetta’s top lieutenants, many of them holdovers from the last administration, had just told him that, under President Bush, they had farmed out assassinations to their Blackwater subsidiary. I use “they” advisedly, since the CIA holdovers that had kept Panetta in the dark continue to function as Panetta’s top managers.

Panetta abruptly stopped the project and contritely briefed the intelligence committees. Until now, it was not clear what had prompted Panetta to set up hurried consultations with the intelligence “oversight” committees of the House and Senate.

An odd odor still hangs over the affair. After being briefed by Panetta, one committee member described him as “stunned” that his lingering lieutenants had kept information on the program from him until nearly five months into his tenure. Yet there is not the faintest hint that anyone on either committee dared to ask why Panetta continues to leave such tainted officials in very senior positions.

Anyone know why he does not send them packing?

Mazzetti quotes officials as admitting that “the C.I.A. did not have a formal contract with Blackwater” for a program with “lethal” authority. Putting out contracts on other people, I suppose you might call it, without a contract. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/20/us/20intel.html?_r=2

What Mazzetti does not mention — and what he, like the vast majority of Americans, may not know — is that there is a one-sentence umbrella “contract” available for use as authorization for such activities. It creates a structural fault, so to speak, and a legal loophole through which Bush and Cheney drove a Mack truck of lawlessness.

Useful Ambiguity

Bush administration lawyers were not the first to read considerable leeway into that loophole created by just one sentence in the language of the National Security Act of 1947. The sentence can be (ab)used as authorization for all manner of crime — irrespective of existing law or executive order.

CIA used Blackwater Linked Mercenaries as Journalists

"WMR has also learned that a Blackwater security operative infiltrated the presidential campaigns of former Democratic Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska and Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). The operative, who was permitted to carry loaded weapons at televised presidential debates featuring other candidates, including Secret Service-protected candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as Senators John McCain, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd, Representative Dennis Kucinich, and former Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, also served in Iraq and had close ties with the Israeli Defense Force. The Secret Service refused to interfere with the Blackwater employee’s access to the presidential candidates of both parties, claiming that whom presidential candidates chose to have as their personal security members was their business. The Blackwater employee also was permitted to fly on regularly-scheduled commercial flights with the loaded weapons. The employee’s affiliations were not much of a secret as one source reported that he had a “huge Star of David” tattooed on his chest."

"They were a different breed from the "yee-haw cowboys" that filled Blackwater's ranks, and their tattoos indicated backgrounds in elite military units like Marine Recon, the Navy SEALs, and the Green Berets."

"They’re not clean-shaven, as many soldiers are. They wear wraparound Ray-Ban sunglasses. Some of them have goatees. They’re very, very pumped up, tattooed individuals. It’s the essence of a sort of cartoonish Rambo running around Iraq." http://prairieweather.typepad.com/the_scribe/2007/09/the-blackwater-.html

"One Iraqi says: 'They became a symbol of what was seen as an occupying force. They are always heavily armed with machine-guns, and wear body armour and wraparound sunglasses. Usually they are beefy men with goatees, covered in tattoos. 'They swagger around like something out of a movie. Their presence here has been deeply damaging.' 'At that time, it was like the Wild West out here. They recruited a lot of rednecks from Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and so forth, and they were a bit too trigger happy. It's not surprising they got into trouble.' Born into a wealthy family in Michigan on June 6, 1969, young Prince was brought up by his self-made billionaire father under a 'hard work, family and God' ethos. Prince obtained his pilot's licence at 17, and served as an intern at the White House under the first President Bush, later saying: 'I saw a lot of things I didn't agree with - homosexual groups being invited in, the Clean Air Act, those kinds of bills.' The family then sold their company for $1.3 billion, giving Prince the money to set up Blackwater. In 1997, he bought 6,000 acres of the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina, where he set up a state-of-the-art training camp, located near SEAL and Delta Force bases. Unsurprisingly, business boomed after 9/11."

"Soldiers from an Army unit that had 10 infantrymen accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter after returning to civilian life described a breakdown in discipline during their Iraq deployment in which troops murdered civilians, a newspaper reported Sunday. "It’s almost like a religious experience to see a battlefield," he said. "To hear the explosions — to see a person bleeding out and die — see everything on fire and smell the smoke and burning flesh. It makes you truly realize what it is to be alive. Combat is the biggest rush you can have." Since the start of his first deployment, he had covered himself in tattoos. On his arm was a memorial to his sergeant killed by a car bomb. On his wrists were red dotted "kill lines" marking where, if needed, he could slit them. On his arm were the twin lightning bolts of the Nazi SS. Wrapping his neck like a collar were the words "BORN TO KILL, READY TO DIE."

"Academi—previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide—is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. Academi is currently the largest of the U.S. State Department's three private security contractors. Academi provided diplomatic security services in Iraq to the United States federal government on a contractual basis. Academi also has a research and development wing that was responsible for developing the Grizzly APC along with other military technology. The company's headquarters is in Arlington County, Virginia. The Obama administration awarded Academi a $250 million contract to work for the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan. After the September 11 attacks, Cofer Black, the former head of counter terrorism at the CIA requested that the federal government hire more contractors to operate overseas. Aviation Worldwide Services (AWS) was founded by Richard Pere and Tim Childrey, and was based at Melbourne, Florida, USA. It owned and operated three subsidiaries: STI Aviation, Inc. Air Quest, Inc. and Presidential Airways, Inc. In April 2003 it was acquired by Blackwater USA. Presidential Airways (PAW) is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations Part 135 charter cargo and passenger airline based at Melbourne International Airport. It operates aircraft owned by AWS. Presidential Airways holds a Secret Facility Clearance from the U.S. Department of Defense. It operates several CASA 212 aircraft in addition to a Boeing 767. In late September 2007, Presidential Airways received a $92m contract from the Department of Defense for air transportation in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Many of Blackwater's tactical and training aircraft are registered to Blackwater affiliate EP Aviation LLC, named for Blackwater's owner, Erik Prince. These aircraft include fourteen Bell 412 helicopters, three Hughes/MD 369 "Little Bird" helicopters, four Bell 214ST medium-lift helicopters, three Fairchild Swearingen Merlin IIIC turboprop airliners, nine Aérospatiale Puma utility helicopters, a Maule Air MT-7-235 STOL aircraft, an Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano counterinsurgency aircraft, and a Mooney M20E fixed wing aircraft. Aviation Worldwide Services was purchased for $200 million in 2010 by AAR Corp., an Illinois company. In a letter released on February 8, 2011, the new owners informed state officials that they are shutting down the Moyock, North Carolina, operation and moving some employees to a new business location in Melbourne, Florida. On April 16, 2010, five officials at Xe, including former CEO Gary Jackson, Blackwater’s former president were indicted on felony weapons charges. The indictment alleged that officials falsified documents to hide gifts of weapons to King Abdullah II of Jordan. The indictment sprang from a 2008 raid, in which 22 weapons were seized, including 17 AK 47s. Court documents made public revealed that Blackwater / Xe violated U.S. federal law hundreds of times according to allegations by the federal government. In August 2010, the company agreed to pay a $42 million fine to settle allegations that it unlawfully provided armaments and military equipment overseas. However, the company is still allowed to accept government contracts. Xe was one of five companies picked by the Department of Defense Counter-Narcotics Technology Program Office in a five-year contract for equipment, material and services in support of counter-narcotics activities. The contract is worth up to $15 billion. In June 2011, a federal judge dismissed Erik Prince from a civil lawsuit alleging that Blackwater defrauded the federal government of money when billing it for work in Iraq and Afghanistan. In March 2006, Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater USA, allegedly suggested at an international conference in Amman, Jordan, that the company was ready to move towards providing security professionals up to brigade size (3,000–5,000) for humanitarian efforts and low-intensity conflicts. On September 22, 2007, U.S. federal prosecutors announced an investigation into allegations that Blackwater employees may have smuggled weapons into Iraq, and that these weapons may have been later transferred to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Kurdish nationalist group designated a terrorist organization by the United States, NATO and the EU. The U.S. government was investigating Blackwater for these alleged crimes. On October 4, 2007, the FBI took over the investigation. Charges have yet to be filed. Mark Manzetti, writing in the New York Times on August 19, 2009, reported that the CIA had hired Blackwater "as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of Al Qaeda." Newly appointed CIA director Leon Panetta had recently acknowledged a planned secret targeted killing program, one withheld from Congressional oversight. Manzetti's sources, which tied the program to Blackwater, declined to have their names made public. The CIA was acting on a 2001 presidential legal pronouncement, known as a finding, which authorized the CIA to pursue such efforts."

Mark Kendall Bingham and Quartknee from SF, New Orleans, LA, August 2001"

BTW "Blackwater" is slang for Black Tar Heroin

Interview of Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre

Pentagon's contingency plan to overthrow USA with military coup d'etat if police, prosecutors and Congress refuse to arrest Bush Gang for treason

Pentagon and National Guard "Civil Affairs" officers to run federal, state and local governments in USA

Alex Jones Radio Show
WBCR Truth Radio 1470AM, Alcoa, Tennessee
Feb. 25, 2004
Reposted by WARFOLLY.COM
1:40-hour interview

AJ: He put on a symposium a few years ago that made headlines in major newspapers, in Portugal. We had one of those articles posted. And it says,

"Portugal-based investigative journalist has presented The News, with the version of the September 11th attacks that has to-date failed to attract the attention of the international press. The report, compiled by the independent inquiry into the September 11th World Trade Center attack, warns the American public that the government's official version of the events does not stand up to scrutiny."

And the man who put this on was Col. Donn de Grand , who's an American in a 72-hour non-stop symposium, deliberation by a group of military and civilian pilots under the chairmanship of Col. Donn de Grand. After deliberating non-stop for 72-hours, has concluded the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th tragedy had no control over their aircraft.

They get into how the globalists clearly carried it out. Now, this was two years ago, folks. A very cutting edge... Now the mainstream foreign press has addressed it. And most Europeans believe the U.S. government carried it out. A lot of Americans are now waking up. And talking to this trailblazer, cutting-edge pioneer, Col. Donn de Grand. It's an honor, sir, to have you on the show.

DGP: Hey, Alex, it's good to be aboard.

AJ: We are going to break here in about a minute and a-half. Give folks your bio. Tell us about Col. Donn de Grand.

DGP: Well, you've got part of the name correct. It's a hyphened word, the last name is Grand-Pre.

AJ: Yes, it's Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. That's how I addressed you this morning on the website.

DGP: That's alright.

AJ: The Portugal newspaper just says Col. Don de Grand, so....

DGP: That's okay. I've talked to these guys and they're good and they almost got it correct. I'll give you a quick bio. I entered the military in 1944 as an 18-year-old radio operator, morse code. And I was sent to Burma and China. I was attached to the detachment 101 which was OSS and I operated out of Burma. Then later on in Kunming, China, along with such notable people as a tall, skinny gal by the name of Julia Child. She has since put on a little weight and now she's doing television commercials, I guess. But I came back on active duty in 1950 as a commissioned officer, infantry airborne. And I got involved in the Korean fracas for a year-and-a-half until I was wounded. Then I was shipped home for two-years while I recuperated. And then I came back in.....

AJ: I'll tell you what, Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, let's stay right there. Let's recap when we get back and go through the rest of your bio. And then launch into this amazing symposium that you put on two-years ago and why you did it in Portugal. So stay with us. His first interview in over a year and we are honored to have Col. Donn de Grand-Pre.


AJ: We are talking to Col. Donn de Grand-Pre and we have a news article about an incredible symposium he put on two years ago in Portugal, covered by a front-page newspaper and magazine ' Portugal's other major papers. And a lot of key info came out ' very cutting edge. And this is his first interview since he had a stroke a little over a year ago. It's great to have the Colonel on the show. So, he got into OSS right at the end of World War II, then went into Korea for a year and a half, was wounded, with the airborne. And that's where we left off, Colonel. Please continue with your bio.

DGP: Okay, Alex. Actually I went to work then for Sec. Def. Bob McNamara. He hired me as the chief arms negotiator for the Middle East. And we conducted our business there. We were known as the super salesmen in ISA, International Security Affairs. And over a ten-year period, we sold over a hundred billion dollars worth of military equipment to all comers. And then, you mentioned the interview in Portugal. I didn't actually go to Portugal but on 11 September, actually it was 12 September, I wrote to my friend Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at that time. He was transited out. And he was replaced by Gen. Richard, what the heck was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs' The name escapes me. He was a four-star Air Force General. And, Myers, I guess, was the name. At any rate, I called together from 16 to 19 September, in the Pentagon area, not in the Pentagon, a group of military, civilian and general aviation pilots. And for three days, we kicked around what actually happened on 11 September. And then the investigator journalists covered that and it was reported in the Portugal news and very accurate. I have the report in front of me and it is quite involved but if you have some questions, fire away, Alex.

AJ: Well, now you got these military officers together and that's the only place I ever saw it get reported on, was on here in Portugal ' it talked about the symposium. Of course, I read one of your fine books and we'll talk about that as well a little bit later on in the show and take some calls. But, what was laid out, what I saw in the four-page article, two years ago, has turned out to be very accurate. Tell us about the military officers, the pilots, the civilian pilots that were there and the conclusions that you came to in the 72-hour non-stop meeting. Please go over that for us.

DGP: Okay, Alex, the group of pilots and they will remain anonymous were a wonderful mix of commercial, military and civilian pilots. At any rate, after three days, the decisions were unanimous. And I wrote my 24-page report up and submitted it to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. And that report ultimately got into the hands of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on 23 January, 2002. The General was U.S. Marine Corp General by the name Peter Pace. And I got a telephone call, 5 March, from one of his horse holders, who is a Colonel Air Force type. He informed me that Gen. Peter Pace had gotten the twenty-four pages and that he and his Sec. had no comment at this time but he used the old Marine Corp lingo, "Semper Fi" or Always Faithful, and we let it go at that. Later on I continued my correspondence with the Vice Chairman and most recently, I got a letter 8 November, 2003 from Peter Pace, to me, carrying on not only about the investigation but about the three books that I have written since that time.

AJ: Now, Colonel, going over your report and the, I guess the committee meeting that you guys had to play out what you believe really happened. Now as more evidence has come out, it shows that that's clearly exactly what happened. Now, they are using 911 to turn this country into a total police state. I mean how do you see us turning this around?

DGP: The turning around is not going to be that easy. I look at the final paragraph of this report. And here is what the final paragraph said. "So far the mainstream American news media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. Similarly, the White House whilst having received a copy of the report has remained silent on its findings." While we know that a copy, first of all I have to back up a little. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had 500 copies of this 24-page report made and sent out, including, to the White House. And I have to say it was including Pres. Bush. So they got a copy of the report.

AJ: That was Myers at the time.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: And so, he sent out 500 copies, that would mean that he believed it.

DGP: I'm quite sure that he believed in it. I think that he still believes in it. You can understand the difficulties. The civilian administration, of course, won't recognize it as such.

AJ: How did you find out that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs sent this out?

DGP: I got a telephone call and I think the date was 5 March 2002, stating that at the time, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had no comment but he used the Marine Corp lingo 'Semper Fi', Semper Fidelity 'always faithful'. And that triggered in me further memos and I traded memos with Gen. Peter Pace and Dick Myers and they continued on until November of last year.

AJ: Well that had to be upsetting to Mr. Rumsfeld to have all these, hundreds of your reports flying around the Pentagon.

DGP: (laughs) Yeah, you see there's a definite cleavage between the military of the Pentagon and the civilian hierarchy - and never the twain shall meet.

AJ: Well, there was an article right after 'that you talk about' in mid-2002 in the Washington Times saying the morale in the Pentagon had never been lower. And you would think it would be high right after 911 and getting together to fight the enemy. But it said that the officers didn't believe in the "mission" or in the intelligence.

DGP: That is correct. That came out of the Washington Times and I can verify that from Col. Dick Schultz, who is a friend of mine in the Joint Chiefs. Morale was not only low but he said some of the troops are ready to mutiny. If it wasn't for the fact that the government, the civilian hierarchy, has control over retirements, they would probably be blood in the streets by now.

AJ: There was also an article where they panicked in the Washington Times, it was also in the Washington Post, they panicked and flew the officers on jets to luxury vacations and had these focus groups. It even talked about a possible mutiny. People were just totally distraught. What would make them become distraught overnight in the Pentagon?

DGP: It wasn't an overnight thing. You see, as I outline in book 1, and I carry that on in book 2, as well as book 3, we were on the verge of a military coup d'etat. And this was long in the planning and even after the 78 days of bombing Kosovo, it became critical. And we were close to a coup d'etat at that time. In my survey of the reports and the pilots who worked with that, a coup was a possibility. In fact, a coup d'etat was pulled on the morning of September 11th. Only it was an administrative or what we call a cold coup d'etat.

AJ: Or reverse coup d'etat.

DGP: Yes, in fact....

AJ: A counter revolutionary junta.

DGP: Well that is correct. And as we delved into that, we found that the culprits, including Rumsfeld, were part of a neocon group that had been planning this thing for literally years prior to September 11th.

AJ: Absolutely, Colonel, it's just amazing picking your brain. We are going to break here. In talking to your this morning, I was proud to know that you've been a listener to this show for a while.

DGP: Well, I've had a single side band short wave set for about 4 years and I listened variously to Alex Jones, particularly up until about 2-years ago, and as a result of the events of September 11th, I did have a stoke. I'm fully recovered. As I told Alex, I went riding my favorite quarter horse this morning. So I'm back and ready for anything.

AJ: Well that's wonderful Colonel. Okay, we'll break and come back with the Colonel and get into all of this ' and later get to your calls, too. So please, stay with us.


AJ: We'll take some of your calls for Col. Donn de Grand-Pre coming up in the next segment. He's done a lot of great work. I've only read one of his books. Donn, tell us about some of your books, what they cover and how folks can get a copy.

DGP: Okay, I've got three books out, Alex, under the title, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." Book 1 was "The Serpent's Sting," Book 2 is "The Viper's Venom," Book 3 which just came out is "The Rattler's Revenge." And I'd like to quote from Book 2, which came out October of 2002. There is a very important paragraph there. It says, "The trigger for the 911 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become known as World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States."

AJ: And now we've seen Gen. Eberhart say that that's the next step. Tommy Franks said that's the next step. Are those now chilling statements?

DGP: Yes, they are. This next step will be preceded by what I write up in book 1 ' "The Serpent's Sting." I wrote of a coming coup d'etat. And this was written in the year 2000. And sure as blazes, it's coming. And it will be preceded by these kinds of things as enunciated by Tommy Franks, among others. So we are in a world of hurt, Alex.

AJ: Now, by a coup d'etat, you mean another intensification of a reverse coup d'etat to keep the people from fighting against the New World Order or do you mean the type that Bill Clinton successfully stopped in his administration?

DGP: Well, I'm talking about the administrative coup d'etat that came off September 11th.

AJ: You're talking about an intensification of the elite in a coup d'etat against America.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Well, I mean, it's ongoing. They are federalizing everything, they are militarizing everything, they're engaging in the classic takeover, are they not?

DGP: Yes, there are. And from this, Alex, and I bring this out very clearly in book 3, the only way we can stop it is with the classic counter-coup d'etat where the military steps in. And under the aegis of the military itself, disengaging or disemboweling the civilian hierarchy and taking over and re-running or re-organizing the federal government.

AJ: Now the problem is they've got so many CFR minions in the Pentagon. We know that Clinton had some officers terminated and, in their office, shot multiple times and the rest of it. We know that that happened but the question is how many of the high level officers are on the globalist team?

DGP: I can only say several of the highest level are members now of the Council on Foreign Relations. The important thing to consider is how many of them are sincere in their beliefs as enunciated by the CFR. I believe there are several sleepers and I believe I know some of them personally who are three and four-star generals. They are members of the CFR but "their heart belongs to Jesus," if I can use that expression because they are true Semper Fidelity people. Some of them happen to be Marines. And I'm counting on them to do the right thing. And I bring this out in book 3.

AJ: Absolutely and we'll tell people how they can get those books. I mean I want to carry them but Colonel, your experience in the military, your experience in the intelligence agencies, there's also the danger though obviously in any military movement of that nature that it could be self-serving as well, and set up its own form of wickedness.

DGP: Yes, that's plausible, that's correct. I don't believe it will happen in exactly that fashion. And the thing about a coup d'etat and a counter-coup d'etat is you never know when it's going to happen. You never know exactly who is involved. This is a plus for any planners of a counter-coup d'etat.

AJ: Well, this is certainly dividing the wheat from the chaff. How many people, and we'll get the answer to the question when we get back from your feelers in the Pentagon, how many people in there now know that an element of the global system, a crime syndicate, carried out 91, I mean, only an idiot would know, would think they didn't but the point is, this has got to be accelerating the division. And I want to get your take on the pulse of that and we'll take calls when we get back. Stay with us.


AJ: We are talking to Col. Donn de Grand-Pre and he worked in many of the levels of the U.S. military and has put out some really important information. Two years ago, he put out a report in a meeting in a 72-hour deliberation, a group of military and civilian U.S. pilots under the chairmanship of Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. After deliberating non-stop for 72-hours has concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th tragedy had no control over the aircraft. And they get into how the military industrial complex clearly, that is elements of it, were in control of this. Colonel, we are going to go to some calls here in a minutes after you cover some other issues with us. But, understand this, my question of what percentage of the officers, period, in the military do you think have finally woken up to the true magnitude of what's going on?

DGP: Well, I'm in personal contact at least on a weekly basis with the Joint Chiefs and other select people. My computation is that 70% of us are with us. That's the higher ranking military, field grade officers, etc. and even the first three grades of the enlisted ' 70% are with us.

AJ: Well, they've had questionnaires, you know, a decade ago, will you fire on U.S. citizens under UN control if the president says so ' and, you know, 74% say no to that. Okay, then how are the globalists getting away with this?

DGP: Sheer [Garbled] bluff and we can thank many of the neocons who are now in power in the Defense Dept. particularly. They get away with it because they try it out and see if anybody will salute the flag and that's the way it goes.

AJ: So basically, they wrap their un-American agenda in a flag and the general public buys it so the military has to sit there and take it.

DGP: They do, yes, and I think those days are coming to an end. The military ain't going to take it any longer.

AJ: How did the military ever get convinced to use depleted uranium in areas where there is going to be troops?

DGP: To put what Alex?

AJ: Well, yeah, the military gets treated like dog meat. You've got the depleted uranium, Colonel, where they spray the depleted uranium everywhere where the troops breathe it at 1900 times safe levels. How can the Pentagon put up with that?

DGP: Well, the DU rounds are over-played, first of all. They aren't that potent and secondarily, we must consider that weapons of mass destruction have already been used by some of the opposition in the period February of 1991. Weapons of mass destruction, including low-yield nuclear weapons.

AJ: Okay, can you break that down for us?

DGP: Well, I break it down in the time frame that we had satellite images of rounds or missiles being fired from the Negev desert toward Baghdad. That's 600 miles distance. And six or eight of the rounds came in. That was February of 1991.

AJ: Are you saying that the Israelis used miniaturized nuclear weapons?

DGP: Yes sir. That's what I'm saying, in plain English.

AJ: Well I remember, I know they bragged that they had a lot of really sophisticated miniaturized nuclear weapons, of the little mini-frogs, or whatever. But and I know there were these giant mushroom clouds on the news. They'd say, "Oh, that's not a nuke. That's just a weapons depot." But you are saying that it is common knowledge at the Pentagon that Israel was firing nuclear weapons at Iraq?

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Oh, so that's where all this high-level radiation is emanating from?

DGP: That is correct. And I have verification of that. I think it's in book 2. And I think it will stand up in most scrutiny.

AJ: Well, I know your work on September 11th certainly has. Do you think the globalists are going to have the will to carry out another massive attack here in the U.S. to try to get control back over the population and get their agenda back on track? Or do you think they've calculated, computed as you said, that that will blow up in their face because so many people now know who the real terrorists are?

DGP: That's a two-prong question, Alex. I think it deserves a studied answer. The only thing I can say is I'm not sure how it will turn out. But it is very dangerous.

AJ: From watching the globalists, I think they had a plan, they are still following a plan but I think they are shook-up. I think, from the evidence, in fact I know from the evidence, that a lot of things they planned haven't gone according to schedule and so they don't know what to do right now.

DGP: This is correct. I think it's personified in the persona of the Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. They almost got him in Baghdad when they fired the salvo, one night, of weaponry and they scared Paul Wolfowitz off. He's ready to resign or get the hell out.

AJ: You think that was U.S. forces doing that?

DGP: I believe it. It was very well planned again and ..

AJ: Yeah, only U.S. forces would know that he would be there. Yeah.

DGP: That is correct. And the precision of those weapons that came into the hotel. There were eleven rounds in all and I can speak from authenticity that they scared the hell out of Paul Wolfowitz. And probably, C. Paul Bremer, or whatever his name is.

AJ: Why does the Pentagon hate Wolfowitz?

DGP: Wolfowitz has been in this game since 1974. I was still on active duty when I met him in 1974 and he was coming on strong even then. And along with him, Richard Perle and a couple of the others who are now known as neoconservatives.

AJ: Now Perle had the nickname as "The Crazy" and "The Prince of Darkness". Is that correct?

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Why was he known as "The Prince of Darkness"?

DGP: I can't answer that directly. He was a snake to begin with but nothing was ever straight forward as far as Richard Perle was concerned. I introduced book 3 two quotes stating that Richard Perle is a madman. And it goes on from there.

AJ: Well he is a madman. He was at a press dinner last year and, again, giggling and laughing about how we are going to have World War III, we are going to nuke everyone, ha, ha, ha. And then he goes, "Isn't that impressive" and started grabbing on some women. I mean, he's a complete lunatic.

DGP: That is correct. Richard Perle's days are numbered. I don't know if he realizes it but so many of these so-called neocons, you'll notice now, that they are very quiet indeed. They are not really surfacing anymore, including Dick Cheney.

AJ: Yeah, why is Dick Cheney been literally hiding under a bunker?

DGP: He's been hiding under a bunker most of the time since September 11th.

AJ: And, by the way, it has come out that he took control of NORAD and was saying something in the U.S. ultra-secret bunkers, that he was on loud-speakers ordering people to follow his orders. He had to physically take control of something, from my sources, it was the fact that they were going to go ahead and shoot the aircraft down. That's what I've got from lawyers who represent military officers. We know he was in control through even during the hijackings, the supposed hijackings. What do you know about that?

DGP: Well, not too much really. I can't speak to that because it's hypothetical and what I try to stick to are the cold hard facts.

AJ: Well, Colonel, we know he did take control of the bunkers. I just don't know what he said, according to ABC News but according to my sources which have been very accurate, he was ordering a stand down.

DGP: Yes, I can believe it but again, it's supposition and I still haven't been able to figure out what makes Dick Cheney tick.

AJ: So, well then why is he hiding in a bunker? Why is he at the Naval Observatory in a bunker most of the time?

DGP: I think that that is what he considers to be the safest place at the moment. He's basically a coward and this too will come out. I feel that Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, both of them, their days are numbered.

AJ: Okay, so politically more and more corruption coming out, more and more of their criminal activities coming out, serious issues. Colonel, how do folks get your books, the three-part series?

DGP: Okay, the book is easy to come by. My incomparable daughter Doneva is the publisher of these books and they are turning out top-grade, library quality books. Books 1, 2, and 3 ' "Barbarians Inside the Gates." They can be obtained by writing to post office box 1124, Madison, Virginia 22727. And send it in care of Grand-Pre Publishing, Ltd. And for the price of $30, you can get book 1. $30 again is book 2. And then for book 3 that just came out and it's a big book, 608 pages, we've had to up the price to $45.

AJ: Alright, these are thick books, jam-packed and the address is PO 1124, Madison, Virginia. And that zip code again'

DGP: 22727.

AJ: Alright and does that $30 include the shipping?

DGP: No, it really doesn't. For the books and we send them all out priority special handling, that's runs $3.85 a book.

AJ: Okay, got you. Alright we'll give that out again a little bit later. So let's go ahead and take some calls.


AJ: All right, 8 minutes, 30 seconds into this third hour. Again I'm Alex Jones, your host. We'll have our guest with us for another twenty-five minutes or so, then I'm going to get into this big stack of news that we have not detailed yet. Believe me it's all very important. Our guest is Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. Honored to have him on the show. He's the author of a three-part series of books, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." And real quick, John in New York, you had a question about 9/11.

John: It's not a question. I want to make a comment. I was in the Air Force. My career field was radar operations and I was assigned to the Air Defense Command. The airliners turned around at Erie, Pennsylvania and were off-course for approximately one-hour, at the wrong altitude, at the wrong speed, without radio contact and it is absolutely insane for anybody to believe that could have happened unless people were told to stand down.

AJ: Well, Payne Stewart, in 18 minutes had five F-16s around him in the middle of no where. In the most sensitive air corridor in the world, the eastern coast there, D.C./ New York, with these four planes all over the map. And they know there's been hijackings and Dick Cheney's in control. Everything's standing down and ....

John: The fighters that were stationed in Virginia, just across the border from Washington, D.C., could have been flying at bust speed, which is max speed, they could have intercepted those planes in 15 minutes and saved all that tragedy. And the second airplane was 15 minutes behind the first airplane. So to think they didn't do anything about the second one makes it even more ludicrous. So, terrific guest; terrific show. Thanks for taking my call.

AJ: All right, and again, we don't even do this justice to focus on one area. I mean we've got all the public officials being told not to go to New York, the insider trading by the CIA, the Bushes protecting the bin Ladens. Colonel, do you want to comment on that?

DGP: Well, what I was trying to get through here, John has done a beautiful job of laying it all out here on 911. What I want to carry away is that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs himself has agreed, there were no hijackers. There were no cell phone calls. Everybody aboard that aircraft, pilots and crew, were unconscious within 8 to 18 minutes after take-off. And you can take it from there. I've got it covered in books 2 and 3, what actually happened.

AJ: So, they're knocked out and then the remote control takes place and the rest is history.

DGP: Yeah, there was remote control and .. yes.

AJ: By the way, people don't believe they have that. Kennedy's oldest son, JFK's big brother, died in a chase plane with remote controlling in a bomber loaded with explosives as a drone in 1944.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: So this very old technology, folks. And for people that are in total denial, it's ridiculous. Let's go ahead and talk to Wayne in Virginia. Wayne, thanks for holding, go ahead.

Wayne: Yes sir, thank you. I have a two-part question. The first part is Colonel..ah.

AJ: Donn de Grand-Pre

Wayne: de Grand-Pre. I'm sorry sir, I stumbled over your name. Could you play the instructor with us ground-pounders for a little while and tell us why, from an airmanship point of view, the maneuvers the aircraft performed were just inexplicable and bordering on the impossible from a pilot's point of view?

DGP: Yes, let me get that real quick for Wayne from Virginia. These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5 and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand. So, in short, and if you read books 2 and 3, you will discover how and why this came about.

Wayne: The second part of my question is after 911, our Congressman from down here, Randy Forbes spoke at a Veterans' Foreign Wars Hall about how close he was to the Bush and Rumsfeld cabal and how before 911 he had a briefing at the White House where they were told they were expecting something big from Afghanistan. And he also in his discussion, there were about 200 or 300 people there, it is recorded on film. And my notes are very clear on this. He also said they were following other aircraft out over the ocean. Do you have any knowledge of that? That is something that I have not heard discussed at all about 911.

DGP: No, but this comes under speculation now. And I'm telling you that we are knowledgeably speculating. Those aircraft carrying crew and passengers went over the Atlantic and that was all she wrote.


AJ: Yeah, you remote control the original planes out, then your loaded up drones attack. And the biggest and oldest newspaper in Spain just came out, three weeks ago, and they looked at the bottom of one of those jets and there's some type of giant belly attachment. It's clearly a modified aircraft.

Wayne: Can I ask one final question?

AJ: Yes.

Wayne: That your line of discussion here, the Colonel in the past few minutes, has just opened up. You said earlier that you expected when push comes to shove that this 70% of general and field grade officers are going to say that's it. Well the enterprise that we are discussing here of taking regularly scheduled civilian airlines out and ditching them in the ocean and putting in their places aerial bombs....

AJ: Yeah, that is push coming to shove.

Wayne: That is it. Why aren't these people coming forward now'

AJ: Let me say this. We know because, folks I don't want to give too much detail out. I've talked to lawyers. I've talked to them. We know hundreds of high level officers have leaked everything we are now learning about today. So, I think that this caught a lot of people unawares. Colonel, do you want to comment on that?

DGP: Well, the only thing I can say is that let's consider that second aircraft that hit the World Trade Center. It did have a control device on the belly of the 757. That aircraft was unmanned and went in and blew up as a diversion. And something else happened. This was a sideshow.

AJ: I understand but going back to, we know they had bombs in the buildings, it's now admitted, but going back to what the caller said, your saying these elements in the military when push came to shove are going to stand up. Well, I would say that 911 was the globalists pushing. So, where's the shove? That's his question.

DGP: Well this will come. It's going to be in the form of a counter-coup d'tat. You understand that a coup d'tat was pulled on September 11th by the civilian hierarchy. [crosstalk] Say again?

Wayne: God grant that it would come soon.

DGP: Well, we, we, yes it probably will.

Wayne: They are talking about going into Syria now.

DGP: Don't believe it. There is a new ballgame there and I can't go into it right now. But Syria is going to be something else entirely involving NATO forces. And I can't go into that much right now.

AJ: Okay, thanks for the call, Wayne. Let's talk to Diane in South Carolina. Diane, go ahead.

Diane: Hi, before I asked my question. Please ask Don de Grand-Pre, Sir, to give us a phone number so we can contact him. And I have read the first book. It is awesome. It's like reading history and just watching everything unfold.

AJ: Yeah, he wrote about it in 2000 and then it happens a year later.

Diane: So, here's my question. On Thursday of last week in the Courier in South Carolina, they had a small article on the Russians who are now doing this World War III practice.

AJ: Yeah, the Russians are doing nuclear attack drills on us ' our little buddies, you know.

Diane: Okay, they had in there about a maneuverable nuclear-tipped weapon for offensive purposes.....

AJ: Yeah, they say they've got a missile that nothing can stop...

Diane: It's an airplane that goes five times the speed of sound. This was in the paper.

AJ: Well, they've had that for a while. You want to comment on that?

Diane: And my question is how is the foreign military in the United States vs. our military going to respond? And it looks like Russia is making some moves now. What do you think about Russia?

AJ: Yeah Colonel, that's a good question. I have all the articles, I have the documents they really are trying to integrate foreign and East German, Czech Republic, others into our military. How is that going?

DGP: It's probably going. I can't give you detail. You are bordering on certain elements that I can't talk about. But we have to consider the Russian aspect of these weapons as being in essence propaganda. We have the same type of unmanned aircraft drones, etc. that will fly 5 times the speed of sound.

AJ: They will do a lot more than that.

DGP: Yeah, but Diane let's not worry too much about the Russians.

Diane: Well, is there a non-gravitational type airplane or something?

AJ: No, they've got regular propulsion air. .. look, look Ma'am, they claim the SR 71 Blackbird in flight in '55, in service in '59, was the fastest jet in the world. It is not and it cruises at mach 3. Okay, I mean they got jets that will just.....

Diane: I know we are way behind what they are telling us. What I'm thinking....

AJ: Do you want to comment on that?

Diane: And ask him to give out his number for us, too.

DGP: Let me give you a home phone where you can contact me at Grand Pre Publishing Ltd. at 540-547-2996. And that's my home phone. It's a private phone and you can call me anytime.

AJ: Okay, now we know that you had a stroke a few years ago worrying about this so much. So folks, don't bug him too much. Hey, I feel like I'm going to have one everyday worrying about this.

DGP: I can handle just about anything including this 15-year old gelding that I was riding this morning.

AJ: Okay, well that's good sir. We'll be right back. We'll take more calls.


AJ: All right folks. Here's the deal, we are going to take 5 more calls for our guest. Then let our guest go. I really appreciate him coming on. Then I'm going to cover a bunch of news that we haven't really detailed yet. It's very, very important and recap some top stories as well. Diane had asked your phone number and if you want to give it out, that's fine. Folks, if you want to talk to the Colonel, it's 540-547-2996. And before he leaves us in the next segment, we'll give you the mailing address again to get the books. Let's talk to John in Tennessee. John, you are on the air, go ahead.

John Lee, Knoxville, Tennessee: Colonel, did a cruise missile hit the Pentagon, or a Global Hawk, or a drone business jet?

DGP: You are talking about what hit the Pentagon, right John? It was a cruise missile. It could have been a Global Hawk. It was not a commercial aircraft.

AJ: That's what the eye-witnesses said and the evidence shows. And do people realize that this was staged at the Pentagon? I mean obviously it's in an area that's under renovation and then all this happens. Do people at the Pentagon? are they still buying the official story, Colonel?

DGP: Well, I can't speak for the rest of them but I'm certainly not buying that. And I think I've got the full story in book 3. And that's it. It was a diversionary hit for strategic reasons and it didn't matter whether it was a pilotless drone or a Global Hawk missile. It wasn't a commercial aircraft.

AJ: It's the most surveilled area in the world but no video of it. Witnesses said they saw a small aircraft.

DGP: No, they did not. We have [garbled] a video that purports to show a firing of a launch probably from a Global Hawk or an unmanned aircraft missile but it certainly wasn't a commercial aircraft.

John Lee: And was United Airlines Flight 93 shot down in Pennsylvania by a U.S. or NATO pilot, and was that what was supposed to hit the Pentagon?

DGP: No, that was hit at 10:00 hours. It was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard. I know the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93.

John Lee: Was it shot down because the airline pilots actually regained control of the hijacked auto-pilot, or was that to replace the unmanned drone that was shot down?

DGP: No, it was the aircraft, you see, had totally unconscious people on board. There were no hijackers. At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans, the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take that plane out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00.

John Lee: Were there any refueling jets involved in that operation?

AJ: Hold on a second, John. The question is why would they deviate from the plan of flying it into the Capitol? Why did the globalists decide to go ahead and shoot the plane down?

DGP: There had been an adjustment to the controls, probably by an AWACs aircraft flying overhead, again, remote control. And it was on a course for either the Capitol or the White House. And at this stage, you don't know. The Happy Hooligans came in and took care of it.

AJ: Do you think they were not following orders?

DGP: Who, the Happy Hooligans?

AJ: Well, yeah, you've got Cheney running around, we've got the stand down taking place.

DGP: Well, this is correct, but you see the Adj. General of the State of North Dakota gave the command to take it out. And, by God, they took it out. And I've got the full story in the book.

AJ: That's a good thing they did that. You said you talked to the pilot. Think about this folks. Imagine what Bush would have gotten if he would have had that plane fly into the Capitol? Imagine the police state we would be in right now.

DGP: Yes, yes, yes, indeed.

AJ: And so you had to have the diversionary blast at the Pentagon so no one would get suspicious and think it was a military coup.

DGP: Perhaps, perhaps.

AJ: John, does that answer your question?

John Lee: Ware there any refueling tankers used by the North Dakota Air Guard and what tanker wing was used?

DGP: I don't know about the aircraft itself. I don't know about refueling. They came off base in Langley and it was just a few minutes out from Langley to the intercept over Pennsylvania. It was just a matter of minutes.

AJ: Colonel, how did you get in touch with the pilot who shot the plane down?

DGP: It turned out to be an old friend of mine from the Air National Guard and this is my home state of North Dakota. And I attended the ceremony in North Dakota and watched the Adj. General [garbled] the pilot being decorated a year later for this activity that happened on 911 with Flight 93.


AJ: Welcome back. We are about to go back to the Colonel and his amazing revelation of the North Dakota National Guard that had been moved to Langley Virginia a few months before 911. And then went in there and shot down that Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. He says he's talked to the pilot. His info checks out. I've been researching what he's been doing for years. Before we go back to our guest and 4 final calls from Scott and June and Warren and Greg, and we'll go to you quick too, because we've got a bunch of news we need to get to.

[Skipped segment]

Colonel, before we take these four final calls, go over that a little bit slower for folks. That's a big deal. You talked to the pilot, a friend of yours, who shot down Flight 93 that was going for the Capitol or the White House. And go over that for folks.

DGP: Okay, quick rundown. They were out of Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota. A bunch, this 119 Fighter Group and they are called the Happy Hooligans. They are probably the best interceptors that we have in the country. They were moved to Langley Air Force Base from Hector Field down to Southern Virginia. And when the klaxon horn went off at 9:35, those two pilots put down their coffee and shot into their aircraft and took off. They didn't know where they were going initially but by 10:00 hours, they had rendezvoused over Southern Pennsylvania. That's about 250 miles in just a matter of minutes and engaged 93 with two side-winder missiles. And they accomplished their objective. Now Hector Field, I use to fly out of Hector Field some time ago. I know most of those pilots. I could name names. I know the National Guard Adj. General. And they were decorated about a year later and I have the full write up of that story in my book.

AJ: Yeah and it's just ignored by the media. I have that article, too. And later, well okay, it was a missile, well there wasn't "Let's Roll." It's all made-up theatre for the public and we buy it like a bunch of saps.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: It's incredible. Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Florida. Scott, go ahead.

Scott: Hi, how you doing?

AJ: Fine.

Scott: Earlier in the show, you mentioned that both Cheney and Wolfowitz might be in some trouble. I was wondering if they'd been serving the real rulers of the world, the thirteen families or whatever they are, and been dutifully pushing the agenda for world government....

AJ: Yeah, obviously they are just minions, [crosstalk] policy wonk puppets, so you're saying.....

Scott: If they've been doing a good job for them, why are they in danger vs. a Powell or Rice or Bush, or all they all in danger?

AJ: Or in danger of Rockefeller?

Scott: Right.

DGP: Cheney is closest to the action. He was probably most involved in all of the details of September 11th and he'll be one of the first to fall. So I predict, I predict that Cheney will be out of here inside of, well prior to the election.

Scott: Is that because he knows exactly what happened or because ...

DGP: Yes, he knows exactly what happened.

Scott: You have to eliminate all those people.

DGP: Several, yes.

AJ: Now, again...

Scott: Wouldn't that serve as a warning to anybody who would serve them in the future?

DGP: Perhaps but these guys can only understand one ingredient and that is force. And that's why it has to emanate from the military. And military force in the persona of military tribunals will takeover. And Cheney, as I reiterate, is toast.

AJ: But they are the ones who are creating the tribunals. I will say this. Gen. Rick Bacchus, over a year ago, Rhode Island native, the head of Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay, he resigned and said, "I'm not going to torture innocent people." Now that hardly got any press. We have two-star generals quitting. We have a lot of people not going along with this already.

DGP: And there will be a lot more, Alex.

AJ: Pardon me?

DGP: There will be a lot more people either resigning or retiring. And yet it's going to come out and there will be military tribunals.

'Unforgettable day:' North Dakota Guard pilots who flew on 9/11 tell their 'stories'

Dave Roepke, INFORUM
August 26, 2011

FARGO - It was such a clear day, perfect weather for a private pilot who was flying his little Piper plane north of Washington, D.C.

Only trouble was, he had not watched a television or heard the radio all day, and it was Sept. 11, 2001. So he got quite a shock when he turned to see an F-16 flown by Lt. Col Dean Eckmann hovering right on his wing.

“I had to slow way up. I was almost at stall speed,” said Eckmann, one of the three Happy Hooligans pilots who patrolled over the capital on 9/11. “I come up beside him, and he does the hugest double take.”

After fumbling to put on his headset, the Piper pilot heard the warning that by then had been beaming out on radios for hours: Land or you’ll be shot down. As soon as he heard that, he reached for the switch to deploy his landing gear.

It was a moment of levity on an otherwise tragic and anxious day, one in which pilots from the North Dakota Air National Guard’s Fargo-based 119th Wing for hours defended Washington as another pilot from the unit flew across the U.S. through empty skies.

“When you look down and see the Pentagon burning, you know something tragic has happened. You know people have died and are suffering below you,” Eckmann said. “It’s something you never forget.”

Three of the four pilots who flew missions that day spoke to reporters Thursday in a news conference at the Fargo Air Museum – Eckmann, Col. Brad Derrig and the current commander of the 119th Wing, Col. Rick Gibney.

‘An eerie feeling’

Eckmann, Derrig and Lt. Col. Craig Borgstrom, who was unavailable for Thursday’s news conference, all were stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia on 9/11 as part of a rotating detachment of Happy Hooligans pilots there.

The airmen had similar reactions when they heard the first plane had struck a World Trade Center tower. How could that happen?

“It was almost like a North Dakota fall day where you can see for hundreds of miles,” Derrig said. “We all assumed it was someone lost, not paying attention.”

Within minutes, horns and lights calling the pilots to battle stations went off, an alert that puts fighter jets ready to fly as soon as a scramble order comes in. It’s not uncommon and can happen when air defense is tracking anything of interest, Eckmann said. What was unusual was when the order to scramble arrived, all three of the F-16s were sent out. One jet is usually left behind as the backup. They didn’t know a second plane had hit the towers.

They were first told to go to New York City, flying out 60 miles over the Atlantic Ocean first to avoid air traffic on the coast. Before they got there, new orders came from the Northeast Air Defense Sector – head west to Reagan National Airport, just south of the Pentagon, Eckmann said.

The area was shrouded in smoke but using landmarks as a guide, Derrig said they “could tell it was the Pentagon on fire.”

The three North Dakota pilots patrolled the skies above D.C. alone for nearly an hour before additional planes arrived from other units, circling the capital for more than six hours into late afternoon and two of them then heading out later in the day for another 2½-hour mission.

“Throughout the whole day, it was almost surreal. The radio calls you would hear – certain airspace is shut down, intruders will be shot down,” Derrig said. “It was almost an eerie feeling as you were waiting for another mission.”

Alone in the skies

Back at the 119th in Fargo, Gibney was planning to fly a training mission, but it all changed at 8:02 a.m., when the second plane hit.

He tried calling Langley, but the lines were busy. In the midst of “an extreme sense of urgency,” he was told to fly a two-seater F-16 to Missoula, Mont., to pick up and take back east Joe Allbaugh, then the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Pentagon was struck at some point as he headed toward Montana. When he arrived, so much was still unknown. Gibney said it was thought that up to 21 airplanes may be hijacked.

“In my mind, there was a very dire situation happening in the nation,” he said.

Allbaugh, it was decided, was going to fly back east in a larger plane to allow him to meet with his staff during the flight. Instead, Gibney took Ed Jacoby, the state director of emergency management for New York – who was in Missoula for a conference also attended by Maj. Gen. Michael Haugen, then adjutant general of North Dakota’s National Guard.

Haugen ended up serving as crew chief for Gibney in the flight to bring Jacoby to Albany, N.Y., “a bit of twist of job positions there momentarily,” Gibney said.

Refueling in-air roughly above Fargo, Gibney and Jacoby flew back east. All air traffic in the U.S. had been grounded, and Gibney said the usual chatter on the radio was gone. Toronto’s airport, he recalls, was full of downed planes.

As usual, he was asking air controllers for permission to decline and ascend at first during the flight.

“Finally, the FAA controller, frustrated with me, told me to do essentially whatever I wanted,” Gibney said. “I was the only airplane between Seattle and New York City.”

After dropping off Jacoby, Gibney joined the other Happy Hooligans pilots at Langley. They would rotate through flying air patrol mission, along with other fighter units, until April.

‘This isn’t Hollywood’

Before the patrols turned into routine after 9/11, the pilots spent the day intercepting planes, identifying them as friend or foe using a system linked to a button on the flight stick.

Eckmann flew in the lead for the North Dakota jets, setting up the patrols at about 25,000 feet in a “racetrack” formation designed to keep an eye to the east, where they were trained to expect enemies to fly from.

“I always wanted a radar to be looking out to see if we have a track coming in,” he said.

At one point early in the mission, Eckmann dropped low to check on two aircraft that couldn’t be identified, which turned out to be military and law enforcement helicopters above the Potomac River. When he was down there, he was asked to give a first battle damage assessment on the Pentagon. He reported it looked as if a detonation penetrated two rings of the military headquarters and set a third ring ablaze.

“I was assuming kind of more of an Oklahoma City truck bomb type of thing,” Eckmann said.

Derrig also flew low over the building when he gave an escort to a plane flying into Reagan with Attorney General John Ashcroft. He gave a “wing rock” while he flew over the Pentagon – a gesture akin to a tip of the cap, except with a wing.

Even though radio signals were warning aircraft could be shot from the sky, Eckmann said they didn’t think about it. He said they carried authenticators to ensure any orders to shoot came with the proper codes for their command chain.

“If someone just says on the radio, ‘Go shoot that airplane down,’ we’re not going to do it. We have a process,” he said. “This is the real world. This isn’t a Hollywood movie or that type of stuff. You just realize if it does come, you’re going to follow orders.”

Nightfall brought for the pilots the kind of conversations that were occurring everywhere – talk of how the world had changed and what would happen next. It didn’t bring much sleep.

“You’re still pretty wound tight,” Derrig said.

Readers can reach Forum reporter Dave Roepke at (701) 241-5535

Video: Interview from the 119th Wing, Media Event with Colonel Rick Gibney - Interview from the 119th Wing, media event 25 August 2011, Fargo Air Museum, Fargo, ND., in conjunction with a media panel featuring key 119th Wing players on that day. Soundbite includes Colonel Rick Gibney – 119th Wing Commander, one of a few pilots who were flying on 9-11-01. Produced by MSgt Eric Johnson, 119th Wing, PA, North Dakota Air Guard. Also available in High Definition.


Colonel Ricky D. Gibney is Commander of the 119th Wing, North Dakota Air National Guard based in Fargo North Dakota. The Wing operates the MQ-1 Predator and the C-21 Lear Jet and is in the conversion process to transition to the C-27J Spartan. The Wing also has a Detachment at Minot AFB, North Dakota, the 219th Security Forces Squadron, as well as an MQ-1 Launch Recovery Element Detachment at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota.

Colonel Gibney most recently was the Director of J-5 of the North Dakota National Guard's Joint Force Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota. He was responsible for overseeing all activities involving Strategic Planning, International Affairs and Organizational Development Programs as well as providing strategic analysis to the Adjutant General to integrate, coordinate, and communicate the North Dakota National Guard's corporate strategic direction.

Colonel Gibney's previous assignment was as Commander of the 178th Reconnaissance Squadron, North Dakota Air National Guard based at Hector International Airport, Fargo, North Dakota. In that position he was responsible for the establishment of the RPA mission in the NDANG as well as for the day-to-day conduct of training and combat air operations for the 119th Wing's reconnaissance mission. In addition he served as the Title-10 Commander responsible for coordination with supported US and multi-national ground units and the CFACC for combat operations in and supporting Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

After serving enlisted tours in the active duty Army and in the Army National Guard, Colonel Gibney received his commission in 1982 as a Distinguished Military Graduate from the Army ROTC program at North Dakota State University. After graduating from the United States Army Engineer School at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and serving in the US Army as a Combat Engineer Officer he transferred to the North Dakota Air National Guard in 1985. Colonel Gibney completed Undergraduate Navigator Training at Mather AFB, California, F-4 Fighter training at Kingsley Field, Oregon and returned to the NDANG as a Weapon System Officer in the F-4D Phantom. In 1988 he was selected to attend pilot training and graduated from UPT at Williams AFB, in 1989 and F-16 FTU in 1990. Colonel Gibney has participated in eight deployments to Central America from 1991 to 2001 in support of Operation Coronet Nighthawk. Following the aftermath of 9-11, he led numerous F-16 sorties in Operation Noble Eagle flying Combat Air Patrols over Washington D.C. and around the nation. In the 2003 and 2004 Colonel Gibney deployed to Doha, Qatar in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as the CENTAF Liaison Officer to CENTCOM. Colonel Gibney is a command pilot with over 4,000 operational flight hours in the F-4C/D, F-16A, and MQ-1. Since joining the North Dakota Air National Guard Colonel Gibney has served in a wide variety of assignments in the 119th Fighter Wing and within the North Dakota National Guard. These Include:

2009 - Present Commander, 119 Wing

2008 - 2009 Director, NDNG Joint Force Headquarters J-5, Coordinator, SPP Ghana

2006 - 2008 Commander, 178th Reconnaissance Squadron

2006 - 2007 Chief, Wing Conversion Office

2005 - 2006 Student, Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

2002 - 2005 Commander, 119th Fighter Wing Operations Group

2000 - 2002 Chief of Standardization and Evaluation

1999 - 2000 Chief of Wing Scheduling

1995 - 1999 Commander, Air Defense Alert Detachment, Det. 1, 119th Fighter Wing, March AFB/ARB, California, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, Langley AFB, Virginia

1994 - 1995 Commander, Aircraft Maintenance Division

1991 - 1994 Chief of Security Police, 119th SPS

1989 - 2005 1991 - 2006 F-16A Fighter Pilot / Instructor Pilot / Flight Examiner/ Functional Check Flight Pilot

1985 - 1988 F-4D Weapon System Officer / Life Support Officer


North Dakota State University: Bachelor of Science Degree Air University, Maxwell AFB Al: Masters Degree in Strategic Studies Level IV Antiterrorism Executive Seminar: Graduate NORTHCOM Joint Task Force Commander Training Course: Graduate


Meritorious Service Medal with Air Medal
Aerial Achievement Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters
Air Force Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
Air Force Achievement Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
Army Achievement Medal
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (11 Devices)
Command Pilot Wings
Navigator Wings
Commanders Badge
Ranger Tab
Expert Infantryman Badge
Master Parachutist Wings
Military Freefall Parachutist Wings
Canadian Parachutist Wings


Inaugural Commander of the 178th Reconnaissance Squadron
Pilot member of 1st place 1994 William Tell Worldwide Air to Air Weapons Competition
USAF Security Police Officer Course. Honor Graduate
Life Support Officer Course. Honor Graduate
Member of Congressional Military Academy Selection Committee
Graduate US Army Engineer School, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
Distinguished Military Graduate, Army ROTC
Special Forces Military Freefall Parachutist Course. Honor Graduate
Jumpmaster Course. Honor Graduate
US Army Ranger Course. Distinguished Honor Graduate
US Army Parachutist Course. Distinguished Honor Graduate
Ft. Lewis Parachute Demonstration Team Jumpmaster
Member United States Military Pentathlon Team
Coach United States Military Pentathlon Team
North Dakota National Guard Marathon Team
North Dakota Biathlon Team

Aeronautical Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Private aircraft owner


Second Lieutenant 29 May 1982 * U.S. Army
Second Lieutenant 31 Mar 1985 Air Force Reserve
First Lieutenant 19 Nov 1985
Captain 10 Jun 1987
Major 29 May 1996
Lieutenant Colonel 29 May 2003
Colonel 20 Nov 2008

Time to put 9/11 conspiracies to rest -- Col Rick Gibney was on a babysitter mission as the Pentagon burned

David W. Thornton
Atlanta Conservative Examiner

Col. Rick Gibney points out features of a remote-control MQ-1 Predator Reaper Terminator ground control station simulator to Lt. Gen. Peter Blay, the Chief of Defense Staff, Ghana Armed Forces, at the North Dakota Air National Guard, Fargo, N.D., April 16. Officials from the Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF) visited North Dakota to learn about the capabilities of the North Dakota National Guard, and to continue building the bilateral relationship that North Dakota and Ghana have through the State Partnership Program. The North Dakota Air National Guard flies the MQ-1 remotely piloted aircraft in Fargo, and uses the simulator to train pilots and sensor operators at the unit.

Continued from "the truth about the September 11 attacks"

Reports on a conspiracy radio show that claimed an F-16 pilot shot the airliner down were revealed to be lies. Ed Jacoby, director of the New York State Emergency Management Office, was with the pilot reported to have fired the missiles at Flight 93. The F-16 and pilot were tasked to return Jacoby from a meeting in Montana to Albany, N.Y. where he could coordinate the emergency services response to the attacks. Jacoby categorically denies that the pilot, Lt. Col. Rick Gibney, shot down Flight 93.

An examination of the timing of the attacks backs up Jacoby’s story. The North Dakota Air National Guard operated F-16Bs. The straight-line distance between Bozeman, Mt. and Albany, N.Y. is 1,857 miles. Using the fighter’s top speed listed on the plane’s Air Force fact sheet, 1,345 mph, the trip would take less than an hour and a half, which would barely give Gibney time to get in position to shoot down Flight 93 at 10:03 a.m. if he took off from Bozeman immediately after American Flight 11 crashed into the WTC at 8:46 a.m. Eastern Time. But, according to the Air Force, the F-16B’s range is only 1,407 miles and that range could only be achieved by flying at slower speeds. It is likely that Gibney had to rendezvous with an aerial tanker, which would further slow down the flight to Albany. It is also highly unlikely that Gibney was ready to launch immediately after the first WTC attack. In fact, Gibney first had to fly from his base at Fargo, N.D. to Bozeman to pick up Jacoby. There is simply no way he could have been over Pennsylvania in time to shoot down Flight 93.

Logically, the conspiracy theories do not add up. An obvious reason is that the government and the military were clearly caught by surprise. According to the official timeline on National911Memorial.org, President Bush, who was visiting students at a Florida elementary school, was notified that a plane had crashed into the WTC at 8:50 a.m., four minutes after American Flight 11, the first hijacked airliner, had crashed. United Flight 175 crashed at 9:03 a.m. and the president was notified two minutes later.

The Secret Service did not evacuate Vice President Cheney from the White House to a secure bunker until 9:30, one minute before American Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. The nationwide ground stop for all flights was issued at 9:42 a.m. and the White House and Capitol were evacuated at 9:45, an hour after the attacks began. The last commercial flight in U.S. airspace did not land until 12:16 p.m.

In the years after the attacks, President Bush faced much criticism for his slow reaction to the attacks. If the U.S. government were complicit in the attacks, the reaction of all levels of government, including President Bush, would have been much more swift and certain. When the president left Florida aboard Air Force One, he was taken to Offutt AFB in Nebraska after a stop in Louisiana. The president’s location was kept secret for much of the day due to an anonymous phone call that was interpreted as a threat against Air Force One. President Bush did not make his memorable address to the nation until later that night.

Equally illogical is the culprit behind the 9/11 attacks. If, as some charge, the attacks were a smokescreen to justify an invasion of Iraq, then why implicate Osama bin Laden, a Saudi exile that few had ever heard of, and the Afghan Taliban? If Iraq were truly the target of the conspirators, it seems that the evidence would have pointed toward Saddam Hussein, a known supporter of terrorists. As it was, the invasion of Iraq did not take place until March 19, 2003, a year and a half after September 11.

Finally, 9/11 conspiracy theories can be compared to a real government conspiracy, Operation Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was an operation carried out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, ostensibly to track the smuggling of weapons to Mexico. In reality, ATF allowed criminals to make “straw purchases” of thousands of weapons, which were then taken to Mexico where ATF lost the trail. Weapons from the program were used to murder a U.S. Border Patrol agent in December 2010.

In contrast with 9/11 conspiracies, there is ample evidence of the government’s culpability in Fast and Furious. Whistleblowers came forward almost immediately and a congressional investigation was begun. If government workers objected to the cover-up of one death in Fast and Furious enough to risk their jobs to bring out the truth, it is likely that a conspiracy large enough to cover-up the hijackings of four airliners and that resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians would also generate a large number of whistleblowers seeking justice. No whistleblowers have come forward and investigations are limited to members of the political fringe such as professional conspiracy monger Alex Jones and Cynthia McKinney, a former Georgia congresswoman turned Green Party presidential candidate who is perhaps best remembered for striking a U.S. Capitol police officer.

In truth, there was a conspiracy around the September 11 attacks. It was conspiracy between Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorists. The very date of the attacks, September 11, is prominent in Muslim history as the anniversary of a catastrophic defeat of the Turks outside the gates of Vienna, Austria in 1683. The defeat ended Turkish dreams of controlling Europe and marked the beginning of the decline of the Ottoman Empire. Bin Laden and his zealots hoped that September 11, 2001 would be the beginning of an Islamic jihad to throw Americans and other westerners out of Muslim lands as a first step in establishing a worldwide Islamic caliphate. .

See also:

The Khazar Conspiracy

Wing Commander Col Rick Gibney in charge of Predator Reaper Terminator drones over USA

F16 Top Gun pilot Field McConnell: Biography in the Happy Hooligans

By Field McConnell, radio host of Rumor Mill News

Field McConnell was born on October 2, 1949 at Harris Hospital, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas in 1949 to a career United States Air Force B29 bomber pilot and aircraft commander, Glenn McConnell, and a WWII United States Army nurse.

1950 to 1959, United States Air Force dependant at MacDill AFB, Tampa Florida
1955-56 1st grade, Helen Hill School, Tampa FL
1956-59 grades 2-4, Tinker Elementary, MacDill AFB, Tampa FL father promoted to colonel, reassigned to Westover AFB, Massachusetts, HQ 8th Air Force
1959-61 grades 5-6, South Hadley Elementary, Massachusetts
1961-63 grades 7-8, South Hadley Intermediate, Massachusetts father transferred to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
1963-66 grades 9-11, Ramey High School, Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, PR father transferred to Hickam AFB, Hawaii
1966-67 grade 12, Punahou School, Honolulu Hawaii appointed to United States Naval Academy as a Presidential Alternate, reported 28 June, 1967
1967-1971, studied at United States Naval Academy, graduating 9 June, 1971. Commissioned 2nd Lt United States Marine Corps with guarantee of Aviation Military Operational Specialty
July 1971 to February, 1972, attended USMC The Basic School, July 1971 to February, 1972, qualified as 0301, Infantry Platoon Commander
February, 1972 to June, 1972 attended US Naval Aviation Indoctrination and Primary flight training, Naval Air Pensacola, Florida
July, 1972 to December, 1972 attended US Naval Aviation Basic Jet Training, McCain Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi
January, 1973 to June 1973, attended US Naval Aviation Advanced Jet Training, NAS Kingsville, Texas
Designated US Naval Aviator 22 June, 1973
July, 1973 to January, 1974; assigned to VMA-102, VMFA-101, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona and USAF C130 Combat Crew Training at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas
February 1974 to October, 1974, assigned to Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352, MCAS El Toro, California flying KC130F
October 1974 to May 1977, assigned to US Navy Training Squadron 21, Chase Field Naval Air Station, Beeville Texas. Instructor pilot, TA4J teaching advanced jet training syllabus.
Resigned from United States Marine Corps when recruited by North Dakota Air National Guard, Fargo ND, to fly F4D with 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, NDANG.
1978: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
Hired by North Central Airlines on 2 November, 1978. Flew Convair 580 domestically
North Central merged with Southern Airways to become Republic Airlines July, 1979. Flew DC9, MD80,B727 and CV580 domestically Republic Airlines bought by Northwest Airlines January, 1986. Flew B727, DC10 and A320 domestic and international flights.
1986: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
North Dakota ANG transitioned from F4 Phantom to F16 Fighting Falcon, 1990
Retired from Air National Guard on 22 June, 1993 with final F16 flight on Pearl Harbor Day, 1992. Refused to serve under William Jefferson Clinton per information given by General Hunter H. Harris IV USAF who had secured my appointment to Annapolis.

On December 10, 2006, Field McConnell reported the illegal modification on Boeing aircraft to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Northwest Airlines, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), NORAD and the USNA Superintendent. Shortly thereafter, Northwest Airlines, compelled by the United States Department of Justice (USDoJ), silenced Field McConnell, due to his inadvertent reopening of a safety issue closed in the June, 2006 settlement of a $615 million settlement paid by Boeing to the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).

Field McConnell filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 at the District Court, District of North Dakota on the 27th of February, 2007. The case is titled 'FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA and BOEING'. Boeing admitted on March 3, 2007 the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. To date, 9 February, 2012, Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) has suppressed this information.

Field McConnell retired March 13, 2007 to preserve his EXPERT WITNESS VALUE in US District Courts. Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 HAWKS CAFE v. GLOBAL GUARDIANS was filed on May Day, May 1, 2007 in District Court, District of North Dakota.

Field McConnell was recruited by Air Astana to fly Airbus A320 as Captain at Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan serving there from February 6, 2008 until August 6, 2009. Captain Field McConnell flew with Muslim copilots around tall buildings. On December 13, 2008, an aircraft Captain Field McConnell was the captain of was electronically 'tampered with' having no effect on Field McConnell's performance as a highly experienced pilot.

While serving as Airbus Captain in Kazakhstan, Field McConnell filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se) September, 2008, MCCONNELL v. ALPA. Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se) was dismissed by Judge Rosemary M. Collyer in January, 2011

During pendency of my warning to the FAA, ALPA, FBI, DoD and NoRAD, the following flights have been lost consistent with Field McConnell's warnings:

Adam Air 574 - 1 January, 2007 Indonesia
Kenya Airways 507 - 5 May, 2007 Kenya
Colgan Air 3407 - 12 February, 2009 Buffalo, New York
Air France 447 - 1 June, 2009 enroute from Rio to Paris

Four other flights were "electronically tampered" with including the following flights:

British Airways 38 London Heathrow
Turkish Airlines 1951 Amsterdam Holland
Northwest 188 Minneapolis
Northwest 253 Detroit

Fargo Forum, called Field McConnell at home early in the after noon of September 11, 2001, the very same day of the attack on New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The reporter from the Fargo Forum talked about forty minutes, then asked if Field McConnell could be photographed for a front page story. The Fargo Forum, a Pullitzer Prize winning daily in Fargo North Dakota, sent a photographer out to Field McConnell's farm which was near Glyndon Minnesota, thirteen miles east of Fargo North Dakota.

Field McConnell still retains that front page of that newspaper; and on page A5 dated September 12, 2001, the headline read: "Our Nation Saw Evil", with a photograph of the rubble at the WTC complex, President George Bush, Osama bin Laden and Field McConnell.

This demonstrated clearly that Field McConnell was sought out as an "expert" on 9-11. The newspaper knew that Field McConnell had flown with and retired from the North Dakota Air National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel after having flown sixteen years with them in the F4 Phantom and F16 Falcon fighters.

Field McConnell's interest has remained very high as his college classmate (USNA '71) was the Captain on American Airlines Flight 77, which was vaporized over the Atlantic forty-five minutes prior to the unmanned aerial vehicle that killed another United States Naval Academy alumni, Captain Gerald 'Fish' DeConto, whose window in Wedge One of the Pentagon the object flew into. Field McConnell felt strongly that the attack on September 11, 2001 was an inside job; and by September 12, 2001, he knew with a moderate degree of certainty that it, in fact, was precisely that.

How? The Fargo Forum reported three F16s had scrambled off of Langley Air Force Base. Bingo, end of charade, now it was time for Field McConnell to do some research. Field McConnell knew from his years of fighter pilot experience, the only way three fighters would have scrambled was if it was known they would be needed. Otherwise, never in history, to his knowledge would have three pilots ever been sitting alert. There usually are three jets (one a maintenance spare) but no spare pilot.

On December 4, 2006, Field McConnell called a medically retired United Airlines captain and chatted with him regarding the fraudulent bankruptcy involving United Airlines. Field McConnell called him again December 5, 2006 and again on December 6 2006. With three days of trust, he offered to join his cause as an expert witness for the events of September 11, 2001, and bring that issue into court so when the UAL BR is reviewed, there would have been corroborating testimony from another angle. Dan H, the United Airlines captain, said that the attorney on the case wanted to stay focused, but that if Field McConnell was seriously working on September 11, Field McConnell should call David Hawkins, so on December 6, 2006, David Hawkins and Field McConnell were introduced to each other via email through the United Airlines captain, Dan H.

David Hawkins is a Cambridge alumni with impeccable academic credentials. David Hawkins, too, had been studying the events of September 11, 2001 from the perspective of a forensic economist. David Hawkins' mind and mastery of details makes his delivery "similar to a fire hose", in the words of Field McConnell. However, Field McConnell can process information rather quickly, so it was possible, though tiring, for Field McConnell and David Hawkins to converse. Field McConnell has the ability to absorb ninety percent of what David Hawkins delivers and the other ten percent, as a fight pilot, are "details". However, Field McConnell has developed the equivalent of a twelve year intellectual partnership with David Hawkins in that Field McConnell can keep up with David Hawkins' equivalent of a "fire hose."

Both Field McConnell and David Hawkins, have "learning abilities" in that they can process information differently than most people. Even though David Hawkins was a brilliant scholar and Field McConnell was a "lackluster student", they have complementary skill sets including:

David Hawkins: economics, physics, AI, applied math, explosives, thermodynamics, engineering Field McConnell: economics, transport flying 19,000+ hours, fighter flying 3700+ hours, total flying 23000+ hours, Marine, Navy AF experience

When Field McConnell and David Hawkins' paths crossed on December 6, 2006, David Hawkins said something to the effect of "finally". Field McConnell asked David Hawkins what he was referring to, and David Hawkins said that he had been looking for an airline pilot or a fighter pilot from the US who had knowledge of the true Hollywood production of 9-11 for distribution by the mainline media, and was open to working together at Hawks CAFE. David Hawkins said he "felt like it was his birthday." Field McConnell told David Hawkins to think of it more like Christmas; because Field McConnell wasn't an "either/or pilot", Field McConnell was both: an airline pilot and a fighter pilot.

Field McConnell and David Hawkins' synergy and trust grew swiftly and strongly, and on December 8, 2006, Field McConnell warned the Northcommand (NORAD) of a threat; December 9, 2006, Field McConnell warned on a threat of the top five airlines in the US; December 10, 2006, Field McConnell warned the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA Union); on December 11, 2006, Field McConnell warned a fourth entity who is not germane to the this story any longer.

In the warnings, Field McConnell alleged that his study of September 11, 2001 lead him to believe that at least 108 Boeing airliners were in service that had been modified with QRS11 GyroChips (electronic hijack) and "something more sinister". There was no interest from any quarter. On January 1, 2007, Adam Air 574 was vaporized in Indonesia in a manner exactly like Field McConnell had relayed as a threat.

In discussing this investigation with Field McConnell's sister, who served as number three to Janet Reno's number one at the Department of Justice (DOJ), when she knew she couldn’t get Field McConnell off the trail, she suggested Field McConnell contact FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. Field McConnell then requested a face-to-face ASAP meeting in the interest of preventing a second 9-11. There was no reply.

Friday, February 23, 2007, Field McConnell emailed the CEO of Boeing demanding that he send Field McConnell a letter, notarized, and signed with his hand to Field McConnell telling him all QRS11 GyroChips and "other illegal modifications" had been removed from the 108+ Boeings, the same Boeings, Field McConnell alleged, triggered the $615 million payment from Boeing to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to abort a DOJ investigation into the illegal modifications allegedly performed in 2000 to 2003. Field McConnell gave Boeing four days, and when there was no response by February 2, 2007, Field McConnell filed a civil case for $1.5 million in lost income since Field McConnell could not legally fly a Boeing product. It violated Field McConnell's company regulations and it would have violated Federal Aviation Regulations.

Boeing and ALPA have been invited to come to US District Court and Field McConnell, Boeing and ALPA will determine who is informed and misinformed.

Field McConnell's trust level of and working his relationship with David Hawkins is so mature that four days after "joint research" began, Field McConnell put a mark on his forehead as anyone who knows who is at the top of this evidence trail would clearly understand who Field McConnell and David Hawkins are indicting. Further, when Field McConnell filed the civil RICO suit, he put a more powerful target on his life because, among others, he alleges that the 50 member board of directors of Boeing, as well as 50 more "household names" will be called in this trial. One of the big names ran for president, and "She's In to Win"; and another household name won an Oscar for "A Convenient Lie".

David Hawkins and Field McConnell have worked every day since December 6, 2006 and as of December 23, 2007, they both agree that their information is sufficient to prove "Wrongful Death" (6000+ cases) that allowed Field McConnell to file the suit as soon as his twenty-four year-old old son arrived safely in Iraq, ironically on a Boeing.

Sadly, Field McConnell's son is tracked and targeted by more cowards, including RADSAT, Iridium, Tomoye, and Boeing corporations, in Quebec and Chicago; and one more, McConnell International LLC. There is no relation, but Field's sister is a principal at McConnell International.

If David Hawkins and Field McConnell can solve 9-11 in five and a half years, what have the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency and the national Security Agency been doing with tax dollars?

The US Intelligence community has been totally inerted by Tomoye in Quebec and McConnell in Washington DC. Interestingly enough, their Washington offices are within one block of each other on same street. Perhaps their cells will be on the same cellblock soon.

Flight 93 'was shot down'

by Roland Morgan
London Daily Mail
19 August 2006

The heart-thumping moment came when when passengers on board one of the hijacked 9/11 jets fought back against the ruthless fanatics hellbent on crashing the plane into the heart of America.

Jumping out of their seats to a rallying cry of ‘Let’s roll!’, they charged towards the front of the Boeing 757 and began smashing down the cockpit door to reach the hijackers at the controls.

Amid the desperate commotion, the plane rolled violently from right to left and pitched up and down as the rogue pilots tried to throw the passengers beyond the door off balance. As the struggle continued, the cockpit voice recorder captured the hijackers urgently discussing whether to ditch the plane. ‘Is that it? Shall we finish it off?’ asked one of the fanatics.

‘No, not yet. When they all come, we finish it off,’ was the reply. Minutes later, at 10.03am, with the same voices shouting in Arabic, ‘Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest,’ the plane headed down, banked hard right and rolled on to its back. It smashed into an empty field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at its top speed of 580mph and exploded into a massive fireball.

The flames set nearby woods on fire as the impact sprayed body parts and other debris into the trees and up into the sky, to float to earth as far as eight miles away.

This, then, is the legend of United Airways Flight 93, one that has been vigorously promoted in a stream of books and films, most recently in the £9.6 million Hollywood movie United 93. It is the story of how 33 innocent passengers and seven crew gave their lives to save countless others as their plane flew kamikaze-style towards the White House or the Capitol in Washington.

To a nation still reeling from the attacks on New York’s World Trade Centre and the Pentagon that same September morning, these were men and women every bit as heroic as those who had fought at the Alamo.

Yet my own exhaustive investigations have led me to conclude that the story of Flight 93 is far from being the straightforward account of supreme courage that the authorities would have us believe.

Instead, the real story is mired in cynical manipulation and warmongering propaganda. I am convinced there is evidence to suggest a wholly sinister twist to the tale that already holds pride of place in American folklore. For I believe that Flight 93 may well have been deliberately shot down as a means of stopping it from reaching its ultimate target — even at the expense of the 40 blameless people on board. It is a suspicion that was held even by the FBI, but was swept aside as a shaken America clung on to the official version of selfless sacrifice and raw patriotism.

Today, with the approach of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, some will still say that such speculation only serves to lend comfort to terrorists and does a disservice to the dead.

Others, however, will feel there are too many disquieting circumstances and unanswered questions to simply ignore.

But let us examine the evidence — so that you can come to your own conclusion. The massive impact caused the entire plane to disappear 30ft deep into the earth, telescoping down on itself and crushing everyone and everything inside the fuselage beyond recognition.

However, the absence of any significant debris — including tailplane and wings — bewildered witnesses, relatives and, more importantly, some crash experts.

They found it hard to believe that an airliner up to 155ft long, with two engines each weighing more than six tons, could have penetrated the ground so completely as to utterly disappear. Had it, in reality, been blown to pieces in mid-air?

CERTAINLY, it is unclear how a single piece of fuselage the size of a dining room table could have been recovered from a marina in Indian Lake, a couple of miles away from the crash site — unless it fell from the sky during an aerial break-up.

But a bigger mystery is why the engines went missing.

Considering their weight, they should have plunged deep into the earth along with the rest of the airliner.

Yet they weren’t in the crater and only a one-ton segment of an engine was ever recovered, again more than a mile from the crash site. The FBI said, unconvincingly, that it had ‘bounced’ there.

The FBI also claimed metal fragments found up to eight miles away could have been carried there by the wind, even though the breeze was very light.

Witnesses said nothing was left at the crash site, yet the FBI belatedly claimed to have made two sensational discoveries — a red bandana and a passport allegedly belonging to the hijackers.

Very conveniently, these turned up as prosecution evidence earlier this year at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the socalled 20th hijacker and only terrorist to be convicted over the 9/11 atrocities.

IF FLIGHT 93 was shot down, there must have been a fighter jet in the skies to unleash a guided missile.

The U.S. government has admitted that two F-15s were flying above New York City before 9am on September 11 and three F-16s were patrolling over Washington by 9.40am. They could have reached Shanksville in minutes.

According to investigative writer David Ray Griffin, several witnesses saw two F-16s tailing Flight 93 minutes before it went down.

They claim they saw an F-16 move closer in and fire what were probably two Sidewinder missiles, one of them catching at least one of the Boeing’s huge engines, after which the ‘plane dropped like a stone’.

Someone else ‘heard a loud bang’ and saw the airliner plummet. A Vietnam War veteran said he ‘heard a missile’, a sound he knew well. It is debatable how seriously we should take these reports. But there are numerous and highly credible witness accounts of a mysterious white jet being seen after Flight 93 went down.

Jim Brant, owner of the Indian Lake marina where debris was found, said he heard the roar of jet engines overhead, then saw a fireball rise into the air. He looked up and noticed a white plane circling the wreckage. ‘It reminded me of a fighter jet,’ he said.

Another resident, Tom Spinelli, said: ‘I saw the white plane. It was flying around all over the place like it was looking for something. I saw it before and after the crash.’

He said it had high tail wings and no markings on it. John Feegle, another witness, said: ‘It didn’t look like a commercial plane. It had a real goofy tail on it, like a high tail. It circled around, and it was gone.’

Dennis Decker and his friend Rick Chaney were also close to the impact site. ‘As soon as we looked up we saw a mid-sized jet flying low and fast,’ said Decker.

‘It appeared to make a loop or part of a circle, and then it turned fast and headed out.’ Decker and Chaney described the jet as white with no markings. Decker added: ‘It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down. If I was the FBI, I’d find out who was driving that plane.’

A total of 12 eyewitnesses are on record as having seen the white jet. One witness, Susan McElwain, complained that the FBI told her there was no plane and did not note down her account.

However, amid the growing furore over the sightings, the FBI was forced to offer an explanation, which again many found unconvincing.

It claimed the jet was a passing civilian Fairchild Falcon 20 that was asked to descend to 5,000ft some minutes after the crash to give co-ordinates for the site. The plane and pilot have never been produced or identified.

One commentator pointed out: ‘The reason why this seems so implausible is that, first, by 10.06am on September 11, all non-military aircraft in U.S. airspace had received orders more than half an hour earlier to land at the nearest airport.

‘Second, such was the density of emergency phone calls from people on the ground in the Shanksville area as to the location of the crash site, that aerial co-ordinates would have been completely unnecessary.

‘Third, with F-16s supposedly in the vicinity, it seems extraordinarily unlikely that, at a time when no one knew for sure whether there might be any more hijacked aircraft still in the sky, the military would ask a civilian aircraft that just happened to be in the area for help.’

THE military’s role in 9/11 is shrouded in confusion, ambiguity and inconsistency.

A news report on September 20, 2001, said: ‘America’s defence establishment has disclosed that it ordered its fighter jets to intercept all the passenger aircraft hijacked in last week’s attacks on New York and Washington.’

The report also stated that military intelligence was aware of the hijackings before any of the aircraft had hit their targets.

Three years later, however, the military said it hadn’t heard about Flight 93 until after the plane had crashed — a line accepted by the official 9/11 Commission, which published its findings in July 2004.

The official inquiry said the Federal Aviation Authority — responsible for the security and safety of U.S. civilian aviation — had been incompetent in failing to alert the U.S. Air Force.

But the FAA had already acted quickly in ordering more than 4,000 aircraft to land at the nearest airstrip to avoid any more hijacks. And the military would have learned of Flight 93’s hijack via teleconferences set up by the FAA, the White House and the U.S. Defence Department as events began to unfold on September 11. Richard Clarke, who ran the White House video conference, stated that at 9.27am, the FAA informed both Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers, Chief of Defence Staff, of a number of ‘potential hijacks’ including ‘United 93 over Pennsylvania’. Therefore, more than 25 minutes before Flight 93 went down, both Rumsfeld and Myers knew all about it. No wonder the military’s claim to have learned about Flight 93 only after it crashed is dismissed by many as a bare-faced lie. IN OTHER air crashes, information from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder — the black box recorders — were dealt with in an open manner, with crash investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board discussing the progress of their inquiries with reporters. But in the case of Flight 93, the Transportation Safety Board was not in charge of the investigation — the FBI was.

The black box recorders were reportedly found buried 25ft deep inside the crater. But a threeminute discrepancy in the crash time led to suspicions of foul play.

Seismic records, consolidated from four seismology stations in the region, originally pegged the impact time at 10.06am. It was only later that the Pentagon and the 9/11 Commission decreed that the correct impact time to have been at 10.03am.

But Terry Wallace, who heads the Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory and is considered the leading expert on the seismology of man-made events, was puzzled.

He complained: ‘The seismic signals are consistent with impact at 10.06am and five seconds plus or minus two seconds. I don’t know where the 10.03 time comes from.’ So there were two crash times.

Sceptics note that a lot could happen in three minutes — minutes that could be removed from the end of a flight-deck recording to delete evidence of an attack by U.S. jets.

The FBI kept the contents of the voice recorder secret until it was forced by bereaved relatives to play the tape under heavy security at a hotel in April 2002.

The family members later reported they heard sounds of an on-board struggle beginning at 9.58am, with a final ‘rushing sound’ at 10.03am, when the tape fell silent. Could the ‘rushing sound’ have been made by the plane being holed? And what of the moment when the plane hit the ground?

‘There is no sound of the impact,’ said Kenneth Nacke, whose brother Lou had been on Flight 93. There is a further twist. In 2006, when the judge at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui ordered a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder, it ended with the sound of the hijackers shouting praises to Allah.

Just where had those praises been in 2002 when the tape was first played to relatives? For many, their sudden appearance confirmed suspicions of tape tampering.

AT FIRST, the FBI was keen to show it was keeping an open mind over the fate of Flight 93.

Within days of the crash, Reuters reported from Shanksville: ‘Federal investigators said they could not rule out the possibility that the United Airlines jetliner that crashed in rural western Pennsylvania during this week’s attacks on New York and the Pentagon was shot down.’ ‘We have not ruled out that,’ FBI agent Bill Crowley told a news conference when asked about reports that a U.S. fighter jet may have fired on the hijacked Boeing 757. ‘We haven’t ruled out anything yet.’

Why did Crowley later retract his statement — and on the same day as the U.S. Air Force issued its official denial of any involvement?

AT THE crux of the legend of Flight 93 are the phones calls passengers are said to have made to their loved ones after the hijackers took control.

These are said to have alerted the passengers to the fact that they were victims of no ordinary hijacking, but a co-ordinated mission by fanatics to strike at the heart of America in New York and Washington. At the same time, a number of passengers allegedly told relatives of their resolve to fight back. Interestingly, phone contact from passengers on the two hijacked planes that hit the Twin Towers and a third jet which crashed into the Pentagon that same morning was scarce to non-existent.

Yet officially there were 35 calls made among the 40 passengers and crew on Flight 93, with callers using either mobile phones or GTE Airfones fitted into the backs of the aircraft seats.The use of mobile phones is suspect anyway because telecommunications experts say that — given the technology of 2001 — calls at an altitude of six miles could have only occurred by fluke at best. Just as baffling, the FBI insisted there were 13 mobile phone calls — of which there were no billing records — yet reduced this number to just two at the trial this year of Zacarias Moussaoui when the evidence risked being exposed to the harsh light of law.

Why had the FBI failed to put the record straight over the previous four-and-a-half years?

One answer is that it suited the heroism legend to keep silent as the Pentagon banged the drum for war in Iraq.

The 9/11 Commission claimed that five of the calls described the intent of the passengers and crew to revolt against the hijackers. One caller, the Commission said, ended her message with the words: ‘Everyone’s running up to first class. I’ve got to go. Bye.’ But all this begs the question: why did the hijackers allow such a free-for-all of phone calls as they attempted to terrify their hostages?

After all, the hijackers would have realised that experts would have been able to locate the lost aircraft if people were using their mobles.

THE most intriguing of the calls is the one said to have been made by Flight 93’s most famous passenger Todd Beamer, whose ‘Let’s roll!’ phrase became a byword for the victims’ heroism and patriotism.

Beamer’s call was said to have been taken by a telephone supervisor working for the Verizon Corporation, owners of GTE Airfones, the gadgets on the airplane seats.

At the time, Verizon had a contract worth £750million for installing a high-security telecoms package across U.S. government departments, including the Pentagon.

One of its supervisors, Lisa Jefferson, an evangelical Christian like Beamer himself, retains a vivid recollection of her 15-minute conversation with him.

After discovering that she shared her first name with Beamer’s wife, they apparently talked about his two little boys and the new baby on the way, Beamer’s fear that he might not make it home, and his faith.

Faced with the awful prospect of dying on board Flight 93, Beamer supposedly recited the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 with Mrs Jefferson. He also asked her to promise to call his wife. MRS JEFFERSON received a Verizon Excellence Award from her bosses for her handling of the call. To some this may have seemed inappropriate.

She had not taken a recording of it, contrary to convention. She had not gone through the routine questions in her distress-call manual. She had not connected this agitated man to his wife waiting anxiously at home. Nor had she informed his wife subsequently of the call as promised.

Mrs Beamer only learned of her husband’s final call four days later, when a representative of United Airlines got in touch.

She says the United Airlines representative told her: ‘The FBI had been keeping the information private until they’ve had the opportunity to review the material. But now they’ve released it, I have a written summary of the call.’

But later Mrs Beamer learned that the FBI had not kept the call so secret after all. Her husband’s boss at his computer company had already spun the story of Beamer the hero aboard Flight 93 before anyone else knew of his phone call.

As for Lisa Jefferson’s evidence, it was single-sourced, unsubstantiated hearsay of which there was no record. For spooks inside a sprawling empire of wires like Verizon, rigging up a phone call to Lisa Jefferson’s headset would have been simple.

She had no idea what Beamer’s voice sounded like, and she would never hear it again to judge whether he had actually been speaking to her. This year, Lisa Jefferson published a book entitled Called — the story of seeing ‘her life transformed, simply by answering Todd Beamer’s call’.

The blurb added: ‘Jefferson sends a stirring challenge to all of us whether it comes during quiet obscurity or international adversity, we must be prepared to answer God’s call.’

Evangelical Christians throughout America rallied to that call. But one puzzle remains: Todd Beamer’s wife later said she had never before heard of his reciting the Lord’s Prayer in pressure situations. Nor, she added, was Psalm 23 something he often recited.

TODD BEAMER’S ‘Let’s roll!’ phrase became the war on terror’s recruitment slogan.

President Bush had launched the legend in a speech on September 20, 2001 as he declared his unprecedented ‘war on terror’. Beamer’s story of selfless patriotism, according to the President, was a ‘defining moment’ in American history. Alongside President Bush on this occasion was Todd Beamer’s wife Lisa.

Nobody, of course, would begrudge Mrs Beamer her celebrity, given her tragic circumstances. But her presence undoubtedly helped President Bush’s cause.

The President again invoked her evangelical Christian husband’s courage in another speech a month later.

‘We will no doubt face new challenges,’ said the man widely regarded as having taken office fully intending to attack Iraq. ‘But we have our marching orders. My fellow Americans… let’s roll!’

Such a phrase couldn’t fail to chime with the President’s gung-ho admirers — nor with the 40 million evangelical Christians in the so-called ‘red’ states where the Bush regime had its most fervent support Later U.S. Navy personnel would spell out the words 9/11 LET’S ROLL by forming themselves on the deck of a warship bound for Iraq.

Lisa Beamer, always a staunch ally of the White House and its war on terror, had herself photographed unveiling a ‘Let’s Roll’ logo on the side of a U.S. Air Force F-16.

She even sought to have ‘Let’s Roll’ trademarked and signed a six-figure book deal which, along with her seven-figure compensation cheque, made her a rich woman. And in August 2002, just in time for the first 9/11 anniversary, she published her memoir entitled — predictably — Let’s Roll!

The front cover showed the author with the Stars and Stripes and the publisher issued a staggering one million copies in hardback.

Truly, the Let’s Roll slogan had become a call to arms — just at a time the White House needed it most.

Bush administration not admit its guilt? It could surely have argued that the poor souls lost in the airliner were a tragic but necessary sacrifice in order to prevent horror and destruction on a larger scale in at the Capitol Washington.

Air Force scrambles had been frequent enough in the past. One report said there had been 129 within the U.S. during 2000.

But secrecy is the first instinct of any war department, especially amid reports flooding in of a passenger revolt on the plane.

Any admission of a shooting down must have been ruled out politically because those brave passengers just might have retrieved the controls from fanatical hijackers.

For the U.S. military to have snatched victory from their grasp was unthinkable.

There are countless theories and areas of evidence to examine. There is even a theory that the plane could have blown up because of a bomb on board.

Air traffic controllers on the ground reportedly heard an anonymous voice in the cockpit announce: ‘Ladies and gentleman. Here is the captain. Please sit down and keep remaining sitting. We have a bomb on board. So sit.’

But if Flight 93 had been blown up by a bomb at cruising altitude, its debris area would have covered at least 20 miles, as in the Lockerbie crash.

The 9/11 Commission speculated that the rogue pilot jolted the plane violently in the minutes before the impact to disrupt a passenger revolt.

This in turn led to claims that he might have succeeded in tearing a wing off, or otherwise wrecking the aircraft in mid-air, causing it to crash.

Boeing has refused to discuss this possibility. Such movements, however, could easily have been caused by the pilot attempting to avoid an approaching heatseeking missile homing in on its engines.

EYEWITNESS reports differed from the official story. Along the plane’s route, people confirmed that the Boeing came in from the north-west, but they said it was not nose-diving. Instead it was flying low.

Bob Blair and Linda Shepley saw the plane when it dropped to 2,500ft. Rodney Peterson and Brandon Leventry noticed it at 2,000ft. Terry Butler saw it at about 500ft. Eric Peterson saw the plane at ‘maybe 300ft’.

Lee Purbaugh, a scrap metal worker, was the closest. He told reporters: ‘I heard this real loud noise coming over my head. I looked up and it was Flight 93, barely 50ft above me.

‘It was coming down at 45 degrees and rocking from side to side. Then the nose suddenly dipped and it just crashed into the ground. There was this big fireball and then a huge cloud of smoke.’

Purbaugh’s account was perhaps the nearest of all the witness testimony to the official version of the story. Except for one important element.

Not once did Purbaugh mention the plane being upside down, as the 9/11 Commission, the FBI and the Pentagon all maintained it was.

With such a huge airplane roaring over his head, he could hardly have failed to notice which way up it was.

To some, this cast doubt on the credibility of his reported evidence. To others, it was merely another piece of the Flight 93 jigsaw that failed to fit.

See also:

Lets Roll Forum - Flight 93 "shot down" article in Daily Mail

The 9/11 Commission claimed that five of the calls described the intent of the passengers and crew to revolt against the hijackers. One caller, the Commission said, ended her message with the words: ‘Everyone’s running up to first class. I’ve got to go. Bye.’ But all this begs the question: why did the hijackers allow such a free-for-all of phone calls as they attempted to terrify their hostages?

After all, the hijackers would have realised that experts would have been able to locate the lost aircraft if people were using their mobles.

The most intriguing of the calls is the one said to have been made by Flight 93’s most famous passenger Todd Beamer, whose ‘Let’s roll!’ phrase became a byword for the victims’ heroism and patriotism.

Beamer’s call was said to have been taken by a telephone supervisor working for the Verizon Corporation, owners of GTE Airfones, the gadgets on the airplane seats.

At the time, Verizon had a contract worth £750million for installing a high-security telecoms package across U.S. government departments, including the Pentagon.

One of its supervisors, Lisa Jefferson, an evangelical Christian like Beamer himself, retains a vivid recollection of her 15-minute conversation with him.

After discovering that she shared her first name with Beamer’s wife, they apparently talked about his two little boys and the new baby on the way, Beamer’s fear that he might not make it home, and his faith.

Faced with the awful prospect of dying on board Flight 93, Beamer supposedly recited the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 with Mrs Jefferson. He also asked her to promise to call his wife. Mrs Jefferson received a Verizon Excellence Award from her bosses for her handling of the call. To some this may have seemed inappropriate.

She had not taken a recording of it, contrary to convention. She had not gone through the routine questions in her distress-call manual. She had not connected this agitated man to his wife waiting anxiously at home. Nor had she informed his wife subsequently of the call as promised.

Mrs Beamer only learned of her husband’s final call four days later, when a representative of United Airlines got in touch.

She says the United Airlines representative told her: ‘The FBI had been keeping the information private until they’ve had the opportunity to review the material. But now they’ve released it, I have a written summary of the call.’

But later Mrs Beamer learned that the FBI had not kept the call so secret after all. Her husband’s boss at his computer company had already spun the story of Beamer the hero aboard Flight 93 before anyone else knew of his phone call.

As for Lisa Jefferson’s evidence, it was single-sourced, unsubstantiated hearsay of which there was no record. For spooks inside a sprawling empire of wires like Verizon, rigging up a phone call to Lisa Jefferson’s headset would have been simple.

‘Let’s roll!’ became the war on terror’s recruitment slogan.

She had no idea what Beamer’s voice sounded like, and she would never hear it again to judge whether he had actually been speaking to her. This year, Lisa Jefferson published a book entitled Called — the story of seeing ‘her life transformed, simply by answering Todd Beamer’s call’.

The blurb added: ‘Jefferson sends a stirring challenge to all of us whether it comes during quiet obscurity or international adversity, we must be prepared to answer God’s call.’

Evangelical Christians throughout America rallied to that call. But one puzzle remains: Todd Beamer’s wife later said she had never before heard of his reciting the Lord’s Prayer in pressure situations. Nor, she added, was Psalm 23 something he often recited.

Todd Beamer's ‘Let’s roll!’ phrase became the war on terror’s recruitment slogan.

President Bush had launched the legend in a speech on September 20, 2001 as he declared his unprecedented ‘war on terror’. Beamer’s story of selfless patriotism, according to the President, was a ‘defining moment’ in American history. Alongside President Bush on this occasion was Todd Beamer’s wife Lisa.

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

Alex Jones Interviews Andreas Von Buelow

February 11, 2004

Please understand that this is a transcript made directly from a live radio interview. It may not conform to exeplary standards of grammar. Mr. Von Buelow's first language is German.

Alex Jones: All right my friends. We are already into the third and final hour of this global transmission against tyranny. And, in the last hour we had Hutton Gibson, expert on the New World Order and of course father of Mel Gibson, on talking about the different key issues. In this hour, we are joined by Andreas von Buelow and he was the federal Minister of Defense, or the equivalent of our Secretary of Defense, been in the German government since the 70s. And up until just a few years ago he was also the Minister of Technology and he has written a book that according to Reuters is the best seller in Germany that translates into '9-11 and the CIA.' And he's not the only German minister who has said we are looking at world fascism here and a powerful military industrial complex institution engineering terror attacks to scare us into submission. And, Andre von Bulow, err Andreas von Bulow, we are so honored to have a man of your stature and obvious intelligence and your courage on this show. Thank you for joining us.

Andreas von Bulow: Hello and it's wonderful speaking, yes.

AJ: Uh, we're going to break here in a few minutes and come back in a longer segment but for those who just joined us, tell us a little bit more about yourself and your book please.

AvB: Well I...I have spent over twenty-five years in politics and now I am out. And in the end I was Minister of Technology before I was Secretary of Defense. Then I had to deal in a commission on East-West transactions about the secret service of East Germany. And this was very interesting inside story because of the Western side doing deals violating the laws in Eastern Eur, err, East Germany, European Community and the United States. It was always two parts dealing with East and West and this bought me a lot of insights in the secret service business.

AJ: And in fact I remember reading about the huge investigations you did that was massive international headlines concerning the Stasi and how different governments had actually been working with these people. If you would like you are of course welcome to get into that as well. Again folks, the equivalent secretary of defense, minister of defense of Germany, and of course technology, the head of that. Just absolutely amazing. Your best selling book, and I wish there was an English translation because I would certainly buy one. My wife does read German. But please, tell us about your book.

AvB: Well I was writing another book and then 9 11 happened. And it was strange to me watching- we all were horrified what was going on and said well that's impossible, how could a crew of people manage do such horrible things? At the first hours, we didn't know who was it, then within hours it came out that probably Usama bin Laden and Al Qaeda was behind it. And then within two or three days these 19 people came out. And my objection was- my looking at it- to whom does it bring good? And I found out that it is rather damaging to the Islamic world and perhaps it might be not only be a terrorist attack but perhaps it might be a covert operation. I watched the scenery, what was going on, what the American government-

AJ: Minister, minister, we've got to break; we'll be back in three minutes. Absolutely, we'll go into this in great detail. We are honored to have you. We're talking to Andreas von Bulow. We'll be back. (Fade to bumper music)

(Commercial Break)

AJ: That's right my friends it's eight minutes ten seconds into this 3rd hour of global transmission. I am so honored to have on Andreas von Bulow former German defense minister, head of their defense department and of course until just a few years ago, head of their technology system which is, that is a very high level post, just as high level as defense minister there in Deutschland. And he's written a best selling book and I've read some quotes out of it that have been translated into English. And the title translated is '911 and the CIA.' And he lays out the evidence of the military-industrial complex carrying out the attacks. Also we have lined up Michael Micher. And he of course was the English environmental minister who resigned over Tony Blair's fraud. He has written articles saying that if they didn't carry it out, they certainly funded and allowed them to take place. So, if you've got a brain, it's clear, and Mr. von Bulow, very intelligent individual has gone over this. So, sir, you've said that on the day of the event you began to look at it, you began to research it. And, from your specific expertise in intelligence and military and technology, you know heading up entire sectors of the world's third largest economy. Please discuss for us your research and how you wrote the book and what really happened on 9 11.

AvB: Err, 9 11, I just watched the scenery. And I said there must have- gone something very [wrong]. I watched the TV for example and in the same minute that the TV showed the planes driving into the World Trade Center, you found these Palestinians dancing and laughing. And a few days later one could find out that this was fake. It was made by a TV crew of the defense ministry in Israel and they gave candies to the people and they laughed about it. And, nobody told it. And the question for me was who brought this TV stuff right in time into the national networks like CNN and CBS and so on and so on. And then we look for the, the story came out that this had been done by bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda and these 19 people of Muslim background, which did this. And you could watch the Persian journalist, and nobody showed up. Not one Arabic name was showing up there. And then one is interested to see video because all these 19 passengers must have passed the video, a lot of video cameras in Dallas, and New York, and Logan in Boston, and Portland in the North. You don't get this stuff. And then we're looking for the black boxes and we don't get them. And the story how these, these World Trade Center buildings broke down, they were constructed against an approach by airplanes. And, the firemen of New York, they were able to come to the floor where the fires were burning, and they said, the fire commander said he needed two teams, small, to fight these fires and then it's finished. So the heat, it is impossible that the heat was as high as it has been written in the papers and in all the media.

AJ: And then, and then the feds declared that all firefighter tapes malfunctioned, turns out that wasn't true; we've got copies of them. And it did say that the firefighters said the fires were out or almost out. There is video of people standing in the holes of the buildings with no fire around them. And we're going to go over the evidence that's in your book, sir, and why you came to these educated conclusions.

AvB: Yeah.

AJ: But, first I want to ask you: have you heard the new developments, the owner of the World Trade Center slipped up on TV and said that they blew Building Seven up. The forty-seven story building that wasn't even hit by an aircraft. This just broke two weeks ago, have you heard this?

AvB: Sure, I have heard this. I follow the whole scenery. Normally, it's coming out in Germany, but it's coming out in your country. It's a fascinating background to, to do research via Internet because all this stuff is broadly spread over the Internet. So it's very easy to follow, but in the main media you don't get to hear about this.

AJ: Well tell you what, later this hour, it's only three minutes of audio clips, we will air from the PBS documentary 'America Rebuilding,' where they admit they blew up WTC 7. Now, that's important because they said that building fell from fire even though it wasn't hit by a plane. And now, he slips up and says we decided to demolish it on 9-11, but then the mainstream media just ignores that. This is a public admission, sir.

AvB: Yeah, yeah especially that the CIA headquarters in New York was in, was within this building. I think the- how do you call it- the emergency center for the governor, the major, err, mayor was-

AJ: Mayor and governor.

AvB: -mayor was in this building. So, it was not hit by a plane, and the fire was very low. And the surrounding steel constructions were left over and didn't collapse. But, the Building 7 collapsed in late afternoon at 5 o' clock I think.

AJ: Well, from our internal sources, they were running the attacks sir, out of the building and so conveniently got rid of the evidence in one fell swoop.

AvB: This is one theory, it might be. It's convincing but one has to get the whole proof. But the problem is that the elements for proof are destroyed.

AJ: Also-

AvB: You will find them in Japanese cars and in ships of the American Navy.

AJ: Also, sir, we have NORAD standing down for an hour and twenty five minutes but when we had the golfer Payne Stewart went off course for fifteen minutes, he was surrounded in eighteen minutes by five F-16s so why did NORAD stand down?

AvB: Well, this is a big question because it happened in 2001 more than 60 times. That, fighter[s] went up to clear what has been done to airplanes that showed some irregularities. At 9 11, four planes for two hours were able to drive around, fly around even one hour in the direction going toward the west and then turn around and then comeback. The military air force was not able to interdict them. It's [un]imaginable. And the whole story is totally unclear what happened between the Federal Aviation Agency (Administration) and NORAD.

AJ: Absolutely, now I don't know if you've seen the associated press but the CIA was running a drill 15 miles from the World Trade Center that day of flying jets into buildings in New York and DC. My internal sources inside the Pentagon, the lawyers who represent them have said on this show that they were told to stand down because it was quote 'just a drill.' That's how you get the good military to stand down; you tell them it's just a drill. And, that drill was going on at 830 in the morning. Is that not obvious, sir?

AvB: It's quite obvious, yeah. It's quite, it's so strange and the most strange thing for me is that after two years you don't have a white book which is documenting everything. If you are looking for the timetable for example you have to make a medium between two or three or five newspapers and radio and TV announcements. So everything is unclear. On the other hand, the American government is running as the call it a world war against possibly sixty nations without really showing the background of 9/11. It's- for me, it's impossible.

AJ: Now by that they admit that nine of the nineteen hijackers, the BBC says seven but it's nine, are still alive. Bin Laden has not been convicted, bin Laden is known CIA, you've got [George H. W.] Bush meeting with the head bin Laden that morning in DC at the Ritz Carleton, you've got the General of Pakistan, the head of their intelligence, meeting with the House and Senate chairs of the intelligence committee at 8:30 that morning, his second trip in his life to the United States. You've got the FBI paying for the houses, the cars, the credit cards of the supposed hijackers. I mean, sir, you start- you've got public officials, Mayor Willie Brown, Joint Chiefs of Staff told not to fly to New York that day. That's all admitted; what do you say to that?

AvB: Well, it's all admitted. So for me, since the official version- it's not credible at all, it's totally incredible. The second solution for me is a covert operation. And this is a way to influence, to brainwash the American people into long, long, ongoing conflict with the Muslim world and all that you get to, for example the oil companies, the last oil reserves which we need for the next decades before the oil age is going out. And probably behind this is a geopolitical thinking that finally China has to be taken out. China is too big and you have to be able to- this is put down in the New American Century, which has been written by a lot of people who are now in government like Cheney, like Rumsfeld and others.

AJ: And now, sir, we've got to break. We're going to get into the Project for a New American Century and Operation Northwoods. Were you aware of a US government plan to carry out 9 11 style attacks?

AvB: You mean, Northwoods?

AJ: Yes, sir.

AvB: Yeah sure I know.

AJ: Is that not a key piece of evidence?

AvB: Well, this is a key piece, a key piece of evidence of the thinking of probably the military in dialogue with politics. Probably, I think Kennedy decided not to do it but I think it was, it was all of the-

AJ: Tell you what, stay there. We've got to break; we'll be right back folks. (Fade to music)

(Commercial Break)

AJ: All right my friends, I'm Alex Jones your host. For the rest of the hour we are honored to have Andreas von Bulow, former Defense Secretary and former head of technology, Department of Technology in Germany. And he's just gotten out of government a few years ago and he's just written a best selling book '9 11 and the CIA' and we have info on that at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com. We will also be posting this interview on the Website in the next few days as well. There are so many facets to this- Mr. von Bulow, continuing with you waking up to what happened on 9 11 and researching it, what are some of the other key points that clearly show that it is impossible that these nineteen people did this; we know that is a fraud. It is a conspiracy theory to say that they did it alone. From your intensive research and your understanding of high-level government activities, what do you think really happened on 9 11?

AvB: Well, nobody can prove what happened 9 11 directly because it has been a covert operation and you don't find proof; you will find only indications. And one of the indications- the indication that everything is right with these nineteen people and Usama bin Laden is that the government is free to show all the prove that is on the table that is on the street that lays on the ground of the World Trade Center and so on and so on. If you have a covert operation the probability is always that the leftover pieces of proof are taken away immediately and a lot of secrecy, a band of secrecy, has taken over everything. And, this has happened with 9 11.

AJ: And that also happened- where you aware the New York Times and Chicago Tribune reported this in '93, the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the driver[s] and had an Egyptian security agent doing it for them, had two retarded Muslims, literally retarded, drive the truck and park it, let the bombing go forward. At Oklahoma City, the same company that destroyed the remnants of the World Trade Center, blew up the remnants of Oklahoma City [and] had that buried under machine gun guard at a private landfill to this day. And they hauled the rubble away from the W T C to China! They wouldn't let you take photographs. Yes, exactly.

AvB: Yeah, then at the beginning the engineers weren't allowed to go up to the steel truss [debris] and had a lot of problems- there was very scarce money. And you know, to clear up the story with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the Republican majority gave out sixty million dollars, I think it's seventy now, and they started out with 600 000 dollars to try to figure out what happened on 9 11. And, they were taken away from doing research and so on and so on and they are upset. And, Fire Engineer Magazine said it was totally unbelievable what happened with this examination of 9 11.

AJ: Well, they say it was a criminal cover up and now, sir, we've turned into a police state. They can secretly arrest citizens, secretly execute us. They are building admitted prison camps all over the country, this is in our news. We're turning into something like the Soviet Union here.

AvB: Well, I can't comment on this but what's going on in Guantanamo is like that. I think the problem is that if you put people, who ever you like in Guantanamo in Cuba, you take them away for one or two years without letting a lawyer to them, without showing them what you are reprising to them, without having contact from their family- they tell in all court processes what the FBI is wanting from them-

AJ: Well, sir-

AvB: And so you get fake evidence from these kinds of people, if you behave like that.

AJ: And sir, sir. Our mainstream news says that torture is good and they say they are torturing people, that's the Washington Post. Is that a concern that our government now admits it's torturing?

AvB: Well, I'm informed- I don't know whether they are torturing, keeping them is a kind of a torture, but I am told there is an agreement with a lot of states to put these people to Egypt and other states where torture is accepted and is done and you get the final outcome of this torture and you can produce this in front of German courts and American courts and try to bring about final judgment.

AJ: Well that's it. We'll be back; long segment coming up and we'll get more into your book. We're honored to have you, Andreas von Bulow. Stay with us. (Fade)

(Commercial Break)

AJ: All right folks. We're talking with Andreas von Bulow and to make this clear, up until about two years ago he was the head minister over the Department of Technology and before that he was the head of his party's group on defense. Now, we're going to take calls coming up here in just a few minutes, your chance to talk to Andreas von Bulow and the toll free number to join us on air is 1 800 259 9231. And if you read German, speak German, you can go online just type into a search engine or go to the Website and link though and buy a copy of '9 11 and the CIA.' Now, if you want my videos, 9 11 Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, my book '9 11 Descent into Tyranny,' go to Infowars.com, go to PrisonPlanet.com and get them. This story is so important that I authorize you to make copies of my films for not for profit, not for sale educational purposes. I want you to get them, I want you to make copies, I want you to put them on the Internet. If you've done that, I want you to air them on local community television stations which has happened on over four hundred now. Go to Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, get 9 11 Road to Tyranny, get Masters of Terror, get my book 'Descent into Tyranny,' get Paul Watson's book 'Order Out of Chaos' that I've published, they're excellent. The toll free number to order is 1 888 253 3139. Because, if we don't expose the Globalists who clearly carried the attacks out, they're going to carry out more terror. And, they are setting up this police state; the survival of America and frankly the world is at stake because if the Globalists can use our military as their arm to attack sixty-three countries, it's over. So again, that's 1 888 253 3139. The films are 25.95 a piece, twenty buck if you buy three or more, my book is twelve dollars. Again: Inforwars.com or 'net or 1 888 253 3139. Now, going back to Andreas von Bulow, sir, we were talking during the break and I said what are some of the other key points that you would like to go over. You mentioned the CIA and insider trading and the Anthrax attacks. Please discuss it.

AvB: Well, the insider trading, everybody knows that there [was] news about insider trading. I think altogether fifteen billion dollars. And, there was speculation about going down, of United Airlines and American Airlines; both airlines which were attacked by 9 11 and other things. So, normally you could find out because I think the American- the CIA together with the financial department, the Treasury, they developed this ñ watching the markets to find out speculation about going on terrorist attacks. So, they could immediately find out if there were something going on- and they could find out. And, in this case, they- 9 11- the NSA people which are the guys watching via satellites the whole of the transactions going on, on Earth, they said, they told the people to destroy the tapes. They had tapes about this interior trading and they said they had to destroy them so they are not any longer proof.

AJ: Now again, interior trading that's a good term for it, insider trading. So again, insider trading or interior trading going on here and fifteen billion dollars, I think that's a low estimate. It came out the first week, Germany reported on it, France reported on it, the US, 'we're going to catch them!' Record put options against United and American; not against other airlines but specifically against these and it leads back to the CIA and suddenly they destroy the evidence. Again, again another smoking gun. Then, you get into anthrax attacks; Bush on Cipro, the most weaponized anthrax ever seen. Tell us about that.

AvB: Well, there the question just is who has the responsibility for this! You know, it overlaid the whole public debate of what was the background and reason for 9 11 for weeks because these attacks were going on for weeks and weeks and weeks. And, finally nothing came out. We have no report on who was responsible, who did it and this again is amazing. I think it belongs probably to the cover up of the psychological cover-up of the whole scenery. And then, the vice-President and the President asking Congress not to go into too much detail about the background of 9 11. What does this mean? And until now it's what the President knew before 9 11 is a total secret. I think there is no secret service around the world which gave no hints to the American secret service community, the CIA, the DIA and so on and so on. They did nothing out of it. The most disturbing thing is that these guys that knew about something in coming up 9 11, were cutout before. I mean the local level of the FBI offices, they knew quite a lot and they tried to force the central organization to go into the details about Arabs taking lessons in flight schools and so on. And, the guy who decided on top, I think the second man who was in the FBI he [said] 'no we don't do this' and he got promoted after 9 11.

AJ: By the way, the US embassies that allowed supposed Al- Qaeda back in got record cash bonuses. The FBI agents who ordered other FBI agents not to stop Al-Qaeda, they go bonuses. Bush signed W199I months before 9 11 ordering FBI not to stop Al-Qaeda. They threatened to arrest FBI Robert Wright if he tells us what he knows. I've interviewed his lawyer David Schippers who knew about the attacks beforehand. He went to Bush; Bush wouldn't talk to him, Ashcroft wouldn't talk to him. And you said something very astute, sir, you talked about the anthrax being a psychological cover-up of the scenery. That is, all these questions coming out in the early days about 9 11 got blacked out by the anthrax attacks and that's absolutely why that happened. We've tracked that back to Fort Detrick, Maryland. And they said it wasn't weaponized anthrax, it turned out it was the most weaponized ever seen.

AvB: Yeah, that's absolutely correct and the wars which were reasoned to be fights against terrorism, the war against Afghanistan to put out the Taliban it was decided long before and I think in June before 9 11. The Afghanistan government- no, the Pakistan government and the Indian government [were] told there would be an intervention in October.

AJ: Also, 44 000 US troops, 18 000 US troops were in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Bush had the battle launch orders on his desk two days before 9 11.

AvB: That's exact, that's exactly-

AJ: And sir, I want to digress back to torture for a minute because you have been, you've impressed by, I mean you know so much about this, you've researched it so well- On the torture issue, General Rick Baucus quit Guantanamo because he quote 'refused to torture the people there' and the CIA section chief bragged in the Washington Post that they fly them to foreign countries and then the CIA tortures them themselves so they do admit the torture.

AvB: (Pause) Sure. I can't comment on this [but] it's obvious; all the court proceedings against for example against Moussaui I think it was the 20th nominally- it was supposed in each aircraft to have five hijackers and this one was taken into prison by the FBI. I think the process was made in Alexandria, Virginia and I think the judge said that if you don't give the proof [of] these guys who are running Al- Qaeda and give these people for cross-examination then I can deliver a judgment. The same is true in Germany; we have people who are related to Al-Qaeda-and probably Al-Qaeda is an artificial, err, [de]nomination of-

AJ: CIA fiction.

AvB:- a ruse of elements of Islamic people. In Hamburg, the trials are failing because the American government is not delivering the proof.

AJ: Absolutely and look, we've had military officers and many others on, it is clear that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation. A foggy boogie man so the military-industrial complex can carry out attacks and then pin it on them and I mean we know when bin Laden blows up a building supposedly, our government pays his family to rebuild it.

AvB: Yeah.

AJ: I mean there's the payoff right out in the open.

AvB: Yeah, the whole background of- the whole personalities like bin Laden, like Al Qaeda, like Taliban, even Saddam Hussein, these are all figures that were handled by the CIA in former times. So probably they are recycled in the system now as bad guys. Before, they were the good guys taking away the Russians out of Afghanistan and dealing with this, getting money for this, getting paid for this now they are used as bad guys. Usama bin Laden has been, in '95, in the Balkans in an operation the Americans were with the UKG in Albania. You find these guys all over; you find these guys in Chechnya for example. There are also 'former Afghanis' as they are called and they are [driven] in loaded planes of the CIA for example.

AJ: Absolutely so they provide the crisis so Big Brother could provide the police state solution. Andreas von Bulow it is clear that if we do not expose at least who stands to gain from this terror and who was involved in it, that is the large financial interests that own our government, they are going to be able to use America as the engine of quote imperial mobilization and world domination. As Zbigniew Brzezinski and the PNAC documents said, how important is it to expose this for the future of free humanity?

AvB: I think it's, for everybody outside of the United States it's extremely important because it's a question of whether democracy will survive and whether the state of law is kept up or we'll be driven by public relations and financial interest. And I think the main thing for the Americans is who pays for all this. Because, if the oil companies get more cheap oil and make their money out of it, the American taxpayer has to pay for the military machine. The oil companies aren't paying for that. It's not the military-industrial complex paying for that, it is the American taxpayer so it's extremely important.

AJ: Absolutely and now we are paying record amounts for fuel for petrol in this country while they have record supplies and the oil companies are posting record profits. I want to get into W T C 7 because I want people to hear these clips. These are from the PBS documentary, and this will just take a minute sir, and then I want to get your comment on it, where they describe how Building 7 fell and how they removed it first because quote 'nobody died in it.' It's the owner, Larry Silverstein who pulled it, gave the order to demolish it on the afternoon of September 11th, so, Mark, go ahead and hit that clip for us please.

PBS Documentary (narrator): World Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding. Located north of the slurry wall, Building 7 had been cleared faster than the rest of the site. There had been no bodies to recover. Pelted by debris when the North Tower collapsed, Seven burned into the late afternoon allowing occupants to evacuate to safety.

PBS Documentary (Silverstein): I remember getting a call from the, err, Fire Department commander telling me that they were not sure they would be able to contain the fire. I thought we had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do was, was pull it, and they made the decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.

AJ: We made the decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse. Now here's Dan Rather, seconds after it collapses and this is what Dan Rather had to say and then we'll get von Bulow's comment.

(Voice of Dan Rather): What you are seeing are high shots, now here we're going to show you a videotape of the collapse itself. Now we go to videotape of the collapse of this building. (Associate- 'it's amazing') Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.

AJ: Now, again, the seismographs show multiple explosions, the firefighters were told to get back. Von Bulow, how important is this piece of evidence?

AvB: The explosions, well the government has to explain it! They have to prove their case. They have to this conspiracy theory that these nineteen Muslims under the direction of Usama bin Laden. It's not my business; it's only 'if there are explosions, if it's true, can it be that the heat out of kerosene is able to destroy these huge buildings in a manner that they are collapsing in aÖ

AJ: Symmetrical.

AvB: Öfree-fall in a very short- in a few seconds, that they broke together. It's nearly impossible. So everything that is on the table is telling that the government story is not true. And there must be another story and it must be explosions and the spikes in geological institutions in five states, 2.2 on the Richter scale, you have to find out what's the background. And five or seven days later the temperature on the ground was five hundred degrees, or a little bit more than 450, if just fires were-

AJ: We've got to break. We'll be right back.

(Commercial Break)

AJ: We're talking with Andreas von Bulow. Former minister at the highest levels of the German government. Former Technology Minister. And I know we have a lot of callers but we only have time to take maybe one or two, Dan in Oklahoma. I just want to commend Andreas von Bulow for writing this book 9 11 and the CIA and I would hope a publisher would get a hold of it and translate it and publish it here because I would definitely carry it. You can find information on the book for those who read and speak German at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com. Andreas von Bulow let's take a call, let's talk to Dan in Oklahoma. Dan, you're on the air go ahead.

Dan: Yes, thanks Alex. Mr. von Bulow my question is following this disaster of 9 1 1, I understand Germany, France, and Russia and why they didn't want to get involved because of the money they had invested with Iraq. With the military-industrial complex like it is, what do you understand the New World Order to be especially since they said they could us this event to-

AJ: Yes, who are, who are the forces behind government-sponsored terror?

AvB: Who are the forces behind government? I do not understand this.

AJ: Well we know this global government is forming. We know that powerful financial interests are engineering terror attacks, who are the forces behind the military industrial complex?

AvB: Well, it's always interesting. If you look at who owns the munitions factory in the East-West conflict or the Near-East conflict, they are always trying to sell their material to both sides. And, they are always interested in conflict and they would like after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the noble thing would be to cut down this military-industrial complex, which costs the American taxpayer a huge amount of money. Exactly the same time the Soviet Union breaks down, this new terror thing comes up. The first terrorist attacks were I think the World Trade Center one and you find out the leading guy of this bombing, this time an agricultural bomb, he was going immediately to FBI and saying 'I'll tell you everything about this' and they agreed finally twenty-four hours before the attack in 1993, they would change the powder, the dangerous powder against the [non] dangerous powder and the FBI didn't come up to do this so-

AJ: Yeah, they cooked the bomb and trained the drivers and that's another patsy.

AvB:-people were [injured] and six people were dead. In Oklahoma you had nearly the same thing. You had two attacks. One was perhaps McViegh and this other guy but there was another attack much more strong than this agricultural bomb and there is an American general, an Air Force general who for I think ten years or fifteen years in charge of this explosive institute and he said never could this agrarian bomb bring about such damage. There must be something else and they found that within the building there were demolition charges.

AJ: Absolutely, Dan thanks for the call. I hope we can get you on in the future again, Andreas von Bulow, you've been so kind. You have such amazing courage to stand up and tell the truth and we've been honored to have you on the show from Germany. God bless you.

AvB: Thank you.

AJ: Thank you very much and have a good evening.

9-11 Panel Still Discussing Bush Subpoena

"Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to kill on that fateful morning, I would have done everything in my power to protect the American people."
—George W. Bush, The White House Rose Garden, 5-17-2002

by Tom Flocco
March 18, 2004

PHILADELPHIA -- March 16, 2004 -- (TomFlocco.com) -- Citizen reports last week indicated that House, Senate and 9-11 Commission offices have been deluged with phone calls, faxes and emails from Americans--and those from other countries who lost loved ones--demanding to have President Bush, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Richard Myers and other officials testify in public and under oath.

9-11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean and Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton take questions from the media at a recent hearing at Drew University where Kean is president of the college. A joint agreement by both men would be enough to compel public testimony under oath by President Bush regarding his actions before and during the attacks.

Citizens demanding to learn what the administration knew before the attacks, but also public explanations of curious actions during the attacks were bolstered by comments indicating that the panel is still listening to the court of public opinion regarding open testimony by officials at the very highest levels of government.

In a phone call last week to the panel's office in Washington, DC, media spokesman Alvin S. Felzenberg said "the Commission is still talking about a presidential subpoena," adding "the members have not decided yet, one way or the other," when asked about the status of Kean's discussions with fellow members regarding a subpoena for Bush's testimony in front of the American people. Panel members have already warned of a possible confrontation with the White House in past reports.

Felzenberg also said "we have experienced prosecutors on our staff, including a former attorney general," when asked if there was enough talent on his staff to prepare strong questions and follow-ups based on the list of questions submitted to the Commission by the 9-11 Family Steering Committee. Kean and Hamilton had already indicated in February letters to Bush's White House lawyers that there was a "possibility" of public testimony by the President. It may become a reality if Americans continue calling for it.

The Commission hearings have yet to publicly address the actions of Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld and Myers--those with actual operating responsibility during the months prior to and on the day of September 11, but who failed to act for two hours while planes crashed one by one.

Astonishingly, ABC News and Dateline NBC reported that White House officials acknowledge that U.S. intelligence officials delivered a one-and-a-half page document to President Bush on August 6, 2001 that warned that "bin Laden's terrorist network might try to hijack American planes." (ABC News, 5-16-02) and (Dateline NBC, 9-10-02) Yet the Commission has failed to broach the subject at a public hearing.

These warnings came when top administration officials were being told to change their personal flight plans because of "threats." Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial airlines and instead began "traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines because of "what the Justice Department (DOJ) called a 'threat assessment." (CBS News, 7-26-01) However, the DOJ refuses to make the details of that threat assessment public and Kean's panel refuses to call Ashcroft to testify in a public forum, affording internet fodder describing the panel as a "white-wash and cover-up."

Newsweek Magazine reported that the day before the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks "a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning [September 11], apparently because of security concerns. (Newsweek, 9-24-01) This incredible revelation has thus far yielded no official mention at Kean's hearings and no public testimony by the Pentagon officials who were luckier than the 9-11 victims, airline pilots and flight attendants -- not privy to secret White House and military "threat assessments."

According to the congressional bill establishing the Commission, either a 6-4 vote in favor of a subpoena or a joint agreement by only the Chairman and Vice-Chairman would provide the power to compel Mr. Bush's public testimony under oath regarding intelligence received before 9-11. Wide reports indicated warnings about young Arabs taking flight lessons in America and planes used as weapons to be flown into buildings.

Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney have agreed to meet privately with Kean and Hamilton, but they refuse to meet with all ten members and are steadfast against testifying in public under oath, almost daring the panel to muster the courage to issue subpoenas.

And many on the panel have questionable government agency conflicts or direct links to major fundraisers for the President, thus making it difficult to force a subpoena, save immense public pressure, phone calls and other direct contacts.

Thus far the Commission has held back from publicly mentioning subpoenas, realizing that certain constitutional issues of immunity similar to those invoked by Presidents Richard M. Nixon and William J. Clinton are likely to be raised. This, given the nature of the challenging questions the 9-11 families want answered by Bush. It is not known whether Kean's staff lawyers even have the expertise to argue complex constitutional issues.

Clinton and former Vice-President Albert Gore have agreed to testify privately; but the Commission would of necessity have to subpoena their public testimony in the interests of fairness--unless both volunteer to testify publicly, which would set the stage for Bush and Cheney.

Thus far, the tough rhetoric is coming from just three panel members: Democrats Richard Ben-Veniste, Timothy J. Roemer and Bob Kerry, any or all of whom could be the first to go public to call for subpoenas. Citizens are calling legislative leaders, Kean and Democratic candidate John Kerry, demanding public testimony so that Kean's final report contains nothing but uncensored and unedited truth.

For his part, Roemer remains focused upon the quality of the report, if only not to "inadvertently create a cottage industry of conspiracy theorists that question the thoroughness of this historically important commission report." This, despite having the final document purportedly address accountability based upon a lopsided balance between closed-door interviews and mostly useless public hearings with soft questions and worse follow-up--and without the critical prosecutorial and hard-hitting approach needed

As one who has attended most of the hearings, they can be aptly described as similar to university history lessons, filled with boredom and lack of preparation or intensity--but tragically, also having the truth regarding the worst attack on U.S. soil in the country's history hanging in the balance. And in a rather sad testimony to the families, the panel has rarely called a key player in charge of anything on 9-11 to testify.

Many feel that public testimony assures that evidence is not adjusted to protect key government officials from political or judicial accountability which private testimony can engender, i.e. "The Commission's findings were so terrible that sharing the complete truth with the American people would bring down the government."

Rumsfeld never entered the war room during the attacks

Former New Jersey Governor Kean's commission spokesman, Alvin Felzenberg, who recently left the Rumsfeld Department of Defense after stints at the Heritage Foundation and in George H. W. Bush's administration, will be publicly reunited on March 23-24 with his old boss who is due to testify under oath about pre-attack intelligence briefings and why he sat at his desk for one and a half hours until an explosion rocked the Pentagon.

Yes, Rumsfeld never got near the war room in the middle of a Pearl Harbor-like attack.

The Commission has not publicly discussed the enormous amount of photographic evidence or heard public testimony from hundreds of eyewitnesses who sat in Washington, DC rush hour traffic and watched events unfold at the Pentagon while Rumsfeld sat by himself in his office, forsaking his responsibilities in the National Military Command Center until it was too late.

Of particular significance is a report that a group of experienced commercial, military and civilian pilots spent three days discussing the Pentagon attack under the chairmanship of U.S. Army Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre [US Army Air Corps (retired), OSS].

INFOWARS.COM interview with Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre

After deliberating non-stop for 72-hours they concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th tragedy had no control over the aircraft:

de Grand-Pre: "I wrote my 24-page report up and submitted it to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. And that report ultimately got into the hands of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on 23 January, 2002. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had 500 copies of this 24-page report made and sent out, including, to the White House. And I have to say it was including President Bush. So they got a copy of the report."

Curiously, none of these pilots have been called to testify publicly by Kean, despite the astonishing charges by pilot professionals. This despite more than 900 private interviews having already been conducted behind closed doors, thus affording the Commission the opportunity to promulgate a document more suited to political and judicial ends--the public none the wiser.

Serious questions remain whether the panel will ask Rumsfeld why he remained in his Pentagon office "making phone calls" from about 8:20 am (more than 20 minutes before any plane crashed, and when Defense Department (DOD), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Secret Service, FBI and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) officials were first notified of the American 11 hijacking) until 9:43 am--one hour and 23 minutes later--when the Pentagon was attacked and the explosion drove Rumsfeld from his office.

Intensive research, conducted early on and immediately after the attacks by The Emporer's New Clothes website, uncovered key documents dealing with FAA regulations concerning hijackings:

"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hijack coordinator...on duty at Washington headquarters will request the military to provide an escort aircraft for a confirmed hijacked aircraft... The escort service will be requested by the FAA hijack coordinator by direct contact with the National Military Command Center." (www.tenc.net)

Here are the military instructions issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on June 1, 2001 ordering quick, timely and immediate notification of any hijacking:

"In the event of a hijacking, the National Military Command Center will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will...forward requests for Department of Defense assistance to the Secretary of Defense." (www.tenc.net)

That notwithstanding, Commissioner Jamie Gorelick's prior hearing references to "frantic intelligence warnings throughout the summer" raise important questions why Rumsfeld did not react decisively and immediately while there was still time. This, given pre-attack CIA intelligence briefs and reports (particularly July 5 and August 6) referencing young Arabs taking flight lessons in the U.S. and planes to be used as weapons.

Air traffic controller reports and American 11 flight attendant Amy Sweeney's phone call indicated the first plane was considered hijacked between 8:10 am and 8:20 am at the very latest; and according to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Victoria Clarke [now employed by CNN News]:

"Immediately the crisis management process started up. [Sometime after 8:20 am?] A couple of us had gone into the secretary's office, Secretary Rumsfeld's office, to alert him to that, tell him that the crisis management process was starting up. He wanted to make a few phone calls. So a few of us headed across the hallway to an area called the National Military Command Center. He (Rumsfeld) stayed in his office...." (9-15-2001, WBZ Boston radio interview, Asst. Sec. of Defense Victoria Clarke--interviewed by host Jim Mitchell, http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Sep2001/t09162001_t0915wbz.html) [Rumsfeld left his office AFTER the Pentagon was attacked at 9:38 am., and also stayed away from the National Military Command Center for nearly an hour and a half during the attacks until three crashes had taken place.]

Zelikow's major conflicts did not preclude his Commission power

Commission Executive Director Philip D. Zelikow worked in the State Department, Bush 2000 transition team, the National Security Council (NSA), and has co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice, Mr. Bush's National Security Advisor. Rice addressed the media during a "damage control" press conference on May 16, 2002 when the New York Daily News headline stated "Bush Knew."

National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleezza Rice National Security Adviser Dr. Condoleezza Rice briefing reporters at the May 16, 2002 "damage-control" news conference in response to the "Bush Knew" headline in the New York Post. Afterward, the White House and CNN erased from the transcript the name of the Pakistani Intelligence General Mahmud Ahmad who had met with State Department officials just days prior to the attacks, and congressional intelligence leaders on the morning of the attacks, and shortly after sending a $100,000 check to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. (Photo: 2002, Reuters Limited) At the press conference, Rice claimed "I don't think anybody could have predicted that [al Qaeda] would try to use an airplane as a missile."

Most Americans are unaware that the White House has allowed only staff member Zelikow and Commissioner and CIA Review Board member Jamie Gorelick to be afforded access to virtually all of the Presidential Daily Intelligence Briefs (PDB's). It was Zelikow and Gorelick who chose which PDBs were important enough to refer to Chairman Kean and Vice-Chairman Hamilton for note-taking use in preparing the PDB report.

The 17-page PDB document was then edited by White House lawyers before the other eight commission members could read it--and only in a guarded room at the White House, thus affording a ready-made cloud over public knowledge regarding what Mr. Bush knew and when he knew it.

Zelikow exerts major control over who testifies or is interviewed, all scheduling, access to all testimony transcripts, and the content and strength of research and questions for officials such as his friend and co-author Condoleezza Rice--who refuses to testify in public under oath on the advice of White House lawyers.

However, even if Rice is subpoenaed, the public must rely upon the strength and thoroughness of the interrogation and the intensity of the follow-up by Commissioners, many of whom are without prosecutorial background. Interestingly, Kean and Hamilton have thus far declined to use their legal staff in the questioning process to beef up the strength and quality of the questioning. This, despite the lack of full-time veteran career prosecutors and a grand jury, all of which would be de rigueur for any 3,000-death mass murder investigation. This fact is not lost on the 9-11 family members.

1st hijacking began at 8:13 am; officials waited until all planes crashed

At issue are the actions of high government officials during the critical time period between 8:13 am and 10:05 am--when the last plane crashed, and within the context of the reported "frantic" [Commissioner Jamie Gorelick] summer-long pre-attack warnings in the form of briefings and reports. Remember, Gorelick saw ALL the PDBs.

All facts indicate that Washington officials were well aware of the American 11 hijacking nearly an hour before Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered in Mr. Bush's ear at 9:06 am that "America is under attack." There are additional individuals who can corroborate the event chronology, but the Commission has failed to call any of them to testify publicly regarding when the hijackings commenced, as White House actions are indefensible within the context of the critical two-hour period on the CooperativeResearch.org timeline:

  1. According to the Associated Press, American 11 was "given permission to climb to 35,000 feet" (AP, 8-12-2002); and air traffic manager Glenn Michael said "We considered it at that time to be a possible hijacking," with traffic control logs listing the time, direction, airline, flight number and altitude: "8:13:47 - 46R: AAL11, now climb maintain FL3500." News reports say that at 8:13 am, American 11 failed to respond to a command to climb. (Boston Globe, 11/23/01, 8:13:31), and (New York Times, 10/16/01)
  2. At 8:21 am American 11 flight attendant, Amy Sweeney, called American Airlines ground manager Michael Woodward and spoke calmly to him for 25 minutes until the plane crashed. Woodward took notes during the conversation and has yet to testify publicly. (ABC News, 7/18/02)
  3. At 8:31 a.m. NORAD employee Lt. Colonel Dawne Deskins told ABC News that Boston flight control notified NORAD of Flight American 77's hijacking at this time. [ABC News, 9/11/02] ABC also reported that "Shortly after 8:30 a.m., behind the scenes, word of a possible hijacking [filtered around] various stations of NORAD." [ABC News, 9/14/02]
  4. In a live report, ABC News reporter John Cochran (ABC News, 9/11/01) told ABC anchor Peter Jennings: "Peter, as you know, the president's down in Florida talking about education. He got out of his hotel suite this morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. [AT THE COLONY RESORT] The reporter said to the president, 'Do you know what's going on in New York?' He said he did, and he said he will have something about it later." One report said "Bush's motorcade left for the school at 8:30 am." (Washington Post, 1/27/02) Another report said Bush left for Booker elementary school "promptly at 8:35 am." (Sarasota Magazine, 9/19/01)

Two accounts explicitly state Bush was told while in the motorcade. "The President was on Highway 301, just north of Main Street ... [when] he received the news that a plane had crashed in New York City." [Sarasota Magazine, 11/01] Another account states, "Bush was driving to the school in a motorcade when the phone rang. An airline accident appeared to have happened. He pressed on with his visit." [Observer, 9/16/01]

When American 11 hits the WTC at 8:46 am, Bush's motorcade is crossing the John Ringling Causeway on the way to Booker Elementary from the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key. [Washington Times, 10/8/02] Around the same time, news photographer Eric Draper is riding in another car in the motorcade with Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, and overhears Fleischer say on a cell phone, "Oh, my God, I don't believe it. A plane just hit the World Trade Center." Fleischer is told he will be needed on arrival to discuss reports of the crash. [Christian Science Monitor, 9/17/01, Albuquerque Tribune, 9/10/02] Fleischer is told this "just minutes" after the first news reports. [MSNBC, 10/29/02]

The first hijacking commenced at 8:13 am according to air traffic logs, yet Mr. Bush failed to act immediately and decisively while still at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key before leaving for his reading photo-op. The CooperativeResearch.org website timeline indicates the President did not enter his limousine to leave Colony Beach until 8:30 or 8:35 am; and he was continually attended to by his Secret Service detail which was in constant contact with Washington, DC. and would have been aware of the hijacking via his agents.

The Commission has yet to address publicly the timeline facts, emergency procedures and communication links established between Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Myers--whose surrogates at the least were in direct contact with FAA, NORAD, DOD, and the President's Secret Service agents.

President Bush has yet to explain publicly why he continued to socialize with students and teachers at the school, even after all reporters hurried out of the classroom to cover the World Trade Center attacks.

"Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes...."

At 9:06 am, Bush is in a Booker Elementary School second-grader classroom. His chief of staff, Andrew Card, enters the room and whispers into his ear, "A second plane hit the other tower, and America's under attack." [New York Times, 9/16/01] [9:05, New York Times, 9/16/01, 9:05 am, Telegraph, 12/16/01, 9:05 am, Albuquerque Tribune, 9/10/02, 9:07, Washington Times, 10/8/02]

ABC News reporter Ann Compton, who is in the room, says she is struck "So much so that I [write] it down in my reporter's notebook, by my watch, 9:07 a.m.," [ABC News, 9/11/02]

Andrew Card updates Bush Intelligence expert James Bamford describes Bush's reaction: "Immediately [after Card speaks to Bush] an expression of befuddlement passe[s] across the President's face. Then, having just been told that the country was under attack, the Commander in Chief appear[s] uninterested in further details. He never ask[s] if there had been any additional threats, where the attacks were coming from, how to best protect the country from further attacks.... Instead, in the middle of a modern-day Pearl Harbor, he simply turn[s] back to the matter at hand: the day's photo op." [Body of Secrets, James Bamford, 4/02 edition, p. 633]

Bush continues listening to the goat story. Then, in an event noticeable in its absence, as one newspaper put it, "For some reason, Secret Service agents [do] not bustle him away." [Globe and Mail, 9/12/01] Bush later says of the experience, "I am very aware of the cameras. I'm trying to absorb that knowledge. I have nobody to talk to. I'm sitting in the midst of a classroom with little kids, listening to a children's story and I realize I'm the Commander in Chief and the country has just come under attack." [Telegraph, 12/16/01] Bush continues to listen to the goat story for about ten more minutes.

In the back of the room, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer catches Bush's eye and holds up a pad of paper for him to read, with "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET" written on it in big block letters. [Washington Times, 10/7/02] [COOPERATIVERESEARCH.ORG ]

Kristen Breitweiser, a member of the Family Steering Committee whose husband, Ronald, was killed at the World Trade Center, has said "I don't understand why high-ranking officials would not welcome the opportunity to testify openly in a public forum," adding "If you've got nothing to hide, why wouldn't you welcome a chance to talk to the American people openly and tell them that?"

So 9-11 families in America and other countries are left with having to trust Mr. Bush's hand-picked chairman and other staff and panel members having close links to major Bush fundraisers, professional relationships with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, links to both the CIA and the Bush 2000 transition team--even ties to a past record of soft, hands-off investigations of the Bush 41 Iran contra and B.C.C.I. scandals--to decide whether to subpoena a sitting president for public testimony involving a 3,000 death mass murder investigation, absent career prosecutors and a grand jury.

Kean and Hamilton now face the daunting task regarding whether the constitutional crisis sure to be created when Mr. Bush invokes presidential immunity and use immunity for himself and his surrogates in response to their subpoena, is worth the aggravation. To America and the world, it is. To the poor families, it is. And perhaps most of all, for the sake of History and Truth, it surely is.

"If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked."
—Proverbs 29:12

How Did United Flight 93 Crash?


This website explores different theories of Flight 93's crash. As of January 6th 2002, the new discussion board is online here.

The FBI has declined to release the Cockpit Voice Recorder to the families:

LEFT: "FLIGHT 93" - CENTER: BOMB ORDNANCE - RIGHT: REAL JET CRASH - Main fuselage and fuel tanks of AA93 allegedly crashes and burns in Shanksville PA, however, this location is not the same as the alleged "crash" site, and serious issues exist with the chain of custody by FBI of this single digital photo, memory card and harddrive. Why did no one else see this giant plume of EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE SMOKE? Why were no photos taken of a "burning fireball, as seen at WTC? Why is there no continuous smoking cloud? At the alleged crash site, no wreckage of a plane exists, just a small unburned hole in the ground, as if caused by an exploding bomb or missile. This photographer claimed she was literally waiting for a friend to buzz the house in an aircraft, and that's why she was able to snap only this one photo, before she dropped her camera and the batteries fell out. For Flight 93 to fly over her house required it to fly in the opposite direction to its official flight path. No bodies nor body parts were recovered from the alleged crash site. Click photo for updates

Comment: They say the tape is too horrible. Then they say the voices are indiscernible, then they say the families will find no comfort there. Indeed. The FBI has never stated heroes were ever in the cockpit. No official ever has. If you find such a statement please email me a link. My question is this: why not release the Flight Data Recorder info? There is nothing horrific on it. There is nothing there that will aid and abed terrorists. It's simply data about the aircraft as it flew and crashed. There's only one reason. Because it shows the plane losing an engine, flipping upside down and crashing in a way that they don't care to explain. November 27th - The FBI recently provided a partial Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript to 3 Newsweek reporters. It appears to verify things I've been saying for 2 months, like "The Investigators are looking into the possibility that the heroes came very close to the cockpit", it is unclear that they actually reached the cockpit door.

"Eight miles away in New Baltimore, Melanie Hankinson said she found singed papers and other light debris from the crash, including pages from Hemispheres Magazine, United's in-flight magazine. Stoe said authorities initially insisted crash debris could not have traveled over a mountain ridge more than eight miles from the crash. Comment: Secondary Debris floated miles away on this breeze? At the time of the crash? But it did not do that at the Pentagon Crash? Or other similar crashes?

I didn't even give this crash a second thought until I got a couple phone calls from friends on the 11th saying friends of theirs with inside information "knew" it was shot down. Whatever - friend of a friend info isn't worth much. (I never say Flight 93 was shot down on this website. Just take it easy.) But that did pique my curiosity enough to follow the story and begin collecting what little news I could find. I have linked to local reports that have never been reported by the mainstream media. A one ton engine part survives a near vertical impact and is found far from the crash. Burning debris falling from the sky, clothing, books and human remains found miles away. An air traffic controller reports an F-16 "must have seen the whole thing". You can verify it by reading the original stories yourself. 95% of the accounts I've linked to have full witness names and reporters names. Looking at all the details so far - nothing really adds up neatly for me, except that Flight 93 had a midair crisis that caused debris to fall before it crashed. I remain skeptical of all the theories... except one. Why did Air Traffic Controllers in a Nashua Telegraph article report an F-16 was circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time of crash - and why does the Government currently DENY that?


Pittsburg Post-Gazette website with large collection of news on UA93.

DAY OF INFAMY 2001 - Was United Flight 93 shot down on Sept. 11?

Report revisits nagging question of what really happened to doomed jet

January 25, 2003
© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

Echoing reports made immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, several eyewitnesses claim in a report by London's Daily Mirror that they saw a "military-type" plane flying around United Airlines Flight 93 when the hijacked passenger jet crashed in rural Pennsylvania -- prompting the unthinkable question of whether the U.S. military shot down the plane.

Although the evident onboard struggle between hijackers and passengers – immortalized by the courageous "Let's roll" call to action by Todd Beamer – became one of the enduring memories of that disastrous day, the actual cause of Flight 93's crash, of the four hijacked jumbo jets, remains the most unclear.

The Mirror report quotes multiple residents in and around Shanksville, Pa., describing the crash as they saw it, several claiming to have seen a second plane - an unmarked military-style jet. According to the report:

Susan Mcelwain, 51, living just two miles from the crash site, says she saw a white plane directly overhead. "It came right over me, I reckon just 40 or 50 ft. above my mini-van. It was so low I ducked instinctively. It was traveling real fast, but hardly made any sound," she said. "Then it disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later I heard this great explosion and saw this fireball rise up over the trees, so I figured the jet had crashed. The ground really shook. So I dialed 911 and told them what happened."

Mcelwain, who said that at the time she was unaware of the other three plane crashes, added, "It was only when I got home and saw the TV that I realized it wasn't the white jet, but Flight 93."

It was when she heard authorities deny the existence of the other plane that she became concerned, said Mcelwain, noting: "The plane I saw was heading right to the point where Flight 93 crashed and must have been there at the very moment it came down. There's no way I imagined this plane - it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look.

"It had two rear engines, a big fin on the back like a spoiler on the back of a car and with two upright fins at the side. I haven't found one like it on the Internet. It definitely wasn't one of those executive jets. The FBI came and talked to me and said there was no plane around.

"Then they changed their story and tried to say it was a plane taking pictures of the crash 3,000 ft. up.

"But I saw it and it was there before the crash and it was 40 ft. above my head. They did not want my story - nobody here did."

Lee Purbaugh, 32, who according to the Mirror was "the only person to see the last seconds of Flight 93" as it came down on former strip-mining land, also says he saw the white jet.

"I heard this real loud noise coming over my head," he told the Mirror. "I looked up and it was Flight 93, barely 50 ft. above me. It was coming down in a 45 degree and rocking from side to side. Then the nose suddenly dipped and it just crashed into the ground. There was this big fireball and then a huge cloud of smoke."

At the time, Purbaugh was working at the Rollock Inc. scrap yard on a ridge overlooking the crash site less than half a mile away.

Did he see another plane? asked the Mirror. "Yes, there was another plane. I didn't get a good look," said Lee, "but it was white and it circled the area about twice and then it flew off over the horizon."

Tom Spinelli, 28, working at Indian Lake Marina a mile and a half away, echoes the other witnesses: "I saw the white plane. It was flying around all over the place like it was looking for something. I saw it before and after the crash."

The report cites other disturbing evidence at odds with the official scenario that passengers overpowered the four highjackers and forced the plane down, preventing it from crashing into a presumed high-profile intended target like the White House or the Capitol. For instance, the Mirror reports some witnesses' claims that they could see smoke and flames coming out of Flight 93 as it fell, indicating a possible onboard explosion. Far more disturbing is the question of whether a U.S. fighter pilot shot down the jumbo jet to stop its being used as a giant missile, as the other three hijacked planes had been that morning.

Of course, well founded uncertainly as to just what happened to Flight 93 is nothing new. Just three days after the worst terrorist attack in American history, on Sept. 14, 2001, The (Bergen County, N.J.) Record newspaper reported that five eyewitnesses reported seeing a second plane at the Flight 93 crash site.

"In separate interviews," reported the Record, "five residents who live and work less than four miles from the crash site said they saw a second plane flying erratically within minutes of the crash of the Boeing 757 that took off from Newark two hours earlier Tuesday morning."

One of the witnesses early on was Susan Mcelwain. Two others were Dennis Decker and Rick Chaney, who were at work making wooden pallets when they heard an explosion and came running outside to watch a large mushroom cloud spreading over the ridge.

"As soon as we looked up, we saw a mid-sized jet flying low and fast," Decker told the Record. "It appeared to make a loop or part of a circle, and then it turned fast and headed out. " Describing the plane as a Lear-jet type, with engines mounted near the tail and painted white with no identifying markings, Decker said, "If you were here to see it, you'd have no doubt. It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down."

"If I was the FBI," he added, "I'd find out who was driving that plane."

That same day, reported the Record, FBI Special Agent William Crowley said investigators could not rule out that a second plane was nearby during the crash. He later said he had misspoken, dismissing rumors that a U.S. military jet had intercepted the plane before it could strike a target in Washington, D.C.

Although government officials insist there was never any pursuit of Flight 93, they were informed the flight was suspected of having been hijacked at 9:16 am, fully 50 minutes before the plane came down.

The Daily Mirror cites other factors bolstering the case for a possible shootdown of UA Flight 93:

"The U.S. government insists the plane exploded on impact, yet a one-ton section of the engine was found over a mile away and other light debris was found scattered over eight miles away.

"Passenger Edward Felt made an emergency call from the plane. He spoke of an explosion and seeing some white smoke. The supervisor who took the call has been gagged by the FBI.

"UA93 was identified as a hijack at 9:16 am. At 9:35 am three F-16s were ordered to 'protect the White House at all costs' when it turned towards the capital. At 10:06 am it crashed at Shanksville, less than 10 minutes flying time from Washington.

"Sources claim the last thing heard on the cockpit voice recorder is the sound of wind - suggesting the plane had been holed.

"The FBI insists there was no military plane in the area, but at 9:22 am a sonic boom - caused by a supersonic jet - was picked up by an earthquake monitor in southern Pennsylvania, 60 miles away from Shanksville."

'A horrendous decision'

On the Sept. 16, 2001, edition of NBC's "Meet the Press," Vice President Dick Cheney, while not addressing Flight 93 specifically, spoke clearly to the administration's clear policy regarding shooting down hijacked jets.

Vice President Cheney: "Well, the -- I suppose the toughest decision was this question of whether or not we would intercept incoming commercial aircraft."

NBC's Tim Russert: "And you decided?"

Cheney: "We decided to do it. We'd, in effect, put a flying combat air patrol up over the city; F-16s with an AWACS, which is an airborne radar system, and tanker support so they could stay up a long time...

"It doesn't do any good to put up a combat air patrol if you don't give them instructions to act, if, in fact, they feel it's appropriate."

Russert: "So if the United States government became aware that a hijacked commercial airline[r] was destined for the White House or the Capitol, we would take the plane down?"

Cheney: "Yes. The president made the decision ... that if the plane would not divert ... as a last resort, our pilots were authorized to take them out. Now, people say, you know, that's a horrendous decision to make. Well, it is. You've got an airplane full of American citizens, civilians, captured by ... terrorists, headed and are you going to, in fact, shoot it down, obviously, and kill all those Americans on board?

"... It's a presidential-level decision, and the president made, I think, exactly the right call in this case, to say, I wished we'd had combat air patrol up over New York.'"

SPECIAL OFFER: New book reveals evidence of terrorism in downing of TWA Flight 800


Flight 93 Passenger Remains to Make Final Trip Home

February 26, 2002 12:54 PM ET

SOMERSET, Pa. (Reuters) - The remains of United Airlines Flight 93's passengers and crew, who were lauded as heroes of the Sept. 11 attacks for an apparent revolt against hijackers, are being readied for their final journey home, officials said on Tuesday.

Authorities in rural Somerset County, where the Boeing 757 crashed into a field during the attacks on Washington and New York, said the remains of 40 people who died aboard the flight will be placed in full-sized coffins, paired with their belongings and returned to family members.

"The plan is to begin moving them from the morgue this week," said Susan Hankinson, Somerset County's coordinator for post-Flight 93 affairs.

The list includes passengers like Todd Beamer, heard to utter the words "Let's roll!" just before passengers apparently stormed the plane's cockpit. The expression has since been emblazoned on four U.S. Air Force F-15 fighters as a battle cry of President Bush's war on terrorism.

Flight 93 was one of four U.S. commercial airliners hijacked during the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but the only one not to reach its target. Authorities speculate the four hijackers intended to crash Flight 93 into the Capitol or the White House as part of the attacks that claimed the lives of about 3,000 people.

But the San Francisco-bound plane, which took off from Newark, New Jersey, instead crashed in a remote area of western Pennsylvania, 80 mile southeast of Pittsburgh.

All 44 people on board were killed. The contents of the plane's cockpit voice recorder, which could shed light on what actually happened on board, has never been released.

The FBI, which has control of the cockpit recorder, has said the tape will not be released during an ongoing criminal investigation of the crash, also citing privacy concerns.

Authorities say a fireball that burst from the plane's fuel tanks as the aircraft plunged to earth at approximately 500 mph largely incinerated those on board.

But remains from each passenger have been discovered over months of painstaking investigation, including DNA analysis by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. They will be turned over to the victim's survivors over the next several weeks.

Unidentifiable remains could be entombed at the crash site as part of a memorial to those who died. But county officials said families members have yet to give their consent.

Authorities believe there are still some human remains at the crash site, a reclaimed strip mine protected by a 50-acre security zone guarded by sheriff's deputies under a special $1 million security grant.

Somerset County officials met with family representatives of all 40 victims on Saturday in Newark, New Jersey, to explain the procedure for the return of their loved-ones' remains. The group of about 150 included relatives of passengers from as far away as Japan and Germany.

"It was quite an emotionally charged meeting," said Hankinson.

The remains of four hijackers are expected to remain in the custody of the Somerset County for the time being.

Anyone who voted for George Bush is unAmerican! Ignorance was no excuse—the evidence of crimes and convictions was well-documented to anyone who can read or can turn on a TV. You don't automatically have to vote for a "Democratic" candidate. If you don't want to vote for a "3rd Party" candidate, then run for president yourself, or at least write your own name onto the ballot as your vote for president. Personal greed of the voter is also no excuse—you can be wealthy without voting for a Nazi narcoterrorist. You can even avoid paying all income taxes by simply owning your business or "charity". At the very least, anyone who still supports George Bushes et al is either retarded or a fascist and unworthy of American citizenship, and in some cases, even life itself (re arrest, prosecution, conviction, sentencing and execution for treason). Wake up people! If you are a decent human being, just because you vote for someone doesn't make them identical to you! That's insane.

Pull your head out of your a*!%#, America, if it's not already too late. I suspect, however, it is WAAAAAAAAAAY too late. It is certainly too late for tens of thousands of Americans whose lives were crushed on September 11, 2001.

—John Lee, editor



During Desert Storm, some US pilots were so horrified at what they were ordered to do that they deserted the battlefield and flew their jets all the way back to the USA. Perhaps some pilots feel that massacring pedestrians by sawing them in half with Gatling cannons firing radioactive uranium grenades. Yet other pilots volunteer again and again and again for "combat" assignments. Pentagon knows that in every war, only 50% of soldiers willingly pull a trigger and commit mass murder for their leaders. The scary thing is, dictators know that the other 50% have no problem with "following orders from their superiors".

This author turned down a bribe from Dick Cheney, Secretary of War for King Bush The First, to work for him at the Pentagon. My wife and I had learned what "scumbags" populated the USAF officer corps, to use a verbatum quote from a vice-wing commander. We found out first-hand that most USAF pilots not only love their job, they are in love with their job. That job can often included serial killings, mass murder and terrorism. The Pentagon is where those plans are made on a daily basis.

During Reagan/Bush Sr's Iran-Contra crimes of drug importation and terrorism exportation, NATO stockpiles were secretly sold at a profit to terrorist governments of Iran and Iraq (thus like ALL wars, US elites profits from genocide on both sides). By selling too many conventional weapons to the terrorists, NATO was left undefended from Communist attack from Warsaw Pact's superior tank armies. Thus US Air Force had battle plans to drop nuclear weapons upon our own Allies in Western Europe—Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, etc. These exact same felons are back in the White House with King Bush The Second.

Now if Reagan/Bush Sr et al would do that to our friends in Europe, and to our own US forces waging that battle, what is to stop them from doing the same in USA today? The White House et all keep ranting about how the terrorism will only continue, including nerve gas attacks and nuclear attacks. Coincidentally, this coincides with the end of the so-called Cold "War" and now that we no longer have any superpowers to outspend. (Commie China doesn't count, since US elites use Chinese slave labor to make Disney's Mickey Mice and Boeing's airliners/bombers.) The US CIA routinely trains the world's terrorists, usually at US military bases like Fort Bragg, NC. Yet the US CIA's terrorists always seem to "Blow Back" (the official term) and start killing US citizens—as if this were the intention all along.

Let's see, who did we give away billions of dollars in weapons for conducting terrorism against our alleged enemies, then we go to "war" against our own terrorist employees, we always lose the expensive war and thus "forced" to leave the "evil enemy dictator" in power. Let us count the ways:

  1.   Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh      
  2.   Cuba's Fidel Castro      
  3.   Libya's Colonel Qaddafi      
  4.   Iran's Ayatolla Khomeini      
  5.   Iraq's Saddam Hussein      
  6. +Usama bin Laden.       

Do you think there might be a pattern here? Do the math.

US CIA also has decades of experience in all types of mind control ("brainwashing"). Pat Robertson, the owner/commentator on Christian Broadcasting Network, reported that US State Department (run by General Colin Powell) pays hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the Palistinean Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO, of course, is another terrorist group (aka "freedom fighters") that mainly attacks Israel. The radio station run with US dollars had a 10-year-old girl reading a script about how she dreams of being a "suicide bomber" and killing Jews and all those who support them, which means Americans.

This is just one of several tools for tricking people into sacrificing themselves on upon the altars of elitists. MK/ULTRA was a CIA program for using narcotics, psychology and torture to make ordinary people act like robots. CIA gangsters invented LSD for mind-control experiments upon uninformed people, but several died, so CIA settled on simply selling the drug to profit from prohibitions that government forced upon its citizens.

Why would the US government pay for that little girl to say that? Because the elites who control the government wealth can profit from selling weapons contracts and oil to both sides, with the added value to dividing and conquering the masses on both sides.

The Air Force jets stalking the US airliners on September 11, 2001, were based at Langley Field, Virginia. Langley is headquarters for the US Secret Police, aka Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA has a long history of ritual serial killings, aka "assassinations", and mass murder, aka "wars". CIA works hand-in-glove with the US War Department, aka "Department of Defense", using a Good Cop, Bad Cop strategy. The CIA commits terrorist acts, provoking wars, then the Pentagon sends in its slaves, aka "soldiers", to finish off anyone who's still alive, aka "pacification" and "police action". Either way, both gangs, aka "agencies", are stil COPS. Shooting down aircraft is what the Air Force spends $100-Billion a year doing. CIA spends $100-Billion a year committing terrorist acts and starting wars. Shooting down US airliners is a natural progression for serial killers, mass murderers and hit men. These agencies routinely murder each other's gangsters in "turf wars", according to autobiographies published and sold in every bookstore in this great nation.

Other suspected or confirmed shoot downs or bombings of civilan or US military aircraft by US military forces or terrorists employed by US CIA or DIA:

Ruthless USAF, USN and ANG traffic cops shoot first and ask questions never
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"There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows."
–Katharine Graham, chairman of the board, The Washington Post Company, speaking to a convention of CIA agents

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
–President Thomas Jefferson

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."
—Patrick Henry

A COPS TV propaganda show alleging it is good to have police chases over routine alleged CIVIL traffic violations killing and injuring innocent drivers. Innocent driver T-bones car in intersection. TV show refused to reveal injuries or deaths from this crash or whether police were sued in court. TV shows censor felonies committed by cops

A report published by the American Automobile Association, titled Police Pursuit in Pursuit of Policy, details that US traffic cops kill 500 Americans every year for routine alleged traffic violations. One third are innocent bystanders. No "Miranda" Rights, no phone call, no lawyer, no trial, no judge, no jury, no conviction, no appeal, no parole, no conjugal rights. Just summary execution on the side of the highway by a traffic cop trained with your taxdollars and "licensed" to serial-kill in the name of Big Brother/Sister (or Little Brother/Sister). Every driver, passenger and pedestrian in USA is currently sitting on Death Row. The US Supreme Court says this is legal, in its opinion, and all. This is in addition to the approximately 500 Americans killed while in police custody through shootings, beatings and denial of emergency medical care, some of whom are innocent of the charges. This is also in addition to traffic fatalities involving police killing innocent civilians when police are NOT in high-speed chases but are routinely driving their beat. Note that even off-duty and retired police officers are killed by traffic cops on a regular basis in the USA. 2% of the crash victims who are DOA are the police officers who participated in the high-speed chases. As for "routine fender benders" involving police officers and innocent motorists, the City of London, England, became alarmed when its local police officers crashed 4,000 police cars in a single year in the early 1990s.


US jets were just eight minutes away from shooting down hijacked plane

Terror in America: Military Reaction

By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

20 September 2001

America's defence establishment has disclosed that it ordered its fighter jets to intercept all the passenger aircraft hijacked in last week's attacks on New York and Washington, and that two F-15s were just eight minutes away when the second airliner crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Centre.

A timeline released yesterday by the North American Aerospace Defence Command (Norad) showed that two other fighter jets were 12 minutes away from the third passenger jet, American Airlines Flight 77, when it slammed into the Pentagon.

The data made clear that military intelligence was aware of the hijackings – and possibly the suicidal nature of their mission – before any of the aircraft had hit their targets. It also raised questions about who ordered the fighter jets to undertake their intercept mission and what their instructions would have been in the event that they successfully caught up with a passenger aircraft while it was still in the air.

The US Vice-President, Dick Cheney, revealed in a television interview over the weekend that President George Bush had given an order last Tuesday for the military to shoot down any civilian aircraft that disregarded instructions from air traffic control and appeared to be a threat. However, Mr Cheney and Mr Bush explained that the presidential order was given only after the first three planes had hit their targets.

The fourth hijacked plane, United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco, was thought to be on its way to Washington but crashed in rural Pennsylvania following some kind of altercation between the hijackers and a group of passengers determined to thwart their plans.

The failure of Norad and other defence agencies to protect the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon has caused serious concern. Senior military officials have explained that their defence systems are geared primarily for threats from outside the United States' borders, not attacks launched from inside the country. At the same time, there have been questions about what military intelligence knew and how it reacted.

Last week, rumours surfaced that Flight 93 had been shot down by the military – rumours that have been squashed by the Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to Norad's timeline, the military were tipped off by the Federal Aviation Authority about the first aircraft, American Airlines Flight 11, at 8.40am, eight minutes before it crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Centre. At 8.43am a second alert was issued concerning United Airlines Flight 175, also heading for the World Trade Centre.

At 8.46am, Norad ordered two F-15s at Otis Air National Guard Base in Falmouth, Massachussetts, to chase the planes. The jets took off at 8.52am. When the United aircraft hit the south tower 10 minutes later, the F-15s were 71 miles away, equivalent to eight minutes' flight time.

At 9.24am, Norad was told about the third aircraft, the one heading for the Pentagon, and two F-16s took off from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia six minutes later. They were 105 miles, or 12 minutes, away when the plane hit.

It was at this point that President Bush is said to have issued his shoot order. F-16s from Langley flew protective patterns over Washington. United Flight 93 crashed outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 10.03am.

The rumours that this plane was shot down are based on the fact that debris was found up to eight miles from the crash site, that one of the passengers talking on a mobile phone reported hearing an explosion and seeing a plume of white smoke in the cabin, and that eyewitnesses saw a second aircraft in the sky at the time of the crash. The FBI has said the wide debris field was probably the result of the explosion on impact.

There has been no official comment on the report of an onboard explosion, or on whether a bomb brandished by one of the hijackers was real. The aeroplane's flight recorders have been recovered, but the FBI has refused to divulge their contents.

Michael Moore

Dear Subscribers to Mike's Messages:

Many people didn't get one or more of Mike's latest emails -- in particular those delivered through the Majordomo system. I have no idea why, although some say the problem has to do with excessive Internet traffic.

PS. Three days ago, I learned from someone at ABC News that ABC had videotape -- an angle of the second plane crashing into the tower -- that showed an F-16 fighter jet trailing the plane at a distance.

I have not shared this with you as I had not personally witnessed that tape myself and did not want to contribute to all the unsubstantiated rumors. It just came across on the TV that the government admitted they did dispatch fighter jets when they knew the planes were off course.

From this point, I will pass on any censored information to those of you in the mainstream media who are being blocked from reporting.

Is it becoming more clear now that the plane that went down in Pennsylvania was shot down to prevent it from attacking its destination?

The truth is harrowing, unbearable -- but it must be told to us. A free people cannot make an informed decision if they are kept in the dark. Let's hear ALL the truth NOW.


September 28, 2001


New Powers to Down Jets Is Last Resort, Rumsfeld Says


WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 — Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today that sufficient safeguards were in place to prevent Air Force fighter jets flying patrols over American cities from mistakenly shooting down a commercial airliner.

Mr. Rumsfeld confirmed a report in The New York Times today that President Bush had authorized two midlevel Air Force generals to order hijacked passenger jets that threaten American cities shot down without checking first with him. The authority would be used only as a last resort if there was not enough time to consult with senior military officials or the president.

Mr. Rumsfeld, a former Navy pilot, said at a news conference that every effort would be made to dissuade any hijacked aircraft from bearing down on an urban target, and that firing at the plane would be considered only after other options were exhausted.

"There are a lot of safeguards in place," Mr. Rumsfeld said, adding that "the thought of anyone suggesting that the Department of Defense ought to have fighter aircraft in the air prepared to shoot at an American airliner is just beyond — almost beyond belief."

Since the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon, however, the military has adopted new rules of engagement to address the unthinkable.

Under the new rules, the chain of command to decide whether to shoot down a passenger jet that imperiled a city in the continental United States would start with Maj. Gen. Larry K. Arnold, a two-star Air Force officer at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

If there were enough time, General Arnold would take the decision to his boss, Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, a four- star Air Force officer who heads the North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. General Eberhart, in turn, would bring the decision to Mr. Rumsfeld, who would then try to reach Mr. Bush.

If a commercial jet threatened a city in Alaska, the same decision process would begin with Lt. Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, a three-star Air Force officer at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.

Officials at the United States Pacific Command said today that Mr. Bush had granted similar authority to deal with aircraft menacing Hawaii to Maj. Gen. Thomas Waskow, a two-star Air Force officer at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

"There are times when the situation is sufficiently immediate that the authority is delegated below the Cinc for periods of time," Mr. Rumsfeld said, using military shorthand for a regional combatant commander in chief.

But Mr. Rumsfeld emphasized that he, the president and combatant commanders like General Eberhart were never more than a minute or two away from a secure phone to consider important decisions like these.

"It is a process that works," Mr. Rumsfeld said. "Very, very senior people are able to address a matter in real time and ask the right questions and make the right judgments."

Gen. Henry H. Shelton, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Air Force and Air National Guard pilots of the more than 100 aircraft now on alert at 26 bases were coolheaded and highly trained.

"The last thing in the world that one of them wants to do is engage a commercial aircraft," General Shelton said. "And so don't get the impression that anyone that is flying around out there has a loose trigger finger. That's not the case."

A White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, traveling with the president aboard Air Force One to Chicago, said the shoot-down order could only be used by the midlevel generals when there was no other option.

"Any such actions would only come as an absolute last resort," Mr. McClellan said.

House and Senate leaders from both parties, who have been generally supportive of the administration's handling of the new war on terrorism, declined to comment today on the new rules of engagement.

But at least one senior retired officer, Gen. Mike Loh, a former Air Force vice chief of staff, said that downing a commercial airliner should be considered only if the authorities were certain that a hijacked plane was within 30 seconds of hitting a major target like the World Trade Center.

"Otherwise, I don't think we've thought through the moral implications of this," General Loh said. "I find the whole idea to be reprehensible."


Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases

The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the FBI

By George Wehrfritz, Catharine Skipp and John Barry

Sept. 15 — U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes that were used in Tuesday's terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s.

THREE OF THE alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla.—known as the "Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation," according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source.

Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in strategy and tactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., said another high-ranking Pentagon official. The fifth man may have received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex. Both were former Saudi Air Force pilots who had come to the United States, according to the Pentagon source.

But there are slight discrepancies between the military training records and the official FBI list of suspected hijackers—either in the spellings of their names or with their birthdates. One military source said it is possible that the hijackers may have stolen the identities of the foreign nationals who studied at the U.S. installations.

The five men were on a list of 19 people identified as hijackers by the FBI on Friday. The three foreign nationals training in Pensacola appear to be Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmad Alnami, who were among the four men who allegedly commandeered United Airlines Flight 93. That flight crashed into rural Pennsylvania. The third man who may have trained in Pensacola, Ahmed Alghamdi, allegedly helped highjack United Airlines Flight 75, which hit the south tower of the World Trade Center.

Military records show that the three used as their address 10 Radford Boulevard, a base roadway on which residences for foreign-military flight trainees are located. In March 1997, Saeed Alghamdi listed the address to register a 1998 Oldsmobile; five months later he used it again to register a second vehicle, a late model Buick. Drivers licenses thought to have been issued to the other two suspects in 1996 and 1998 list the barracks as their residences.

NEWSWEEK visited the base early Saturday morning, where military police confirmed that the address housed foreign military flight trainees but denied access past front barricades. Officials at the base confirmed that the FBI is investigating the three students.

It is not unusual for foreign nationals to train at U.S. military facilities. A former Navy pilot told NEWSWEEK that during his years on the base, "we always, always, always trained other countries' pilots. When I was there two decades ago, it was Iranians. The shah was in power. Whoever the country du jour is, that's whose pilots we train."

Candidates begin with "an officer's equivalent of boot camp," he said. "Then they would put them through flight training." The U.S. has a long-standing agreement with Saudi Arabia—a key ally in the 1990-91 gulf war—to train pilots for its National Guard. Candidates are trained in air combat on several Army and Navy bases. Training is paid for by Saudi Arabia.

AFTER THE ATTACKS: SKY RULES; Pentagon Tracked Deadly Jet But Found No Way to Stop It

by Matthew L. Wald New York Times Saturday 15 September 2001

During the hour or so that American Airlines Flight 77 was under the control of hijackers, up to the moment it struck the west side of the Pentagon, military officials in a command center on the east side of the building were urgently talking to law enforcement and air traffic control officials about what to do.

But despite elaborate plans that link civilian and military efforts to control the nation's airspace in defense of the country, and despite two other jetliners' having already hit the World Trade Center in New York, the fighter planes that scrambled into protective orbits around Washington did not arrive until 15 minutes after Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Even if they had been there sooner, it is not clear what they would have done to thwart the attack. The Federal Aviation Administration has officially refused to discuss its procedures or the sequence of events on Tuesday morning, saying these are part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's inquiry. But controllers in New England knew about 8:20 a.m. that American Airlines Flight 11, bound from Boston to Los Angeles, had probably been hijacked. When the first news report was made at 8:48 a.m. that a plane might have hit the World Trade Center, they knew it was Flight 11. And within a few minutes more, controllers would have known that both United 175 (the second plane to hit the World Trade Center) and American 77 (which hit the Pentagon) had probably been hijacked.

Flight 77, which took off from Dulles International Airport outside Washington shortly after 8 a.m., stayed aloft until 9:45 a.m. and would have been visible on the F.A.A.'s radar system as it reversed course in the Midwest an hour later to fly back to Washington. The radars would have observed it even though its tracking beacon had been turned off.

By 9:25 a.m. the F.A.A., in consultation with the Pentagon, had taken the radical step of banning all takeoffs around the country, but fighters still had not been dispatched. At that same time, the government learned from Barbara Olson, a political commentator who was a passenger on Flight 77, that the plane had been hijacked. She twice called her husband [she was his third wife], Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson, on her cellular phone to tell him what was happening.

Despite provisions for close communication between civilian and military traffic officials, and extensive procedures for security control over air traffic during attacks on the United States, it does not appear that anyone had contemplated the kind of emergency that was unfolding.

The procedures, first devised in the 1950's, cover how to send fighter planes to shadow a hijacked plane on its way, perhaps, to Cuba. They tell how to intercept a plane entering the nation's airspace through the air defense zone along the Atlantic Coast, but not what to do with kamikazes.

"There is no category of 'enemy airliners,' " a recently retired F.A.A. official said. He and others said they could not recall any instance in which a military plane fired on a civilian one in the United States, though in 1983 a F-4 Phantom fighter that scrambled to intercept an unidentified target off Cherry Point, N.C., accidentally rammed it. That plane was a private twin-engine propeller plane on the way home from the Bahamas, carrying seven people.

The United States is signatory to a treaty that appears to bar using force against civilian airplanes. Congress has voted against letting the military shoot down suspected drug planes trying to cross into the United States. Whether those restrictions would apply to a plane showing clearly hostile intent has never been spelled out. An F.A.A. spokeswoman said earlier this week that there was a policy for shooting down civilian airliners but would not divulge it.

And shooting down a jet as large as a Boeing 757 or 767 raises other problems. One F.A.A. official said, "If you keep it from hitting a government building, it's going to hit something else." That was clearly true for the planes that hit the World Trade Center, which flew over other parts of Manhattan, and the plane that hit the Pentagon, which flew over urbanized Northern Virginia.

John S. Carr, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the controllers' union, said: "Our system of unfettered access and freedom has limitations in terms of responding to a case like this. We've created a system for transportation, not defense."

Today officials were trying to reconstruct that system. Ronald Reagan National Airport -- with approaches that are within a few hundred yards of the Pentagon and just seconds, at jet speeds, from the heart of Washington -- remains closed, "temporarily and indefinitely." Private planes were allowed to resume flying at 4 p.m. today, but only under air traffic control.

Combat aircraft are patrolling the skies; an aircraft carrier is at sea off Washington and another off New York to provide air defense.

Military officials have offered vague descriptions in public about their procedures against airborne terrorists. In a confirmation hearing on Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Richard B. Myer of the Air Force, who has been nominated to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he did not know whether the F.A.A. had contacted the Pentagon about the hijackings.

"When it became clear what the threat was, we did scramble fighter aircraft, AWACS, radar aircraft and tanker aircraft to begin to establish orbits in case other aircraft showed up in the F.A.A. system that were hijacked," he said. He added that once the fighters were aloft, it was not necessary to use force.

In part, that was because American Airlines Flight 77 had already hit the Pentagon, and the hijacked flight from Newark, its target unknown, had crashed in Pennsylvania.

Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, said today that the Pentagon had been tracking that plane and could have shot it down if necessary; it crashed about 35 minutes after the Pentagon crash.


September 22, 2001


Tape Reveals Wild Struggle on Flight 93


WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 — A desperate and wild struggle took place aboard the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 before it crashed in southwestern Pennsylvania, according to the plane's cockpit voice recorder, law enforcement officials said today.

The recording has been played for Attorney General John Ashcroft and the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, the officials said.

And while it did not provide a clear or complete picture, it seemed certain that there was a chaotic confrontation that apparently led to the crash of the jet.

In another development, American intelligence officials said today they believed that the assassination of the leader of the anti- Taliban alliance in Afghanistan on Sept. 9 was probably carried out by associates of Osama bin Laden.

The assassination appears to have been the first step in the terror plot that culminated in the attacks on the United States two days later, the officials said.

The voice recorder picked up scuffling sounds as well as shouts in Arabic and English, the officials said, but listeners have not been able to discern what was happening or who among the passengers, crew members or hijackers was involved in the struggle.

In the past week, officials have said that the passengers appeared to have stormed the cockpit after the four hijackers commandeered the flight. That account has been based primarily on cellphone conversations between passengers and people on the ground.

Technical experts are continuing their efforts to enhance the sounds from the cockpit listening device, which uses microphones in the headsets of the pilots and mounted on the cockpit ceiling.

Mr. Mueller visited the crash site on Thursday after he received a preliminary briefing on the recorder's contents. He said that the passengers heroically prevented the hijackers from striking their target, an undetermined site in Washington.

"I think both of us here and — both the attorney general and I and the attorney general of Pennsylvania have indicated we believe those passengers on this jet were absolute heroes and their actions during this flight were heroic," he said.

In assessing the Sept. 9 death of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the leader of the anti-Taliban alliance in Afghanistan, American intelligence officials said today they believed that it was probably carried out by associates of Osama bin Laden.

Mr. Massoud, the military leader of the Afghan opposition locked in a bitter civil war with the ruling Taliban, was believed to have been attacked in his mountain camp in northern Afghanistan by suicide bombers posing as Arab journalists.

While they were not certain, Central Intelligence Agency officials said they believed, based on information they have received, that the operation was probably carried out by Mr. bin Laden's terror network, Al Qaeda.

One United States intelligence official said the agency believed that the timing of the killing "was not accidental," and was intended to throw Mr. Massoud's northern alliance into disarray at a moment when the United States would be looking to strike back after the attacks on Sept. 11 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Independent observers also said they believed that the attack on Mr. Massoud was carried out by Mr. bin Laden's organization. "As soon as I heard about it, I had no doubt that it was done by bin Laden's operatives," said Barnett Rubin, an expert on Afghanistan at New York University. "These were suicide bombers, Arabs from Europe, posing as journalists. This was not a Taliban operation."

The United States is now gearing up for possible military action against Mr. bin Laden and the Taliban, the militant ruling party that governs most of Afghanistan and also provides Mr. bin Laden with a sanctuary in the country.

The northern alliance which Mr. Massoud led represents the largest opposition force in the country, and it is the local group most likely to support American military action against the Taliban.

During the Afghan war against the Soviet Union's occupation of the country in the 1980's, Mr. Massoud was a rebel commander who had received covert aid from the C.I.A. Today, the United States government estimates that the northern alliance has a rebel force that totals about 15,000.

In recent years, Mr. bin Laden has provided significant support to the Taliban in its battle against the northern alliance, which may help explain why the Taliban has continued to provide the Saudi exile with a safe haven, officials said.

Mr. Massoud was a charismatic leader who was able to present the case for his rebel force in the West, and his death has been a major setback for the northern alliance. United States intelligence officials said Mr. Massoud died while being airlifted on a helicopter to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

Meanwhile, as the government's wide-ranging investigation of the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon continued, the Justice Department released documents today showing that most of those detained for immigration violations as part of the probe entered the country on student or business visas.

Most of the 80 detainees are citizens of Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan. Their names and other personal information are blocked from the documents for privacy reasons. But the documents show that the detainees are accused of violating immigration laws or overstaying their visas.

The documents are the first step in deportation proceedings.

Senior Justice Department officials have said they believed some of the detainees might have information about the Sept. 11 attacks.

Meanwhile, in New York, officials said the number of material witnesses in the case is growing rapidly and has expanded to about 15 people.

Federal authorities in Brooklyn also filed a criminal complaint today charging an Egyptian man, Wael Abdel Rahman Kishk, with making phony Federal Aviation Administration identification documents like those issued to pilots.

Mr. Kishk told the authorities he was not a pilot, though he said he had taken language courses at a flight school in Florida.

His lawyer, Michael K. Schneider, said Mr. Kishk had no involvement in last week's terrorist attacks and would prove to be a minor figure in the inquiries.

Passengers on one jet reportedly wrested back control of it

United Airlines Flight 175 bound from Boston to Los Angeles was taken over by hijackers Tuesday and crashed into the World Trade Center. There were 65 people on board.


Sept. 12 — The passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 out of Newark, N.J., knew they were going to die. Already at least one passenger had been killed by the knife-wielding terrorists who had hijacked the plane. But some decided they were going to go down fighting — a decision that may have resulted in the plane crashing in rural western Pennsylvania, perhaps saving a national landmark and untold lives on the ground.

THE FLIGHT DEPARTED for San Francisco at 8:01 a.m. ET with 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants. It is not known exactly when or how the terrorists seized control of the airplane, or how many terrorists there were.

On at least one other plane hijacked in Tuesday's coordinated attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, terrorists used knives made of razors embedded in plastic handles to kill flight attendants, then lured the pilots out of the cockpit to seize control, according to a report by the Boston Herald.

On that flight, the terrorists had brought the makeshift knives on board in their shaving bags and other carry-ons. Wielding those weapons, the terrorists pulled stewardesses to the back of one of the planes that departed Boston's Logan Airport and began killing them. But the stewardesses were not their real target — they used the murders to lure the pilots out of the cockpit so they could seize control of the jet.

"They started killing stewardesses in the back of the plane as a diversion. The pilot came back to help, and that is how they got into the cockpit," an anonymous source told The Herald. The source could not specify whether those events took place on the American Airlines flight that left Boston's Logan airport, or the United Airlines flight. Both planes flew into the World Trade Center roughly an hour after they departed Boston.

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said the hijackers used knives to subdue the crew of American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to strike the World Trade Center. He said there were three to six hijackers on each plane.

On United Flight 93, at least one flight attendant called home to say goodbye.

CeeCee Lyles called her husband at home in Fort Myers, Fla., on her cell phone. There were screams in the background. She sobbed as she told him she loved him and their children.


"She called him and let him know how much she loved him and the boys," her aunt, Mareya Schneider, said.

"We've been hijacked," Lyles told her husband. Then, the phone went dead.

Alice Hoglan told KTVU-TV in San Francisco that her son, Mark Bingham, 31, called her from aboard the flight at 9:44 EST.

"We've been taken over. There are three men that say they have a bomb," Hoglan quoted her son as saying.

It was not known for certain where the terrorists wanted to take the plane. Some news reports have speculated that the plane may have been heading for Camp David, Md., the presidential retreat.

From the back of the plane, Thomas Burnett, a businessman from San Ramon, Calif., called his wife, Deena. The flight was doomed he said. They were going to die. One passenger had already been stabbed to death. Burnett couldn't just sit and let it happen.

"I know we're all going to die — there's three of us who are going to do something about it," the family's priest quoted Burnett as saying.

The Rev. Frank Colacicco told the San Francisco Chronicle that Burnett then told his wife, "I love you, honey."

According to the Washington Post, Jeremy Glick, 31, placed a similar call to his wife, Lyzbeth. Glick told her that the terrorists — three men wearing red headbands and carrying a red box they said contained a bomb — had forced the crew into the back of the plane and taken over the cockpit, his brother-in-law Douglas B. Hurwitt told the paper.

After several minutes of explaining what was happening, Glick said he and several other passengers were going to try to do something.

"He knew that stopping them was going to end all of their lives. But that was my brother-in-law. He was a take-charge guy," Hurwitt told the Post.

Glick told his wife that he knew he was going to die, and that she should have a good life and take care of their 3-month-old child.

Did Burnett, Glick and other passengers know what had happened at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon? Had something said in the cockpit spurred the decision to fight back? Did they know where the plane was headed?

Details of what the passengers did next are not known, nor is it known whether their actions were successful.

At 10 a.m., the plane suddenly went down, crashing into rural western Pennsylvania, where it created a crater 30 feet across and 20 feet deep, and scattered debris for half a mile.

Whatever target was intended for destruction was spared, and with it untold lives.


On other flights, passengers made phone calls saying the hijackers had subdued their crews with knives and other sharp instruments.

Air-traffic controllers actually heard hijackers instructing the pilots in English from inside the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11, the Christian Science Monitor reported, quoting a flight controller in Nashua, N.H., handling the flight.

"One of the pilots keyed their mike so the conversation between the pilot and the person in the cockpit could be heard," an unidentified controller told the Christian Science Monitor. "The person in the cockpit was speaking English. He was saying something like, 'Don't do anything foolish. You're not going to get hurt."'

The controller also heard someone in the cockpit telling the pilot, "We have more planes, we have other planes."

That flight, originating in Boston and bound for Los Angeles, carried 92 passengers.

All four hijacked planes were headed to California on Tuesday morning. Two crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, one into the Pentagon near Washington, D.C., and one in Pennsylvania. The four planes carried 266 people.


On board the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, former federal prosecutor and conservative political commentator Barbara Olson called her husband, U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, on a cell phone twice. She said the plane had been hijacked by attackers using knives and sharp instruments. She also said armed hijackers had forced passengers to the rear of the jet.

"Can you believe this ... we are being hijacked," a friend quoted her as saying. Then, the phone went dead. American Airlines Flight 77, bound from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles with 64 passengers and crew, flew low to the ground and then crashed into the Pentagon going 600 mph and loaded with 30,000 pounds of fuel.

In another report from a Connecticut TV station, one passenger aboard the second plane that hit the World Trade Center was able to use a phone on the aircraft to report that terrorists had taken over the plane and stabbed one of the flight attendants. United Airlines Flight 175 was bound from Boston to Los Angeles with 65 people on board.

News12 in Easton, Conn., said a resident there received the phone call from the passenger. The report could not be independently confirmed.

MSNBC's Elliot Zaret and Bobbi Nodell, as well as The Associated Press and Reuters, contributed to this report.


Senate considers medals for Flight 93 victims

September 19, 2001 Posted: 7:25 PM EDT (2325 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Senate is considering honoring the passengers and crew aboard United Airlines Flight 93 with a Congressional Gold Medal for taking "heroic and noble action" before the aircraft crashed in western Pennsylvania on September 11.

"The passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93," said Sen. Arlen ["Magic Bullet"] Specter, R-Pennsylvania, "recognizing the potential danger that the aircraft they were aboard posed to large numbers of innocent Americans, American institutions, and the symbols of American democracy, took heroic and noble action to ensure that the aircraft they were aboard could not be used as a weapon."

The bill says the passengers and crew aboard the Boeing 757 committed "the ultimate act of selfless courage and supreme sacrifice ... possibly saving countless lives in the nation's capital."

The Gold Medal is Congress' highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements. The first Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to George Washington by the Continental Congress in 1776.

Other past recipients include Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Edison, Robert F. Kennedy and Pope John Paul II.

No Arab hijackers on UA93 nor any passenger list on 9/11/2001

No video showed any Arab hijacker boarding any airliner that allegedly crashed on 9/11/2001


Washington Post

Thursday, September 13, 2001; Page A10

United Airlines Flight 93, bound from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania. Here is a partial list of those killed, according to family members, friends, co-workers and law enforcement officials.


Jason Dahl, Denver, captain

Leroy Homer, Marlton, N.J., first officer

Lorraine Bay, flight attendant

Sandra Bradshaw, 38, Greensboro, N.C., flight attendant

Wanda Green, flight attendant

CeeCee Lyles, Fort Myers, Fla., flight attendant

Deborah Welsh, flight attendant


Christian Adams

Todd Beamer

Alan Beaven

Mark Bingham, 31, San Francisco, public relations executive

Deora Bodley

Marion Britton

Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, San Ramon, Calif., senior vice president and chief operating officer, Thoratec Corp.

William Cashman

Georgine Corrigan

Joseph Deluca

Patrick Driscoll

Edward Felt

Colleen Fraser

Andrew Garcia

Jeremy Glick

Lauren Grandcolas, San Rafael, Calif., sales worker at Good Housekeeping magazine

Donald F. Greene, 52, Greenwich, Conn.

Linda Gronlund

Richard Guadagno

Toshiya Kuge

Waleska Martinez

Nicole Miller

Mark Rothenberg

Christine Snyder, 32, Kailua, Hawaii

John Talignani

Honor Wainio

-- Associated Press

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Pittsburgh & United Airlines Flight 93

Facts, news and updates

Updated: 9/18/01

Recent Developments:

A "Call to Remembrance" memorial service was held yesterday for the 44 victims of United Airlines Flight 93 near the Somerset County, PA crash site. First Lady Laura Bush and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge were among those speaking at the memorial service to honor the victims and comfort the 250 family members who were in attendance. Last week Pennsylvania's two senators, Republicans Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum, brought a flag to fly over the crash site that had previously flown over the U.S. Capitol. They also said on Friday that they are checking into the possibility of having the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, posthumously given to anyone on the jet who fought the hijackers. Further Details: Daily American of Somerset County

Pittsburgh welcomed the New York Mets to PNC Park last night for the first Major League baseball game to be played since the tragedies of last Tuesday. The series was originally scheduled for Shea Stadium, but was moved to Pittsburgh because of the relief efforts in New York. The Mets/Pirates series postponed from last week (the one scheduled to begin September 11, the day of the attack) will be played Oct. 1-3 in New York. The Mets won last night's game 4-1 after a three-run ninth inning, yet Pittsburgh fans weren't too upset. Instead they strongly supported the New York team by giving them a loud ovation before the game, wearing "I Love NY" buttons (passed out by the Pirates), holding up signs of support for New York and its rescue workers and contributing about $100,000 (about $10 per fan) for the New York police and fire rescue fund. Further Details: Associated Press at Pittsburgh.com

Initial attempts by the National Transportation Safety Board to extract information from the two black boxes recovered from United Airlines Flight 93 proved fruitless and the units were sent to the manufacturer, Honeywell International, because the cockpit voice recorder was damaged and the flight data recorder's software was not compatible with NTSB's software. Although claiming that some information was retrieved off the recorders, the FBI and Honeywell are not yet saying what information was recovered. Data from the Pittsburgh "black boxes" is considered crucial by investigators as the Pittsburgh recorders are the only ones from the four airplanes which were not subjected to a prolonged fire. Investigators at the PA crash scene found both the flight data recorder and the voice recorder in the wreckage of United Airlines Flight 93. The cockpit voice recorder, which may have picked up conversations in the cockpit during the crucial final 30 minutes of the flight, was found Saturday evening buried 25-feet below the surface of the crater created when the plane struck the ground in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County. The flight data recorder, which records information about the aircraft's speed, altitude, position and other information, was found in roughly the same spot on Thursday. The two "black boxes" were both initially sent to the NTSB offices in Washington D.C. for analysis. Further Details: CBS News

USAirways stock tumbled 52% on Monday as the New York Stock Exchange opened for its first day of trading since last Tuesday's tragedy and the airline announced that it expects to lay off 11,000 employees, or 24 percent of its work force, and cut nationwide service by approximately 23 percent. It is not yet known how many of those layoffs will come from the 11,000+ employees based here in Pittsburgh. All U.S. airlines have been very hard hit, with United Airlines and US Airways teetering only days away from bankruptcy. Further Details: US Airways

The extraordinary security measures at Pittsburgh International Airport have required all airport eateries to remove knives (including plastic knives) from both the kitchens and dining areas. TGI Friday's even had to remove steak from its menu, in response to the new rules. Stores in the AirMall have also removed potential weapons such as pocketknives from their shelves. The airport is also eerily silent as USAirways reports that passengers are only numbering about 25% of normal. Further Details: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On Sunday, President Bush confirmed that he gave orders last Tuesday for military planes to shoot down hijacked commercial planes, if necessary. Vice President Dick Cheney confirmed that the order came after World Trade Center and Pentagon had been hit, and a fourth plane appeared to be on course for the capital. United Airlines Flight 93 crashed outside of Pittsburgh, PA before the military had to make that horrible decision, however. Further Details: CNN

Pittsburgh Police Chief Robert McNeilly is among the 45 local U.S. Coast Guard reservists who have been called up for active duty. Deputy Chief Charles Moffat will take over for McNeilly until he returns home.

Further Details: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Associated Press

Memorials held for crash victims

September 18, 2001 Posted: 11:34 AM EDT (1534 GMT)

SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (AP)-- Using a cluster of hay bales for a memorial, about 200 family members and friends of the victims aboard hijacked United Flight 93 left flowers, photographs, teddy bears and other mementos.

Only United Flight 93 failed to hit its intended target. Phone calls from the plane have left many speculating the passengers fought back and brought the plane down before it could hit a target, possibly in Washington. Many are calling them heroes

"Today, I was lucky enough to overlook some hallowed ground for our country," said Gordon Felt, whose brother Edward died when the plane, one of four taken September 11 by terrorists, crashed in a field 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. "It's probably the first of many visits that will bring closure."

Separate memorial services were held Monday for other victims of the crashes. Two of the hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center towers in New York and another hit the Pentagon.

Only United Flight 93 failed to hit its intended target. Phone calls from the plane have left many speculating the passengers fought back and brought the plane down before it could hit a target, possibly in Washington. Many are calling them heroes.

First lady Laura Bush attended a second memorial service, held under a tent on a golf course about four miles from the Pennsylvania crash site. At each end of the tent were vials of soil from the crash site for mourners to take home. [Laura Bush committed vehicular homicide of a boyfriend after she ran a stop sign. No charges were filed in that murder.]

First lady Laura Bush attended a second memorial service, held under a tent on a golf course about four miles from the Pennsylvania crash site. At each end of the tent were vials of soil from the crash site for mourners to take home

"One of last Tuesday's victims, in his final message to his family, said that he loved them and that he would see them again," Bush told the 300 people present. "You grieve today, and the hurt will not soon go away. But that hope is real, and it's forever, just as the love you share with your loved ones is forever."

In Dracut, Massachusetts, about 2,000 people attended a memorial service for John Ogonowski, 50, a pilot killed aboard hijacked American Airlines Flight 11, which hit one of the twin towers.

"United Americans standing tall. That's what John sees today when he looks down," said his brother, Jim Ogonowski. "Our spirit stands unbroken. John would be so proud."

In Providence, Rhode Island, the Most Rev. Kenneth A. Angell said Mass for his brother David Angell, 54, the executive producer of the television comedy "Frasier" and another victim of the crash of Flight 11.

In Pennsylvania's Upper Providence Township, south of Philadelphia, a 21-gun salute was fired for Michael R. Horrocks, 38, the first officer on the other jet that hit the World Trade Center, United Flight 175. "He had a real zest for community and family," said the Rev. Ralph Chieffo of St. Mary Magdalen Church.

A flight attendant aboard the same United jet, Alicia Titus, 28, was mourned at a separate memorial service Monday, in Urbana, Ohio. Her father, John Titus, read a poem he wrote, describing his daughter's greatest gifts as "peace, love, joy and life." He said he had no doubt "Alicia died while trying to do good in the midst of evil."

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Final Words: Wives Remember Husbands' Courage

N E W Y O R K, ABCNEWS.com, Sept. 18 — Lisa Beamer and Lyzbeth Glick will tell their children that their daddies were heroes.

Their husbands, Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick, were among the passengers killed on United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in Pennsylvania after being hijacked on Sept. 11.

The wives said their husbands fought with the hijackers before the Boeing 757-200 went down.


Lyzbeth told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America that her husband Jeremy, 31, said he and a few other passengers took a vote and decided to jump the hijackers. Jeremy called her minutes before the plane went down to tell her what was happening. Lyzbeth was with their 3-month-old daughter, Emmie when she got the frantic call.

"I told him to go ahead and do it," Lyzbeth said. "I trusted his instincts, and I said 'Do what you have to do.' I knew that — I thought he could do it."

Passengers' families who received calls before the crash said Beamer, Glick and a few other passengers, including Thomas Burnett, tried to overcome the hijackers. Their actions may be what prevented the hijackers from reaching their final destination.

En Route to San Francisco

ABCNEWS learned that shortly before the plane changed direction, someone in the cockpit radioed the FAA and asked for a new flight plan with a final destination of Washington, D.C. The flight was originally bound from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco.

Vice President Cheney said on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday that he telephoned Lyzbeth and called the men courageous. "We'll never know for sure. But without question, the attack would have been much worse if it hadn't been for the courageous acts of those individuals on United 93," Cheney said.

The nation is still waiting to hear the information gathered on the black boxes, which may help reveal how the plane crashed and if there was an on-board struggle between passengers and hijackers. Lyzbeth and Lisa, both residents of New Jersey, say they know their husbands did everything they could to stop the hijackers.

While some passengers were instructed by the hijackers to head toward the front of the plane, others, including Todd, stayed in the rear section of the plane and made phone calls, Lisa said. Todd, 32, picked up the GTE Airfone and spoke with one of the operators.

"Towards the middle of the conversation," Lisa said. "After he realized, I think, the gravity of the situation, and he asked her to contact me and asked her to say 'The Lord's Prayer' with him."

"I think he thought, 'OK, I've done what I need to do and now it's time to act.' And he told her that a few of the passengers, and he did mention a Jeremy, had decided they were going to jump on the hijacker with the bomb," she said.

No Return

Jeremy told Lyzbeth to hold the line and that he would return. He never did, and she believes it was at that point that her husband and other men made it into the cockpit.

"I think that they probably killed the hijackers," Lyzbeth said. "There's no doubt in my mind."

She said Jeremy described three hijackers over the phone. He said they had a box with something red around it, which he believed was a bomb.

The GTE phone supervisor relayed Todd's actions to Lisa as they were happening. The operator said his last words were "God help me. Jesus help me. Are you ready? Let's roll." Lisa said "Let's roll" is an expression Todd used all the time.

Lisa, who has three children and a fourth on the way, said people will tell her children their daddy was great. "We're going to be able to show them how great he was. And that's a great legacy for them that they'll be able to hold on to," she said.

No Cell Phones from 911 Jets

Miracles and Wonders
By Alan Cabal
Volume 17, Issue 30
Reposted by RENSE.COM

MIRACLES AND WONDERS Last week, USA Today reported a joint effort between Qualcomm and American Airlines' to allow passengers to make cellphone calls from aircraft in flight. According to the story, the satellite-based system employs a "Pico cell" to act as a small cellular tower.

"It worked great," gushed Monte Ford, American Airline's chief information officer. "I called the office. I called my wife. I called a friend in Paris. They all heard me great, and I could hear them loud and clear."

Before this new "Pico cell," it was nigh on impossible to make a call from a passenger aircraft in flight. Connection is impossible at altitudes over 8000 feet or speeds in excess of 230 mph.

Yet despite this, passengers Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick and Edward Felt all managed to place calls from Flight 93 on the morning of September 11. Peter Hanson, en route to Disneyland with his wife and daughter, phoned his dad from Flight 175. Madeline Amy Sweeney, a flight attendant, made a very dramatic call from Flight 11 as it sped to the North Tower. Barbara Olson made two calls, collect, to her husband at his government office from Flight 77 as it made its way to the Pentagon.

Each call was initially reported as coming from a cellphone. Later, when skepticism reared its ugly head and the Grassy Knollers arrived, the narrative became fuzzy; it was suggested that $10-a-minute Airfones were involved. Olson was an easy candidate for Airfone (one doesn't call collect from a cell), but as the stories developed, Olson—and Felt—were said to have called from inside locked lavatories. No Airfone there.

In the very near future, numerous technological miracles and wonders will rise up out of the ashes of that terrible day, much the way the space program supposedly gave us Tang and Velcro. Satam Al-Suqami's indestructible passport, for one, is currently under the microscope in the Reverse Engineering Department at Area 51. My old passport was falling apart when I finally replaced it last year, just from spending 10 years in my pocket. His survived the destruction of the World Trade Center. I want one of those.

Likewise, professional bowlers could benefit from inquiries into whatever physical force brought about the collapse of WTC 7. And as a frequent flyer who finds long-term parking difficult and expensive, I'd like to know by what mechanism Mohammed Atta got to Portland, ME, where he was videotaped boarding a flight to Logan Airport in Boston. His rental car was found at Logan.

And last but not least, every suburban homeowner will want the miraculous PentaGrass. Whatever that lawn at the Pentagon is made out of, it sure is amazing stuff—it resists and repels fire, explosion, skid marks, aircraft debris, jet fuel, luggage and body parts. Shit from your neighbor's dog won't stand a chance!

Who would've thought there'd be a silver lining even in the debris cloud made that Tuesday morning?

911 Cell Phone Calls From Planes? Not Likely

By Ted Twietmeyer

Or, Why phone calls cannot be made from planes without PicoCell technology

No one, with a knowledge of antenna technology could subscribe to phone calls from planes, and here are some basic reasons why. This is somewhat technical, but this needs to be shown why this is virtually impossible. I'll attempt to simplify it.

1. ANTENNAS - All antennas are characterized by what is known as a "lobe pattern." The lobe pattern or area the antenna is designed to serve is a result of it's physical shape and other factors. The best omni-directional antenna is that of the single element antenna, or single dipole antenna such as is used on all cell phones. This has a circular lobe pattern. Note that this is not the same antenna used on cell towers.

Directional antennas are widely used in TV and radio to maximize a service area. A receive and transmit radio frequency (RF) pattern of any directional antenna is a roughly eliptical shape, or egg shape. An example are AM radio towers, which may use other towers near them. These other towers can be grounded to act as reflectors and direct service to a nearby city. The FCC determines when and where antenna directional technology can be used, and by which stations. Reflecting antennas can also be used to prevent interference with other stations.

Cell tower antennas use a specially designed directional antenna which incorporates a reflector. This reflector is carefully designed to create a directed radiation pattern directed over a large 2 dimensional area. These reflectors work very much like the reflector you see in a floodlight. Directional antenna characteristics are what divides a geographic region into cells. Any given antenna type has the same receive and transmit lobe pattern.

Today you can see that most all visible cell towers have a triangular pattern of antennas. This clearly shows that the 360 degree area around a cell tower is divided up into three groups of antennas, with each group facing one of three directions. Each antenna group lobe pattern slightly overlaps the other. The FCC determines the effective radiated power in watts of any transmitter, including cell tower antennas. Therefore, every watt must be used efficiently for best signal quality (such as it is.) Cell tower antenna design dictates that only a VERY small amount of RF is radiated vertically up into the air, as this is considered lost RF energy.

2. AIRPLANES - An airplane is made of aluminum alloy. It is NOT transparent RF frequencies, but instead acts as a shield. Sections of the plane made of carbon composite will greatly attenutate or even stop all cell phone signals, as this is also conductive material. Only when a cell phone has "line of sight" with a cell tower, can a talk connection take place. And such a talk connection can only take place THROUGH A WINDOW ON THE PLANE, because the body of a plane cannot pass the signal from a cell phone.

3. Cell tower antennas use power levels of 100 watts or more and group of antennas can have power levels of 800 watts. However, a pocket cell phone only transmits an RF signal of less than 1 watt, with many phones transmitting just .4 watts. No phone call can be made until the cell tower receives this tiny signal and establishes a channel with the phone by assigning the phone a frequency to talk on. This basic procedure takes place on both digital and analog cell phones. Only the older, bigger bag phones can output up to 4 watts of power, which almost no one uses anymore.

In conclusion we have:

A. A plane moving at more than 500 MPH

B. Plane windows acting as small aperatures for a cell phone RF signal. This forces the cell phone antenna to become highly directional, but without any increase in gain. There is no gain because plane is not a reflector or resonant cavity tuned to cell frequencies.

C. The cell phone is rapidly moving past cell towers that may or may not be in line with the side of the plane. If a tower happens to be in line with the side of the plane when it turns, such a connection will not last but few seconds, if at all.

D. The pocket cell phone signal of less than 1 watt must be received before the call can be placed.

E. Cell antennas have a weak signal lobe above them, making establishing a connection with a phone unlikely.

So, how could a phone call be made ?

The "911 - In Plane Sight" proves beyond a doubt, that at least one windowless plane was used on the second tower. Imagine the challenge of trying to make a cell phone call, from completely shielded window-less plane ! Network video enlargements clearly show it was armed with a missile which is clearly visible when it was launched. The detailed phone dialogs we've read about from those that "called from the plane" can only be fiction and theatre.

Since we know the flights did depart from airports, these same people could not be allowed to live to tell the story of the fictional flight. If they did make phone calls, it might have been at gunpoint on the ground somewhere. It's likely they all went to the bottom of the ocean with their knowledge.

Ted Twietmeyer is the founder of data4science.net which explores charted and uncharted regions of science. The website both encourages public participation, and also provides a way for the public to participate in science projects.

Name Witheld From Seattle

Dear Ted,

I was reading your article on Rense.com on cell phones in flight, yesterday I made 2 flights with a motorola i205 nextexl phone, 1st flight, I had my cell off and then turned it on I suspect a little under 10,000 feet and well over 250 knots in a Boeing 737-400 and could not get ANY signal while still over a major metro area (Seattle).

2nd flight same day I left my phone on during takeoff, and before even reaching 3000, feet and slower than 250 knots( over the San Francisco Bay area)( as there is a speed limit that close to a large airport)like about the time the flaps were coming up the cell had lost its signal.

I know this is unscientific but if a newer phone (3 years) since 911 can't maintain a lock I highly doubt a 2001 phone could maintain a lock.

Hang in there

More Holes In The Official Story - The 911 Cell Phone Calls

By Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research.ca

"We Have Some Planes"

The 9/11 Commission's Report provides an almost visual description of the Arab hijackers. It depicts in minute detail events occurring inside the cabin of the four hijacked planes.

In the absence of surviving passengers, this "corroborating evidence", was based on passengers' cell and air phone conversations with their loved ones. According to the Report, the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) was only recovered in the case of one of the flights (UAL 93).

Focusing on the personal drama of the passengers, the Commission has built much of its narrative around the phone conversations. The Arabs are portrayed with their knives and box cutters, scheming in the name of Allah, to bring down the planes and turn them "into large guided missiles" (Report, Chapter 1, http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report_Ch1.pdf ).

The Technology of Wireless Transmission

The Report conveys the impression that cell phone ground-to-air communication from high altitude was of reasonably good quality, and that there was no major impediment or obstruction in wireless transmission.

Some of the conversations were with onboard air phones, which contrary to the cell phones provide for good quality transmission. The report does not draw a clear demarcation between the two types of calls.

More significantly, what this carefully drafted script, fails to mention is that, given the prevailing technology in September 2001, it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to place a wireless cell call from an aircraft traveling at high speed above 8000 feet:

"Wireless communications networks weren't designed for ground-to-air communication. Cellular experts privately admit that they're surprised the calls were able to be placed from the hijacked planes, and that they lasted as long as they did. They speculate that the only reason that the calls went through in the first place is that the aircraft were flying so close to the ground" (http://www.elliott.org/technology/2001/cellpermit.htm Expert opinion within the wireless telecom industry casts serious doubt on "the findings" of the 9/11 Commission. According to Alexa Graf, a spokesman of AT&T, commenting in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks:

"it was almost a fluke that the [9/11] calls reached their destinations... From high altitudes, the call quality is not very good, and most callers will experience drops. Although calls are not reliable, callers can pick up and hold calls for a little while below a certain altitude" ( http://wirelessreview.com/ar/wireless_final_contact/ )

New Wireless Technology

While serious doubts regarding the cell calls were expressed in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, a new landmark in the wireless telecom industry has further contributed to upsetting the Commission's credibility. Within days of the release of the 9/11 Commission Report in July, American Airlines and Qualcomm, proudly announced the development of a new wireless technology --which will at some future date allow airline passengers using their cell phones to contact family and friends from a commercial aircraft (no doubt at a special rate aerial roaming charge) (see http://www.qualcomm.com/press/releases/2004/040715_aa_testflight.html )

"Travelers could be talking on their personal cellphones as early as 2006. Earlier this month [July 2004], American Airlines conducted a trial run on a modified aircraft that permitted cell phone calls." (WP, July 27, 2004)

Aviation Week (07/20/04) described this new technology in an authoritative report published in July 2004:

"Qualcomm and American Airlines are exploring [July 2004] ways for passengers to use commercial cell phones inflight for air-to-ground communication. In a recent 2-hr. proof-of-concept flight, representatives from government and the media used commercial Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) third-generation cell phones to place and receive calls and text messages from friends on the ground.

For the test flight from Dallas-Fort Worth, the aircraft was equipped with an antenna in the front and rear of the cabin to transmit cell phone calls to a small in-cabin CDMA cellular base station. This "pico cell" transmitted cell phone calls from the aircraft via a Globalstar satellite to the worldwide terrestrial phone network"

Needless to say, neither the service, nor the "third generation" hardware, nor the "Picco cell" CDMA base station inside the cabin (which so to speak mimics a cell phone communication tower inside the plane) were available on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The 911 Commission points to the clarity and detail of these telephone conversations. In substance, the Aviation Week report creates yet another embarrassing hitch in the official story.

The untimely July American Airlines / Qualcomm announcement acted as a cold shower. Barely acknowledged in press reports, it confirms that the Bush administration had embroidered the cell phone narrative (similar to what they did with WMDs) and that the 9/11 Commission's account was either flawed or grossly exaggerated. Altitude and Cellphone Transmission

According to industry experts, the crucial link in wireless cell phone transmission from an aircraft is altitude. Beyond a certain altitude which is usually reached within a few minutes after takeoff, cell phone calls are no longer possible.

In other words, given the wireless technology available on September 11 2001, these cell calls could not have been placed from high altitude.

The only way passengers could have got through to family and friends using their cell phones, is if the planes were flying below 8000 feet. Yet even at low altitude, below 8000 feet, cell phone communication is of poor quality.

The crucial question: at what altitude were the planes traveling, when the calls were placed?

While the information provided by the Commission is scanty, the Report's timeline does not suggest that the planes were consistently traveling at low altitude. In fact the Report confirms that a fair number of the cell phone calls were placed while the plane was traveling at altitudes above 8000 feet, which is considered as the cutoff altitude for cell phone transmission.

Let us review the timeline of these calls in relation to the information provided by the Report on flight paths and altitude.

United Airlines Flight 175

United Airlines Flight 175 departed for Los Angeles at 8:00:

"It pushed back from its gate at 7:58 and departed Logan Airport at 8:14."

The Report confirms that by 8:33, "it had reached its assigned cruising altitude of 31,000 feet." According to the Report, it maintained this cruising altitude until 8.51, when it "deviated from its assigned altitude":

"The first operational evidence that something was abnormal on United 175 came at 8:47, when the aircraft changed beacon codes twice within a minute. At 8:51, the flight deviated from its assigned altitude, and a minute later New York air traffic controllers began repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to contact it."

And one minute later at 8.52, Lee Hanson receives a call from his son Peter.

[Flight UAL 175] "At 8:52, in Easton, Connecticut, a man named Lee Hanson received a phone call from his son Peter, a passenger on United 175. His son told him: "I think they,ve taken over the cockpit"An attendant has been stabbed" and someone else up front may have been killed. The plane is making strange moves. Call United Airlines"Tell them it,s Flight 175, Boston to LA.

Press reports confirm that Peter Hanson was using his cell (i.e it was not an air phone). Unless the plane had suddenly nose-dived, the plane was still at high altitude at 8.52. (Moreover, Hanson's call could have been initiated at least a minute prior to his father Lee Hanson picking up the phone.)

Another call was received at 8.52 (one minute after it deviated from its assigned altitude of 31,000 feet). The Report does not say whether this is an air phone or a cell phone call:

"Also at 8:52, a male flight attendant called a United office in San Francisco, reaching Marc Policastro. The flight attendant reported that the flight had been hijacked, both pilots had been killed, a flight attendant had been stabbed, and the hijackers were probably flying the plane. The call lasted about two minutes, after which Policastro and a colleague tried unsuccessfully to contact the flight."

It is not clear whether this was a call to Policastro's cell phone or to the UAL switchboard.

At 8:58, UAL 175 "took a heading toward New York City.":

"At 8:59, Flight 175 passenger Brian David Sweeney tried to call his wife, Julie. He left a message on their home answering machine that the plane had been hijacked. He then called his mother, Louise Sweeney, told her the flight had been hijacked, and added that the passengers were thinking about storming the cockpit to take control of the plane away from the hijackers.

At 9:00, Lee Hanson received a second call from his son Peter:

It,s getting bad, Dad"A stewardess was stabbed"They seem to have knives and Mace"They said they have a bomb"It,s getting very bad on the plane"Passengers are throwing up and getting sick"The plane is making jerky movements"I don,t think the pilot is flying the plane"I think we are going down"I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building"Don,t worry, Dad" If it happens, it,ll be very fast"My God, my God.

The call ended abruptly. Lee Hanson had heard a woman scream just before it cut off. He turned on a television, and in her home so did Louise Sweeney. Both then saw the second aircraft hit the World Trade Center.50 At 9:03:11, United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center. All on board, along with an unknown number of people in the tower, were killed instantly."

American Airlines Flight 77

American Airlines Flight 77 was scheduled to depart from Washington Dulles for Los Angeles at 8:10... "At 8:46, the flight reached its assigned cruising altitude of 35,000 feet."

At 8:51, American 77 transmitted its last routine radio communication. The hijacking began between 8:51 and 8:54. As on American 11 and United 175, the hijackers used knives (reported by one passenger) and moved all the passengers (and possibly crew) to the rear of the aircraft (reported by one flight attendant and one passenger). Unlike the earlier flights, the Flight 77 hijackers were reported by a passenger to have box cutters. Finally, a passenger reported that an announcement had been made by the "pilot that the plane had been hijacked....

On flight AA 77, which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon, the transponder was turned off at 8:56am; the recorded altitude at the time the transponder was turned off is not mentioned. According to the Commission's Report, cell calls started 16 minutes later, at 9:12am, twenty minutes before it (allegedly) crashed into the Pentagon at 9.32am:

"[at 9.12] Renee May called her mother, Nancy May, in Las Vegas. She said her flight was being hijacked by six individuals who had moved them to the rear of the plane."

According to the Report, when the autopilot was disengaged at 9:29am, the aircraft was at 7,000 feet and some 38 miles west of the Pentagon. This happened two minutes before the crash. Most of the calls on Flight 77 were placed between 9.12am and 9.26am, prior to the disengagement of automatic piloting at 9.29am. The plane could indeed have been traveling at either a higher or a lower altitude to that reached at 9.29. Yet, at the same time there is no indication in the Report that the plane had been traveling below the 7000 feet level, which it reached at 9.29am.

At some point between 9:16 and 9:26, Barbara Olson called her husband, Ted Olson, the solicitor general of the United States. [using an airphone]

(Report p 7, see Bush's self-appointed 911 Commission)

United Airlines Flight 93

UAL flight 93 was the only one of the four planes that, according to the official story, did not crash into a building. Flight 93 passengers, apparently: "alerted through phone calls, attempted to subdue the hijackers. and the hijackers crashed the plane [in Pennsylvania] to prevent the passengers gaining control." ( Wikipedia Flight 93 ). Another version of events, was that UAL 93 was shot down.

According to the Commission's account:

"the first 46 minutes of Flight 93,s cross-country trip proceeded routinely. Radio communications from the plane were normal. Heading, speed, and altitude ran according to plan. At 9:24, Ballinger,s warning to United 93 was received in the cockpit. Within two minutes, at 9:26, the pilot, Jason Dahl, responded with a note of puzzlement: "Ed, confirm latest mssg plz"Jason.70 The hijackers attacked at 9:28. While traveling 35,000 feet above eastern Ohio, United 93 suddenly dropped 700 feet. Eleven seconds into the descent, the FAA,s air traffic control center in Cleveland received the first of two radio transmissions from the aircraft...."

At least ten cell calls are reported to have taken place on flight 93.

The Report confirms that passengers started placing calls with cell and air phones shortly after 9.32am, four minutes after the Report's confirmation of the plane's attitude of 35,000 feet. These cell calls started some 9 minutes before the Cleveland Center lost United 93,s transponder signal (9.41) and more than 30 minutes before the crash in Pennsylvania (10.03).

"At 9:41, Cleveland Center lost United 93,s transponder signal. The controller located it on primary radar, matched its position with visual sightings from other aircraft, and tracked the flight as it turned east, then south.164"

This suggests that the altitude was known to air traffic control up until the time when the transponder signal was lost by the Cleveland Center. (Radar and visual sightings provided information on its flight path from 9.41 to 10.03.)

Moreover, there was no indication from the Report that the aircraft had swooped down to a lower level of altitude, apart from the 700 feet drop recorded at 9.28. from a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet: "At 9:32, a hijacker, probably Jarrah, made or attempted to make the following announcement to the passengers of Flight 93:"Ladies and Gentlemen: Here the captain, please sit down keep remaining sitting.

We have a bomb on board. So, sit. The flight data recorder (also recovered) indicates that Jarrah then instructed the plane,s autopilot to turn the aircraft around and head east. The cockpit voice recorder data indicate that a woman, most likely a flight attendant, was being held captive in the cockpit. She struggled with one of the hijackers who killed or otherwise silenced her.

Shortly thereafter, the passengers and flight crew began a series of calls from GTE airphones and cellular phones. These calls between family, friends, and colleagues took place until the end of the flight and provided those on the ground with firsthand accounts. They enabled the passengers to gain critical information, including the news that two aircraft had slammed into the World Trade Center.77...At least two callers from the flight reported that the hijackers knew that passengers were making calls but did not seem to care.

The hijackers were wearing red bandanas, and they forced the passengers to the back of the aircraft.80 Callers reported that a passenger had been stabbed and that two people were lying on the floor of the cabin, injured or dead"possibly the captain and first officer. One caller reported that a flight attendant had been killed.81 One of the callers from United 93 also reported that he thought the hijackers might possess a gun. But none of the other callers reported the presence of a firearm. One recipient of a call from the aircraft recounted specifically asking her caller whether the hijackers had guns.

The passenger replied that he did not see one. No evidence of firearms or of their identifiable remains was found at the aircraft,s crash site, and the cockpit voice recorder gives no indication of a gun being fired or mentioned at any time.

We believe that if the hijackers had possessed a gun, they would have used it in the flight,s last minutes as the passengers fought back.82 Passengers on three flights reported the hijackers, claim of having a bomb. The FBI told us they found no trace of explosives at the crash sites. One of the passengers who mentioned a bomb expressed his belief that it was not real. Lacking any evidence that the hijackers attempted to smuggle such illegal items past the security screening checkpoints, we believe the bombs were probably fake. During at least five of the passengers, phone calls, information was shared about the attacks that had occurred earlier that morning at the World Trade Center. Five calls described the intent of passengers and surviving crew members to revolt against the hijackers. According to one call, they voted on whether to rush the terrorists in an attempt to retake the plane. They decided, and acted. At 9:57, the passenger assault began. Several passengers had terminated phone calls with loved ones in order to join the revolt. One of the callers ended her message as follows:

"Everyone,s running up to first class. I,ve got to go. Bye. The cockpit voice recorder captured the sounds of the passenger assault muffled by the intervening cockpit door. Some family members who listened to the recording report that they can hear the voice of a loved one among the din.

We cannot identify whose voices can be heard. But the assault was sustained. In response, Jarrah immediately began to roll the airplane to the left and right, attempting to knock the passengers off balance. At 9:58:57, Jarrah told another hijacker in the cockpit to block the door. Jarrah continued to roll the airplane sharply left and right, but the assault continued. At 9:59, Jarrah changed tactics and pitched the nose of the airplane up and down to disrupt the assault. The recorder captured the sounds of loud thumps, crashes, shouts, and breaking glasses and plates.

At 10:00:03, Jarrah stabilized the airplane. Five seconds later, Jarrah asked, "Is that it? Shall we finish it off? A hijacker responded, "No. Not yet. When they all come, we finish it off. The sounds of fighting continued outside the cockpit. Again, Jarrah pitched the nose of the aircraft up and down.At 10:00:26, a passenger in the background said, "In the cockpit. If we don,t we,ll die! Sixteen seconds later, a passenger yelled,"Roll it! Jarrah stopped the violent maneuvers at about 10:01:00 and said, "Allah is the greatest! Allah is the greatest! He then asked another hijacker in the cockpit," Is that it? I mean, shall we put it down? to which the other replied, "Yes, put it in it, and pull it down. The passengers continued their assault and at 10:02:23, a hijacker said, "Pull it down! Pull it down! The hijackers remained at the controls but must have judged that the passengers were only seconds from overcoming them. The airplane headed down; the control wheel was turned hard to the right.

The airplane rolled onto its back, and one of the hijackers began shouting "Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest. With the sounds of the passenger counterattack continuing, the aircraft plowed into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 580 miles per hour, about 20 minutes, flying time from Washington D.C. Jarrah,s objective was to crash his airliner into symbols of the American Republic, the Capitol or the White House. He was defeated by the alerted, unarmed passengers of United"

The Mysterious Call of Edward Felt from UAL 93

Earlier coverage of the fate of UAL 93 was based in part on a reported cell call from a passenger named Edward Felt, who managed to reach an emergency official in Pennsylvania. How he got the emergency supervisor's number and managed to reach him remains unclear.

The call was apparently received at 9.58 am, eight minutes before the reported time of the crash at 10.06 am in Pennsylvania:

"Local emergency officials said they received a cell phone call at 9.58 am from a man who said he was a passenger aboard the flight. The man said he had locked himself in the bathroom and told emergency dispatchers that the plane had been hijacked. "We are being hijacked! We are being hijacked!" he was quoted as saying. A California man identified as Tom Burnett reportedly called his wife and told her that somebody on the plane had been stabbed. "We're all going to die, but three of us are going to do something," he told her. "I love you honey."

The alleged call by Edward Felt from the toilet of the aircraft of UAL 93 was answered by Glenn Cramer, the emergency supervisor in Pennsylvania who took the call.

It is worth noting that Glenn Cramer was subsequently gagged by the FBI." (See Robert Wallace`s incisive analysis published in Sept 2002 by the Daily Mirror.

Ironically, this high profile cell call by Ed Felt, which would have provided crucial evidence to the 9/11 Commission was, for some reason, not mentioned in the Report.

American Airlines Flight 11

Flight 11 took off at 7:59. Just before 8:14. The Report outlines an airphone conversation of flight attendant Betty Ong and much of the narrative hinges upon this airphone conversation

There are no clear-cut reports on the use of cell phones on Flight AA11. According to the Report, American 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8.46.

Concluding Remarks

A large part of the description, regarding the 19 hijackers relies on cell phone conversations with family and friends.

While a few of these calls (placed at low altitude) could have got through, the wireless technology was not available. On this issue, expert opinion within the wireless telecom industry is unequivocal.

In other words, at least part of the Commission's script in Chapter 1 on the cell phone conversations, is fabricated.

According to the American Airline / Qualcomm announcement, the technology for cell phone transmission at high altitude will only be available aboard commercial aircraft in 2006. This is an inescapable fact.

In the eyes of public opinion, the cell phone conversations on the Arab hijackers is needed to sustain the illusion that America is under attack.

The "war on terrorism" underlying the National Security doctrine relies on real time "evidence" concerning the Arab hijackers. The latter personify, so to speak, this illusive "outside enemy" (Al Qaeda), which is threatening the homeland.

Embodied into the Commission's "script" of 911, the narrative of what happened on the plane with the Arab hijackers is therefore crucial. It is an integral part of the Administration's disinformation and propaganda program. It constitutes a justification for the anti-terror legislation under the Patriot acts and the waging of America's pre-emptive wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.


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Judoka Jeremy Glick: American Hero onboard United Flight 93

Photo courtesy Vividence Corp., used with permission.

Terror Onboard Flight 93

Details about the September 11 terrorist attacks are still coming in, but much is now known about United Flight 93--the aircraft that crashed in rural Pennsylvania. Passengers onboard the craft called loved ones from airphones, not only to express last wishes and goodbyes, but to find out what was going on in New York and Washington D.C. A group of passengers banded together to fight back against the terrorists and retake the plane. Judo champion Jeremy Glick was part of that heroic team.

Glick, a 31-year old salesman for the California-based Vividence corporation, telephoned his wife Lyzbeth from the plane to say goodbye. With law enforcement authorities on the line, he told her that hijackers armed with knives had taken over the plane. After confirming that other planes had crashed into the World Trade Center, Glick told his wife that he and other passengers were going to fight back.

Glick was the 1993 U.S. national collegiate judo champion in the 220-pound class. Fighting for the University of Rochester (New York), Glick was self-coached, but still made it to the championship. His childhood sensei, Nagayasu Ogasawa, remarks, "Three people with knives? It would've been no problem for him."

Pennsylvania senators Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter have suggested bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the passengers that prevented Flight 93 from striking a ground target like the White House or the US Capitol. Even without medals, the world will remember the heroic acts of Glick and his fellow passengers on Flight 93.

Jeremy Glick Memorial Fund
According to the Website of Jeremy Glick's employer, Vividence, a trust fund has been established in the names of Jeremy Glick's wife and daughter.

Contributions may be made in the form of checks payable to "Jeremy Glick Memorial Fund."

Checks should reference account number 3300314192 and be mailed to the following address:

Silicon Valley Bank
Attention: Farrah Conanan
3003 Tasman Drive, Mailsort HF 280
Santa Clara, California 95054

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October 15, 2001

Remarks by the President In Welcoming Ceremony for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Fort Myer
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3:30 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thank you very much. Mr. Chairman, thanks for those kind remarks, and congratulations once again. I know your family is proud. I want to congratulate Mary Jo, Rich, and your daughters Nicole and Erin.

I also want to congratulate Pete Pace, who succeeds General Myers as the Vice Chairman. Pete, I want to congratulate Lynn, as well; Tiffany, Lt. Pete Pace, and of course, I've got to congratulate your Mom, Doris. Moms are pretty important, as I learned firsthand. And so did you. (Applause.)

Mr. Secretary, we did a fine job in picking these two men. There's no question we made the right choice. And there's no question I made the right choice when I named you Secretary of Defense. (Applause.)

The country is coming to know Don like I know him -- he's a no-nonsense kind of guy. He speaks his mind. He's results-oriented. He's the right man at the right time to defeat the evil ones. I appreciate your service. I appreciate the service of Paul Wolfowitz, your Deputy, and all the folks you've assembled at the Defense Department. I also want to welcome the members of Congress who are here -- I know Congressman Ike Skelton is here, and others are, as well.

General Myers and I have spent a lot of quality time together recently. He has my complete confidence. Richard B. Myers is the 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, taking his place in a line that began with another general who was born in Missouri, Omar Bradley. And like Omar Bradley, General Myers is known for his calm manner, sound judgment, and his clear strategic thinking. Now, at any time those qualities would be important; but today, they're indispensable.

When General Myers and General Pace stood at my side in Crawford, Texas this summer, I spoke of our duty to protect and defend America's values and interests in the world. Since that time, those values and interests have come under direct attack.

America has awakened to a great danger. We have entered a different kind of war. And the enemy is finding out we are ready. We are fighting this war, and we will win this war, on many fronts -- by diplomacy, law enforcement, financial sanctions, and intelligence. And our military is playing an essential role. Eight days ago, I sent the Armed Forces into action. They have performed with skill and precision. They know their work, and they know the American people are behind them.

I made a commitment to every serviceman and woman: For the mission that lies ahead, you will have everything you need -- every resource, every weapon, every means to assure full victory for the United States, our allies, our friends, and the cause of freedom. (Applause.)

In the war against terror, there will be times of swift and visible action. There will be times of steady and quiet progress. We will be patient, and we will be persistent. The terrorists are beginning to understand there is no place to run, there is no place to hide, there is no place to rest.

During last week's memorial service at the Pentagon, Secretary Rumsfeld observed that the terrorists reserve special contempt for the United States military. And it's easy to see why. In the values and traditions of our military, you represent everything they hate. You defend human freedom. You value life. Here and around the world, you keep the peace that they seek to destroy. You live by a code of honor and a tradition of loyalty and decency.

The new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs represents the best in this tradition. Since the day he was commissioned as second lieutenant in 1965, Dick Myers has brought great credit to his uniform and to his country. He and his outstanding Vice Chairman have assumed crucial positions at a crucial hour, and our country is thankful for your service.

May God bless you all, and may God bless the United States. (Applause.)

END 3:36 P.M. EDT

Airplane Sketches: Boeing 757, 767, Are Popular Passenger Aircraft


Sept. 11 — Here are overviews of the U.S. aircraft models apparently hijacked today, which may have been used in terror attacks. Boeing 767

The Boeing 767, apparently hijacked in Boston and used in the attack on New York's World Trade Center, is among the most popular planes in the world. The 767 is a twin-engine, two-aisle jumbo jet first put into service 19 years ago. It can carry as many as 300 people and is flown by two pilots.

"It's extremely reliable," said ABCNEWS aviation expert John Nance, adding that there are as many as 70 in the air at once.

American Airlines today said Flight 11 was en route from Boston to Los Angeles carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants, and two pilots. According to the FBI it was one of the two planes to hit the twin towers.

United Airlines also lost a Boeing 767 today — Flight 175 was heading from Boston to Los Angeles with 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants. By early afternoon they had confirmed it crashed into the World Trade Center.

Boeing 757

Boeing's 757 is a single aisle plane capable of operating from a range of airports, including short-field runways, according to the Boeing Web site. The aircraft shares a common flight deck with the 767, which simplifies pilot training. It is used for both trans-Atlantic flights and short routes.

Two 757 planes are reported to have been involved today. American Airlines Flight 77 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots when it reportedly crashed into the Pentagon this morning.

United Airlines Flight 93, en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco, crashed about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants.

American Airlines information line: 1-800-245-0999

United Airlines information line: 1-800-932-8555

Typical 3-class configuration - 218
Typical 2-class configuration - 269
Typical 1-class configuration - up to 351

Cargo - 3,770 cu ft (106.8 cu m)

Engines maximum thrust
- Pratt & Whitney PW4062 - 63,300 lb (28,713 kg)
- General Electric 80C2B7F - 62,100 lb (28,169 kg)
- Rolls Royce RB211-524H - 59,500 lb (29,989 kg)

Maximum Fuel Capacity - 23,980 U.S. gal (90,770 l)

Maximum Takeoff Weight - 412,000 lb (186,880 kg)

Maximum Range
Typical city pairs: Frankfurt-Los Angeles
6,115 nautical miles
11,320 km

Typical Cruise Speed

at 35,000 feet
0.80 Mach
530 mph (850 km/h)

Basic Dimensions
- Wing Span - 156 ft 1in (47.6 m)
- Overall Length - 180 ft 3 in (54.9 m)
- Tail Height - 52 ft (15.8 m)
- Interior Cabin Width - 15 ft 6 in (4.7 m)

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