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Famed Filmaker: Income Tax Is Voluntary, US Dollars Bills Are Counterfeit, USA Is a Fascist Police State


AMERICAN FREE PRESS - Aaron Russo’s documentary movie, America: Freedom to Fascism, is a testament to his unwavering determination to inform the American people about who really runs the economic and political structure in this country.

On Sept. 26, AFP caught up with Russo for an exclusive interview to discuss the vast array of social ills and evils that the power elites have foisted on us over many decades.

Neither of Chicago’s major daily newspapers gave Russo any attention, despite his distinguished background in the Chicago music scene and his subsequent success in making popular movies such as Trading Places and The Rose.

“My conscience made me make the movie,” Russo said. “I have political knowledge, and no one else was doing it. I feel this is my duty as an American. . . . It had to be done; the media won’t tell the truth.”

Russo said there is 15 years of research behind the movie, and it took two years to put together. “I want to do a series of movies to wake up the people,” he said. “This is volume 1.”

He plans to soon make the movie available on DVD and viewable on the Internet for a modest fee that would help finance more movies.

Russo provided AFP with a private screening of the film, which clocks in at one hour, 47 minutes. In that time frame, Russo gets down to some disturbing fundamentals on what ails America. Weaving several big topics into a cohesive presentation, Russo, who narrates his own film, closely examines the Federal Reserve System, the legitimacy of the income tax, plans for a National ID for all Americans, details on tracking chips that can be placed under human skin and other compelling issues.

The film starts with the dark year of 1913, when the Money Trust, as it was sometimes called, took hold. To this day, it has Americans by the jugular.

That year, the secretive planning of foreign banker Paul Warburg, American banker J.P. Morgan and others to create an all-powerful, privately owned and controlled central bank with control of issuing and valuing money and manipulating interest rates was codified into law with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. As Russo narrates, this was quietly done in late December of that year when many legislators were already home for the holidays.

The income tax comes next in the film. Also created in 1913 via the 16th Amendment, the tax was established to enable the federal government to collect vast sums of money to service the loans the central bankers would make to the government. This explains the growth of government over the years due to constant borrowing, which, of course, requires more and more taxes to offset the borrowing, combined with constant spending hikes to create and expand government departments and employ more government workers. The cycle never ends.

Russo notes that then-president Woodrow Wilson regretted the success of the banking oligarchy in putting this vast borrowing and collection engine into place.

He also addresses the legitimacy of the income tax, which is included in the Communist Manifesto but was conceptually declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1894. As recently as 2003, Russo says, U.S. District Judge James C. Fox declared that the 16th Amendment was not ratified. Of course, this runs contrary to a statement made by the secretary of state at the time the amendment was voted on by Congress that it was ratified by the states.

Russo does an admirable job of establishing that there is no law on the books to provide the legal basis for an unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people. He interviewed several former IRS agents, some of whom say they do not file 1040s anymore, to back that up. He also shows that the Internal Revenue Code does not define income.

“Government get its power from us, not the other way around,” Russo told AFP.

He then posed the question: Have so many American soldiers died in wars just so U.S. citizens can be “[micro-]chipped like a dog.”

He adds: “Stop being good Republicans. Stop being good Democrats. Start being good Americans.” The system itself must be used to legally abolish the Fed. The film is said to be resonating among people from many walks of life—liberals and conservatives, rich and poor, blacks and whites.

However, raising awareness about the documentary is not easy. Russo said he received a last-minute cancellation for a planned satellite-feed interview from the CNBC “Power Lunch” show with Bill Griffith when the show’s New York producers saw an advance copy. Too hot to handle, they concluded.

Russo said that interested persons can go to the web site, FreedomToFascism.com, and track the latest showings, including dates, times and addresses, and inquire about bringing the film to a city or town near you.

October 9, 2006

America: From freedom to Fascism - Federal income tax is voluntary. 16th Amendment to US Constitution was never ratified. IRS agents refuse to pay income tax. Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation that prints all money in USA then charges interest to US Govt and US taxpayers. All income taxes are spent on paying the federal debt and zero "taxdollars" are spent on US Govt operations. Whistleblowing Sephardic Semitic Jew Aaron Russo, producer of the Eddie Murphy Dan Ackroyd movie Trading Places, attacks non-Semitic Khazarian Ashkenazi fake "Jews" behind the New World Order's fascist global dictatorship. Full length movie for screening purposes only.

America: From freedom to Fascism - Director's commentary from Aaron Russo, interviews, trailers, TV adverts

Aaran Russo endorses Congressman Ron Paul MD as President of the United States in 2008 - Libertarian presidential nominee Dr Paul announced his candidacy for Republican nominee in January 2007. Previously Paul feared assassination by the Bush Crime Family if he entered the presidential race, which is also the official reason given by billionaire Reform Party nominee Ross Perot, who warned of "NAFTA's Giant Sucking Sound". Paul introduced legislation to abolish the private Federal Reserve Bank, disban the IRS and the bogus Income Tax, and regularly speaks against the US Police State

Federal Workers Owe Billions in Unpaid Taxes - As the 2006 tax season approaches, the federal government is still trying to recover nearly $3 billion from its own employees who failed to file income tax returns for 2005. More than 450,000 active and retired federal employees did not voluntarily comply with federal income tax requirements for the 2005 tax year, according to documents obtained by WTOP through the Freedom of Information Act. The total balance owed is $2,799,950,165. The documents show that every federal agency has employees who failed to comply with federal tax laws. Seventy-one employees in the Executive Office of the President, which includes the White House, owe $664,527 in taxes for 2005. About 20 of those employees have entered into an IRS payment plan, bringing the EOP balance down to $455,881owed by 50 employees. The White House did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes refuses to pay million$ in voluntary tax donations to IRS - Wesley Snipes, who often portrays law enforcement agents in movies, remains a federal fugitive, and no deal has been made to drop the tax fraud and conspiracy charges against him, a spokesman for Paul I. Perez, the United States attorney in central Florida, said yesterday. Mr. Snipes, 44, was charged in an indictment handed up last month. He is in Namibia filming “Gallowwalker,” a horror movie, for Hannibal Pictures and Double Edge Entertainment, two independent filmmakers in Southern California. Variety, the Hollywood trade publication, reported last Thursday that “Snipes will not be jailed and will be allowed both to continue working and to travel abroad.” Variety, whose article was cited around the world, said Mr. Snipes had agreed to an installment plan to pay about $13 million in taxes cited in the indictment. Patrick Frater, who wrote the article, said yesterday that he spoke to three associates of Mr. Snipes, but made no attempt to check with prosecutors about what they had said. Any blame for inaccuracy, he added, should rest on Variety editors “who put it through” into print. Calls to Peter Bart, the editor of Variety, and Richard Rionda Del Castro, chairman and chief executive of Hannibal Pictures, were not returned. An associate of Mr. Snipes who was also indicted, Eddie Ray Kahn, the founder of American Rights Litigators and its successor, Guiding Light of God Ministries, was scheduled to appear yesterday at a court hearing in Tampa. Mr. Kahn, who was arrested in Panama last week and extradited, promotes the argument that most Americans do not owe taxes but are tricked by the government into paying. Snipes is communicating with Aaran Russo, and is fully aware of the IRS scammers aided and abeted by Uncle Scam.

Wesley Snipes pleads not guilty in tax case - Wesley Snipes was released on $1 million bond after pleading not guilty to federal charges including falsely claiming millions of dollars in tax refunds, two months after he was indicted in central Florida. The actor, known for films such as the "Blade" trilogy, didn't speak at a court appearance in Ocala on Friday. He went there after arriving in Orlando on a private jet from the African nation of Namibia, where he was filming "Gallow Walker," his publicist said. "I look forward to clearing my name and resolving this issue posthaste," Snipes, wearing blue tinted glasses and a suit, said after the hearing. He didn't comment further. Watch Snipes and his counselors on the courthouse steps. Snipes, 44, was charged in October with fraudulently claiming refunds totaling nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997 on income taxes already paid. He was also charged with failure to file returns from 1999 through 2004. If convicted, he faces up to 16 years in prison. He will be allowed to return to Namibia to finish the film, but must return to his home in Marina del Rey, California, by January 10, U.S. Magistrate Gary Jones ruled. After that, he will be required to surrender his U.S. passport and will be restricted to traveling in the continental United States. A February 22 status conference was scheduled, which Snipes isn't required to attend. December 8, 2006

IRS Loses Tax Case Against FedEx Pilot - A federal jury Friday found FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin not guilty of evading income taxes on $920,000. The question of tax payment was unresolved at the end of the five-day trial. "I think it is safe to assume the IRS will attempt civil collection, but she is not guilty of tax evasion," said defense attorney Robert Bernhoft of Milwaukee. "I feel justified," a grinning Kuglin said after the verdict was returned at mid--afternoon. She stood outside the federal building, chatting with supporters and jurors. Federal prosecutor Joe Murphy was not available for comment. Kuglin, 58, was charged with six counts of tax evasion that could have meant up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. The government accused Kuglin of filing false W4 forms for the period from 1996 to 2001. Kuglin, a pilot for FedEx since 1985, said she had paid taxes like anyone else for most of her life. But about 10 or 11 years ago, she began to question the federal tax system. She began to read court documents, legal opinions and the federal tax code. She said she found what she felt were contradictions. She wanted to know where in the federal tax code it said she was liable for taxes. Kuglin wrote the Internal Revenue Service twice in 1995 with questions but said she didn't get a response. Murphy, in closing arguments on Thursday, said Kuglin did have an opportunity to discuss her situation with the IRS, to learn what she owed and what documents she was required to file "and she didn't." Defense attorney Larry Becraft of Huntsville, Ala., said Kuglin decided mandatory payment of income taxes "did not apply to her." After the verdict Friday, Becraft said the federal tax code is a confusing conglomeration that "at best is a walking due process violation." He said the average American simply doesn't understand the tax code. Juror Barbara Snodgras of Memphis said the jury did not convict because "we all felt that the prosecution didn't prove its case." When asked if she planned to start paying federal income taxes again, Kuglin replied: "I will pay all the taxes for which I am liable." Robert G. Bernhoft, Attorney and Counselor at Law, The Law Office of Robert G. Bernhoft, SC, 207 East Buffalo Street, Suite 600, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, (414) 276-3333 telephone, (414) 276-2822 facsimile, rgbernhoft@voyager.net - August 11, 2003

DOJ dismisses felony tax prosecution With Prejudice after PRA defense Raised - On May 12, 2006 in Peoria, Illinois, the attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) begged the court to dismiss all charges against IRS victim Robert Lawrence in federal District Court. On May 10, Stilley mailed a set of documents to the DOJ in response to DOJ’s discovery demands. The documents revealed to DOJ for the first time that Lawrence was basing his entire defense on an act of Congress, 44 U.S.C. 3500 – 3520, also known as the "Paperwork Reduction Act" (PRA).

Ed Brown vs IRScam








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Waco 2007: Ed Brown vs IRS Blog - Ed Brown in his own words and videos. "Now for what it's worth, the 9th circuit panel in SF has been reversed. The Internal Revenue Service, the IRS, has ruled that Valerie and Robert McKee owed the government $31,000 in unpaid taxes, until Valerie and Robert demonstrated in court that the tax law is so complex nobody can understand it. The court had to agree that the law was indeed so complex that nobody can understand it, and the court reversed itself, and the IRS gets the bill. The government sought and got us…. ha ha ha (laugh)…. Your government also tried to get a stipulation that this verdict would not be made public, but it just was……. Paul Harvey, Good Day!!"

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Waco 2007: Ed Brown vs IRS - Pathological liars at Jewish Fox News sort of report that no law exists requiring payment of federal income tax, and that George Bush perped the 9/11 terrorist massacres

Waco 2007: Ed Brown vs IRS - Documentary from inside Brown's concrete home. In January 2007, US Marshals, FBI, ATF, Pentagon, National Guard, NATO, Mexico, Candada, Communist Russia, Communist China and deputy sheriffs plan geocidal raid against Brown to steal his $2-million home on bogus federal court order demanding payment of $600,000 in voluntary taxes. By John Stoddard Klar, ChristianWords.US and Edward.L.Brown@Valley.net at 603-675-2909

Waco 2007: Ed Brown vs IRS - By John Stoddard Klar and ChristianWords.US

Waco 2007: Ed Brown vs IRS - Time to make a stand

Ed Brown on Infowars Radio during Police State standoff - As broadcast in East Tennessee by WBCR 1470am

Will Plainfield be another Waco? - In defending themselves against a federal government they claim is operating outside the government's jurisdiction, Ed and Elaine Brown have filed 42 motions in Concord, New Hampshire's, US District Court and had every one denied. The couple then spent three days in court last week listening to the federal government try to build an income tax case against them. "Of course the government failed. They didn't prove a thing. There's nothing to prove. We didn't violate a statute because there is no statute, and they don't even have jurisdiction. In fact, the court is operating out of a building that New Hampshire never ceded to the federal government--as the law requires in order to have jurisdiction over anyone who has ever been tried in that court!" But it gets worse. When Judge McAuliffe gave the Browns a draft copy of the jury instructions he planned to deliver at the end of the trial, the contents convinced Ed Brown that McAuliffe would never let him present the kind of defense he planned. Ed Brown called me on Saturday evening and said that it was clearly pointless for them to go back into that courtroom, and they will not go. Consequently, he fully expects an armed assault by law enforcement at his home on Tuesday, which he and his friend Michael believe will result in a Waco-type scenario. Quipped Michael, "At least we'll be warm." Ed Brown said he had one simple message for America: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." The nationwide call has gone out on Rick Stanley's Standing Up For America Radio Show for Americans to peacefully assemble at Ed and Elaine Brown's property line--armed with weapons and cameras-- to protect them with a virtual "wall of Americans." Their address is 401 Center of Town Rd, Plainfield NH 03781, their phone number is 603-675-2909, and their e-mail address is Edward.L.Brown@valley.net. Some might count on the jury knowing about the principle of jury nullification, knowing that they have the right and the duty to judge not only the facts of the case but the law itself, despite what the judge may tell the jury. Federal judges know that juries may judge the law and disregard their instructions to the contrary, but they are not required to inform them of that right. Sadly, this is not something that is taught in government school either. Although history does provide some examples of justice being served in such cases, the Browns are firmly convinced that Judge McAuliffe will not allow the truth to reach this jury, nor will he allow the jury to make an unbiased, informed decision. Having watched Judge McAuliffe thoroughly corrupt the jury, Ed Brown believes there is nothing to be salvaged in Concord's (yet-to-be-ceded) US District Court. January 13, 2007

Armed Man Guilty of Tax Evasion Barricades Himself in New Hampshire Home - A man who has holed up with armed supporters in his fortress-like house for most of his tax evasion trial was found guilty Thursday, along with his wife, of engaging in an elaborate scheme to avoid paying federal income taxes for a decade. Ed Brown has said he will defend himself against capture if necessary; U.S. marshals said they have no plan of escalating the situation. A jury decided the Browns plotted to hide their income and avoid taxes on Elaine Brown's income of $1.9 million between 1996 and 2003. Over 10 years, they also used $215,890 of postal money orders broken into increments just below the reporting threshold to pay for their hilltop compound and for Elaine Brown's dental offices. A jury also found she didn't pay adequate taxes for her practice's employees, leading to a total of 17 felony convictions. Ed Brown heard of the verdict in the middle of an interview with a radio station. "The verdict is in. I can guarantee you all hell's going to break loose," he told WNTK-FM in New London. He later said, "It's all bogus charges. None of these charges are lawful." Ed Brown stayed in his wooded, 110-acre home this week. The large, cement-walled house features a watchtower that offers 360-degree views of the rural setting. He said the home is capable of generating enough electricity to operate if cut off from the main grid. "My life is destroyed, what more can I say?" Brown said when reached for a brief phone conversation. "I lost my wife and she lost her business." Brown said he expected federal agents to swarm his property soon. "Live free or die," he said, quoting Gen. John Stark and the state's motto. "What else can I say?" Brown and about 25 supporters said they will defend themselves against capture if necessary. Bernie Bastian, a supporter who said he was carrying two guns, said they would stand with their friend. "He's here at the house, and he's not leaving of his own free will," Bastian said. The frenzy came up during the question of leaving Elaine Brown out on bail pending the couple's April 24 sentencing. Judge Steven McAuliffe reminded Brown that she was, under no circumstances, to return to the home. "I don't want her to barricade herself with her husband up there," McAuliffe said. Brown said his way of handling the case is not hers. "It's not in my mind-set or my character," Elaine Brown said. "I have no intention of returning as long as he's there." Ed Brown is in contempt of court and has violated his bail conditions, Morse said. "Mr. Brown has indicated he's rather die than serve a prison sentence. ... I just hope Ed decides to end this in a way that doesn't result in harm to him or his wife or anyone else involved in bringing this matter to justice," Morse said. On Wednesday, Brown told reporters at his home: "If I should be killed or imprisoned, or my wife is killed or imprisoned, or both, those responsible will join us." U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Thursday that members of his staff continued talking by telephone with Brown, but had no plans to confront him. It could be months before the Browns are sentenced and marshals have to consider how to seize the Browns' assets, possibly including their home. The Browns, who were charged with conspiring to evade taxes, conspiring to disguise large financial transactions and disguising large transactions, maintained there was no law requiring them to pay federal income taxes. Ed Brown, a retired exterminator, stayed home to protest a system he said had already convicted him and a media he said was in search of soundbites over truth. "Most Americans would cower and cringe and raise their hands and surrender like a good little slave," he said this week. "I won't. Under no circumstances. I do not tolerate cowardliness, oppression, bulliness, and I certainly don't tolerate a federal agency that has absolutely zero jurisdiction in my state, never mind in my county, in my town." During the past few decades, Brown has claimed membership in several anti-government and militia groups including the Constitution Rangers of the Continental Congress of 1777, the Constitution Defense Militia and the UnAmerican Activities Investigations Commission, which he founded. January 19, 2007

All of a sudden, Ed Brown has a lot of friends - His anti-tax stance attracts wide support - E d Brown parted ways with his wife last week when he decided not to join her for the conclusion of their federal tax evasion trial. But after barricading himself in his fortified Plainfield home and refusing to surrender to authorities, Brown has amassed a new and growing group of friends who support his decision to stand up to government authority. Since Brown and his wife were convicted last week, his case has captured the attention of a variety of fringe groups, including Gandhi-admiring protesters who have limited their involvement to building bonfires and waving signs and armed militia members anxious for confrontation. Some appreciate Brown's stand against the federal income tax, some his pointed criticism of the federal courts, and others his willingness to die for his cause. Whatever their reasons, they've all congregated at the sprawling fortress Brown calls home, turning it into a libertarian carnival with an uncertain ending. When news of Brown's decision began circulating on talk radio shows and militia-oriented blogs earlier this week, journalists at the Brown homestead outnumbered supporters. As Brown declared that Plainfield might become another Waco, three strangers huddled in his heated garage and emphasized that they had no interest in shooting anyone. But as word has spread and the weekend freed many from workday obligations, the number of those camping at the Brown home has swelled. Estimates were difficult to obtain because supporters were spread throughout the house, sleeping in shifts. And some, Brown said, were hidden outside. But several visitors estimated that the number fluctuated between 15 and 30 this weekend. "This situation is exploding so fast in this nation and internationally that the Illuminati around the world are becoming very aware," Brown said, referring to a rumored secret society that he believes has infiltrated the highest levels of the world's governments. Brown said he's prepared to wait as long as it takes. His home, with its solar panels and private well, was designed to function "off the grid." Brown said he has enough food to last several months, and those provisions are replenished daily as supporters come and go, bringing snacks and takeout dinners with them. Despite the threat of looming violence, Brown's kitchen was abuzz with activity yesterday afternoon. Young children built forts from the kindling stacked beside his woodstove. Several friends and bloggers have been calling for a bloody conclusion to the situation. William Miller, a friend and fellow Constitution Ranger, sent an e-mail last weekend demanding the hanging of the federal judge and prosecutor who worked on Brown's case - and the martyrdom of Brown himself. "Ed Brown, my friend and mentor, for patriotic reasons, is now worth more to me, and to what I stand for, dead, than alive," Miller wrote. Brown said that Miller has clarified his position with the marshals and that he does not personally endorse any violence toward court officials. But Miller is not the only Brown supporter making violent proclamations. The Liberty Guard of New America, a militia group, has also called for the murder of the judge. Supporters at Brown's home said the only violence they anticipated was defensive, but several said that they see a shootout as an inevitability. "There's been violence throughout our history, and it's sometimes what it takes to right the wrongs." said Bernie Bastian, a close friend of Brown who has been at his side since the trial ended. "It's a shame that men can't right the wrongs without resorting to it." Brown said he was ambivalent about the prospect of violence. He'd prefer a peaceful resolution, he said, but feels that there are few options available to him. "I would like to see this whole thing go away," he said. "But now's the time it's continuing to build." January 22, 2007

Tax protesters have their sham day in court - Plainfield New Hampshire couple hasn't paid since 1996 - Tax protest in litigation. The trial of a Plainfield couple who refused to pay income taxes for nearly 10 years began yesterday in federal court with Ed and Elaine Brown each arguing that they do not believe the income tax applies to them. See 1040 Checkmate. The trial of a Plainfield couple who refused to pay income taxes for nearly 10 years began yesterday in federal court with Ed and Elaine Brown each arguing that they do not believe the income tax applies to them. The couple, who are representing themselves, said they did not dispute the prosecutor's contention that they had opted out of the tax system, but they said they believe they have not broken the law by doing so. "My husband and I challenged the application of the tax law to us," Elaine Brown said in her opening statement. "We cannot find any statute that requires us to pay." But while Morse characterized the Browns' unwillingness to pay as willful tax evasion, the Browns, who each made an opening statement, called their actions a political stand. They claim that after concluding more than a decade ago that they were exempt from the federal tax system, they decided to test the government. Rather than paying federal income taxes, they began sending letters to the IRS demanding an explanation of the relevant law. They said they've received no response to their questions. "We will once and for all show beyond the shadow of a doubt - not reasonable doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt - that the federal income tax system is a fraud," Ed Brown said in his opening statement. "For 12 years, they have avoided answering us." According to portions of the letter Crowley read aloud, the Browns' explanation of their return included contentions that the federal income tax only applied to residents of Washington, D.C., or other federal territories and that Supreme Court precedent had found that labor was not taxable. The following year, Crowley testified, the Browns sent a second letter to the IRS. "We have been requesting clarification of our status to no avail," it said. After that, Crowley testified, the Browns did not file any tax returns or pay any taxes. In interviews since their indictment, the Browns have argued that most Americans don't owe federal income taxes, but that government officials conspire to keep them from discovering the truth. In the months since their indictment in May, the Browns have filed repeated, lengthy briefs challenging the jurisdiction of the federal court, the legitimacy of the grand jury indictments and the impartiality of the judge, since he's a federal employee. With a few exceptions, all of these motions have been denied. The Browns have also demanded documents from the government, including personal information about the members of the grand jury, which Judge Steven McAuliffe declined to give them. Yesterday, shortly after jury selection, Ed Brown asked McAuliffe to promise that he would obey "the letter of the law" during the trial. McAuliffe responded by scolding Brown for challenging his authority. "This is not a bully pulpit in which you get to filibuster," McAuliffe said. "You're now in trial." Then he quickly changed his tone and tried to persuade the Browns to consider a lawyer. Ed Brown said he and his wife ultimately decided against an attorney because they were concerned that all bar members were too closely tied to the courts to represent their views impartially. "Attorneys do not understand constitutional law," he said, in an interview after testimony wrapped up. "Attorneys do not understand IRS law." The federal tax evasion trial of Ed and Elaine Brown suffered an interruption yesterday when the couple failed to appear in U.S. District Court in Concord. Ed Brown, who described the proceedings as a "kangaroo court" in a telephone interview yesterday, said that he's been disappointed with the judge's management of the case and doesn't intend to return. "What's the point?" he said. The Browns have admitted that they have not paid their income taxes since 1996. But they argue that they are under no legal obligation to pay, citing a number of legal theories, for which they say there is significant evidence. They had hoped to be able to present such documentation as part of their defense, but U.S. District Court Judge Steven McAu-liffe made clear Thursday that while he will allow the Browns to show that they honestly held unusual legal views, he will not allow them to try to persuade the jury of the accuracy of those ideas. McAuliffe also gave the Browns a draft copy of the jury instructions he planned to deliver at the end of the trial. Reading those instructions, Ed Brown said, convinced him that McAu-liffe would never let him present the kind of defense he'd hoped for. Yesterday was scheduled to be the first day for the Browns to present their defense. The government's final witness was expected to end her testimony in the morning. McAuliffe decided to postpone the remainder of the trial until Tuesday, since Monday is a federal holiday. He dismissed the jury just after noon. "Unfortunately, some difficulties prevent us from proceeding with trial today," McAuliffe wrote in a message to jurors. There may also be criminal penalties if the Browns do not return to court Tuesday. Both Browns signed contracts after their arraignment in May in which they agreed to show up for their court hearings or face further penalties. The judge could issue a bench warrant for the Browns and have them arrested. They could be detained for the duration of their trial and could receive additional charges for contempt of court.

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