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Brokeback Ducati can't rig rules, quits WSB in 2011 - After being unable to achieve the racing regulations in World Superbike that it desires, Ducati has announced that it has officially pulled out of WSBK racing in order to focus its technical efforts on MotoGP racing with Valentino Rossi and his $50-million paycheck. Although Xerox is apparently still game to foot the bill for Ducati’s WSBK effort, the title sponsor only wishes to do so if the factory team is winning races. This goal becomes increasingly more difficult for Ducati, who is finding the current 1198cc Superbike not on equal footing performance-wise with the 1000cc inline-four Japanese Superbikes. Some rumors suggest that acquiring Rossi’s services meant raiding the coffers of the WSBK effort.

DMG NASCRAP says Mission Accompliced! - I paused and asked Roger Edmondson, as only one man who has known another man for twenty years can, "What the hell are you doing? Why are you getting back into motorcycle racing?" From the expression on his face, Roger didn't appreciate my question, but he never looked away. He said, simply, almost sternly, "I have unfinished business in motorcycle racing." He glared at me for a few more seconds and then walked away, I think muttering a good-bye. Later came the still cloaked in mystery "purchase" of AMA Pro Racing and sad events which led to AMA Superbike racing in America devolving into a farce. Post-sale, a smart businessman or entity might have tried to fuse the racing scene into one will behind them, the rising tide raises all craft approach. Not these guys. Along the way, Edmondson's comments and the actions of DMG managed to offend nearly everyone but Erik Buell. He told some of the Japanese manufacturers, the ones who had invested to build the championship into one that, at times, rivaled WSBK, that they would now have little say in the running of the series, that DMG wasn't in the business of selling motorcycles (the latter words so unimaginably toxic in today's racing climate) and told the riders that they have the comfort zone of an insect in terms of track safety. The resulting damage was so vast that there are still people today who are convinced that DMG only bought the Superbke series with an intent to destroy it, to silence those pesky riders, drive away the Japanese factories, to turn the Daytona 200 into some kind of club race, and position the series for a glorious return to Loudon. If Edmondson really is gone (many people seem to be skeptical that he hasn't just moved to a puppeteer role) then the DMG folks may have an opportunity here for a possible second and very final chance at redemption. Where it should start on this journey is at the beginning. The AMA should release all details of the sale of AMA Pro Racing assets to DMG. How much money they received, what was purchased and where that money is now. And if the AMA won't disclose this, then AMA members should demand of Rob Dingman, the AMA's President and CEO, an explanation of how the AMA could sell an asset which brought in nearly ten million dollars to the association and then just decide not to tell the members any details about it at all.

DMG NASCRAP says Mission Accompliced 2! - Roger Edmondson will be leaving his position as Chairman, Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer of AMA Pro Racing effective January 1, 2010. Edmondson will be leaving to deal with some "unforeseen health issues". Don't let the bikers kick your a$$ on the way out.

DMG NASCRAP cancels 2010 Superbike Prize Fund - The top points scorer in Superbike will cash a $3500 check in 2010 DMG Superbike. Which is the same amount paid to the Daytona 200 winner. In 1972. According to DMG documents, in the Superbike class The riders earning the three (3) highest point totals on an event weekend will be paid podium bonuses as follows: 1st - $3,500.00, 2nd - $2,000.00, and 3rd - $1,000.00. Astoundingly, DMG documents suggest that there will be no purse paid for riders or teams finishing past third place in Superbike points on each race weekend. Daytona Sport Bike pays a higher purse to twentieth place. DMG document: The riders earning the twenty (20) highest point totals on an event weekend will be paid purse awards as follows: 1st - $5,000.00, 2nd - $3,000.00, 3rd - $2,000.00, 4th through 10th - $1,500.00 each, and 11th through 20th $1,000.00 each. Amazingly, finishing third in Superbike points on any given DMG weekend pays as well as twentieth place in DMG's namesake class, Daytona Sport Bike. At the risk of being obvious, in the past, a Superbike purse paying well down the finishing order was a way for a privateer or support team to help defray expenses, to pay their tire, fuel or hotel bills for the race weekend. How exactly will smaller teams be able to race the Superbike class? Some of them say that they won't. Also a reality is that these relatively minuscule purse levels, the Superbike grid is in real danger of ending at the second row. Making its eventual demise easier to justify?

DMG NASCRAP cancels 2010 MotoGT - AMA Pro Racing has eliminated the MotoGT class, opened up SuperSport to Expert-licensed club racers and has cut purses dramatically in American Superbike, Daytona Sportbike and Supersport for 2010. Riders who compete in Supersport are banned from Daytona SportBike. Event weekends will be cut to eliminate Friday morning practice. The Sunday schedule will mirror Saturday's schedule and Superpole has been eliminated and "every practice session will be timed. Each rider’s best time will be used to determine who has qualified for the races and to set the grids."

AMA DMG NASCRAP busted cooking their books - Guidestar, an on-line resource for the records of non-profit organizations, has the most recent Form 990 filed by the American Motorcyclist Association for fiscal year 2007 (ending 9/30/08). Many insiders have been waiting for this filing, expecting it would contain the amount the AMA received from their "sale" of AMA Pro Racing to the Daytona Motorsports Group. Oddly, it doesn't. Line 100 of the form, Gain or loss from sales of assets is left blank. Interestingly, section nine, Information regarding Taxable Subsidiaries and Disregarded Entities still lists "Paradama Productions Inc." (The AMA's long-held for profit racing arm). As of this filing, the AMA still owned "10,000" percent of Paradama (nature of activities "Professional Racing") and lists $9,043,776 in total Paradama income, and end of year assets of $3,188,648, again for Paradama. Where's Eliot Ness when you need him?

AMA DMG NASCRAP drives Kawasaki out of racing in 2010 - Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. announced the company will not participate in the AMA Pro Racing road racing series in 2010. "While we've always considered road racing an integral part of our sportbike development process, the realities of the current economic situation dictate the temporary suspension of our U.S. road racing activities," said Bruce Stjernstrom, marketing director. You'd think the Kwaker military industrial complex could afford to run an AMA series sans prize money, besides building battleships, submarines and spacecraft.

Buell to continue cheating with DMG NASCRAP despite Buell no longer in existance - The innovating American founder and chief designer of Buell Motorcycles recently split from Harley-Davidson after it chose to close down the company he started 25 years ago. He has since set up his own race shop building 1125R-based race-only machines under license from Harley-Davidson. An 1190cc, big-bore version of the 1125RR will be offered in ‘Euro Spec’. Exact details or pictures of the bike are yet to be released, but it’s likely to share most of the parts with the 1125RR, including the race-spec chassis parts and chain drive. Race and performance parts will also be sold individually for 1125, XB and XBRR model Buell road and race parts. No more foreign "factory" suspension upgrades will spell the doom of Buells on the race track. Eric looks like he's about to have another stroke.

Tennessean Ben Spies wins Euro world championship for Jap manufacturer in Italian team on Italian tires thanks to Bird Flu Made In USA - Ben Spies won his first FIM Superbike World Championship in an enthralling final round of the season in Portugal. The Yamaha World Superbike team rider, who moves to MotoGP next season, won the first race at Portimão and claimed fifth in race two to win the title by six points from Nori Haga on his Ducati Xerox. Haga had gone into the final round of the series leading the championship standings but had qualified poorly and then crashed out of race one, effectively ending his title hopes. Haga bounced back to finish second in race two behind his team-mate Michel Fabrizio but Spies, who finished the race in fifth, had done enough to secure his first world title. Race one was dominated by Spies who claimed his 14th win of the season as Haga saw his title hopes crumble when he crashed out on lap seven trying to make up time from fifth position.

Ben Spies' mommy psyched out Matt Mladin - "He's 22 years old, I'm 34," Mladin said. "He still has his mom hanging around wiping his bum, and I haven't had that luxury since I've been a professional racer."

Sounds like somebody forgot his golden parachute

DMG NASCRAP kills Buell dead, Obama helped - Cheat on Sunday, bankrupt on Monday. Buell Motorcycle Company officials thanked the company's customers, employees and dealers for an unforgettable ride, following today's announcement by Harley-Davidson, Inc. that it will discontinue the Buell® product line as part of Harley-Davidson's crash business strategy to export US jobs and loot investors. A wholly owned subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc. since 1998, Buell Motorcycle Company was founded in 1983 by Erik Buell and produced more than 135,000 motorcycles. Over the past 26 years, Buell motorcycles won numerous design accolades and awards, and countless races and championships around the world, including the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike championship in 2009, competing agaisnt bikes half its size. Buell will continue to supply parts to dealers to support racers who want to go racing next season. However, the racing support program and contingency will be discontinued. Fuck you Eslick. The news that Harley was dropping two lineups came as the struggling manufacturer also said that its third-quarter income fell 84% to $26.5 million, or 11 cents a share, from $166.5 million, or 71 cents a share, a year ago. Meanwhile, the Commie Chinese owned Dow Jones was rigged to hit 10,000 on bank stocks overflowing with $27-trillion in government bailouts exported at taxslave expense. In July 2008, Harley wasted $109 million buying MV Agusta, which will be sold at a massive loss to shareholders, rather than use that money to build a Buell factory. The Italian company produces the F4CC model that sells for $120,000 and includes a wristwatch. Good riddance.

NASCRAP DMG killed Buell dead, Suzuki limping on life support - Danny Eslick quits 1125cc Buell Harley Davidson, joins 600cc Suzuki team in DMG Sportbike. Still funded by Warren Buffet's GEICO insurance scam, so NASCRAP will be forced to use its normal cheating tool of immunity to tech inspection if Eslick is to retain his unfair advantage. Confirming unofficial reports, an American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) spokesman said that the company is not planning on importing most 2010 model streetbikes to the United States and will not be homologating 2010 GSX-R models for AMA Pro Road Racing. ASMC National Sales Manager Rod Lopusnak told Roadracingworld.com in a telephone interview, “We’re more concerned with making sure the dealers are healthy than just the need of bringing in 2010 product. “There’s a lot of excess inventory out there from all the brands. We don’t want to put the dealers in a difficult situation, so we’ve made the business decision that we’re going to bring product in by model, as needed and in some cases we will look at the seasonality of that product and then we will come with 2011." In other words, unless there is a sudden spike in demand and draw down of current dealer inventory, 2010-model Suzuki streetbikes will not be imported into the U.S. In fact, some 2010 models will only be manufactured if demand warrants.

Honda quits DMG NASCRAP 2010 - During the 2009 AMA/DMG Road Racing series, American Honda Motor Company, Inc. contracted team personnel, including British rider Neil Hodgson, to the Corona Extra Honda race team. Regrettably the current AMA/DMG racing environment does not align with our company goals. Effective today 9/18/09, AHM will not be renewing contracts with Corona Extra Racing and will be terminating the on-site Road Race operations by 9/30/09. All assets will be put into storage for future consideration.

Wizard of Oz Mat Mladin Says FU to DMG NASCRAP Awards Banquet In Mafia Atlantic City - Rockstar Makita Yoshimura Suzuki's Don Sakakura, Peter Doyle and the rest of the team accept no-show 7-time Champion Mat "Mullet" Mladin's award on his behalf during the AMA Pro Road Racing Awards Banquet. Included is a highlight reel from SPEED TV celebrating Mladin's AMA racing career.

DMG NASCRAP techs Mladin's bike 50 times - Mladin's bike was summoned to tech 50 times during the 2009 season. No other rider or team was subjected to comparable scrutiny. At the end of the (original) AMA’s tenure in overseeing road racing in the U.S., some of the higher-ups in the organization worried about the behavior of certain race officials. No wonder. Peter Doyle, Mat Mladin’s long-time Crew Chief, told Roadracingworld.com that last season former AMA Chief Tech Inspector Jim "Rashid was in our pit area at Barber cheering Roadracingworld.com's Chris Ulrich to get on the podium and telling everyone how great it's going to be to tear into Chris' bike as he couldn't stand you guys. I believe he also mentioned the 'random pick' being used if Chris didn't get on the podium." The bike in question did make it onto the podium and was torn down to the crankshaft; the good news was, it was found to be legal; the bad news was, it had to be put back together and transported from Alabama to California in time for the start of Thursday practice, in less than four days' time. And Matt still won the championship over Buellrotaxoleins.

Honda boycotts Superbike and SportBike in 2010 thanks to DMG NASCRAP Hell - Roadracingword.com is now running articles and editorials that deal with examples of selective, vindictive, punitive officiating from earlier in the season. We now know that it was happening when the season started at Daytona in March, and it was still happening at the season finale in September, despite the best efforts of competitors and team owners to document the problems and get Daytona Motorsports Group (DMG) upper management to resolve the issues all season long. As it turns out, DMG upper management not only knew what was going on, DMG Vice President Roy Janson personally had a hand in some of the most problematic officiating. When the criticism of series officiating went public, Janson and DMG boss Roger Edmondson reacted first by denying it took place and then by attempting to discredit anybody who complained about it. That was happening as recently as a few weeks ago. Banned racer Johnny Rock Page's ordeal is a cautionary tale. Page was singled out, persecuted and told he couldn't appeal various penalties he was assessed while other racers were not penalized in similar situations. Various officials were gloating over Page's banishment at New Jersey Motorsports Park, with Al Ludington telling one team that Page would never be allowed to return to the series. Page may be headed to court over his denial of due process. On the plus side, if the case is filed, I have no doubt that the subsequent depositions of various involved DMG officials will make fascinating reading. But more than anything, the evidence illustrates a season-long pattern and practice of unfair officiating that runs throughout the DMG organization from top to bottom and makes a mockery of everything a sport should be, especially the concept of "fair competition." DMG officiating during the 2009 season was the worst I have ever seen. Maybe DMG should fold its tent and get out of motorcycle racing.

Matt "Rocky" Mladin on Double Secret Probation, Ben Bostrom opposes lifetime ban of Johnny Rock Page - After being suspended for not moving out of the way of the leaders when shown blue flags during American Superbike Race One at Mid-Ohio, Johnny Rock Page was back in action at New Jersey Motorsports Park September 4-6 even though his race hauler broke down shortly after leaving his base in Arizona and he had to fly to New Jersey and rent a Suzuki GSX-R1000 in order to compete. During the September 5 (Saturday) race in New Jersey, Page said he was very mindful of getting out of the way of the leaders and went so far as to pull onto pit lane as the lead group came up to lap him near the halfway point of the 23-lap race. Pegram’s version of reality is not the same as Bostrom’s, who, like Pegram, is no friend to Page. “We came around and caught him [Page] in the worst spot,” Bostrom told Roadracingworld.com. “But I thought he heard me and the Ducati, because he did move, but not until after we had to follow him through two long corners. But he did actually move, first time. He cost us a second, but he did move in the end. There wasn’t a blue flag, in his defense, and it’s tough to defend him, but he did move.” Neither Pegram nor Bostrom made any mention of Page chopping the throttle immediately after taking the checkered flag--contrary to what officials would claim later when defending their treatment of Page. After the race, Page filed a formal written protest against Pegram, who Page said tried to run him off the track after taking the checkered flag. Page says officials ignored his protest and when asked about its status, told him, "It's none of your business." Page also says that Pegram invited him to fight after the race, in front of AMA Pro Racing Technical Director of Competition Al Ludington, who said and did nothing. Pegram said that Page purposely sought to create drama for his reality show with his actions on the track and in the paddock, adding that Page was fitted with a hidden microphone and brought his video crew along with him when he came to Pegram's pit area for the purpose of starting an argument post-race. When Page told Pegram that he could settle their disagreement by apologizing, Pegram admits that he responded by saying that he knew another way they could settle things. It was basically an invitation to fight caught on videotape and witnessed by AMA Pro Racing's Ludington--Pegram had taken the bait. Ironically, Pegram's televised account of a confrontation with Mat Mladin at Heartland Park Topeka led to Mladin being put on double secret probation for the final two rounds of the 2009 series, at VIR and New Jersey Motorsports Park. In that confrontation over whether or not riders should boycott the weekend's races to protest safety conditions, Mladin allegedly repeatedly told Pegram "I ought to punch you in the nose" until (as Pegram tells it) Pegram stood up off his scooter and said, "OK, let's go," at which point Mladin walked away. As a condition of being allowed to compete at those two tracks, Mladin was required to apologize to Pegram, which he did in a phone call placed to Pegram from attorney (and racer) Alessandro Assanti's office.

Johnny Rock Page gets lifetime ban from NASCRAP DMG for undercover video of psycho NASCRAP DMG tech monster - AMA Pro American Superbike rider Johnny Rock Page has been suspended indefinitely by AMA Pro Racing Officials following the Saturday, Sept. 5, American Superbike race at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Rock Page has been suspended for violating rule A2.3 i. of the AMA Pro Road Racing Rule Book, which addresses "Engaging in any unfair practice, misbehavior or action detrimental to the sport of motorcycling in general, whether or not related to a specific competition." Rock Page's suspension is immediate and he will not be participating in today's AMA Pro Road Racing activity at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Here's the undercover video

British SB Brolly Dollies

Ben Spies to race jetbike in DMG Buellorama - "I was thinking about riding a jet-powered bike in DMG. That might be fun." You've mentioned DMG a couple of times. For a world-caliber rider, or a rider looking to make his mark on the World Championship, you absolutely left America at the right time. You couldn't have timed that any more perfectly. "The first race I've watched, really, all year, was the Topeka Sport Bike race. I don't know if it's called Sport Bike or Top Bike whatever, but the one that Eslick and Cardenas are in. I watched Cardenas ride that thing, and this is nothing against - it's nothing against Buell, and it's nothing against Danny (Eslick), but it's definitely against regulations and rules and what should be legal and shouldn't be. I watched Cardenas come flying into the last corner, get the better of the two drives, and Danny was 20 bike-lengths back, and halfway down the straight, Martin looked back trying to judge which way he was going to go so he could block him. It'd be safe to say that 15 bike-lengths, for sure, were being made up on that one straightaway by the Buell. Not the back straightaway, but just the front straightaway. If that race is 22 laps, or however many laps it was, and you're gaining 15 bikes a straightaway, that's pretty much a free straightaway by the end of the race, and how many seconds is that? And that's just the front straightaway. It was crazy. It was 15 to 20 bike-lengths every time they hit the front straightaway, and that's just that part of the track. If you add that up over a race distance, you should be winning the race by over ten seconds. It's nuts." Q It's a mockery. "I saw that, and I just turned the TV off."

AMA NASCAR Souper Pole - How do you rate Eslick and the 1200cc Buell's "win" over the Japanese 600s? None of the above 91%. It's a sad and pathetic joke. We are now, officially, a laughingstock.

Kevin Schwantz Talks AMA Daytona Euro Harley Rotax SportBike Class Fiasco At Auto Club Speedway - "It's interesting to see an 1150 cc winning the 600 class. It's a little bit funny."

Danny Eslick forgets to sandbag in secret qualifying session, wins first pole with Buell 1125RR racebike in 600cc Sportbike street series - Danny Eslick headed out onto the track for AMA Daytona SportBike practice at Mid-Ohio completely and blissfully unaware that it was actually a rescheduled qualifying session, and landed his first Pole Position of the season. That was just the start of a great weekend for the Oklahoma rider aboard his GEICO Powersports/Richie Morris Racing/Bruce Rossmeyer DOA Buell 1125R.

AMA NASCAR homogloates Buell 1125RR racebike in 600cc Sportbike street series - On Wednesday, July 15, AMA Pro Racing announced that it had homologated the new Buell 1125RR, a model that Buell introduced as “a race-use only motorcycle intended for competition in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class.” The approval of a race-only model to the production based series, however, appears to go against or at the minimum bend the AMA Pro Racing’s own published policies. In Section 2.1, American Superbike Equipment Standards Homologation, subsection B. states: "American Superbike motorcycles must be street certified in the US and available through US retail dealers." At the top of AMA Pro Racing’s American Superbike homologation form it states: "The motorcycle must be a 4-stroke production model with street-use certification in the United States. AMA Pro American Superbike motorcycles must be street certified for use in the United States and be available at the time of competition from U.S. retail dealers. There must be sufficient quantity available such that any person wanting to buy one for racing purposes can do so in a timely fashion." Asked about the apparent conflict between the rules and the homologation of the Buell 1125RR, AMA Pro Racing Technical Director of Competition Al Ludington told Roadracingworld.com that the keys in approving the Buell 1125RR were that it was “based on a street certified four-stroke production bike” and that it was “available in sufficient quantities for the 2 people who wish to race them.”

Buell reveals illegal race-only 1125cheateR to beat 600s - Buell is introducing a race-only version of the 1125R superbike aimed at privateer teams in AMA Superbikes. The $39,995 machine (equivalent to £24,412 in the UK) has a tuned version of the 1125cc Rotax-built Helicon engine. Buell’s characteristic belt-drive is dropped in favour of a conventional chain to allow easier gearing changes, and the swingarm is modified with chain adjuster slots (the standard bike has a fixed rear axle with a tensioning pulley) to allow wheelbase changes as well as keeping chain tension correct. A remote reservoir shock and fully-adjustable Showa forks are fitted, carrying the standard single eight-piston Nissin calliper grabbing a race-spec version of the rim-mounted disc. Cast magnesium race wheels are fitted with a small race-spec rear calliper and disc. A radial front master-cylinder is fitted to the pictured bike, but it’s unclear whether this will be included in the final package. US racers will have to order the bike through the Buell Race Department and collect their bikes from Buell dealer. UK availability has not been announced.

AMA NASCAR homogloates Buell 1125RR racebike in 600cc Sportbike street series Part 2 - Just like McDonald’s has its operations manual, racing organizations have a rulebook that lays out exactly how everything is supposed to be done at every event. Which brings me to the current sad state of officiating at AMA Pro Racing events. I know there’s a rulebook. But by the way the 2009 AMA Pro season has been going, I wonder if anybody in any position of authority has seen, read or even heard of the rulebook. In practice, AMA Pro Racing officials this season have consistently ignored the rulebook or come up with warped interpretations of rulebook wording that no reasonable person would believe or accept. When I pointed this out, Al Ludington's reaction was to say, "I'm sure I can find some funny things on your team's bikes, too." He followed that statement up by charging over to my race team's pit area and harassing my crew. If the man in charge of Tech doesn’t know what the rulebook says and what riders and entrants are being told by the guy in charge of race officiating, ignores both when deciding what is or is not legal, and gets mad when the actual rule is pointed out, what hope is there for an orderly, fair racing series? As it turns out, none. At Road America, several riders were tagged with “jumped starts” for moving inside their grid box after the starting lights came on but before the lights went out to signal the actual start of the race. The involved riders were given ride-through penalties, ruining their races. One rider who I watched move inside his box, and who was not penalized, was Mat Mladin. Watch the TV shows covering the American Superbike races at Road America and look carefully—you can clearly see Mladin move before anybody else on the grid. Seeing that on TV does not mean that Mladin jumped the start, and it does not mean that Mladin did not jump the start. In fact, there really is no way for a TV viewer to know exactly when the starting lights come on, because there isn’t a time-synched display of the lights on the TV screen. Asked about the penalties a week after the race, Roger Edmondson told me that the same applied for all the riders who were penalized, because, as Edmondson told it, the guy watching the grid-row-camera monitors up in timing & scoring didn't have a time-synched display showing when the lights came on and went off, either. In several of those cases, the momentary movement was the result of the rider dropping his bike into gear, and in all those cases the rider was again stationary before the lights went out to signal the start of the race. In all those cases, there was no unfair competitive advantage gained by anybody, Mladin included. Al Ludington reacted to Version 1 of this editorial by asking Roadracing World reporter David Swarts where I was and then adding that it was "time for some vindictive teardowns" of my race team's bikes. Which brings me to the latest rulebook-related debacle, my primary motivation for writing this piece—call it the last straw in a string of bizarre decisions that pay no heed to the letter and intent of the rulebook. A couple of months ago Erik Buell told me that he wanted to homologate a bunch of racing parts for the 1125R and start racing it seriously in the AMA American Superbike class. The problem, he told me, was that AMA Pro officials told him that they would only approve the parts if Buell put them on a bike and sold it as a complete, ready to go motorcycle, in essence a racing-only model or version of the 1125R. There is no reasonable interpretation of the rulebook that allows for homologation of a racing-only model or version of a motorcycle for production-based AMA Pro competition. Which means that AMA Pro officials either didn’t read their own rulebook before deciding to homologate the Buell 1125RR, or chose to ignore it. The Buell in question made its debut at Mid-Ohio this weekend, and the paddock in an uproar.

AMASSCAR Pro Racing Daytona Superbike er Sportbike "Rules" July 2009 - All machines eligible for participation in Daytona Superbike (sic) must be approved by AMA Pro Racing and homologated by the manufacturer or sanctioning body. Machines currently eligible for homologation by their manufacturer or distributor for competition in 2009 are: Aprilia Tuono, BMW HP2 Sport, Buell 1125R, (Buell 1125RR not listed), Ducati 848, Ducati S4R, Honda CBR600RR, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, KTM Super Duke, MV Brutale 910S, Suzuki GSX-R600, Triumph Daytona 675, Yamaha YZF-R6. Unless otherwise specified, all parts must originate from the same make/model as the homologated machine, meaning no up-dating or back-dating is permitted. Minimum weight is 360 lbs in the exact condition the machine finishes any competition activity. Power is limited to one (1) horsepower for every three (3) pounds of machine weight, up to a maximum of 140 horsepower. If necessary, specific motorcycles may be allowed a variance from the standard power to weight ratio to ensure parity in competition. Aftermarket “Slipper” clutches appearing on the Eligible Equipment List are permitted. Where's the Eligible Equipment List and TIF list? Any entrant, entrant affiliate and/or contractor who is/are manufacturers of homologated motorcycles, who attempts to and/or does alter the performance of its/their machine following any competition event, in an effort to affect the dynamometer or weight results, will be disqualified from the meet and suspended from AMA Pro Road Racing participation for a period of no less than one year, and assessed a $250,000.00 fine which must be paid in full before reinstatement. A second offense will result in a loss of approval for the homologated machine used in the meet where the offense took place, thereby rendering it ineligible for use by any and all entrants for a period of twelve (12) months.

AMA NASCAR Supersport, er, Sportbike Cuts Prize Money - Unfortunately, the down economy also hammered the AMA purse, reducing it from $5000 to $3000. NASCAR hijacks Speed TV, AMA NASCAR Superbike "Primetime" at 1am Sunday nights.

AMA NASCAR Chicanery - To catalog the multitude of transgressions perpetrated by the new AMA Pro Racing on the road-race paddock would be futile. The list is long and varied and constantly growing. But if there's one thing they've done that's inexcusable, other than laying waste to their own credibility, it's that they've taken the fun out of racing. The atmosphere in the AMA road-race paddock is funereal. The central topic of conversation isn't racing, but what's wrong with racing and how much worse it's going to get. Because, make no mistake, it continues to get worse. Did I mention there were only seven riders in the SuperSport race? At the end of the weekend, Monster Attack Kawasaki's Jamie Hacking reportedly dropped a few f-bombs while making a less-than-graceful exit from the press room. For that, and for his behavior at the postrace news conference, he was suspended indefinitely. Press rooms aren't for the faint of heart, and the atmosphere would be monastic if cursing was prohibited. Hacking will miss the next round of the series at Road Atlanta, which will almost certainly guarantee that a Buell will be leading the championship. If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em. It isn't enough that they've designed a class where one machine is twice as large as the rest, has the greatest list of special allowances, and can weigh the same as the twins? Now they have to put the toughest competition, a multiple-time champion, in the docket. Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Mat Mladin and four others were put on probation for missing a mandatory autograph session. The next time may mean a suspension. "What? You don't like it? Tough shit. There's the door and leave." Tracks are only allowed to give out trophies to the race winner. Second and third place get medals. The pace car - in Fontana, it was a lumbering four-door that clearly wasn't made to go around corners - should be banned. Comment: "My exhaust system was deemed illegal during the Daytona ST Nationals without a sound test. The powers that be simply stated such it was too loud. I followed "their rules" to the letter, yet,my system was still banned."

AMA NASCAR bans all 600 riders who dare beat 1100 Harley riders - AMA Pro Road Racing rider Jamie Hacking has been suspended indefinitely following this weekend's event at Auto Club Speedway for conduct detrimental to the sport of professional motorcycle racing. The culminating incident occurred in the media center following post-race interviews on Sunday where Hacking used a string of profane language while exiting the press interview area. "No premier sporting organization would tolerate, whether it be motorsports or major league stick and ball sports, the level of disrespectful, profane and vulgar language in a public forum as demonstrated by Jamie Hacking this weekend at Auto Club Speedway," said AMA NASCAR Daytona Pro Road Racing Managing Event Director Colin Fraser. "His behavior was totally disrespectful to the media, his competitors and the sport of motorcycle racing in general."

New Harley CEO Doesn't Own a Harley - New CEO of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Keith Wandell, doesn't even own a Harley and is also an outsider. He comes from Johnson Controls. Wandell doesn't own a Harley yet, a fact that startled some bikers when his appointment was announced last week. They're used to seeing the company's top executives clad in leather, riding the shiniest Fat Boy and Ultra Glide Classic machines. But that doesn't matter much to Wall Street analysts who follow the company's fortunes. His job is to loot taxpayers for bankster bailout bucks, loot the company for his Wall Street buddies like Madoff, then file bankruptcy like GM.

AMANASCRAP bans races in USA - A $65,000 spread in negotiations killed any chance of AMA NASCAR classes being involved in the combined World Superbike/World Supersport event at Miller Motorsports Park. Track sources say that the reduced payment offered for AMA NASCAR participation is justified because there is no live TV in 2009 and because only two AMA NASCAR classes were included. AMA NASCAR Pro Racing wanted $250,000 from the track to include AMA NASCAR Daytona SportBike and NASCAR SupertSport classes in the program and bring officials needed to run an FIM World Championship event, and the track offered $150,000. The purse payout for the two AMA NASCAR classes would have exceeded $100,000 and other expenses associated with the event would have made it a loser for AMA NASCAR Pro Racing, sources said.

AMANASCRAP tries to murder all "Supersport" rookie riders - Ivan Lazo, father of Supersport racer Alex Lazo, addressed a letter to Dunlop's Jim Allen and several AMA Pro Racing officials. Lazo, like other parents of young Supersport racers, was concerned about a rash of front-end crashes in the class. I feel my son is currently being subjected to greater than necessary risk by not having a choice to use the soft front during SS races. I spoke with (AMA Pro Racing's) Bill Syfan today regarding the Supersport tire issue. He said the decision had been made not to allow us to choose tire compound. They had meetings, conferred with Dunlop, it had gone "to the top" and the decision had been made. His explanation was based on the cost factor. He said the class was originally designed for dads and sons on a budget, (but admitted it had morphed into several factory sponsored teams as well), and compound choice would force the lower budgeted teams to buy additional tires in order to choose the appropriate tire to run at each event. I did not say this -- but it is less expensive to purchase two different compounds than to repair the crashed bike due to the AMA/Dunlop's incorrect tire choice! Anyway, he also mentioned the petition and said it only listed 16 teams, which he considered were the "high budget" ones -- not the "poor" ones (my tongue-in-cheek description, not his). I explained that I had gotten those 16 (100% of the teams approached) in under an hour at Road America, and I wanted to submit something in hopes of a tire compound change that day. He also said there was an issue on Dunlop's part of cost and room in their truck to bring more tires to each event. We feel this class is being used as the tire dump for the tires nobody wants -- and we feel this is a safety issue. So far Dunlop/AMA has picked the wrong tire at each race which is understandable -- who can predict the weather/track conditions? I do not understand the whole premise of no choice for this class! How is it logical, that experienced Superbike/Sportbike riders are choosing compounds at each event, and the "inexperienced" Supersport class is then not allowed to run the same compound? And as far as cost goes -- this is not club racing. An additional tire is not going to break anybody! But if we WERE club racing we would have tire choice! When we were at Elkhart, it was 40 degrees and they required us to run hard front tires. Anyone would know that is not the compound to use in those conditions. When Luther confronted AMA Pro Racing's Al Ludington about this, the ridiculous response was - well, they are all on the same front tire, and if all of them can find the same traction limit in all the corners, where they are all about to tuck the front at the same time - what a great race it would be! There is no response to that mentality. It is astonishing that this is what we are dealing with at this level of competition. In my opinion, Dunlop is shooting their selves in the foot. My dad owns a motorcycle shop, where we sell the take-offs we use at each race. Some of the people we tried selling the hard/medium front tires laugh and say they don't want them after hearing the reviews from the riders. How is this helping Dunlop sell tires?

AMA govt crook arrested for theft so Roger Edmundson flees AMA and NASCAR steals AMA racing - Dal Smilie, former chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, appeared in court in Helena Thursday to face extradition on charges originating in Ohio and alleging that he stole $109,000 from the American Motorcyclist Association. According to a Fairfield County, Ohio, grand jury indictment, Smilie is accused of grand theft by deception and receiving stolen property between January 2003 and December 2007 from the Ohio-based motorcycle group. Smilie was a member of the association’s board of directors for 25 years, including a term as chairman, before resigning in November 2007. He resigned from his job with the state in February 2008. Smilie, 60, said he was surprised with his arrest since he thought he and the AMA had reached an amicable settlement almost a year ago. He allegedly had inflated travel reimbursement claims. “The amount that we had in dispute about the travel claims were all more than refunded,” Smilie said. “Our indication was that it was a civil matter.” However, in a column last September in the motorcycle association’s magazine, AMA chairman Stan Simpson said that while they made changes to “help us avoid the kind of financial shenanigans that we recently experienced with a former board chairman” and recently entered into a six-figure settlement that satisfied the board’s demand for reparations, it didn’t eliminate the possibility of criminal proceedings by local authorities. “Two things took place,” said AMA spokesman Pete terHorst. “There was a civil action, which was resolved between Mr. Smilie and the AMA, that happened last summer. But we also turned over the results of the investigation by AMA to the county attorney.” Smilie was released from custody after posting a $25,000 bond. Lewis and Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher said that what typically happens next is extradition proceedings will begin, and Smilie will need to travel to Ohio to enter a plea in the court there. Smilie is a member of the national Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Ninja 250 Racing Cup - Willow Springs Motorcycle Club announced that it had developed a new class, the Ninja 250 Cup. The premise around the series was to promote racing in the club for as little as possible through extremely limited modifications. Our goal for the project was to build a proper, raceworthy Ninja 250 for $6000, including the cost of the bike. Why $6000? Because that's about the going rate for a decent used 600cc racebike. With the Ninja, one could have a new racebike that could teach the racing craft without the excess speed of a 600 or a 1000.

Bonneville Salt Race - 193 mph offroad on a streetbike. Italy vs Japan, USA a no show. Actioncam ATC5 is the world's worst videocam.

Hello to Brands Hatch

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Dave Despain's 1st ride on a Ducati Multistrada with Pirelli tires

Pirelli Diablo tire test on the Dragon

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Dave Despain ragging on AMA, DMG, NASCRAP and Italians - Despain removes Speed TV hat, shoves 2 boots up DMG AMA ass. NASCAR ran off all manufacturers from its spec car freak show for brain dead morans who think a 4-door front-wheel-drive Toyota Camry in on the racetrack. Now DMG NASCRAP drives off manufacturers from bike racing. Track days... why everyone should do it. Dirt bikes - every soccer mom in America should buy one for her kid. Dave's favorite T-shirt - You don't stop riding because you get old, you get old because you stop riding. Kick the 11 dogs and 11 bikes. What's the worst thing that can happen right now? That's a good survival skill. Italian bikes are shit! "It was the first time I rode my Ducati [Pirelli Diablo Corsa tires]. I had to ride 5mph below the yellow warning signs. It was the most jarring motorcycle experience I've had in 40 years. I thought I had a brain tumor. It's like forgetting how to walk. It's like somebody turning off the circuit telling you right from left. When I went back on the KLR proved the Ducati was an anomaly. It's like gravity no longer applies. It's the freakiest thing to happen to me in 40 years of riding motorcycles. Like the twilight zone. You have no clue what's gonna happen next." (Dave see the Pirelli tyre test below on "counter-countersteering"). Not bars, boobs and butts. SidestandUp Episode 132 October 2009

Dave Despain, Windbag - "To all of you assholes who constantly send me shit emails who accuse me of selling out the motorcycle people to do fucking car shows, screw you! I am just so tired of hearing that shit. And if I hear one more fucking thing about too much fucking NASCAR on TV on this network, I'm goin off! Of course there is too much fucking NASCAR on TV, because there's too many NASCAR fans, and whose damn fault is that?! It sure a fuck is not mine. Son of a bitch! Fuck I'm sick of hearing that shit! Fuck you!"

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Kawasaki quits MotoGP - It remains unclear why Kawasaki is quitting, though both the global economic crisis and a lack of results are likely to have been factors in the decision. The news is a blow to MotoGP's organisers, who will have the number of factory teams reduced to four at a time when the rival World Superbike Championship has gained another two in Aprilia and BMW. Kawasaki's imminent withdrawal will leave Marco Melandri and John Hopkins without a ride for next season.

Honda quit AMA superbikes - Former World Superbike Champion Neil Hodgson was gutted when he found out late on Friday night that he has no ride. Neil Hodgson was getting into bed at his home on the Isle of Man just after 10:00 p.m. when he got the call from California telling him that American Honda had made the shock decision to withdraw from American road racing. “I’m absolutely devastated. That goes without saying,” Hodgson said early on Saturday morning as the news was sinking in. “I truly believe Honda have got the best road bike out there and the DMG rules were working in our favor and I think we’ve got a real good chance at fighting for a championship and having a great, successful season.” He continued. “It’s not a good situation. When you hear about the recession, you kind of think it’s not going to affect you personally, or you hope it’s not going to, and it’s surprising when it does. It’s a bit of a shock.”

Ducati quits 2009 British Superbike Championship - The 2008 British Superbike Championship was won by Shane Byrne on a 1098R prepared by Airwaves Ducati/GSE Racing, but Ducati UK will not field a team to defend its title in 2009, according to a posting on the Ducati UK website.

Ducati Pirelli Italian Cup aka World Superbike Championship - With most of the field running Ducati motorcycles, the championship received the derogatory title "the Ducati Cup". In an effort to create a more competitive field in 2004 organizers announced a series of changes to the championship. The most significant was that from 2004 the teams have had to run on Pirelli control or 'spec' tyres. The decision to award the control tyre to Pirelli was controversial. The Pirelli tyres were considered to be below the standard of Dunlop and Michelin that most of the teams had been using. Dunlop looked to take legal action against the decision while Pirelli claimed that Michelin and Dunlop were also asked if they would be interested in the one-make tyre rule contract. Partly as a result of the control tyres, Motorcycle Sports Manufacturer Association (Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha) announced that no MSMA teams would participate in the Superbike World Championship, later modifying their statement allowing Ducati to participate. After introducing the Ducati 1098 in 2007 powered by a 1099 cc v-twin engine Ducati requested that Superbike rules be changed to allow v-twins of up to 1200 cc compete against 1000 cc four-cylinder bikes. Ducati argued that they no longer produced a road-going 1000 cc V-twin superbike[13] and that the level of tuning now needed to make their 999 competitive on the race track was too expensive.[14] Ducati said they would quit if the rules were not changed, while Alstare Suzuki team boss Francis Batta also said that his team would quit if the new rules gave Ducati an unfair advantage. The FIM eventually included the 1200 cc displacement limit for twins in the 2008 superbike rules. According to the new rules, twin-cylinder motorcycles would be 6 kg heavier than four-cylinder machines (168 kg to 162 kg) and would also have a 50 mm air restrictor fitted.

Kawasaki Leads Honda And Suzuki In Another AMA Pro Racing Revolt - American Honda Motor Co. and American Suzuki Motor Corp. have joined the latest Japanese motorcycle importer revolt against AMA Pro Racing's 2009 season plans, this one launched by Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A. The violent reaction followed Thursday's release of final 2009 AMA Pro Racing rules, which officials from Kawasaki et. al. claim are not what they agreed to during the previous round of threats and rules bargaining with Roger Edmondson, President of the series now owned by Daytona Motorsports Group, or DMG. Release of the final 2009 rules was followed by a war council under the guise of a Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) meeting, attended by representatives of the three companies. A new round of press announcements is expected from the MIC, which claimed September 10th to be launching a new manufacturer-backed racing series. In an earlier meeting held at Infineon Raceway with representatives of several racetracks that host AMA events, MIC President Tim Buche said that an alternative MIC series could be organized with the help of a company that had not been involved in motorsports before, but had experience running an international cricket tournament. It was at that point, meeting attendees said, that the racetrack operators began to decide to cast their lot with DMG and the AMA Series.

NASCAR DAytona AMA seeks hostile takeover of world motorcycle racing - AMA Pro Racing's Roger Edmondson is headed to Japan today for meetings in Tokyo with officials of the MFJ, the Japanese FIM affiliate, followed by a meeting with Yamaha officials in Iwata. Edmondson is making the trip to explain AMA Pro Racing/DMG's vision of a single set of uniform rules for National Superbike series worldwide. AMA Pro Racing is also working with the FIM to promote the uniform rules. Edmondson had hoped to also meet with officials from Suzuki and Kawasaki in Japan but American Suzuki Motor Corp. and Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A. objected to any direct contact between the AMA and the Japanese manufacturers.

Florida Supreme Court: Parents Cannot Sign Binding Liability Waivers For Kids Who Race - The ruling may have a significant impact on AMA Pro Racing, particularly its new SuperSport class, which is designed to feature riders as young as 16 years old, when the series comes to Daytona. For most purposes, Florida law defines children as anyone under 18. The December 11 ruling stems from a May 10, 2003 accident involving a 14-year-old boy who was killed while jumping an ATV at an off-road motorsports park. The child’s father had signed a “release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement,” according to the ruling. However a representative of the child’s estate stepped forward and filed a lawsuit for wrongful death against the park’s operators. A majority of the Florida Supreme Court justices said, in ruling that the lawsuit could go forward, that the waiver signed by the father is “unenforceable.” “We hold that a pre-injury release executed by a parent on behalf of a minor child is unenforceable against the minor or the minor’s estate in a tort action arising from injuries resulting from participation in a commercial activity,” the majority opinion states. “It cannot be presumed that a parent who has decided to voluntarily risk a minor child’s physical well-being is acting in the child’s best interest. “Furthermore, we find that there is injustice when a parent agrees to waive the tort claims of a minor child and deprive the child of the right to legal relief when the child is injured as a result of another party’s negligence. When a parent executes such a release and a child is injured, the provider of the activity escapes liability while the parent is left to deal with the financial burden of an injured child. If the parent cannot afford to bear that burden, the parties who suffer are the child, other family members, and the people of the State who will be called on to bear that financial burden. Therefore, when a parent decides to execute a pre-injury release on behalf of a minor child, the parent is not protecting the welfare of the child, but is instead protecting the interests of the activity provider.” So parents cannot sign any contract for kids, including driver license contracts, nor can kids sign those driver license contracts t owaiver theri Constitutionally guaranteed right to travel without an internal passport extorted at gunpoint.

Supercharged Harley Porsche Sportbike - American engineer Walter Roehrich thinks outside the norms-which is why his company is launching the world's first supercharged American superbike using the Porsche-designed V-twin engine from a Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The outcome is substantially increased horsepower and torque, with a claimed 168 horsepower at 9100 rpm now on tap at the wheel, matched to 99.6 ft/lb of torque at 7600 rpm. Roehrich accomplished this by positioning the V-Rod engine (converted to chain final drive, thus dispensing with the heavy belt pulley and cover) as close to the front wheel as possible. There's still 6mm tire clearance at full bottom on the 125mm (4.9 in.) front suspension stroke, while yielding a handy 1422mm (56 in.) wheelbase-8mm less than a Ducati 1098.

Rossi buys new helmet with his $100-million

NASCAR kills American motorcycle racing, just like it killed the Indy 500 after 13 years - 1000 cc replaced by 600 cc 4s and Scab 1200 cc V-twin Euro-Rotax-Buells

Ride Fast Die Young - "My Mum is really nervous because I keep on crashing. Gustav tells me whenver you crash you learn from the crash. I learn a lot." Red Bull Rookies Cup documentary by VBS TV

First bike race at Indy in 99 years was for kids only - Jake Gagne of Ramona, Calif., won the Red Bull AMA U.S. Rookies Cup race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday. Gagne won his second event in a row in the series for 13-to-16 year-old racers from North and South America, coming out on top in another exciting duel with Nicky Hayden's cousin Hayden Gillim of Owensboro, Ky. 14-year-old Austin DeHaven earned a podium finish with his third place ride. Tomas Puerta took fourth place despite an injured hand. The Colombian rider's American base is Indianapolis. Sunday will see the Red Bull AMA U.S. Rookies take on the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies in the Red Bull Riders Cup, a select team event for the top ten riders from each series. Spec bike is KTM RC 125s and Dunlop tyres.

First professional bike race at Indy in 99 years was for foreigners only - MotoGP 125 moped racin. All riders, all teams, all bikes, all tyres, all sponsors, all TV announcers were non-US citizens. Italian winner Nicolas Terol gave his post-race interview in Italian only. Proof that traitor Tony George hates USA.

MotoGP makes first bike race at Indy in 99 years

Ducati quit AMA superbikes - Cash strapped Ducati have realised that they cannot sustain activities in MotoGP, WSB, AMA and British Superbikes indefinitely, without major sponsors underwriting the entire team activities in every series. Ducati North America and Ducati Corse today announce that their participation in the AMA Superbike Championship with a factory team will cease at the end of the 2006 season.

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American Ben Spies Replaces Brit James Toseland in MotoGP - James Toseland is likely to make a swift but reluctant return to World Superbikes in 2010 after losing his MotoGP ride. World Superbike sensation Ben Spies has opted to quit World Superbikes and move to the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 squad where he will join fellow Texan Colin Edwards next season in an all-American team. Spies’ decision to move to MotoGP will leave British fans without a home rider to support in 2010.

Police chief seeking to ban all motorcycles was banned and busted for 3 speeding tickets - Time is running out to sign our petition calling for three-time speeder Meredydd Hughes to be axed as the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO’s) road policing head. We launched our petition on Number 10’s website after it emerged Hughes’ department had proposed to MPs that motorcycles were ‘motorised toys’ which should be banned from the roads. It tells the Prime Minister Hughes should not have responsibility for road policing as only last year he was banned from driving for hitting 90mph in a 60mph zone.

Wyotech School Review - I graduated from Wyotech (Daytona, FL campus) a couple months ago. There are good things and bad. The 6 month core program can be very frustrating at times, especially when the school decides to scrap the small classes promise they made when I first signed up (again this is just the 6 month core program, the Euro class is usually a really small class with plenty of bikes, tools, and lifts). The common theme at most wyotech campuses is too many students/not enough instructors and sometimes not enough tools/bikes to work on. The Daytona Beach campus has always been heavily focused on Harley's (even though the Asian specialty has the most students by quite a bit). They're getting away from that as time goes on but most of the core program instructors are old harley guys. Corinthian colleges that now owns wyotech decided to make the curriculum "standard" so the core program uses crappy powerpoint slides for all the lectures that were all made by car people so while there is some good info there is also a lot of blatantly wrong and irrelevant stuff. The textbook we used for the core program was also printed in the early 80s so its massively out of date and a lot of the tests are screwed up. That said, if you give a crap and actually make an attempt to learn something, the instructors are knowledgeable and you can certainly get your money/time's worth out of the school. All of the crap you put up with in the core program goes out the window when you get to the specialty. I actually had a blast for those last 3 months and learned a LOT. If your wanting to work as a mechanic, keep in mind Wyotech does NOT always impress people. A lot of the guys that go to wyotech are just there to kill time, smoke weed, and play with motorcycles. Unfortunately for those of thus that put effort into it, some of those idiots still get jobs working on actual motorcycles which means there are dealerships out there that may never hire a wyotech graduate again. Wyotech inflates the numbers on how many students got hired. They tell you its a piece of cake to find everyone a job but I know of a lot of people that graduated with me that still don't have jobs (heck I don't start my new job for another week and I graduated in January). There are jobs but you have to work at it and I found Wyotech's career services department to be more harmful than helpful.

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Jamie Hacking: AMA NASCRAP is the end of racin as we know it - My current status is... Married. And, uh - Baby on the way... Unemployed. Pretty much all the factory efforts are gone. There's no more such thing as a factory ride any more. So after that, it's just pretty much "Will the sport survive on all these individuals trying to support the organization?" It was definitely uncomfortable feeling knowing that all the factory rides ... there's no such thing as back how it used to be. It's not how it used to be any more. So it's definitely a big change. Today, you look at it, and you look at these kids that are 20, 18 years old - 25 years old - and there's no money. And they've got to go out here in a high-risk sport. They make it look easy, but the truth is, the sport's hard. It's hard, and it's very dangerous, and the money's not there, and a high-profile athlete is supposed to get paid for what he does, because obviously we can't do this for so many years. Why should I come out here and risk my life for - obviously, the money is probably better than a 9-to-5 job, but I think in a 9-to-5 job, you've got a pretty slim chance of breaking your arm, or your leg, or this and that. It's hard, definitely, for me, to go out. I see guys now who are offering to ride for free, and this and that. That's just ... that does nothing for our sport. You don't see any guys in NASCAR or basketball, saying "I'll play for free. I'll drive for free." It's just not right. There's a reason why we are professionals and we get paid to do what we do. So people can come and enjoy our sport and see some professional racing. I live right here in the heart of NASCAR. I see the guys here around town. A lot of people have gotten laid off in NASCAR. Definitely not only just our sport is hurt. Everybody's sport is hurt. But those guys seem to still keep moving along. They didn't really change a lot of rules. They didn't lose big major sponsors. They just kind of had to adapt to the times that we've got to deal with right now. I think with our organization getting taken over, and the rules getting changed, and the whole series up in the air, and then rules just being changed on the fly every weekend, you lost all the people that did support us over the years, kind of lose interest in it. And I think that, obviously with that, people didn't want to spend the money. We saw what happened to our series in attendance this year. It definitely hurt. It's bad. It's really, really bad. The worst I've ever seen it. If these DMG guys called you and said, "How do we fix our series? How do we fix our championship?", what would you tell them?" A Well, I'd say, one, you know how people back up computers? Back up files and information? That would be my one first goal, direction to tell them. All you have to do is just back up your files. Put this series back to where we were. And then, maybe get some input from these guys around here. "What do you think we need to do?" There's plenty of people with many good ideas and information. All you've got to do is look around. Look around at the series that are running around you, that are doing well, and just imitate it. And another thing. You've got to respect the people that have fed this sport for so many years. The Japanese. Obviously, this is an American country and an American sport, but the truth of the (matter) is, the Japanese have fed this sport for years, the manufacturers, and supported all of us, and give us all jobs, and that's one thing, you've got to respect those guys too. They need to embrace the manufacturers and move forward.

AMA gave away Pro Racin on the Layaway Plan - “When [jew] Rob Dingman came on board, I sort of knew my time at the AMA was short, because they were talking about getting out of pro racing. And then when Dingman fired Greg Harrison and Bill Wood, two of the best employees the AMA ever had and ever will have, I just couldn't, I couldn't understand it. I wrote a letter of protest, and that was pretty much the end of my days at the AMA. They didn't renew my contract. the subject of them selling Pro Racing to DMG, I always thought it was a bad idea. Because, Dean, you've been around long enough. You understand what it was like in the mid-'80s when we came on the scene, to what it was like by the early 2000's. We're only talking 15 years. And we had no TV back in the mid-'80s. There was maybe one team that had a - they didn't have a semi, I think Honda had a big box truck. And we saw the thing evolve ... no riders were getting paid money. And we saw that evolve to where there were a lot of guys who were making a really good living there. We saw, at one time, there were probably, what, 25 semis there? From the factories and support teams. We had national TV coverage. Safety was getting better. The purses were going up. I saw the progression, and what happened, I believe, is when Dingman came in in 2006, 2007, things ... they had just lost, Pro Racing had just lost the Chevy sponsorship, and they were getting a lot of criticism on various sides, and the economy was starting to slow down ... and I think he saw it as nothing but trouble. And not having the history, the background in racing, he just looked at it as something to unload. So they sold it. I don't know if it was just sort of a test of where my loyalties were going to be, or what, but I just thought, 'Why even ask me if you don't really care what my opinion is?' So yeah, that's when I really started getting a bad vibe, if you will, about what may be happening at the AMA. They're not very good negotiators. And Pro Racing was worth way more than $1,000,000 per year. I mean, it's just ... it's just a travesty that they sold it for that. I could believe the $10,000,000 [less than the price of Deals Gap Resort]. But you know, it's $1,000,000 a year, is basically how you have to look at it. Think about Superbike teams. How much were Superbike teams, factory teams, spending, per year? Five to seven million dollars? Think about this: Sixteen years ago, Roger Edmondson was running Supersport racing, and he was paid $3,000,000 for the rights to just Supersport. Here's the thing that really gets me. When the whole JamSports/Clear Channel mess happened, where they had that litigation, Clear Channel was hit with a $90,000,000 suit. They got nailed for $90,000,000 just for Supercross. So they sell Pro Racing for $1,000,000 a year? That, I mean, is just stunning to me. It's pathetic, really. I don't even think the whole Board got to vote on this. And I certainly wouldn't have sold the thing with no money down. The other thing that really hurts the AMA is that if they're getting out of racing because of the controversy. That was really smart, wasn't it? Letting DMG use the AMA's name. The bottom line is that since Dingman has come on board the AMA has lost nearly 60,000 members. That represents a loss of $2.3 million per year in potential revenue to the AMA. Selling Pro racing for a million bucks a year isn't going to make up for that. No matter how they try to spin it, that's a 20 percent drop in membership in less than three years. There have been recessions before and never have they lost these kinds of numbers. It's the largest drop in membership in AMA history. Honda and Suzuki had talked about giving an AMA membership with purchase of motorcycle and Dingman said at an AMA congress meeting, and I'm paraphrasing, "I'm not sure that's a good idea... you give up so much control." That quote encapsulates everything you need to know about Rob Dingman. Here are two major manufacturers talking about doubling, perhaps tripling the AMA's membership and all he can think about is some control he might lose. If it keeps on the path it's headed now the AMA will rapidly become irrelevant. The MIC could start an individual membership division tomorrow, give membership to all motorcycle and ATV purchasers and in a matter of a year dwarf the AMA in size and importance. And now, that $10,000,000 - that $1,000,000 a year - is going to be gone after ten years, and they're going to be left high and dry. Without the excitement of pro racing, I don't know how they're going to get young people enthused about joining the AMA. Because government relations and roadside assistance, for a 25-year-old, means nothing. In the last 10-15 years, websites like yours have sprung up. When you put that information online about the financials of the AMA, I'd venture to say that was the first time that was ever done. So you get people like you, and some bloggers and whatnot, and I think for the first time people can hold the AMA's feet to the fire. Because the glossies (print magazines) would never have done that. I think that people have a chance now to really get to know, and get to understand, the inner workings of what's going on there. I understand, as a nonprofit, those books are supposed to be open to anyone that wants to see them. And they were very, very late on reporting this year. Obviously there wasn't any money in there from the Pro Racing sale. So that's how we know that this thing was bought on the layaway plan.” By Larry Lawrence, former AMA Pro Racing Communications manager

Kosher Nostra: Why the AMA Needs New Leadership, and Why You Should Care - There is however one person in the motorcycling community that I really have a tough time liking and that’s current American Motorcyclist Association CEO [jew] Rob Dingman [aka "Big Pussy"]. Based on the reaction he got from the Indy Mile crowd (who practically booed him off the stage when he was introduced) I’m not the only one who has this opinion of the AMA’s leader. in the case of Dingman’s leadership of the AMA it’s difficult to find any redeeming qualities. So far Dingman has a record of doing nothing but tearing down the AMA in my opinion. He is not thought of highly by many leaders of the industry that I’ve talked to and he’s more or less feared, rather than respected, by AMA employees. Does anyone really believe being a heavy-handed dictator is the way to run the AMA? Here, in a multi-part installment, is a list of reasons why I think AMA membership should demand Dingman be removed as CEO. Dingman comes from New York politics [where 2nd Amendment guns are banned for self defense from armed robbers, Mafia dragqueen mayor Rudy Giuliani -- whose father was a Mob enforcer in Sing Sing prison for armed robbery -- where CIA and kosher Mossad bombed the World Trade Center and murdered 1,000s of people on 9/11/2001, aided and abeted by billionaire jew mayor Bloomberg and kosher police chief on 9/11, Bernie Kerik, was sent to prison]. He was Assistant Commissioner for Transportation Safety in the state’s Department of Motand whose Mob hitman cousin was gunned down by FBI for running NY state's largest cartheft racket -- or Vehicles and Chief Administrator of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. In political positions like these when an election happens often the new leadership comes in and cleans house. That’s what Dingman did when he came to the AMA. He basically cleared the deck of some of the most experienced, dedicated and competent employees the association ever had. This not only caused a major brain drain from the AMA, but it created an atmosphere of fear among employees. I’ve heard from more than one source that Dingman administered “loyalty tests” to some senior staffers when he took over. An interview would be going along nicely when Dingman would out of the blue ask whether or not the staffer was loyal to him or loyal to the AMA. What kind of question is that? Naturally the right answer would be that you are loyal to the AMA overall rather than just one person within the organization. Apparently that was the wrong answer for Dingman. Look up the definition of sycophant. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dingman’s picture next to the definition. How else to you explain a person who names his own boss “AMA’s Motorcyclist of the Year”? Let us not forget though that Dingman said it wasn’t an easy decision for him naming chairman of the AMA board Stan Simpson as AMA Motorcyclist of the Year because Roger Edmondson was right up there. I’m not kidding! At AMA Congress, look at the video. It’s Dingman gushing over Simpson and vice versa. Wow, talk about your man love. Want to talk shady dealings? Why don’t we examine the way AMA Pro Racing was sold under Dingman’s leadership. The AMA was selling its birthright lock, stock and barrel to the Daytona Motorsports Group. This momentous decision of getting the AMA out of the business of racing, on which it was primarily founded in 1924, was made by an “elite” group of people. In fact not even the entire board was privy to the details of the DMG deal. Further, the groups that were asked for proposals to take over the running of AMA Pro Racing thought they were bidding on the various genres of racing, i.e. road racing, flat track or motocross as separate entities. Imagine the surprise of those groups who put in bids to find out that DMG was awarded all of Pro Racing and not just the promotional rights, but sanctioning, rules making, everything. This is something these other companies were not specifically asked to bid on. It smells a lot like closed-door dealing if you ask me. In fact one board member told me that when the DMG showed interest all other offers were essentially off the table as far as the AMA was concern. How fair was that to those companies who bid in good faith? It’s amazing to me that a lawsuit never resulted from this, but no one in motorsports wants to tangle with the NASCAR owners so that was that. The AMA ultimately [illegally] decided the membership shouldn’t be allowed to know anything about the details of the sale. How’s that for transparency? The form letter from the AMA says: 'The details of the final sale were kept confidential by the AMA Board of Directors (your elected representatives) and DMG. That information, were it made public, could help other groups if they wanted to set up one or more series to compete with AMA Pro Racing.' And as for those “elected representatives”, please tell me who elected Dennis Rhee, who came up with the blueprint for AMA Pro Racing’s sale, who, by the way, mysteriously left almost as quickly as he came into the AMA, not long after the sale was done. Did Rhee benefit financially from the sale of AMA Pro Racing? Also by my count at least three of the current regional board members were appointed, not elected. And that brings up an interesting question of how just how board members are selected these days. If the factories got together with track promoters and decided to run outside AMA/DMG tomorrow, the AMA/DMG series would be toast. Want to see how AMA Board of Directors elections are handled today? Essentially it boils down to a member who wanted to run for the AMA Board and had met the required number of signatures was called personally by Rob Dingman and told that his reasons for seeking the position were invalid? This is a nightmare. Is it any wonder why Dingman is booed when he tries to speak to the membership as he was at the Indy Mile? Another restriction is that someone who worked for the AMA knows the association intimately and was qualified to work for the AMA, somehow is now ineligible to be on the Board for 10 years after they worked at the AMA? I would love hear the reasoning for this. And here’s a good one. The board recently implemented term limits for Board members, but they excluded themselves from those limits. And the most egregious restriction in my view? If a member wants to run and can get the required nomination, the Board can arbitrarily decide not to approve that nominee. In other words you can’t run for the Board unless the Board wants you to! The saddest part for me is my AMA membership is lapsed. By Larry Lawrence, former AMA Pro Racing Communications manager

How to Rig an Election, AMA Style - A few of you may remember my announcement here on this forum of my intent to run for the AMA Board of Directors North Central Region. I acquired the necessary 50 signatures on a petition, filled out the canadite questionnaire, and mailed it all off one week prior to the deadline. On or about September 11, I get home from work and my daughter informed me that I got a phone call from a Rob Dingman of the AMA. I immediately returned the call, only to find out that because of the time change from Illinois to Ohio, Mr. Dingman was out of the office for the weekend. So I returned the call the following Monday. Mr. Dingman informed me that the nominating committee had a few concerns about some of the answers I wrote on the candidate questionnaire, and he was calling on behalf of the committee for clarifications. He then informed me that my reasons for seeking the position of AMA Board of Directors were not valid, and asked me to withdraw my intent to run. I politely refused Mr. Dingman’s request, and asked him to continue on with the normal procedures. I knew full well right then and there that I would be receiving a notice that the nominating committee reviewed my application and made the decision to not select me as a nominee. Well, I received that notice today. But wait! According to the written procedures of this process, I was supposed to receive this notice no later then October 1st. But it’s October 6th you say? Yep, it sure is. It seems that the AMA, in all their infinite wisdom, put the wrong city and zip code on the Fed Ex mailer. The letter inside had the correct city and zip, but the outside of the mailer had a city over 100 miles away from me. Pretty hard for Fed Ex to deliver something to me when they are 100 miles away looking for me! Now you may or may not know, I can still make it on the ballot if I get 250 signatures on a new petition. According to AMA written procedures, I have 31 days, the entire month of October, to acquire these 250 signatures. But I’ve already lost out on 6 days, 7 if you figure it was after 5:00pm today when I opened the letter, for all practical purposes, this day is already over. And guess what else? I didn’t get the new petition along with the rejection letter. I have to call and request one. So that will put it at around October 9th at the earliest that I would even get possession of the new petition. That’s only if I’m lucky, and the AMA gets my mailing address correct, and it doesn’t end up in a city 100 miles away. If that happens, it could very well be the 12th before I can even get started. Yes sir, Rob Dingman has it figured out. Mr. Dingman and the Board of Directors picks who gets to be on the Board. The AMA members, you and me, do not get to pick. Sure there’s a couple names we get to vote for, but they are both pre approved by Rob Dingman. Imagine if you will, the shape this country would be in if the President of the United States and two of his favorite Congressmen got to pick who gets placed on Congressional election ballots. This country would be in worse shape then it is now, if that’s even possible.

AMA's Illegal Secret Accounting Racket on DMG Contract - I am confused by some of the answers by AMA’s Rob Dingman, particularly regarding the ongoing forced charges of AMA membership dues to racers and others. I have been trying to understand this peculiarity for years and now, with the DMG involved, it’s even more confusing. This ongoing controversy could be more damaging to the AMA brand than anything else in how it creates an underlying image of deception. Back when the “AMA” “owned” Pro Racing, trying to figure out who really owned it was a bit like playing a shell game. That’s because there were three AMAs, as it was eventually explained to me by an AMA representative. I doubt many racers or AMA members ever knew this. One AMA was the not-for-profit (NFP) membership organization, one was the not-for-profit museum, and one was the for-profit Pro Racing. This representative also informed me that the 501(c) NFP status of the two AMA NFP organizations differed. Nonetheless, being granted any NFP status is never a free lunch because, in essence, any NFP organization is functioning on the backs of every USA tax-paying citizen. Because of that, no NFP is allowed to operate behind closed doors like a private, tax-paying corporation does; the business dealings of NFPs are required to be disclosed to its members and the government. When the AMA set up its Pro Racing as a private corporation this new corporation was not a standalone entity owned by investors. According to the AMA, the sole owner of Pro Racing was the AMA NFP membership organization; a for-profit owned by a not-for-profit. Since the sole owner of AMA Pro Racing was this NFP membership organization, one might think that its business must have been open to membership scrutiny. Well, maybe it was supposed to be, but it wasn’t. I asked the AMA a number of times for access to the content of Pro Racing’s minutes and was refused, being told that it was a private for-profit corporation and so its business dealings were private, forget that it was owned by a not-for-profit. Solely. I am not an NFP lawyer so I am not a qualified authority on the intricacies of NFP law. Nonetheless, it seems obviously impossible for a not-for-profit to fulfill its disclosure requirements while operating a for-profit company whose business practices it refuses to disclose. What’s even more intriguing than that is, if AMA Pro Racing had no accountability to its true owners, just who did it have accountability to? The AMA had created a private corporation by using not-for-profit funds, and then set up the management structure of that corporation in such a way that it was beholden to no one. Also, according to Dingman in your interview, during some years Pro Racing lost money -- lost money that in essence belonged to you and me, the AMA NFP members – so it seems additionally inappropriate that AMA members were not allowed to view or question the business of Pro Racing. But Dingman says in your interview that he is unclear about the laws of disclosure for NFPs. Just for fun, lets pretend for a moment that AMA Pro Racing was a private company and was justified doing business just like private companies do. But if that was true, why was every racer wishing to do business with this private company forced to buy a membership in the AMA NFP membership organization. When questioning this, I suggested that I knew of no other for-profit company that forced people to buy a membership in a not-for-profit organization in order to be allowed to do business with the for-profit company. When I last bought a car I was not forced join the AAA. When I last saw a Clint Eastwood film I was not forced to join the NRA. But the AMA insisted on having it both ways; being a not-for-profit that owned a for-profit that forced its customers to pay dues to its not-for-profit owners whose management of the for-profit was none of your damn business. I have to wonder, if this is legal what’s stopping my power company from shutting off my lights if I don’t join the Catholic Church? The only answer I got from the AMA on any of this was, “we’ll get back to you.” Has any of this been resolved? No. Now, according to Dingman in your interview, people desiring to do business with DMG’s motorcycle-racing company are still forced to buy a membership in the AMA NFP, the difference today being the fees are hidden. The dues paid are verifiably existent because they are delivered to the AMA. According to Dingman, with these current forced memberships, people doing business with DMG are paying the AMA NFP approximately $180,000 a year for having sold Pro Racing to DMG, forcing every participant to supplement the sale of Pro Racing to DMG. I look forward to Dingman clarifying how forcing racers to pay dues for the AMA’s benefit is also for the racers’ benefit, and is fair. And legal.

American Honda quits DMG NASCRAP for 2010 - As expected, after the contentious meeting with DMG, American Honda has released nearly all of their roadrace employees and contractors and it certainly appears as if they will not have any kind of official presence in DMG roadracing in 2010. All of the remaining roadrace equipment including transporters etc have been put in a warehouse and the door closed and locked. American Honda has requested all of their sample/homologation parts and bikes be returned by DMG.

Valentino Rossi hospitalized for not using $150 inversion table - The reigning MotoGP world champion and easily one of the major reasons millions follow MotoGP was rushed to an Italian hospital yesterday for symptoms of appendicitis. Curiously, Rossi did not undergo an appendectomy but was instead sent home with a vial of antibiotics that are hoped to treat the condition. This possibly suggests that Rossi's condition is a minor flare up of minor reoccurring appendicitis or there might be some question of an appendicitis diagnosis. Using an inversion table for 30 seconds drains blockage at the appendix where the small intestine connects to the large intestine and changes direction 180 degrees. The appendix is required for good health, by holding good bacteria that produce essential vitamins like B12, required for energy production. This same intestinal pain and medical malpractice resulted in the 2010 "accidental" surgical murder of the father-in-law of John Lee, editor of DealsGapDragon.com.

World Champ Kevin Schwantz disses Dog Motorsports Group - As far as I am concerned classroom is now over. If I had to give them a grade right now on how they have done this season, DMG would receive a D. D as in dog. In my mind one of the biggest sins they have committed was not doing anything to help keep the manufacturers in racing. Most fans come to races and watch races on television because of the factory teams and factory riders. They want to see riders on the coolest stuff, maybe new technology that they'll see on their street bike two or three years down the road. Now what do they have to come and look at? DMG has made just .. comical errors in the running of the races. The pace car, the pace bike, the no pace car, etc. It's been embarrassing, frankly. They've made us a laughing-stock of the entire racing community. They have left the series in a very vulnerable position. There hasn't been any strong direction from them, at all, to work with the manufacturers, other than Buell. Both the Honda factory effort and the Kawasaki factory effort have pulled-out. Those trucks don't come to the track, many of those people lost their jobs. Sure, they've given Buell a big rescue, a big opportunity, but at what cost? Yamaha is still in the series in a big way, as is Suzuki, but will they be next season? If you were a Japanese executive watching this, would you sign up for another season? Knowing that the market is soft and the sport is very expensive? Adding to that the fact that the U.S. AMA series is a laughing-stock.... Why would they sign up for this financial burden seeing what has happened? Both MotoGP and WorldSBK have made huge strides in safety during the last decade and the AMA has not. We need to go to new racetracks because they are hands-down safer than other venues, not because they hope to one day to be safe enough and not because one section isn't as bad as some other place, or because they already have an association with a car series. If the track is not safe, then we go somewhere else to race - period. There are plenty of venues that have made those safety provisions. The riders are one of the integral parts of the show, and racing at an unsafe track, putting them in undue risk is foolish. Every time I have spoken to Mat Mladin about this he has always said that he's so happy that he's not a 21-year old kid just starting out in racing today because who knows where this is headed? This report card for DMG with a grade of D is not a passing grade. What I have seen happen this year in the AMA paddock is disheartening.

Casey Stoner pukes in helmet, skips 3 races due to mystery illness, just like racer DealsGapDragon.com - What the doctors didn't say was that sports injuries routinely cause kidney damage by buildup of calcium phosphate with symptoms of irritable bowel (aka dehydration), chronic fatigue (aka myalgenic encephamyolitis paralysis) and fibromylagia (formerly named infectious rheumatism), often due to mycoplasma bacterium that most doctors have never heard of in med skool, and is routinely treated in farm animals by OTC antibiotics in your food (virus-sized mycoplasma pneumonia, mycoplasma tuberculosis, mycoplasma fermentans, mycoplasma avians cured by OTC tetracycline at Farmer Co-Op or OTC import doxycycline). According to www.Bragg.com and Hells Angels at Deals Gap, the $15 cure for rheumatism and arthritis for 1,000s of years has been 2 teaspoons organic apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of honey in 1 cup of warm distilled water three times per day, to decalcify the joints, muscles blood vessels and organs. According to Dr. R. Paul St. Amand at www.FibromyalgiaTreatment.com, Guifenesin based on the guai Tree Of Life and sodium bicarbonate baking soda are also prescribed OTC for this kidney disease and is the active ingredient in OTC cold meds, though it can increase pain in some doses. E.coli food poisoning is also a cause of fatal kidney damage. OTC pacreatic enzynmes are used by professional athletes to digest dead debris in the bloostream after routine sports injuries. "The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US. (By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer was 553,251.5) Using Leape's 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million multiplied by the 14% fatality rate he used in 1994 produces an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. Using this number instead of Lazorou's 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine 's (IOM) estimated 98,000 annual medical errors would add another 216,000 deaths, for a total of 999,936 deaths annually. Our estimated 10-year total of 7.8 million iatrogenic* deaths is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout its entire history. Our considerably higher figure is equivalent to six jumbo jets are falling out of the sky each day." — Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; Dorothy Smith, PhD, Life Extension Magazine, Death by Medicine, March 2004 (plus 1-Million annual aborticides in USA). "The Centers for Disease Control says that 100,000 young athletes between the ages of 13 and 30 drop dead every year, either during exercise, during a sporting event or immediately after. Or twice that." - Dr Joel Wallach ND DVM, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1991 Nobel Prize Nominee in Medicine, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie (46-million tapes sold), Dead Athletes Don't Lie.

Casey Stoner uses Batman's Salt Water Cure to return to racing, just like DealsGapDragon.com - Casey Stoner is hoping for a chilly reception at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, but that desire is nothing to do with his home fans. The 2007 world champion, who produced a blistering second-place finish at the Portuguese Grand Prix in his comeback after a three-race absence following a mystery virus, believes the expected cooler weather at Phillip Island could help his physical preparation. "We didn't expect to do this well and in fact up until a week and a half ago I still had similar problems to those I had two months ago," said Ducati rider Stoner after finishing just 6.2sec behind race winner Jorge Lorenzo on the Estoril circuit. "It was only a sodium diet and a few other things that seem to have helped. "I'm hoping that we have discovered my low blood pressure levels to be the problem and we can look forward to Phillip Island and trying to be competitive there. "I hope it is a bit colder than most of the tracks we go to as that might help my physical condition a bit more." Stoner's two-month absence from the championship, which saw him sit out races in the USA, Czech Republic and San Marino, meant an end to his 2009 title hopes with Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi poised to battle over the three remaining rounds. But he defended his decision to take his extensive break. "There was a lot of criticism of my decision to stop but people need to understand that if you are not competitive and you are getting worse every race there is no sense to just keep going," he told motogp.com. "You have to stop, find the problem and fix it. "So to come back like this and be more competitive than I have been in a long, long time it was a really good feeling. "In the last five races I rode I was putting in so much effort and still slowing down at the end of the races, so today it was nice to be able to relax towards the end and still do a good lap time. "I was nervous again today and I haven't been nervous for a long time, so it is nice to be here again on the podium." WaterCure2.org

Bioweaponized HIV cancer virus Found in 98% of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients like Casey Stoner - Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome are infected with a little known virus that may cause or at least contribute to their illness, researchers are reporting. The syndrome, which causes prolonged and severe fatigue, body aches and other symptoms, has long been a mystery ailment, and patients have sometimes been suspected of malingering or having psychiatric problems rather than genuine physical ones. Worldwide, 17 million people have the syndrome, including at least one million Americans. An article published online Thursday in the journal Science reports that 68 of 101 patients with the syndrome, or 67 percent, were infected with an infectious virus, xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV. By contrast, only 3.7 percent of 218 healthy people were infected. Continuing work after the paper was published has found the virus in nearly 98 percent of about 300 patients with the syndrome, said Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, the lead author of the paper. XMRV is a retrovirus, a member of the same family of viruses as the AIDS virus. These viruses carry their genetic information in RNA rather than DNA, and they insert themselves into their hosts’ genetic material and stay for life. “I think this establishes what had always been considered a psychiatric disease as an infectious disease,” said Dr. Mikovits, who is research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Reno. He said the illness is intensely frustrating to doctors because it is not understood, there is no effective treatment and many patients are sick for a long time. He added, “This is going to create an avalanche of subsequent studies.” "We believe that within a period of five to ten years, it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. Within the next five to ten years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could be different in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Most importantly, it might be damaging to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. A research program to explore feasibility could be completed in approximately five years at a cost of $10 million. It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken, lest it lead to yet another method of mass killing of large populations." — Dr. Donald MacArthur, RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND EVALUATION, Department of the Army, Statement of Director, Advanced Research Project Agency, Statement of Director, Defense Research and Engineering, SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL AGENTS HOUSE BILL 15090, UNITED STATES SENATE LIBRARY, U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970. Hearings before a Subcommittee of the APPROPRIATIONS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Ninety-First Congress, first session, July 1, 1969, testimony on June 9, 1969. BoydGraves.com, Aidsbiowar.com, Tetrahedron.org. "PATHOGENIC MYCOPLASMA - The invention relates to a novel pathogenic mycoplasma isolated from patients with Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or patients dying from diseases and symptoms resembling AIDS diseases. The invention further relates to a variety of vaccinations against mycoplasma infection in humans and/or animals." — US Patent Office, Patent Number 5,242,820, Inventor Stryh-Cheng Lo and American Registry of Pathology in Washington DC, Filed June 6, 1991, continuation date June 18, 1986. DIY virus cure at Silvergen.com.

Useful idiot racers of the New World Odor genocide program can't read DealsGapDragon.com - HIS return to racing and return to form has come not a moment too soon for organisers of the Phillip Island MotoGP and for the 100,000 fans who will cheer his every move, but mystery still surrounds the health of former world champion Casey Stoner. Another former champion of the Island, two-time winner Wayne Gardner, told The Age during the week he was happy to see Australia's best rider back in the saddle and hoped Stoner could win his home grand prix in front of an adoring crowd next weekend. But Gardner also had some strong words for Stoner, who has shocked many in the motor-sport world this year by taking a three-race mid-season break as he battled illness and fatigue symptoms that doctors have not been able to explain. "It's very suspicious," Gardner said. "I wish there had have been some sort of answer to it, that he'd come out with some sort of answer, because there is certainly an air of mystery to it.'' Gardner joins another former top rider, American Kevin Schwantz, in expressing scepticism about Stoner's mysterious condition. Schwantz has suggested the Australian's heart was simply not in racing and that his absence was caused by inability to cope with pressure or by friction between rider and team. Gardner said he did not know the cause. "I personally haven't ever seen anyone just stop for a rest during the year in my time of grand prix racing. It's certainly an unanswered question,'' he said. "I don't think it puts a question mark on him as a competitor but it would just be nice to know what was the reasoning for it … I think he probably needs to come up with some answers.'' Stoner won two of the year's first five races and was sitting third in the world championship standings when the illness struck. He battled through June and July, reporting cramps, nausea and tiredness during races, and was initially diagnosed as having "mild anaemia and slight gastritis". Those verdicts were later proven incorrect after exhaustive tests could not detect any virus or anomaly in his system other than low blood pressure. The official verdict is now that the former world champion's condition was caused by "overtraining". Stoner spent two months at home in Australia convalescing before returning to the Estoril MotoGP and claiming a surprise second place. During his absence, a series of rumours swept through the MotoGP paddock including that the illness was a reaction to stress, that Stoner would retire from the sport and even that he had been poisoned. "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." - Nazi Prince Philip King of the British Empire in charge of bioweapons labs, "If I Were an Animal", United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986. "A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." - Ted Turner, founder of CNN News who was paid $3-billion salary in one day, Bilderberg Secret Society.

Matt Mladen quits racing to spite NASCRAP rules outlawing safety - Due to safety concerns I will not compete in this weekend's round of the AMA Superbike championship in Topeka. It is important to note that Topeka is a newly sanctioned round on the championship schedule. It is also important to note that Topeka has made changes to the track, but unfortunately, as is the case too many times, the track approval process was flawed and we arrived at a facility that was not ready for our caliber of competition. This is 2009, and the days of showing up to race tracks that we know nothing about and have not been allowed to test at because of the AMA/DMG new rules regarding our testing are raising serious safety issues. I will never accept the lowering of safety standards for the sake of a few people making money. And he still held a massive lead in the championship after his vacation. Too bad there were no race fans in Kansas.

NASCRAP Ignores Safety Pony Concept - Change can be traumatic, and the Duluth Meat Grinders (or whatever DMG stands for) have changed a lot of things since they took over the racing chores for the AMA in a relatively bloodless coup. Some people have had some critiques about the alterations they've made to the series, like running starts and the whole "Buell" conundrum. The criticism waned on this V-Twin front when the Rides of Erik started disappearing from the winner's circle, but now the introduction of a new bike of dubious legality (and Eslick and his Buell are a'fire once more) has got tempers a'flarin' again. As for the is-it-legal,-this-new-non-street-legal-superbike conundrum, I mean c'mon. How hard is this? I don't know what they problem is. If HarleyBuell wants to go superbike racing just get an old Harley VR1000 out of mothballs, stick a Buell sticker on it and put the fuel in the forks (for innovation), and Bam, you're good to go. Hey, that bike was street-legal before, right? Anyhow, possibly a biggest hitch in the giddyup lately has to do with what was called the "Safety Car," which has nearly been involved in near-collisions with bikes on the track. This was in an effort, I guess, to drive that "Look, these are really street bikes out there" point home by pranging one of the riders with the car, probably turning left in front of somebody at the start/finish line. "The Safety Car, which used to be a Pace Car, caused problems. Complaints were expressed. Changes have ensued," confirmed Superbikeplanet.com's Safety Vest Organizer and part-time Harvard Faculty/AMA Tech Inspector Hostage Negotiator, Justice Delay. "The word on the street, the paddock and over there, near the McQueen Shrine, is that the Safety Car will now morph into the Safety Bike, which will of course be a modified police bike." Delay paused to carefully fold Evan's safety vest with great dignity, and then continued. "This bike will of course come from the greatest manufacturer of police motorcycles in the world, Buell."

NASCAR bans AMA Superbikes from AMA Superbike Series 2009 - According to Daytona Motorsports Group's Roger Edmondson, the deadline he imposed on the factories to commit to the Factory Superbike class passed today with no commitments from the factories. Hence the Factory Superbike class will not be a part of the 2009 AMA Superbike series, according to Edmondson. Edmondson said tonight that DMG/AMA Superbike will have two Daytona Superbike and two American Superbike races at each round of the series in 2009 and a $200,000.00 purse will be split among the four races. Edmondson is leaving for a cross-country motorcycle trip in the morning, one which will culminate at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma where Grand AM is holding a race also where he will meet with the new AMA Superbike promoter group. Rumors persist that the Japanese manufacturers will race a series sanctioned by the Motorcycle Industry Council.

Kids Love to Eat Lead?
- Racers Jeff Ward, Jeremy McGrath, Glen Helen Raceway owner Bud Feldkamp, and motorsport design guru Troy Lee risk sending bike dealer Malcolm Smith to jail plus $70,000 fine per bike sold in a criminal act of civil disobedience

Motorized bicycles banned in USA - Insane govt bans all motorcycle sales AND HELMETS from riders younger than 12 AND FROM THEIR PARENTS, and tries to put those dealers and manufacturers out of business during a global Depression, or IN JAIL with a $70,000 fine PER BIKE SOLD. District of Criminals extorts millions of dollars from "toy" manufacturers in Commie China to dump unconstitutional law. The same govt that bans use of the word "countersteering" in rider license tests, media "safety" campaigns and factory operator manuals. Same govt that says wearing full safety gear, and knowing your lean angle limit is probable cause for arrest. Same govt that pays cops to crash 10,000s of cop cars every year, and pays police state death squads to summarily execute 1,000 US citizens every year, without bail, without trial and without appeal.

Motorbike sale to defy lead law - Angry with a nationwide ban on sales of youth motorcycles and ATVs over lead concerns, one of the biggest dealers in Southern California plans to sell the child-size vehicles today despite potential criminal penalties. Malcolm Smith, a Riverside, Calif., dealer and major figure in off-road motorcycling for four decades, is challenging federal officials to come and get him. Smith, 68, says he plans to sell several of the youth-targeted vehicles to people who are already prepared to pay for them. He says he has told the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the federal agency charged with enforcing the ban passed by Congress last year. "I've been paying attention to all the rules and regulations, giving them some time to do something about it," Smith says. "They have no idea what this is doing to small businesses." Since taking effect Feb. 10, the law passed has made it illegal to sell off-road vehicles and accessories — including used vehicles and replacement parts — aimed at children 12 and younger because of small amounts of lead in alloys used in parts of the vehicles. Smith says he is prohibited even from selling helmets and other safety gear aimed at youth. Motorcycle industry leaders say the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 is costing $1 billion in retail sales and related economic impact. Like many other powersports dealers, Smith says, he is stuck with 45 to 50 youth vehicles that he cannot sell under the new law. Joseph Martyak, chief of staff to the acting chairman of the commission, says that the commission expects to make a ruling on whether to grant an exclusion "in the next week or two." He says the panel has been inundated with letters, calls and e-mails protesting the ban — as many as 5,000 in one day. Smith is a champion racer who starred with Steve McQueen in the 1970s documentary On Any Sunday, which glamorized the sport.

Government requires mercury in vaccines and resultant brain damage - Thimerosal has been used as an additive to biologics and vaccines since the 1930s because it is very effective in killing bacteria used in several vaccines and in preventing bacterial contamination, particularly in opened multidose containers. Some but not all of the vaccines recommended routinely for children in the United States contain thimerosal. Thimerosal is a compound that is 49.6% mercury by weight. You have probably seen your nurse insert a syringe into a large vial, extract some liquid, and then leave a substantial amount of vaccine in the original container. If you've witnessed this seemingly benign procedure, you've seen how vaccine manufacturers are saving money at the expense of public health. In order to store larger amounts of vaccine at a lower cost, companies began offering "multi-dose units" while adding preservatives to prevent contaminations. That way doctors can open and close a vaccine container, inviting germs into the once-sterile solution, while assuring the public that those contaminants are quickly killed by the preservative. The Department of Defense classifies mercury as a hazardous material that could cause death if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Studies indicate that mercury tends to accumulate in the brains of primates and other animals after they are injected with vaccines. Mercury poisoning has been linked to cardiovascular disease, autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia and many other nervous system conditions. Most vaccines are manufactured in Communist China for lobotomizing USA.

Government requires mercury in dental fillings and resultant brain damage - Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known. An often overlooked, but extremely important source of toxic material is the mercury from "silver" mercury amalgam fillings. In February, 1998, a group of the world's top mercury researchers announced that mercury from amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children. The first large-scale epidemiological study of mercury and adverse reactions was recently completed and showed that of the symptoms looked at, there was a link seen to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders. A study related to mercury and Alzheimer's Disease was recently completed by a team of scientists led by well-respected researcher Dr. Boyd Haley. The type of mercury fillings that began to be used during the last couple of decades, non-gamma-2 (high copper), releases many times more mercury than the older style of amalgam fillings. World Health Organization review of inorganic mercury in 1991 determined that mercury absorption is estimated to be approximately four times higher from amalgam fillings than from fish consumption. Mercury from amalgam fillings has been implicated as a possible contribuatory factor in some cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, IBS, reproductive disorders, allergies, and a variety of other illnesses. Mercury from fillings in pregnant women has been shown to cause mercury accumulation in brain, kidneys and liver of human fetuses (all of the areas tested). Studies have shown that mercury can be passed to infants from breast milk. A recent study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine related to the proper removal of mercury amalgam fillings from 118 subjects showed an elimination or reduction or 80% of the classic mercury poisoning symptoms.

Sportrider Newswire

So that's why Harley fired Buell - HD signed Eric Buell to a confidentiality agreement to prevent his testimony at a product liability trial for Harley Wobble Rubbers TM. Erik Buell teaches in patent No. 4,776,423 and No. 6,213,240 that Vibration Isolated Motorcycles MUST HAVE at least 3 stabilizer links connecting the power train unit to the frame to PREVENT LATERAL INSTABILITY! Harley-Davidson®, however, manufactures the Dyna with 1 stabilizer link, the FXR with 2 stabilizer links, the Touring Models (baggers) - 2 stabilizer links and the V-ROD with 1 stabilizer link CONTRARY TO THEIR PATENT. Only the BUELL and 2004 and later rubber mount Sportsters have 3 STABLIZER LINKS! TRUE-TRACK™ (PATENTED) a suspension stabilization device, acts to mitigate instability on vibration isolated motorcycles manufactured with LESS THAN 3 STABILIZER LINKS! You felt that twitch or what you thought was a low tire before. The Dealer replied, "Never heard of that problem before". BUELLSHIT!

Erik Buell: From Rags To Riches To Cheater - With a background in mechanical engineering, the wheels were in motion to build a better racebike for the highest class in the AMA at the time: F1. And in his little shed in Muckwonago, Wisconsin he went to work. The year was 1985, and the very first Buell—the two-stroke RW750—had just been completed. Unfortunately, he only sold one bike before the AMA killed off the class. Having previously been an engineer with Harley-Davidson, Erik bought all 47 of the extra XR1000 engines his former employer had laying in a corner for use in his streetbike, the RR1000. To meet the minimum homologation number of 50 he then bought three more complete bikes from dealers and yanked the engines for himself. Enter Harley-Davidson—again—and its acquisition of the company. With a total staff of less than 200 employees (yes, less than 200) this is no easy task. Believe it or not, the analysis “team” consists of just three people working in what’s essentially a glamorized hallway. Remarkably, details about the Daytona Sportbike spec 600,er, 1125R were by no means kept secret, as a full breakdown of the bike can be read in our ride piece here. Many argued that the advantage of having nearly double the displacement as the Japanese 600s was unfair. The fact that the Richie Morris Racing 1125R ridden by Danny Eslick won both rounds at Auto Club Speedway in dominating fashion and a third race at Road Atlanta further supports that argument.

Mafia Chosa Harley Davidson was formerly a rat dealer in Mafia Phoenix Arizona

Sons of Anarchy: DealsGapDragon.com's Mafia uncle murdered to steal Chosa Harley Davidson? - Jerry Chosa, 63, of Mesa, AZ passed away April 22, 1997 in Nashville, TN of "congestive heart failure". Jerry was owner and president of Chosa's Harley-Davidson Inc. for 23 years. He started Chosa's Harley-Davison in Sept., 1973 in Pewaukee, WI. In April of 1983 he came to Arizona and started the dealership in Tempe, AZ which was there until 1993 when the dealership was moved to Mesa, AZ. Chosa's Harley-Davidson was one of the top 10 dealer award winners of 1994, 95' and 96' sponsored by Dealer News Magazine. He was a lifetime of H.O.G. National and sponsor of East Valley H.O.G. Chapter; a member of the American Motorcyclists Association, A.B.A.T.E. and National Rifle Association. Now for the true story: Jerry Chosa died on April 22, 1997 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, as reported by Dealernews, Jul97, Vol. 33 Issue 7, p46. Now for the Super Secret Inside Story on this "suspicious" death: My Uncle Jerry was high-lever Mafia with his family and parents from the old Al Capone Gang in Chicago, Milwaukee and Green Bay. Jerry was murdered in such a way to make it appear he died "accidentally" in a single bike crash head-on into a wall, no witnesses. Jerry's brother was previously murdered by Mafia in Wisconsin -- they never did find the other half of his torso in that ditch. Jerry's Mafia mother and father retired to Tuscon, after torturing, gang-raping and pimping their daughters in their basement dungeon. Alcoholism was devastating to all members of their family in Wisconsin, partly due to their Oneida Indian genetics that cannot digest alcohol. Chosa HD was a Mafia money laundering racket. So when you think HD's marketing strategy is cool to be a gangsta, you are so full of shit. Think HD gives a damn about racing? Jerry Chosa's famous last words to DealsGapDragon.com regarding racer sponsorship, "What the Hell do you want?" Answer: "Who murdered Jerry Chosa?"

Mafia Star Wars: Willy G from Mafia Milwaukee Wisconsin at grand opening of Chosa HD with Uncle Jerry and Aunt Beverly Chosa

Buell cheater murdered by lone nut in RV - Bruce Rossmeyer, the owner of what is billed as the largest Harley-Davidson dealership in the world, was killed today in Wyoming while riding with friends from the Harley dealer meetings in Colorado to Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of the Sturgis Rally, according to the Daytona News Journal. Rossmeyer was 64 years old. The Journal is reporting that a family friend of Rossmeyer's said he was riding in a group of several motorcyclists when they pulled out to pass a recreational vehicle. Rossmeyer was the last in line and was killed when the RV strayed into his lane and struck his motorcycle. “When Mr. Rossmeyer attempted to pass, the truck made its left turn and he hit the driver's side door. The sixth motorcycle swerved to the right and avoided collision." Rossmeyer, who was not wearing a helmet, was declared dead at the scene. Dickerson described the road as "straight, dry and flat." He said the "extremely rural road" is an option to Sturgis, but not the primary way to travel there. After a career in the automobile business, Rossmeyer opened Daytona Harley-Davidson in January of 1994 and he followed that up with New Smyrna Harley-Davidson in 1997, Grand Junction Harley-Davidson in 1997, Ft. Lauderdale Harley-Davidson in 1998, Harley-Davidson of Pompano in 2002, and Aspen Valley Harley Davidson in 2002. In 2006, he opened another South Florida dealership, Sunrise Harley-Davidson, and Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson in Horn Lake, Mississippi. Rossmeyer also is the developer of Destination Daytona and co-owner of two area auto dealerships in South Florida. His biggest dealership is also a sponsor of the Buell team that currently fields Danny Eslick riding a 1150 in the 600 Daytona SportBike class. That was the same weekend Eslick passed under yellow and didn't lose his "wins".

Eric Buell says Buells suck, just throw em in the trash - When we were first shown this earlier in the week, we assumed that it was a hack of the Buell web site or a spoof site or, well, something. Because no legitimate motorcycle manufacturer would build and sell a model of motorcycle, purport it to be a motorcycle that consumers should buy, and then later publicly confess that it was a pile and should be crushed. Would they? Especially one with a legal team that looks over PR before it is released, right?

SportRider editor injured in car crash - On November 10, 2008, Andrew Trevitt, senior editor at Sport Rider magazine, suffered a catastrophic accident involving a car that resulted in multiple fractures and spinal injuries. Andrew has endured four major surgeries, and faces months of rehabilitation. Word was posted on RRW that Andrew Trevitt suffered serious injuries while testing tires on the Angeles Crest Highway in California on Monday when a car made an illegal U-turn in front of him. Reportedly, Andrew suffered facial fractures, damage to his T3 and T4 vertebrae, and possibly a broken pelvis. While the prognosis for his spinal injury isn't optimistic at this time, it should be remembered that the mind is a very powerful thing. Andrew is only looking forward, not backward or at himself. Typical of Andrew, he wants to get back to the magazine as soon as he can and contribute, whether he can ride or not.

Get Well Trev Blog - Author of new book Sportbike Suspension Tuning is currently paralyzed from the chest down. Was he wearing back and chest armor with full leathers, and what brand? If yes, why did it fail? If no, why did his employer's workmans comp insurance allow that negligence by the employer? Any chance of this stop and go penalty curing a bad case of censorship? Or will he continue to suck at the multinational tit, no matter how many riders die by the police state?

How to negotiate the best deal on any bike from a Motorcycle Salesman - Editor Kent Kunitsugu: "While your advice and candor about purchasing a bike is appreciated, it also exposes a lightning rod issue that we've talked about before in the magazine regarding many dealership's choosing short-term profits over the long-term health of the sport. You may not have any reservations or conscience about what basically amounts to putting a loaded gun in the hands of a child, but I certainly hope that those supposed "newbie" customers don't end up dead or seriously injured because of a salesman's lack of ethics." Ex-Salesman: "I completely respect your opinion Mr Kunitsugu however what many of you fail to realize is that in this economy as Salesmen we have a minimum profit quota to meet at the end of every two week pay period. Recently we had a MSF instructor working for us and he was truly a great man with ethics and he one of the few in this business who actually cared about the riders. He was fired within in a month for not making enough money for the dealership. The sales and finance managers are not interested in your safety. All they are concerned with is the numbers. Although they too are under pressure from the GM to meet those sales quotas or else they would be looking for new jobs pretty soon. Its a vicious cycle and im extremely happy that im getting out of it. I will always be a motorcycle rider but i most certainly wouldnt want to work in this environment again."

Cycle Newswire

NASCAR buttheads butt heads with Superbikers in AMA CONSpiracy - Standing atop the victory rostrum on Sunday at Virginia International Raceway, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Mat Mladin told the crowd that he’d be racing a Superbike in the U.S. next season. But where? It won’t be in the AMA Superbike Championship, run by the Daytona Motorsports Group (DMG). Instead, he’ll be one of the riders in a rival road race championship that could be announced as early as Wednesday. “It was supposed to be announced last week before (Friday’s) DMG (Daytona Motorsports Group) announcement” not to include the Factory Superbike class, a source familiar with the new series said, adding that the series will have four classes. The plan is to adopt World Superbike rules for the premier class in 2010. A second source said that the series had the support of the parent companies of the American distributors of the Japanese brands. DMG CEO Roger Edmondson said on Friday he wouldn't include Factory Superbike in the 2009 AMA Superbike Championship. He said there wasn't a single response to his query. The timing of Edmondson's decision and the new series announcement was coincidental. One of the sources said that the idea had been a conspiracy for more than two years, ever since then AMA CEO Patti Dipietro dismissed AMA Pro Racing CEO Scott Hollingsworth and dissolved the AMA Pro Racing board. American Suzuki vice president Mel Harris said on Saturday that his company wouldn’t race in the DMG-run AMA Superbike Championship. The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), a non-profit industry group, was involved in the most recent talks with the DMG and has been mentioned as the umbrella under which the factories could form a breakaway series. If Suzuki, or any other company that backs the new series, chooses not to provide or homologate machinery, or pay contingency money, it could eliminate those brands from the AMA Superbike Championship grid. Suzuki will certainly be joined by Honda in the alternative series, with Kawasaki a possible ally, though not Yamaha. The pending split is reminiscent of the 1996 fracture between CART and the Indy Racing League that killed open wheel racing in the U.S. and raised the profile of NASCAR. In 2008 the real Indycar World Series filed bankruptcy and was terminated forever.

Autosport Newswire

F1 drivers revolt on superlicence extortion - Last season drivers were unhappy about a price hike from 1,725 Euros plus 456 Euros per point for the licences, to 10,000 Euros plus 2,000 Euros per point for the 2008 season. Former world champion Fernando Alonso said at the time: "It is a very serious matter...we all agree that it is not fair that from one year to the next it (the cost) increases 500-600 percent." Under the current fees, world champion Lewis Hamilton will have to pay 218,920 Euros for his licence fees this year. FIA Nazi porn president Max Mosley said he was willing to discuss the situation, but only if drivers could provide him with details of their earnings so he could judge whether the fee was too high, in order to extort more money.

Honda F1 quit won't affect MotoGP team? - Honda's decision to withdraw from Formula One will not have any effect on the Repsol Honda MotoGP team, according to Honda Europe. Really. The global financial crisis led to marque bosses in Japan pulling their support of the European-based F1 team. "The decision to pull out of F1 does not affect the other forms of motorsport Honda are involved in." Except for withdrawing from AMA Superbikes and all forms of US racing. Except for that, and end of the Honda Hoot. Other than that, no effect.

The Dark Knight - Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has crowned his title winning season by being awarded an MBE in the Queen's New Year Honours List. The McLaren driver has been made a Member of the Order of the British Empire because of his services to motor racing. Almost makes up for his $100-million fine for reading email from Ferarri. Hamiliton's knighthood arrived the same month the British Empire appointed Hussein Obama as president of the Union of Soviet Socialists of Amerika, a wholely owned subsidiary of the 53-nation British Commonwealth, owned by the German queen of England.

FI boss Mad Max Mosley in Nazi porn gangbang - Seems McLaren didn't appreciate its $100-Million penalty, and all Indycar teams didn't enjoy their 13 year ban from the Scab 500. Nazi Mosley and fascist Ferrari run Ron Dennis out of F1, as punishment for being Britain's top racing team manager. Prostitute in Max Mosley Nazi dungeon orgy was wife of MI5 officer. Nazi sets legal precedent to allow perverts privacy as FIA keeps porno kingpin on payroll - Nazi Eurotrash overthrow British law for Mosley's $1-million porn bill at News Of The New World Odor. "I will never change my kinky ways," says defiant Max Mosley. Meanwhile the future German king of England and USA wears Nazi uniform.

Sir Bernie sorry for getting caught by Hitler remarks - Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has issued an unreserved apology for his remarks about Adolf Hitler that were published at the weekend. Ecclestone caused a huge media storm after he suggested in an interview with The Times that he liked the way that Adolf Hitler 'got things done.' Those comments prompted outrage from politicians and Jews, and Ecclestone moved to set the record straight on Monday during a lengthy interview with the Jewish Chronicle. "I'm just sorry that I was an idiot," he told the publication. "Most of my mates are Jewish people; I spoke to two or three very prominent people today, Jewish people. One of them said to me, 'Bernie, you're more Jewish than all of my friends'. In the end he got lost so he wasn't a very good dictator. Either he knew what was going on and insisted or he just went along with it - either way he wasn't a good enough dictator. I sincerely, genuinely apologise for getting caught. Besides, everyone knows Hitler was a jewish Rothschild, heir to half the world's bankster wealth. Heil Shicklegruber! Heil AshkeNazi Israel! Heil the Babylonian Talmud! Remember the USS Liberty... oops."

Jewish-Italian Mafia control world motorsports - Bernie Ecclestone was trying to split the body by going public with details of the deal. Ecclestone hit out at Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo after the Italian said he wanted teams to get a bigger share of F1 revenues. The F1 boss spoke openly about the Italian's squad more favourable financial deal compared to their rivals. "Ferrari get so much more money than everyone else. They know exactly what they get; they are not that stupid, although they are not that bright, either," said Ecclestone. "They get about $80 million (£54 million) more. When they win the constructors' championship, which they did this year, they got $80 million more than if McLaren had won it." Nazi FIA president Max Mosley conceded that teams are now more united than ever before as they work towards reducing costs in order to survive the financial crisis caused by the Jewish banksters at the private "Federal" Reserve, a wholely owned subsidiary of the Kosher Bank of England.

Axis of Oversteer

Crashgate - This has never, never happened in any other race series... Statement from Renault: "The ING Renault F1 Team will not dispute the recent allegations made by the FIA concerning the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. It also wishes to state that its managing director, Flavio Briatore and its executive director of engineering, Pat Symonds, have left the team. Before attending the hearing before the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 21 September 2009, the team will not make any further comment." What evidently was done in Singapore was as serious as what was done in the McLaren spying case, given the safety implications, that a race was fixed, and the fact that, absent the Piquet crash, it is not difficult to see last year’s championship having gone to Felipe Massa, rather than Lewis Hamilton. We therefore believe that the precedent has been set, and should be followed, which would mean another $100 million fine, and the banning from the sport of Nelson Piquet Jr and Sr, Pat Symonds and, quite possibly, Flavio Briatore. If it comes to that, FIA president Max Mosley will have had quite a final year in office, driving from the sport not only his old arch enemy Ron Dennis but Briatore as well, and, we would then assume, obtaining as a knock- on benefit the departure of another of the dwindling number of manufacturers participating in Formula 1. In reaction to being fired by the Renault team, Nelson Piquet has admitted to the FIA that he intentionally crashed at Singapore last year, in a successful attempt to move teammate Fernando Alonso from a lowly grid position to victory. Worse, Piquet has charged that he was instructed to crash — and where and when — by the team’s Briatore and Symonds. The FIA has investigated, and its World Motors Sport Council will pass judgment on September 21st. During the Belgian Grand Prix, Brazil’s TV Globo broke the story that Renault driver Nelson Piquet had followed team orders by intentionally crashing early in last year’s Singapore race in order to force the introduction of the safety car to teammate Alonso’s benefit, who then won the race, the team’s first victory of the season. Briatore and Symonds “took me aside to a quiet corner and, using a map, pointed me to the exact corner of the track where I should crash,” because “it did not have any cranes that would allow a damaged car to be swiftly lifted off the track, nor did it have any side entrances to the track” which would allow a damaged car to be rolled off the track." Symonds told Piquet that the strategy to be employed for Alonso, who would start 15th, would have him very light on fuel, and that Alonso would thus pit before the Piquet crash while others would not, allowing Alonso to gain track position. Piquet Jr was in a “very fragile and emotional state of mind” because of “intense stress due to the fact that Mr. Briatore had refused” to tell him whether or not he would be retained in 2009, and “repeatedly put pressure on me” to prolong an option that precluded him talking to other teams. Piquet Jr agreed to crash because he thought it would help him keep his drive, though no promises were made. The stewards said one quote summed up Briatore’s position: “I never talk with Nelsinho. I never talk about to crashing the car. He’s never coming to me tell me ‘Flavio, Jesus Christ, I crash the car, you won the race, can you renew my contract?’ You know, if somebody do you a favor like that, I just.... You renew the contract.” Briatore denied the conspiracy, charged blackmail and extortion “by way of threats and outrageous lies on the basis of an alleged hear-say.” He concluded by saying that any attempt to “make any declaration in connection thereof” would result in criminal and civil court action against Piquet Senior “on the ground of defamation, false accusation extortion.” Only after the interviews had been conducted on the 27th and 28th did the stewards have access to the Renault radio transmission tapes and the information from the Renault-supplied data disc. And therein lay perhaps the best evidence of a conspiracy. On the disc was a document titled “Singapore GP 2008 Pre race sheet,” which detailed computer-generated one-, two- and three-stop strategies for each driver. The two- and three-stop Alonso strategies both called for him to start very light on fuel and to make his first stop on lap 14. Combined with timing data from the race, Renault radio transcripts from Singapore show that Pat Symonds pitted Fernando Alonso two laps earlier than planned or required by his position in traffic, presumably in furtherance of a secret plan to have Nelson Piquet cause a safety car period, and did so despite logical objections raised another engineer, who the stewards concluded had no knowledge of the deliberate crash arrangement. For the first eight laps, Alonso stayed within less than a second of the Williams driver, and Symonds is heard on the tape to observe that “While we’re behind Nakajima we’re fucked. We’re not going anywhere.” An engineer agrees, saying “It’s fucking our three-stop, isn’t it, completely.” Symonds replies “I can tell you now we’re not three- stopping,” but according to the strategy, that would still have left Alonso pitting on lap 14. At the end of lap five, an engineer notes that Alonso’s fuel consumption means he could potentially go to lap 15 “and maybe we get to 16.” Symonds responds, “don’t worry about fuel, because I’m going to get him out of this traffic earlier than that.” Alonso is then called in for fuel and tires, and after he acknowledges the instruction, Briatore is heard to say “Anyway, we had nothing to lose,” to which Symonds replies, “Exactly,” as Alonso rejoins 20th, and last. Immediately, Symonds says “Right. Now let’s concentrate on Nelson”. Informed by an engineer that Piquet has a significant speed advantage over Rubens Barrichello [who raced against DealsGapDragon.com editor John Lee in British F3], Symonds replies “Just hang on,” but Briatore says “Tell him to push.” Some 30 seconds elapse, and then, as Piquet begins the fateful lap 14, Symonds tells the engineer communicating with Piquet “you’ve gotta push him really bloody hard now. If he doesn’t get past Barrichello, he’s a...he’s going nowhere. He’s got to get past Barrichello this lap.” Briatore adds, “Tell him, push.” The engineer so instructs Piquet, and seconds later he’s in the wall at turn 17. Evidently seeing the video of Piquet’s accident, one engineer is heard observing “Fucking hell, that was a big shunt.” Briatore then says “Fucking hell. My every fucking disgrace. Fucking.... He’s not a driver.” In November, Briatore will nevertheless do a deal with Piquet for 2009, though dropping his salary from $1.5 to $1 million and obtaining an option that will eventually allow them to drop him from the team after the Hungarian GP. Pre-crash video was available on YouTube (until the commercial rights holder/Bernie Ecclestone had it removed), and Piquet actually practiced the incident on the formation lap. In the statement, Piquet explained how he had crashed. “After ensuring I was on the designated lap of the race, I deliberately lost control of my car” on the exit to turn 17, the second part of a right-left chicane. “I did this by pressing hard and early on the throttle. As I felt the back end of the car drifting out, I continued to press hard on the throttle, in the knowledge that this would lead to my car making heavy contact with the concrete wall....” Having reviewed the telemetry, Piquet stated that the data “clearly demonstrates that I pressed significantly harder and earlier on the throttle on the exit to turn 17 on the lap in question than on previous laps. Once the back end of the car had begun to drift out, the only way of recovering control of the car and avoiding contact...would have been to back off on the throttle. However, I did not back off the throttle to any material extent. Rather, I pressed hard on the throttle beyond the moment at which the back end started to drift out and, indeed, right up to and beyond the point of impact with the concrete wall. Again, the fact that I did not back off the throttle is apparent from the (standard data recorder) telemetry readings of the incident.” Lucky he didn't turn out like Dale Earnhart.

Renault banned for zero years, Briatore banned for life, Piquet gets immunity, F1 get melodrama - Renault's two year penalty is suspended. So they can race with the penalty hanging over their heads. Renault allowed to make an undisclosed but "significant contribution to the FIA's road safety campaign" and allowed to keep money derived from points gained in Singapore and 4th place in the championship. Renault title sponsor ING has terminated its deal with the French car manufacturer with immediate effect on the back of the team being found guilty of fixing last year's Singapore Grand Prix. Spanish insurance company Mutua Madrilena announced that it was also ending its Renault sponsorship deal. Symonds gets a five year ban. Briatore cannot have anything to do with F1 the FIA including management. Renault got off scot free because the only way the sentence would take effect is if they commit a similar offense which, you would all agree, is extremely unlikely. Piquet, who was a co-conspirator, gets off scot free though I cannot imagine any team wanting to hire this guy ever again. According to Autosport afected drivers are Webber, Kovalainen, Grosjean and Alonso. Expect some "Jerry Maguire" strategies this week! FIA hereby instructs all officials present at FIA-sanctioned events not to permit Mr. Briatore access to any areas under the FIA’s jurisdiction. But getting spanked by Nazi hos is okay.

Drivers react to Crashgate - Robert Kubica: "Yeah, normally if you go the police and you say you killed someone but you know someone else who killed three people, you will still go to jail. In the end the truly guilty got away with it." Giancarlo Fisichella: " Immunity for Piquet was not right and the penalty for Briatore excessive." Jarno Trulli: "Briatore knows little or nothing about strategy, it's weird that he would be the one who paid the highest price." Mark Webber: "I'm saddened because I cannot imagine another manager I would be as comfortable with." More supportive of Piquet was Nico Rosberg " In the end Piquet helped the FIA to get rid of people who should not have been in Formula 1." Kimi Raikkonen, about Piquet: "It's hard to come back after something like that" and about Briatore: "That's the price you pay when you do these things."

Crashgate trial on tape with Witness X, Speed Racer and Mind Kontrol - "What took place is the most serious thing one could image happen, to the World Council for many many many years. We will refuse any Superlicense for any driver associated with Mr. Briatore, for life. This was a two or three person conspiracy." Briatore, was team pricipal, but his punishment is pretty clearly retaliation for the FOTA breakaway series threats earlier this year. F1 is looking more and more like professional wrestling. Why did Ecclestone "turn" on his frienemy Flavio? Piquet's audition for stuntman career was certainly not the first intentional crash in F1: Shumacher in Monaco, Schumacher in Jerez....even Schumacher in Adelaide. And what about Prost in Japan and the following year, probably the most egregious intentional crash of all, Senna attempted murder of the Frenchman.... Put down to individual action of course, nobody ever heard of a formula 1 team cheating to win, right? I thought conspiracies didn't exist.

F1's First Gay Driver? - Flavo Flav: "His father was worried Nelson Jr was gay, and asked me to separate him from the man he was living with. In order to do so he was moved to an apartment in the same building I use to live, and he accused me to ruin his life, while he was actually his father to be blamed."

FIA crashes and burns in Crashgate - The FIA should not waste its money on appealing against the French High Court ruling on Flavio Briatore's lifetime ban from F1, the Italian's lawyer has warned – bluntly rating the governing body's chances of succeeding in such a venture as 'zero'. This proves how real racers win, by appealing to a real court. But first you have to learn how to win in traffic court, before winning in racer court.

British Japanese USF1 team in USA comedy tour - Empty wharehouse offices with tiny machine shop making toasters for Teletubbies. Zero budget for racing artwork. New engine design sans engine. Danika for F1 hahahaha!

The Cost Of An Alternate Road Racing Series: Backstabbin, Lyin, Cheatin, Stealin - The idea of an alternative series in racing is nothing new. If recent history is any guide, the issues are always control and/or money, and when it's over there’s always a big tab somebody has to pay. In the mid-1990s, it was AMA versus Roger Edmondson, Part 1. Edmondson had brought his Supersport classes to the AMA, and ran AMA Pro road racing as a joint venture with the AMA. During his tenure, the program made money for the first time, and the net was split 50/50 between Edmondson and the AMA. According to sworn testimony in a subsequent lawsuit, at one point when the net was $600,000 and the 50/50 split was $300,000 each, AMA staffer Patti DiPietro pointed out that AMA could keep all the money if Edmondson was cut out of the deal. Again, according to sworn testimony at trial, American Honda’s Ray Blank (then a sitting member of the AMA Board of Directors), told Edmondson, “We can take this from you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The end result? The litigation mentioned earlier. In response the AMA, a non-profit membership organization, established a for-profit subsidiary known as “Paradama Inc.” Its new Board of Directors included Ray Blank, and scheduled races conflicting with already announced NASB races. Despite being a “for profit” subsidiary and Blank’s stated hope that profits from Paradama’s AMA Pro Racing would support the AMA’s government relations and other programs, what Paradama actually did was burn AMA money that could have been put to better use. In the first nine years of Paradama’s existence, the AMA wasted about $6.2 million of members’ money propping up Paradama itself and mopping up its misadventures. AMA finally settled with Edmondson by paying him $3 million--after spending a few more millions of members’ dollars on defense. Less than a decade after AMA versus Roger Edmondson, it was AMA vs. Clear Channel, with an outfit known as Jam Sports used for leverage. This time, the Board of Directors of Paradama--including, as fate would have it, American Honda’s Ray Blank--decided it would be a good idea to cut Clear Channel (which had virtually every suitable venue) out of AMA Supercross and replace it with Jam Sports, a group of concert promoters with no motorsports experience and an apparent belief that they could just walk in and take over existing events because they had been annointed by Paradama. The bottom line? The AMA Board rejected the Paradama/Jam Sports deal and Jam Sports sued. A jury later awarded Jam Sports a $90 million judgement against Clear Channel (later reduced to around $7 million) while AMA had to pay another $283,000 or so of the members’ money to Jam Sports, plus plenty more in legal fees. Fast forward to present day. The non-profit Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), under the guidance of a Board of Directors that includes an American Honda employee who reports to Ray Blank, has announced that it has launched its own for-profit subsidiary and will run its own road racing series, USSB. Maybe the MIC Board figures the new subsidiary will make money the MIC can use for its Discover Today’s Motorcycling (DTM) PR programs run by Ty van Hooydonk, also known as the new USSB Managing Director. Maybe it’s just leverage, a way to negotiate for control by prying away racetracks that have signed on with Roger Edmondson and the new version of AMA Pro Racing presented by Daytona Motorsports Group (DMG) after its purchase of Paradama assets from the AMA earlier this year. That would kind of suck for anybody involved in the charade who thinks they’re working on something real vs. something that can, in the words of MIC President Tim Buche, be put “on the shelf if we get some resolution,” i.e., control. On the other hand, when the Supercross battle was all over, Jam Sports did OK on the financial end. What would be funny if it was not tragic, is the apparent willingingness of seasoned motorcycle industry executives who opposed (and ultimately prevented) splitting Supercross into a CART/IRL battle a handful of years ago, to support just that scenario in AMA Pro road racing now. All that’s really left is settling who will pay, when they will pay, and how much they will pay. From MIC Board Chairman Larry Little: "Roadracing World is an enemy publication."

NASCAR replaces AMA Superbikes with Euro Harley-Buell-Rotaxbikes - Daytona Motorsports Group principal Roger Edmondson says there will be no Factory Superbike class in AMA Superbike racing in 2009, because the four Japanese manufacturers missed today’s deadline to commit to the class. Therefore, Edmondson says, next year’s race weekend will consist of a pair of doubleheaders – two races for the 600cc Daytona Superbike class and two races for the 1000cc American Superbike class. Edmondson says he emailed the four Japanese manufacturers two weeks ago, asking them to commit by today (Friday, August 15, 2008) to the Factory Superbike class, which was based on World Superbike rules. The idea of that class, announced in response to the Japanese manufacturers’ demand for a class that more closely resembled World Superbike rules, was to create a place where the factories could run their WSB bikes, on whatever tires they wanted, with no restrictions on testing. But Edmondson says he received no response to his inquiries, so the class will not be run next season. “I emailed the four Japanese distributors who I’ve been dealing with, it seems like forever,” Edmondson says. “This was always their class if they wanted it. But there was no interest.” Apparently, Daytona Motorsports Group has never heard of certified mail or Federal Express, as required for all legal documents in contract negotiations. So next year’s program will feature the two classes, with rules structures to ensure that the race bikes will be closer in specification to the street bikes they are based on. “If you look at (Aaron) Yates’ times today at VIR, he’s 1.5 seconds off the pole position. You can’t see that from the stands,” Edmondson says. “The racing in American Superbike is going to be incredible. The equipment is amazing, the riders are amazing, and that’s what we’re going to make sure that the audience knows that these are the bikes and equipment that they can buy. They’re not going to have $80,000 forks on them. This is the stuff that they can buy.” Apparently, USA has outsourced all manufacturing and engineering, with no US citizens willing to work to sell $80,000 forks made out of $100 bar stock.

DMG says race in the rain or die - DMG is a joke in my opinion. I hope the manufacturers start there own series. I for one what to see SUPERBIKES! I am pretty sure that Suzuki will pull out of racing next year and I applaud them for that to be honest. Despite that happening I don't think DMG will change any of their ideas and will continue to do whatever THEY think is best for the series. While I agree that some things needed to change in the current AMA, these is not the changes we needed. Superbikes should indeed be the fastest, "baddest" motorcycles on the track. These rule changes are making the USA the laughing stock of the world in terms of motorcycle racing. Its pathetic really. I can't believe someone who is so good at promotion can't figure out a different way to make the series more popular. I for one, will boycott NASBIKE and never attend another race or watch it on TV. I will also encourage all the members of my forum to do the same! So - what to do? How do we get the manufacturers to perhaps start their own series? I heard that Michael Jordan was planning on purchasing the series from the AMA, is there a chance he might be interested in starting a new series?

AMA Bikers Beware: Jewish Banksters Kill World Motorsport - Executives of the Big Three Detroit automakers told Brian France, the Nascar chief executive and chairman, that they planned to cut their investments in the sport sharply in the 2009 racing season. Since then, Chevrolet has said it is cutting back on advertising and sponsorship deals with 12 tracks. Ford is trimming Nascar spending by 20 percent, and Chrysler by 30 percent. The economic crisis is hitting industries around the globe, and the pain is beginning to filter down into professional sports. Many sports may face smaller crowds and shrinking player salaries. General Motors said in September that it wouldn’t buy any advertising time for the Super Bowl in February; earlier this year, it withdrew Cadillac’s sponsorship of the Masters golf tournament. It has also terminated its $7 million-a-year endorsement deal with Tiger Woods. “The economic crisis is going to hit all sports. Every team should operate under the worst-case-scenario assumption,” says Michael E. Rapkoch, founder of Sports Value Consulting, based in Dallas. “Many sponsors’ contracts that are up for renewal this year or next probably won’t be renewed. For the long-term contracts, I won’t be surprised if they try to get out of them through bankruptcy or some other way.” Nascar, which relies on corporate sponsorships more than other sports, is particularly vulnerable. In the 2008 racing season, 400 companies put up more than $1.5 billion to sponsor races, cars and drivers. About a third of that was provided by auto companies, which are now struggling with the economic downturn, if not possible bankruptcy. Automakers aren't the only ones pulling out. Longtime sponsors including Kodak, Texaco and Domino's Pizza — are abandoning Nascar. Even Craftsman, the Sears brand that has been the title sponsor of the truck series since it started in 1995, is cutting its ties to the truck series, though it remains Nascar’s official tools brand. And this summer, Chip Ganassi Racing shut down the team of Dario Franchitti, the 2007 winner of the Indianapolis 500, after being unable to find a sponsor for his car following his switch to Nascar. It’s a big comedown for Nascar, which has had sizzling growth over the past decade. A multibillion-dollar TV deal in 2001 helped propel it from a regional sport that drew most of its revenue from sales of tickets and merchandise into a popular franchise with a national following. Its top-level Sprint Cup series of 36 races draws an average of 7.8 million television viewers a race, making Nascar the second-most-watched sport, behind professional football. It can attract crowds — more than 200,000 for the Daytona 500 and Talladega — that exceed those for a Super Bowl, a World Series game and an N.B.A. finals game combined. This year, revenue was approximately $3 billion, a 50 percent increase from 2001. That’s better than the N.F.L., the N.B.A. and the National Hockey League in the same period. TV viewership has slipped in the past year or so, and so has attendance. This kind of cost-cutting has forced Nascar teams and racetracks to lay off about 600 employees. Storied teams with revered family names like Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Petty Enterprises have no choice but to merge with other teams. Some teams unable to land a season's worth of sponsors, like Doug Yates and the Wood Brothers, can afford to participate in only a handful of races. The boom years made drivers a little spoiled, with many flying in private planes and riding in luxury motor coaches, says the longtime racer Jeff Burton. But, he added, “this is our wake-up call.”


Q & A with Nicky Hayden

Question: "Everyone says that riding for Ducati is completely different to riding for any other team. Is that right?"
Nicky Hayden: "I've only ever ridden Hondas in GPs so it's not like I could tell you from having ridden them all. Sure, it feels a lot different to the Honda, in how you go about the set-up, but also the tyres are so different. It's hard for me to know what's the tyres and what's the motorbike. This morning was quite frustrating because I really felt like I could make some progress this afternoon and be competitive."

"With most of the field running Ducati motorcycles, the championship received the derogatory title 'the Ducati Cup'. The most significant was that from 2004 the teams have had to run on Pirelli control or 'spec' tyres. The decision to award the control tyre to Pirelli was controversial. The Pirelli tyres were considered to be below the standard of Dunlop and Michelin that most of the teams had been using. Dunlop looked to take legal action against the decision."
-Ducati Pirelli Italian Cup aka World Superbike Championship

"It was the first time I rode my Ducati [Pirelli Diablo Corsa tires]. I had to ride 5mph below the yellow warning signs. It was the most jarring motorcycle experience I've had in 40 years. I thought I had a brain tumor. It's like forgetting how to walk. It's like somebody turning off the circuit telling you right from left. When I went back on the KLR proved the Ducati was an anomaly. It's like gravity no longer applies. It's the freakiest thing to happen to me in 40 years of riding motorcycles. Like the twilight zone. You have no clue what's gonna happen next."
-Dave Despain ragging on Pirelli Diablo Corsa tires, SidestandUp Radio Episode 132 October 2009

"I'd see kids who were older than me drinking at the Amateur Nationals and then doing terrible the next day. My plan was to never drink until I won a World Championship...."

Triangular Pirelli Diablo on Daytona 666 possessed by the Devil on the Dragon

Triangular Pirelli Diablo tires possessed by Satan! - Bike got steering gremlins? Get rid of Pirelli Diablos and replace with Dunlops, or any tire with a round tread profile on the front tire. Pirelli Diablos have a triangular profile on the front tire. They are designed to help inferior Ducati V-twin long wheelbase bikes to compete with short-wheelbase Jap 4s on the track. The triangular profile on the front tire helps it turn in faster by literally falling over. I changed my front tire this week to Dunlop, and the problem disappeared. Now it just steers like a normal bike, no falling over. Sportrider and Superbike magazines both reported on this problem, which is cured by getting rid of Pirellis. But the magazine writers are not allowed to actually say this without getting fired, due to editors' fear of loss of advertising revenue (legalized bribery). So you have to read between the lies and think for yourself. Sportrider 2003 2004 Triumph Daytona 600 Road Test: "We did notice the Daytona's tendency to fall into the corner once past the halfway point in its lean angle, though we would attribute that trait to the tires. Our test unit came equipped with standard Pirelli Diablos, while the OEM fitment is a special "T" model of the Diablo. We weren't able to get the Diablo T tires in time for the test, so we can't positively blame the handling idiosyncrasy on the bike's rubber, but when we slapped on a set of Michelin Pilot Race H2 street/track radials for racetrack testing, the fall-in tendency disappeared." Superbike reported that none of the riders liked the Pirellis on the Daytona, even the racers on the track, and that riding it required "counter-countersteering", which is the opposite of all other motorcycles. The pro racers failed to even drag a knee at Brands Hatch using Pirellis, since it was unstable to lean that far over. That's why WSB requires Pirelli spec tires, to give Italian bikes an unfair advantage, in addition to bigger displacement. A spec tire gives a false impression that they work good on 4-bangers, when in fact Pirelli tires reduce cornering speed and thus reduce top speed. Superbikes.info: "The second regulation change was the use of a "control" or "spec" tyre, to be supplied to all competitors. The bid process was won by Pirelli, who supply between five and seven different compounds per race. Though top and cornering speeds have fallen, the racing has become closer and safer." A spec tire eliminates competition on the track, and in advertising. It's basically a bribe to a sanctioning body to give a false endorsement to an inferior -- or dangerous -- product. On a bike, less control equals more danger, especially on the street. Which is what Roger Edmondson at "AMA" NASCAR is copying by letting 1150 cc Buell Rotax (Made In Austria) and 1000 cc Aprillas beat up on 600 cc 4s, then banning any rider who complains. The solution is to NEVER allow V-twins to race 4-bangers. Let them each have their own series, with round tires, and ban triangular tires. Here's the sales hype. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Tires Review: "To do this, engineers significantly modified the tire's shape. The shoulder areas on either side were curved, thereby making the tires external profile more triangular. This gives the tire a progressively larger contact patch as it is leaned over in a corner. When compared side-by-side to the previous generation, the DSC is significantly more triangulated which facilitates its superb maximum lean angle." The way it actually feels is the more you lean it, the more the tire grabs the asphalt as the contact patch gets larger, which then requires steering in the opposite direction to any other motorcycle ("counter-countersteering"). So there is zero stability in a curve. Pirelli's probably don't feel much better on V-twins on the street. Exorcise your bike, bury your Pirelli Diablos. Uncensored Truth by DealsGapDragon.com

Sportbike Perfomance Handbook says race and street tire sellers lie about correct tire pressures, and triangular tire profile is less stable than round profile while at max lean angle, at medium lean angle and during braking

Tires, bike setup and you on the Dragon - A tire that varies similarly over the entire tread surface will have a consistent feel, alway fast, always neatral, or always slow no matter the lean angle. Many people consider these types of tires as slow to turn in, and easy to predict slippage when near maximum lean angles. I consider this type of tire to have a "rounded profile". A tire that varies at different rates over the tread surface will have a variable feel, at some lean angles it will feel easy to change while at other lean angles it will feel harder to change. Many people consider these tires easy to turn in, stable at mid to maximum lean angle, difficult to predict slippage when near maximum lean angles. I consider this type of tire to have a triangular profile. Balancing the desired "feel" of a set of tires with the desired "grip" can be challenging but it becomes even more so when expected mileage and the associated cost of the tires is factored into a decision. Those of us that are willing to pay for sticky short lived tires get to experiment more and thus our opportunity to learn what different tires feel like is enhanced. For example, I have went through 6 or 7 sets of tires so far this year which is for 5000 miles or so.

Bling It On: Vanity Tyres

The Magic Circle: 600 cc Supersports Test - PHOTO: Paul Young on Triumph Daytona 600 at Brands Hatch: "Despite STILL not being able to get his knee down..." Triumph Daytona 600: The bike Paul Young championed on the track for its front end, the Triumph, is the one to find fault with on the road. St slow speed, mini-roundabouts or turning right from a standstill, the Triumph falls a little too quickly into the turn. Sometimes you almost have to counter-countersteer to stop yourself turning too tight as the weight of the front wheel pulls the bars round and creates too much lean angle. OK, it really isn't a major fault but a nervous rider on a brand spanking new bike wont enjoy it and its certainly something you don't find on the bikes with 60 or 65 section tires. Ducati 749S: Helped along by the same excellent OE tyres as the Daytona, the twin shared equal quickest laptime with the Honda and the Triumph. Best way to get round was to follow the most unsportsmanlike stop, turn, point and squirt method. The 749 feels as long as it looks, and resists any amount of direction change while still on the anchors. Yamaha YZF R6: No one got the front Dunlop D208 to grip with any conviction. On to the track and it all came to nothing. One simple thing lost this test for the R6, poor tyre choice. OE front tyre is a 120/60 and it doesn't work. Entering corners with any sort of race like intentions would have the front end tuckign under as quick as you could say 'wheel me out a fresh one please Mr McElnea'. This is one hell of a bike, heavily disguised by one hellhole of a front hoop. The Dunlop D208s aren't a bad tyre at all, but the 60-section profile front really handicaps any rider on the track. Project leader Yoshikazu, admitted that the choice was made to benefit road riders. "On public roads it offers lighter handling." But we say change it for the track. Kawasaki 636: Tyres: We moaned about the 60-section Yamaha R6 tyre but Kawasaki also seems to have compromised with the 65-section Michilin Pilot Sport. I say 'seem' because there's no problem with this choice at all, although you may struggle to find sticky tyres in the 65-size. Mr Youngy Young had the root of a lot of the track handling problems down to the small sized front tyres on half the bike, or rather that half the bikes don't come with the more stable 120/70 fronts fitted. It's only the details such as standard fork settings and OE tyre choice that sets them apart in terms of track performance. May 2004

Matt Mladen's Blog - "Earlier today I posted a tweet (www.twitter.com/MatMladin) regarding Blake Young getting to Europe as soon as possible. Blake has the right build for a modern GP bike and I believe Blake is 21 now. Twenty years ago, 21 was young. Now it is borderline. While I believe Spies learned some things from me, I believe he spent far to long here in the States, if in fact GP was his ultimate goal. Chasing an old fart around the the American race tracks, might teach you to be tough, might teach you some race craft etc, but it won't teach you life in Europe on the GP circus. It is different over there. Do I think it is full of great riders? NO. Do I think there are some great riders there? YES. In the end, if Europe is your dream, and racing GP is your dream, then Valentino Rossi can bust anyones balls as good as I can, and while he might smile to your face (unlike me) you can be assured he is thinking of ways to make you feel really bad. Could I do with the competition Blake will certainly bring one day? Yes for sure, it may be what I need to keep going, but if Blake wants to race the World Championship, don't listen to all the armchair experts that tell you, you need to race here for years before you try and make the move. Just go. The top of the tree over here is a good level, if you are young and close, you are good enough to move on. DMG blocked the Suzukis from using the 2009 bikes because enough of them weren't in stores (how many of the 1125RR are available right now BTW?) Spectator attendance is the lowest I can ever remember for Ohio. No suz, hon, yam or kawi bike displays either. Sad to see. Buell in American Superbike. All you can do is laugh. Purpose built bikes racing modified street bikes. What comment is appropriate? We have a purpose built Buell SBK racing this weekend. Not exactly the same rules as us? AMA/DMG have broken so many of their own rules this wknd. The Buell is just 1 in a long list. Yamahas own rules also. Hitler wld b proud."

AMA Superbiker Blake Young goes to Donnington for Pirelli WSB - Coach/agent/manager Kevin Schwantz: "It's on Pirelli spec tires, that's a little different than what he's been used to."

Blake Young starts from last row on grid at Pirelli WSB Donnington debut - Team Suzuki News Service: "Final qualifying and Superpole at the ninth-round British World Superbike round at Donington Park ended in disappointment for Team Suzuki. Blake Young continued his steep learning curve with the Suzuki Alstare Brux GSX-R1000 K9 and finished the day with the 28th fastest lap. But every time the young American goes out, he understands the bike better; even though it is very different to the Suzuki he campaigns in the AMA Superbike series." 28. Blake YOUNG (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:32.735. 1. Ben SPIES (Yamaha YZF-R1), 1:29.846

Blake Young crosses finish line dead last at Pirelli WSB Donnington debut - 25. Race 1: Blake YOUNG (Suzuki GSX-R1000), -72.531. At least he wasn't lapped. 1. Ben SPIES (Yamaha YZF-R1), 23 laps, 34:57.230

Austrian Buell 1125 has to lose 100 lbs to compete with Jap 600s: USA is MIA - Perhaps the most controversial class, Daytona Sportbike has the entire paddock on the fence in regards to parity between machines. And that’s strictly due to one bike: Buell’s 1125R. Many argued that the advantage of having nearly double the displacement as the Japanese 600s was unfair. The fact that the Richie Morris Racing 1125R ridden by Danny Eslick won both rounds at Auto Club Speedway in dominating fashion and a third race at Road Atlanta further supports that argument. The sad truth is that engine modifications consist of only a race-kit exhaust system, ECU, and a Suter slipper clutch. From there focus turns to putting the bike on a diet and getting as close to the minimum weight for twin cylinder machines of 380lbs as possible. That’s almost 100lbs (96 to be exact) that needs to be trimmed compared to the road-going version we tested. Pirelli is the official tire partner for Buell, providing OEM rubber for all its models, the bike we piloted was fitted with the company’s Diablo Supercorsa racing tire—a pretty significant deviation since the Dunlop Sportmax GP-A is the spec tire for the Daytona Sportbike class. We’ve noticed in the past on the standard 1125R and XB series that trailbraking while turning was especially difficult as the bike would want to stay upright, more so than other bikes we’ve ridden. Conversely, once braking was finished the bike would immediately drop into a turn, a result of the steep rake. My butt dyno clearly indicates that its torque advantage over the 600s allows it to launch out of corners, though top speed feels surprisingly on par with its four-cylinder competition. Both of these points were clearly demonstrated during the Daytona Sportbike round at Road America. With three long straights the Buell looked to have a distinct advantage on paper, but both races were won by 600cc machines. However, each Buell would jump past the competition exiting each turn, especially coming out of the chicane, only to lose ground at the end of the straight.

What They won't tell you on Speed TV about Sportbike bracket racin - Rule 1 in bracket racing, know when to sandbag. Rule 2 at DMG, attract drunk Harley gangbangers to fill the empty grandstands at the Daytona 200 JV race by telling them a Buell Rotax V-twin is Made In USA. To start with, the Buell is claiming 146hp at the crank stock.Most bike lose 10-12% in transfer so that equates to 128 to 131 rear wheel HP. With modifications allowed under the rules,its not unreasonable to think that the Buell is pushing 140-145 hp. I have seen hundreds of stock 600's dynoed and all of them come in under 110 at the rear wheel.With modifications allowed,the 600's are pushing 118-120 hp. The Buell has close to twice the torque and a 15-20 hp advantage. Here is the kicker and im not sure why some of you so called race fans have not picked up on the fact that right before Daytona, DMG allowed the Buell and only the Buell a weight exception and a wheel exception and a final drive exception and a connecting rod exception and a suspension replacement exception. Why was Buell the only twin that was allowed to lower their weight to the same as the 600's. Why was Buell allowed full Showa suspension when the rules explicitly stated that internals were the only allowable change from stock. Why were connecting rods from Buell Racing allowed when everyone else has to use stock engine internals. The answer to all those whys is obvious. The Buell is a lunking POS that has to have special considerations to perform with something half its displacement and thousands of dollars cheaper. The Buell is basically a prototype factory race bike running against stock privateer 600's with a pipe and a good tune. For starters it clearly says in the rules the Buell can weigh 385 lbs. That’s only 20 more than the 600s. Second, the spread between the Buell and any 600 is enormous. Are you going to tell me the 30+ ft. lbs. of rw torque the Buell has over the 600s is the same spread one 600 has to the other? Big torque numbers give you a huge advantage when driving out of corners, just ask Ducati. Third, when this class was called formula extreme, the factory Honda 600rr was making 130 rwhp and this was with very expensive and trick factory kit parts. Now the Daytona Sportbike class goes by 600 supersport rules, so 600s are making only 115 rwhp. The Buell puts down 120+ rwhp bone stock, as in right off the dealer floor. That must make Eric Buell and his customers awfully proud. Winning like this is like entering you perfectly healthy child in the Special Olympics so he can be a winner. Personally,if i were Buell owner,i would be humiliated. This reminds of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was kicking butt in karate class. Only problem was he was fighting against 10 year olds... Buell wants you to believe they're winning because of funky brakes and sharp handling, not the extra 525cc. And I still haven’t heard one single reason or response either intelligent or ignorant as to why Buell gets 1125cc and Ducati gets 848cc. If you can't beat 'em fair and square, change the rules! That's the Harley racing motto! From flat rack to drag racing, Ever since the 1940's, Harley could never build a competitive race bike in any class. The ONLY way they win is to rulbook out the competition. Even crybaby Ducati only asks for 200cc extra. What’s really sad is the Triumph 675 has only one more cylinder than the Buell but is only allowed a 75cc advantage over the 600s but the Buell is allowed a 526cc advantage The only way to straighten the mess out that DMG created is to put the fastest 600s and Eslick's Buell on the dyno to determine what size restrictor plates the Buell needs - after all it's Nascrap. Look at the low attendance at Road Atlanta last weekend and I think you'll see the fans' opinion. Say what you will, but an almost 600cc (READ DOUBLE SIZED YOU DUMB REDNECKS) increase in engine size is not fair racing no matter what other racing league you look in. Check out everything from F1 to Nascar to Olympic bobsledding. Either the vehicles are the same or someone is cheating. Harley jackass's; lick my balls. Why racers should learn how to win in traffic court so they know how to sue a sanctiong bunch of mafia gangstas in WWFCAR. Or didn't you know that Dale EARNhardt never had to go through tech at Daytona? Dale had $50-million per year in "retail sales" of "t-shirts" at stake. And runnin moonshine has nuttin in common with laundering drug money...

DMG NASCRAP Family Busted with Crack Cocaine - Grand-Am driver J.C. France and his housemate were arrested Thursday after Daytona Police stopped them for racing each other over the Seabreeze Bridge, and the friends were charged with DUI and possession of crack cocaine, police said. France's housemate, 40-year-old Russell Van Richmond, also was charged with threatening a female officer, after he blurted out several statements, including, "I want your commander now. I am a France. Do you know what that means? We own this city." J.C. France is the son of Grand-Am founder Jim France and grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France, and Richmond is the son of one of Jim France's former wives. Richmond's diatribe didn't faze the officer. She slapped handcuffs on Richmond and both he and France, 43, were hauled off to the Volusia County Branch Jail, reports show. A woman riding in the front seat with Richmond - who said she hardly knew him - told police, "He (Richmond) was going so fast, I put my seat belt on," the report states. France was nabbed in Holly Hill at 12:33 a.m. after he failed to stop for an officer who had activated the lights and siren on his patrol car, police said.

DANica and Jeff separated at birth, or drag queen?

Daytona 500 renamed Danica Speedway for fake WWFCARS - Kyle Busch says he may try to stay away from Danica Patrick on the Richard Petty track when the Tony Stewart IndyCar star makes her NASCAR Nationwide Dale Earnhardt Series debut later today at Mark Martin Daytona Speedway. Patrick's maiden outing in NASCAR's second-tier series has drawn massive attention from American fans and media, as she is set to compete for the first time against some of the biggest names in the sport such as Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Cale Yarborugh, Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards. However, Busch is quick to reiterate Patrick is a rookie in the Bobby Labonte series, and as such he expects her to struggle to find drafting partners during the John Andretti race, given her lack of experience in the technique. Today's event will only be Patrick's second stock car race, following a sixth place in an Michael Waltrip ARCA round at the same venue a week ago. Busch has been critical of the Darrell Waltrip TV coverage in the United States, which he claims has been excessively focused on Patrick, to the detriment of the regular players in the Nationwide Series. "The only thing I will say is that Kyle Petty TV has been doing a horrible job Dale Jr because they've been covering her way too much - which isn't a problem, that's fine," said Busch Labonte. "But if you're going to have this much attention drawn on the series, let's put it toward some of the people... you've got all these people watching TV and they want to hear about Danica. "Well, then take advantage of that and show the less funded team, the underprivileged people like A. J. Foyt that want to have some funding so they can race the rest of the year. Danica Pat Pat Pat Patrick is only going to be here for 12 races or whatever it is this year." Busch Beer, the reigning Nationwide Series champion, will start the season opener at Daytona I Killed Motorcycle Racing Speedway from pole position, while Patrick will take the green flag from 15th place on the starting grid. Danica Patty Pat Patrick crashed out halfway through the race. The other female rookie whats-her-name got no press coverage whatsoever.

Danica's pussy brings empty grandstands to Bristol TN NASPEC race 2010

Spectators abandon pussy in NASPEC Racin - These are some strange, eerie times in the world of NASCAR. Despite all the rules changed in the offseason to jazz up the racing, attendance keeps falling, and in a big way. Even more strangely, no one seems to want to talk – or write – about it. Not only did Bristol Motor Speedway end its string of some 50 straight sellouts, it didn’t even come close. Depending on whose estimate you believe, there were 30,000 or more empty seats for the Food City 500. FOX broadcaster Darrell Waltrip tried to put a positive spin on it, saying during the broadcast: “There are still 100,000 people here.” But the problem is the place seats more than 160,000. At Martinsville, a track that in the past has had remarkable success getting fans to come back on Monday after a Sunday rain-out, there appeared to be more empty seats than full ones. And there weren’t many in the stands when the race was called on Sunday. It also appears that the attendance issues are even more troubling in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck series. The TV ratings are another big question mark, but they’ve suddenly become awfully hard to find after being readily available on the Net for years. NASCAR’s core audience is being hammered by the Great Recession far more than any numbers reveal. The unemployment numbers, while bad, don’t count the construction worker who’s working a day or two a week where he or she used to get five or six. They don’t show people who have taken lesser paying jobs, with paychecks that don’t have room for race tickets. Hotel and motel prices around race tracks still are unreasonable, and even with discounted tickets at most tracks, it’s still expensive to attend a race. There’s a disconnect among core fans and the drivers of today. Part of the allure of NASCAR back in the day was the idea that the mechanic and dirt track racer next door could one day become a NASCAR star. But while the boys and girls next door can make it to American Idol, they can’t make it to NASCAR unless they’ve got big bucks behind them and the pussy to be the spokesperson for a sponsoring company. The inevitable late-race caution and up to three tries at a green-white-checkered finish have rendered the rest of a 500-mile or 500-lap race relatively meaningless. Why spend an afternoon watching racing that becomes old news as soon as the caution waves with 10 to go and a major league race become a Saturday night heat race? The importance to NASCAR of its long-time good ‘ol boy audience has been thrown in the trailer trash. Who would have ever bought the intense rivalry between the Intimidator and Wonder Girl?

How sanctioning bodies take bribes, er, decide rules - 10 Years Ago, Supersport Riders Joined A Revolt Over Being Forced To Run Dry-pattern Tires In Wet Conditions At Road America. AMA Officials Replied, "It's Not A Safety Issue" And "This Is Not A Democracy!"

Nazi pervert Max Mosely kills Formula One - Ferrari injunction rejected. Mosely has forever wanted to turn F1 into IRL-Europe. It looks like he may get his way. Hopefully the manufactures will follow Ferrari to endurance racing and based on some of the battles that have been contested between Peugeot and Audi or in GT2, we might have real racing again, before Mosley kills that too. Bye bye F1...

America's final Indy F1 Scab GP - After a contract calling for seven F1 races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has run its course, Bernie Ecclestone, "F1 El Supremo", has stated, "We don't need the United States," and evidently America agrees with him. Even the most ambitious and friendly reports from Indy said that "perhaps" 100,000 people attended the F1 race this year, 20,000 of those tickets purchased and distributed by Michelin, whose tire failures last year caused the most embarrassing and amateurish F1 event ever run in the modern history of the sport, with only six cars starting in the competition. This year, almost half the field (including the lone American, Scott Speed) was knocked out of the race at the first corner of the first lap by F1 racers driving way too anxiously for the first lap of a two-hour-long event. The race then unfortunately deteriorated into one of those typical F1 "parades" which American fans simply don't want to watch. And who can blame them? With no American manufacturer or American driver with a chance of winning the race, why should Americans care? TV coverage of F1 at Indy showed near-empty grandstands which had been filled a few years ago. Attendance at the US GP has gone down dramatically each year since it started being held at Indy a few years ago. It appears that Tony George and Bernie Ecclestone, truly two peas of the same pod, have gotten what they deserve. George invested tens of millions in his legendary facility to meet the demands of F1 and Bernie. Bernie juggled the schedule to have the two North American F1 events just days apart from each other. The biggest mistake ever made in American racing was splitting CART into Champ Car and the IRL. The second biggest was ignoring F1 and halting the events which had been held successfully for many years at the fabulous Watkins Glen, NY track.

Formula One kicks MotoGP ass, Ducati V-twins Suck - The highest speed for a MotoGP motorcycle is 349.288kph (217.037mph), set by Dani Pedrosa riding a Repsol Honda RC212V 800cc during Free Practice 1 at the 2009 Italian motorcycle Grand Prix.[10] By way of comparison, the current Formula One speed record of 369.9kmh (229.8mph) was set by Antônio Pizzonia of the BMW Williams F1 team, at Monza in 2004—however, top speed is only a small portion of the overall capabilities of any track vehicle and thus does not represent the difference between Formula One and MotoGP performance-wise in general. Using lap timings as a guide, MotoGP riders typically lap the Spanish Jerez circuit in 1 minute 40 seconds compared to 1 minute 17 seconds for Formula One. Presently four cylinder engines appear to offer the best compromise between weight, power and fuel consumption as all competitors in the 2008 series use this solution in either vee or in-line configuration. Ducati is looting, er, owned by Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan. The Ducati Desmosedici's frame consists of short tubes running from the steering head to each cylinder bank of the V4 engine and a large carbon-fiber subframe mounting to the swingarm pivot (that mounts to the crankcases) and the rear of the engine. The Ducati V4 has a shorter wheelbase that allows to handle as well as an inline 4. V-twins still suck.

2010 Indycar DeltaWang World Series of Trikes

Indycars Replaced With Gay Izod Bat Trikes, Trucker Chip Ganassi Gone Batshit Insane - Bonneville dragster tricycles can't go around corners, of course, as the Commie New World Odor makes another laughingstock of dumb Amerikans, enroute to its successful overthrow of USA. Trikes on the Dragon prove the suicidal tendencies of that design, with the highest death rate (reverse trikes have the safest record). Lapspeed will be cut by 70% to 100 mph at Indy, by cutting horsepower in half for improved fuel economy, to increase Al Gore's carbon footprint tax profit. In my less-than-esteemed opinion, it's soaking wet bag of mess. The unsightly offspring of a dragster and an F-16. A high-speed tricycle, and according to several IndyCar fans, a phallic tricycle at that. It's a steaming pile of retro-inspired junk, summarized ironically by the Delta Wing site when it read, at the expiration of it's longstanding countdown, "Sorry, you're too late." Really, at best this is very Colonial Viper, circa 1978, but flattened and encumbered by wheels. Maybe I'm off my rocker but I thought in addition to speed and innovation IndyCar racing is supposed to also be about aesthetics and, in recent years, safety. This new design might be fast, but as a race car that would be required to turn is looks ridiculous. As bad as you might think the currently well-aged Dallara design is, can you tell me you'd rather watch this instead? Really? That doesn't look - forgive me for saying this - utterly laughable to you? This is a design "supported by many IRL team owners", and as such it is has been submitted under the guise of a veiled threat. 300 Hp is a joke. There's no nice way to put it. Thats CLUB RACING level. No, it's worse. The local short track has cars that with more power then that. Jackass moves by USAC spawned CART. A jackass move created the IRL. On first glance it looks to me like that car has no mirrors, probably because they'd have to go directly in the driver's line of sight. And speaking of running into each other, the Delta Wing also has an extraordinarily exposed tub without protective sidepods that makes me wonder if anyone gave Alex Zanardi a consultation. Oh, and it's got fenders, which call me crazy seems antithetical to "open-wheel" racing. Yeah...the phallic look of the car is definitely NOT a good thing. Non-fans will just look at the up-camera shots where you see the cars from above and say, "it looks like a giant cock." The DeltaWang is a horrorific looking car, plain and simple. Say it with me people (like it, love it or hate it) IT LOOKS LIKE A WANG. DeltaWangRacing.com

Deltawang Batshit Indycar Trike sets engineering backward 100 years

Indycar Bankrupt, Indy 500 Replaced with Scab 500 Indy Lights - In 2007, with the withdrawal of Bridgestone and Ford Motor Company as presenting sponsors, the official name of the top-tier series promoted by Champ Car became simply the Champ Car World Series. Rumors and accounts of financial troubles, often reported by respected motor sports reporters, plagued the series all during 2007. By late 2007, it was clear that CCWS lacked the resources to mount another season. Several races in the 2007 season were canceled before they were held, and in fact, the CCWS never had a season where they ran every scheduled race. Rumors and press reports of the financial situation of the series were common, and complicated any future plans. In early February, 2008, the CCWS Board of Managers authorized bankruptcy, to be filed on February 14, 2008. On February 22, 2008, an agreement in principal was reached and signed that merged the Champ Car Series with the IRL. The memorandum sold the CCWS' sanctioning contracts (notably Long Beach) and intangible assets, along with the Champ Car Mobile Medical Unit, to the IRL for $6 million. Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing, Dale Coyne Racing, Conquest Racing, HVM Racing (without Minardi), and Pacific Coast Motorsports transitioned to the IRL. PKV Racing became KV Racing Technology, which also merged in Team Australia. Failing to make the transition were Forsythe Racing and its popular driver, Paul Tracy. The Long Beach race was held on April 20, 2008 as an IRL points-paying event using the CCWS-spec DP01 cars, and was contested entirely by CCWS teams. Tony George is reportedly haunted by the homicidal ghost of Eddie Rickenbacker.

Danica Patrick wins Foreign Scab 300 with empty grandstands on TV network nobody's heard of

Nitwit Tony George fired by his family board of directors for crashing Indycar racing and Indy 500 - Probably one of the most compelling figures in all of Motorsports ... certainly, in the annuals of North America open-wheel racing, Tony George has been ousted from the management of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At least that was the story at the beginning of the day in an exclusive item that appeared on the wb pages of SPEED TV. This is how the story developed throughout the day ... Robin Miller writing for SPEED TV cites that a source close to the situation confirmed that the 49-year-old grandson of Tony Hulman would no longer be CEO of the Speedway after a vote of the IMS board of directors which includes mother Mari, sisters Josie, Nancy and Kathy, attorney Jack Snyder and George. The controversial, ground-breaking, tumultuous 20-year reign of Tony George at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is over. SPEEDtv.com has learned George was voted out of power in a Tuesday night board meeting in Indianapolis. Calls to Snyder and Fred Nation, IMS vice president of communications, were not returned and George did not respond to an email. George, who started the Indy Scab Racing League in 1996, will continue as CEO of the IndyCar series and is expected to take more of a hands-on role after Tuesday's developments at the Speedway. It had been rumored for several years that his sisters were concerned with the amount of money George had spent on keeping the IRL afloat and changing the look of the Speedway. It's estimated that between paying purses, supplying cars, engines and parts for other teams, hiring high powered public relations firms and starting his own IRL team, plus remaking Indy to accomodate Formula One, the IRL founder has spent more than $600 million during the past 13 years. And his siblings were reportedly concerned about running out of money. Many who lived through the split ... then the merger of open-wheel racing in North America were willing to bury the hatchet, but we had no idea this was where we would find the hatchet buried ... in the end. The Speedway currently has two Challenger airplanes for sale, sold the helicopter used by George's family and has cut some 60 people from its IMS and IRL staffs during the past six months. George's ouster comes a couple weeks after his wife, Laura, was removed from her job as staff advisor at the Speedway.

Real Indycar drivers can pick up their own trophies

Nitwit Tony George fired by his family board of directors for Scab IRL and Scab 500, replaced by lawyer, CPA taxman and Nature Conservancy Tax-Free VIP Resort Landgrabbers - The Board of Directors of Hulman & Company and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced June 30 that a new management team comprised of veteran IMS executives W. Curtis Brighton and Jeffrey G. Belskus will head the Hulman-George companies effective July 1, 2009. Brighton, currently executive vice president and chief legal counsel, will become president and CEO of Hulman & Company. Belskus, currently executive vice president and chief financial officer for the companies, will become president and CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation. They will replace Tony George, who will no longer serve as president and chief executive officer of the Hulman-George companies but will remain a board member of the Hulman-George companies. Belskus graduated with honors in 1981 from Indiana State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in accounting, and earned his CPA designation in the state of Indiana in 1985.

Foreign driver Tony Canaan enjoys empty grandstands in US Indyscab race for drivers with pussies

Nitwit Tony George Fired, er, "Resigned" From IMS Board Of Directors - The Board of Directors of Hulman & Company and affiliated companies, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has received the resignation of Anton H. “Tony” George from the board of directors effective immediately, according to Mari Hulman George, chairman. “As members of his family, we are sorry to see Tony leave,” said Mrs. George. “We are grateful for his service to our company as a board member and of course for formerly serving as CEO and president of our companies. I speak for our whole family in wishing him well. “All of us had hoped that Tony would continue to serve on the board, and we made that clear to him. We are disappointed with his decision to step down despite our wishes.” His resignation removes George from any remaining role in Hulman & Company, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy Racing League, IMS Productions and other affiliated companies. His term as CEO of the family companies ended June 30, 2009. He continues to be involved in racing through his ownership of Vision Racing, a competitor in the IZOD IndyCar Series of the Indy Racing League. 20 January 2010

Midget race car stripper bombs Formula 1

Nitwit Tony George Fired, er, Quits His Bankrupt OPM Twitter Racin Team, IRL Replaced by Bull Riding - Tony George suspended operations of the IndyCar Series team he owns Thursday, capping a tumultuous seven months for the former king of U.S. open-wheel racing and signaling the end of his association with the sport. Indianapolis-based Vision Racing, which George owns with his wife, Laura, does not have the outside sponsorship to continue, and he has decided not to fund the team with his personal holdings. Actor/racer Patrick Dempsey joined the team as a co-owner in 2006, while Vision's race-winning Indy Lights team is co-owned by George's 18-year-old daughter, Lauren. George called the suspension "a necessary thing." arlier this month, George resigned his board position. He has consistently refused to discuss the family feud that led to his departure. Vision was formed in 2005 for George's stepson, Ed Carpenter, to drive the car. Randy Bernard, founder of Professional Bull Riders, said he has been offered the chance to run the IRL. Bernard, who lives in Colorado City, Colo., never has attended an IndyCar Series race, although he said he has seen a few NASCAR events. Professional Bull Riding began with 20 riders giving Bernard $1,000 each, with "three having to borrow the money," Bernard said. For George, the decision is the latest chapter in a strange fall from the top. In autumn of 1994, the powerful George announced he would form his own racing series, the IRL, to compete with the more established CART series. Two years later, the bitter rivalry began that split America's IndyCar fans. Many bemoaned the fact that open-wheel's biggest race, the Indianapolis 500, was on the IRL schedule, while the big-name drivers like Al Unser Jr., Michael Andretti, Jimmy Vasser and Paul Tracy were all competing in CART. George eventually won that battle. In January 2004, CART filed for bankruptcy and George attempted to purchase the remaining assets, a bid to reunify the series. But the judge awarded the assets to three former CART owners, who revived the series under the title of Champ Car World Series. Financial problems eventually caught up with Champ Car, too, prompting the merger between the rival series just before the 2008 season. Last summer, George was ousted as CEO and president of the IndyCar Series by the speedway board, which was controlled by his mother and sisters. Two weeks ago, George resigned from the board that oversees the speedway and the family business, Hulman & Co. And now with Vision Racing shutting down, George was completely out of the racing business. Reunification was supposed to be a boon for IndyCars, but it wound up being the start of George's downfall. "It is with profound regret and heavy hearts that we share the following update with you all. Despite the team’s best efforts, Vision Racing will be suspending all racing operations. We have an amazing group of people here that appreciate all the support you have given the team. Efforts to find a solid sponsor partnership have been difficult but will continue so that we may take to the track once again. We hope to see you all there in the near future.” The Management, 29 January 2010

This is what a real woman looks like in the pits at the Indy 500

New Order of Barbarians destroys motorsport for Satan - SPORTS FOR GIRLS TO DE-EMPHASIZE FEMININITY: Very important in sports was sports for girls. Athletics would be pushed for girls. This was intended to replace dolls. Baby dolls would still be around, a few of them, but you would not see the number and variety of dolls. Dolls would not be pushed because girls should not be thinking about babies and reproduction. Girls should be out on the athletic field just as the boys are. Girls and boys really need not to be all that different. Tea sets were to go the way of dolls, and all these things that traditionally were thought of as feminine would be de-emphasized as girls got into more masculine pursuits. Just one other thing I recall was that the sports pages would be full of the scores of girls teams just right along there with the boys teams. And that's recently begun to appear after 20 years in our local papers. The girls sports scores are right along with the boys sports scores. So all of this to change the role model of what young girls should look to be. While she's growing up she should look to be an athlete rather to look forward to being a mother. WORLD CITIZENS — WORLD SPORTS: Anyhow, going back to industry. Some heavy industry would remain. Just enough to maintain a sort of a seedbed of industrial skills which could be expanded if the plan didn't work out as it was intended. So the country would not be devoid of assets and skills. But this was just sort of a contingency plan. It was hoped and expected that the worldwide specialization would be carried on. But, perhaps repeating myself, one of the upshots of all of this is that with this global interdependence then national identities would tend to be de-emphasized. Each area depended on every other area for one or another elements in its life. We would all become citizens of the world rather than citizens of any one country. And along these lines then we can talk about sports. Sports in the United States was to be changed, in part as a way of de-emphasizing nationalism. Soccer, a world-wide sport, was to be emphasized and pushed in the United States and this was of interest because in this area the game of soccer was virtually unknown at that time. I had a few friends who attended an elementary school other than the one I attended where they played soccer at their school, and they were a real novelty. This was back in the 50's. So to hear this man speak of soccer in this area was kind of surprising. Anyhow, soccer is seen as an international sport and would be promoted and the traditional sport of American baseball would be de-emphasized and possibly eliminated because it might be seen as too American. And he discussed eliminating this. One's first reaction would be well, they pay the players poorly and they don't want to play for poor pay so they give up baseball and either go into some other sport or some other activity. But, he said that's really not how it works. Actually, the way to break down baseball would be to make the salaries go very high. The idea behind this was that as the salaries got ridiculously high there would be a certain amount of discontent and antagonism as people resented the athletes being paid so much, and the athletes would begin more and more to resent among themselves what other players were paid and would tend to abandon the sport. And these high salaries then also could break the owners and alienate the fans. And then the fans would support soccer and the baseball fields could be used as soccer fields. It wasn't said definitely this would have to happen, but if the international flavor didn't come around rapidly enough this could be done. There was some comment along the same lines about football, although I seem to recall he said football would be harder to dismantle because it was so widely played in colleges as well as in the professional leagues and would be harder to tear down. There was something else also about the violence in football that met a psychological need that was perceived, and people have a need for this vicarious violence. So football, for that reason, might be left around to meet that vicarious need. The same thing is true of hockey. Hockey had more of an international flavor and would be emphasized. There was some foreseeable international competition about hockey and particularly soccer. At that time hockey was international between the United States and Canada. I was kind of surprised because I thought the speaker just never impressed me as being at all a hockey fan, and I am. And it turns out, he was not. He just knew about the game and what it would do to this changing sports program. But in any event soccer was to be the keystone of athletics because it is already a world-wide sport in South America, in Europe, in parts of Asia and the United States should get on the bandwagon. All this would foster international competition so that we would all become citizens of the world to a greater extent than citizens of our narrow nations. This is a transcript of the second of three tapes on the "New Order of Barbarians", referred to on the tapes simply as the "new world system." Tapes one and two, done in 1988, are the reminiscences of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a pediatrician from Pittsburgh, who sat through a talk in 1969, while insider, Dr. Richard Day, national director of Planned Parenthood, spoke of the planned future of America and Americans. Day was speaking to a group of Pediatric Physicians who were told, "No note-taking and no tape recorders." 50-million American have been genocided by Planned Parenthood since Dr Day's confession in 1969.

Tombstone of Knoxville Indy 500 racer Peter Kreis
at Asbury Cemetary in Knoxville Tennessee
KIA in 1934 Indy 500

DealsGapDragon.com editor John Lee saving lives and kicking ass
competing with F1 & Indy 500 superstars and European royalty
Superbike Lap Record at Silverstone:
Gregorio Lavilla, Ducati, 1m 25.377s, 93.30mph, 29/04/07
British F3 Practice at Silverstone:
Adriano Buzaid, T-Sport Dallara-VW, 1m 14.289s, 31/03/2009
British Superbike at Thruxton:
Gregorio Lavilla, Ducati, 1m:14.890s, 113.25mph, 17/04/06
British Supersport at Thruxton:
Leon Camier, Honda, 1m:17.580s, 109.32mph, 10/04/05
British 125GP at Thruxton:
Nikki Coates, Honda, 1m:21.037s, 104.4mph, 15/04/07
British F3 at Thruxton:
Brendon Hartley, Red Bull Carlin Dallara-VW, 1m06.695, 28/06/2008

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